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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Great article on Freshwater fish parasites
  2. Have you ever "made" an aquatic plant?
  3. Plant People in the Philadelpha Metro/Tri-State Area
  4. What the world?!?
  5. Plant newbie needs ideas
  6. Oh so many questions from the Newbie!!!
  7. emersed water plants
  8. Newbie Help
  9. Help with proper ID and Care
  10. What kind of plant is this?
  11. Background plants?
  12. 2la Top makes it big time
  13. aponogeton species
  14. fe question
  15. hi, new here - need tips
  16. What is the best cleanup crew?
  17. Free plant for todays trivia question Name the 2 families of
  18. Attack of the Ich!
  19. plant online
  20. Deficiency Question
  21. jobes fern and palm spikes
  22. Foreground Woes
  23. Time to catch up with my tank! What does pearling mean?
  24. ICH help!
  25. Playsand good or bad?
  26. Looking for tiny fish.
  27. New site entrance page
  28. Just logged in and the site is different!
  29. new to planted tanks
  30. Phosphate Test Kit Ingredients
  31. ecospheres
  32. Little Green Anenomes...???
  33. Plants index
  34. Help me with my 55 gallon, sorry long post
  35. GWAPA workshop - DC Metro area
  36. Aquariumcabinet
  37. please answer.
  38. Madagascan now you see it, now you don't
  39. Water Aggitation & CO2?
  40. fish
  41. Article on sunset hygro virus
  42. Plesae answer?
  43. Hello and what is this???
  44. Question about "Lawns"
  45. How do you get rid of RICCIA ????
  46. Can the impossible be done?
  47. Alternate viewing angles
  48. cabomba question
  49. Aponogeton dormancy
  50. Question about Glossostigma....
  51. Name This Native Plant ?
  52. mycrosorum pteropus var windelov
  53. SAEs are feasting on the Java Moss
  54. New photo's coming soon!
  55. Plant id's
  56. halloween bug in my tank Scary 56k warning
  57. Ticking Clock...
  58. Crypt. Balansea
  59. Amano Tanks
  60. Holes and spots?
  61. New updates for members here of
  62. plants for goldfish tank
  63. Question about fert plugs
  64. Virtual aquascape program?
  65. New and need of suggestions for 15g (pic)
  66. how can i improve my aquascape *pic included
  67. 55 gallon
  68. java moss online
  69. Vote: Carbon Inserts?
  70. Best way to ship snails?
  71. What and when are you feeding...
  72. The right kind of foreground plants...
  73. Marilea Crenat? Anyone familiar with this.
  74. how many plants?
  75. Some days I really hate big fish..
  76. Plants are becoming deceased
  77. Siamese Algae Eaters and Rotala Wallichi
  78. Light colored Anubias and algae
  79. 16 gallon? New tank I got for free need suggestions
  80. Newbie questions
  81. Where to buy plants???
  82. Artificial Decorations and toxins...
  83. German Pet Stores
  84. Recommended sources of wood
  85. Sam: This would be a good one for FAQ - Aquascaping
  86. Want to find the plants Amano Uses?
  87. How much in demand are MTS...
  88. Plants that grow on driftwood ?
  89. Jobes Fertilizer Spikes
  90. 20 Gallon long setup ????'s
  91. White dots in water column?
  92. Cheapest setup for 10 or 29 gallon planted
  93. About to give up on ICH? HELP PLZ
  94. is carbon bad?
  95. Java Ferns. This may not be a not so quite new topic
  96. New To Tanks (babble warning)
  97. Anybody here doing Pellia?
  98. Did I get a good deal or what?
  99. Grassy Plant Identification
  100. Phosphate Wars
  101. dark green plants?
  102. Planted Tank Too Hot?
  103. Cleaning the 'ol tank.. watch out.
  104. POLL: em or hate em?
  105. How big are anunias nana petit?
  106. Plant ID!
  107. Where to Buy Java moss In Dallas
  108. New Plant book
  109. I hate tannins! How can i get rid of theM?
  110. how do you sterilize new plants?
  111. True SAE's sellers in MN?
  112. Quick question about lighting/CO2
  113. Malaysian Trumpet Snails
  114. Improving my fertilization
  115. remove hard water/mineral stains from glass?
  116. Jungle Val and Melon Sword questions.
  117. 20 watts over 20 gallons...
  118. 2nd Aquarium Plants Kasselmann, Christel
  119. Plant ID: comes from local pond
  120. Plant ID
  121. Aquariums and stress reduction...
  122. old 150 gallon tank w/crack - need ideas
  123. plant ID
  124. Live Chat: What do you think?
  125. Got a 29 gal. I want sand!
  126. Ludwigia losing colour
  127. TMG dilution
  128. How long can plants be out of water?
  129. WOF (World of Fish!) Tank Sales
  130. New growth on my Crinum thaianum
  131. Old 43 gal tank
  132. First post - co2 question
  133. Young Java Fern Plants -- what to do?
  134. What to do with newly arrived plants
  135. New to plantedtank, Q about new planted tank
  136. Free plants in Portland
  137. Never tell someone if their fish looks sick....!
  138. Eclipse cover ?
  139. Chat room!
  140. Phosphate from NaH2PO4?
  141. Advice for 30g tank
  142. Why do people like discus?
  143. Why are my plants turning brown on the bottom?
  144. Anything else that I need
  145. Tank Weight.
  146. Emergency Kit
  147. Tips for moving large plant
  148. ACK my poor sword!
  149. To Expand Or Not to Expand...
  150. Height of glosso
  151. roots from plants
  152. peat in my filter? how much?
  153. Sealing Aquarium
  154. YAENPTS Question(s) - Yet Another Newbie Planted Tank Setup
  155. Small fast growing stem plants?
  156. What are some small sized plants for a 10 gallon
  157. ground covering for a sand substrate.
  158. How do i know if a plant was growing emersed or submesed?
  159. Echinodorus uruguyensis
  160. How big are your amazon swords
  161. Two Questions: mondo grass, and natural stone prep.
  162. Ways to ship plants???
  163. New Tank Questions
  164. Do plants need night?
  165. Things look a bit hazy...
  166. How much florite for a 125?
  168. Interesting Dilema
  169. 55 gallon sand substrate
  170. question about a S. American biotype setup
  171. strange plants for tank
  172. Tranporting plants
  173. Advice for new 30G planted tank
  174. MTS for postage
  175. Poll....How much circulation do you run in your tank?
  176. Planted tank new guy needs advice
  177. NEED HELP in a BIG way!!
  178. water lettuce?
  179. Surface Scum
  180. Dentrification - Good, bad or indifferent?
  181. Is this snail bad???
  182. best tank starter deal?
  183. Trim roots or not
  184. Fish and or plant guarentees.....?
  185. Need help with plant ID
  186. Anubias Barteri ?s
  187. Late-night thoughts about maintenance
  188. Disadvantages of a heavily planted tank :-)
  189. is my flourite going to be ok
  190. Minneapolis - Free plants
  191. Where does everyone get there plants from?
  192. How many plants for 100 gallon????
  193. Why can't I get this tank balanced ???
  194. bamboo - I'm sure I'm nuts, but.........
  195. Glow in the Dark fish Funnys
  196. What Plant is this?
  197. Dwark hairgrass and substrate,or is it the loaches?
  198. Seachem gravel differences
  199. How to Trim plants
  200. starting a new tank
  201. Yet another macro dosing question...
  202. Glosso bed too thick?
  203. Ambulia growth
  204. Magnesium
  205. Anubias Barteri growth rates?
  206. growing from bulbs?
  207. guessing game...amount of flourite
  208. Wood for the tank
  209. Can i add more laterite?
  210. Why does my Jungle Val have redish colored leaves?
  211. Petco Driftwood?
  212. What is the best way to plant?
  213. creating trees - modeling plants
  214. newbie questions on driftwood
  215. Where to buy epoxy paint...
  216. anybody videotape their plant growth?
  217. Wet/Dry Filter Turnover Rate?
  218. Test kit er.... why don't i have one?
  219. How To Setup a Planted Tank?
  220. does everyone here have grave or a type of subsrtate
  221. Siphoning in 5.5 gallon tank
  222. Can i wash my anubia nana?
  223. This is crap
  224. New??? Register...this site is incredible
  225. Decorative Algae?
  226. Did I just kill my new plant?
  227. best fertilizer?
  228. what about this aqauscape
  229. lotus and nutrient deficiency
  230. Some fertilization query
  231. Free plants
  232. Back in US need info on setting up Planted tank!
  233. latralite
  234. Lessons Learned Board?
  235. when potting a plant in the pots do i it necessary to......
  236. Q about Marimo Balls
  237. Ok, I wanna put some real plants in... (9 question...)
  238. Dwarf form of Vallisneria spiralis.
  239. question on feeding plants in tank before fish
  240. Best ways to keep the substrate in place
  241. Got an interesting tank...
  242. Retrofitting Eclipse 2
  243. green water.......still
  244. 2003 AGA Convention Reminder
  245. Trace mineral question....
  246. beginer basic 10 gallon tank
  247. Baby Tears- Replant the cuttings?
  248. Plant Identity Fountain Sagittaria????
  249. 20 gallon tank
  250. Anyone here got a red rubin sword