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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Enough watts on 10 gallon?
  2. ground cover foreground plants
  3. Java Ferns and Pond Snails
  4. Why my CO2 still bubbling when the solenoid is off?
  5. SeaChem Flourish Overdose Blues
  6. Stem plants sending out roots - what does this mean?
  7. Bubbles per min/sec with my setup?
  8. 20L tank and lighting high/low plants
  9. Does this sound good to you?
  10. What's a safe BPM for a 10-gallon?
  11. How do you mail live plants?
  12. Well is this ok?
  13. White sand/gravel
  14. Aquascaping
  15. Ceratophyllum demersum - Hornwort - growth CO2 and air
  16. Sucking up Nitrates
  17. Melafix and planted tank
  18. New Jebao filter, Not Eheim clone
  19. Chat for the timezone challenged
  20. anyone running filterless tanks? using just powerheadS?
  21. Can I cycle with live plants?
  22. Propane Cylinder for Pressurized CO2
  23. confused about CO2 and plant illness problems, help
  24. what size tank
  25. C. Wendti Bronze
  26. Fastest growing plants
  27. Snail in a Planted Tank
  28. Everything gone!
  29. Bubbler or/ and air flow in a planted tank
  30. Riccia on driftwood?
  31. hmm what size tank to do
  32. Dwarf hairgrass carpet
  33. My $1.99 Mystery Plant
  34. Will sword plants ever get tall enough?
  35. pH Controllers
  36. Power heads in Plant tanks
  37. Saving some mostly-dead hairgrass--tips?
  38. Plant ID
  39. How much substrate?
  40. Plant price variation.
  41. Tetra Initial Sticks
  42. Fertilizing
  43. Recomend a Filter for a 55gal Tank with plants?
  44. Dwarf lily bulb
  45. ? regarding black dots on java fern
  46. Can you overdose on water conditioners? (dechlorinator)
  47. 20H or 20L?
  48. My driftwood
  49. interested in creating moss wall...anyone done it?
  50. leaves curving down?
  51. Why Do Some Plants Seem To Attract Algae?
  52. Plants
  53. unexpected guests
  54. Poor Neon!
  55. How Much of a Jobes root tab do you use?
  56. Reactor 1000 leak
  57. Chelated Iron
  58. Moving Fish around in my tanks, need some opinions.
  59. Calling all plant tank gurus, an interesting situation....
  60. ph and nitrite swings
  61. Safe to use cooking pot to boil driftwood?
  62. Do I need more light?
  63. Filling my tank
  64. Dosing level for potassuim sulphate (sulphate of potash)
  65. Green-white Acorus
  66. refilling CO2 tanks
  67. Using outside Hose to fill up tank - is that ok?
  68. Water Sprite is a floating plant, right?
  69. DIY CO2 and large tanks
  70. Just got my eco complete
  71. Colorama?
  72. where to buy Plants from?
  73. Hemianthus Callitrichoides
  74. My Grand Experiment
  75. Transferring to a new tank...all at once?
  76. Chat room?
  77. root feeders or water column??
  78. Need advice... do I need airstone for planted tank?
  79. Malaysian Drift wood. What exactly is it?
  80. Water changes during cycle and initial planting
  81. Starting over: Need help establishing a fertilizer regimen
  82. question about hornwart
  83. Peoples set-ups
  84. Nitrates multiply like bunnies!
  85. How to plant Tiger Lotus bulbs?
  86. Riccia fluitans
  87. CO2 Generator not Generating :(
  88. Household Potting Soil to Replace Fert Dosing!
  89. Fish Dead and crab on the way out
  90. Calling all plant species gurus:
  91. bio-wheel
  92. Centerpiece Plant
  93. disinfecting plants
  94. Gravel, wood, water. plants??
  95. RO System?
  96. Brain Dead moment - Jobes fert sticks question
  97. why do we change our water?
  98. UV Sterilizers
  99. Setting up a 20g for planting!
  100. If you missed Tom Barr's chat...
  101. Need Fert advice...
  102. Should I go low tech?
  103. Dosing Iron
  104. Long Tank CO2
  105. Java Fern Plantlets
  106. Some plants that I could use to replace my Amazon swords
  107. What am i doing wrong?
  108. SeaChem Ferts/Supplements
  109. Does CO2 Get Through Tubing?
  110. CO2 and slow growing plants
  111. Is this supposed to happen? Thousands of bubbles on everythi
  112. Echinodoros "Rose"
  113. What the heck happened?
  114. pricing a tank
  115. Lights for my 10 gallon
  116. Best looking plants for foreground?
  117. 10 gallon tank high co2 lvls
  118. Will this work?
  119. The use of Peace Lily plant
  120. how to de-ich plants, and will 100% polyester hurt my tank?
  121. low growing (up to 15cm tall) crypts and low light plants
  122. Plant list categorized by light requirement
  123. Willow Moss?
  124. What plant would YOU like to see grown emersed?
  125. Online chat with Tom Barr
  126. 29 gallon
  127. pmdd ?
  128. Tiger Lotus not doing well..
  129. Riccia in Canada? (Montreal)
  130. List of Messy Plants to avoid?
  131. Eco-Complete
  132. Should I USE This??
  133. Qick question
  134. Driftwood
  135. Help with plant identification
  136. Planted Tank Chat Transcripts!
  137. Buying Driftwood sight unseen?
  138. snowball effect!!!
  139. Greetings and Introduction
  140. Help with glossos - growing too thick
  141. Something is wrong with some of my plants.....
  142. Filtration for a 10 gallon
  143. quick question (ph down)
  144. Sword plant with red veins. What does it mean?
  145. Plants coming, No CO2 yet, what to do?
  146. Kitty Litter?
  147. Will soft water fish live in hard water?
  148. New 30 Gallon help plz
  149. Hello
  150. How should I lower KH????
  151. Filtration for a 20g
  152. a few questions from a new member
  153. a couple of questions
  154. stem vs. potted
  155. Mylar Reflector
  156. Apongeton propagation
  157. 135 Gallon Progress update
  158. KN03!
  159. Web Site for Small Acryllic Tank
  160. KH swing?
  161. Is it possible?? <-- it might sound stupid
  162. What type of wood is this?
  163. New to planted tanks...need help with a setup!
  164. Plant only tank, do i need to pre-treat chlorine,chloramine?
  165. Hygro polysperma melting
  166. substrate Topsoil washing?
  167. ?????
  168. Aponogeton bulb Storage help
  169. CO2 in high PH tank possible at ALL??
  170. how many glossostigma elatinoides to buy?
  171. Interesting alternative substrate
  172. eco-comlete without plants (temporarily)
  173. Why are my plants not looking well??
  174. CO2 Reactor; UV sterilizer; External Heater...too much?
  175. why is this happening?
  176. white crust
  177. Wednesday Night Chat 2/25/04
  178. tom barr links??
  179. Best way to anchor Java Moss?
  180. Tips on shipping plants?
  181. New leaves changed color overnight?
  182. LIghts on 24/7?
  183. silica, silicates and quartz.
  184. CO2- pressurized or DIY?
  185. How's this "to be" setup?
  186. I need your help/suggestions with my plan!
  187. Planting a tank with fish in it already
  188. Ricca Help
  189. CO2 questions!!! Help!!!
  190. My water attributes....
  191. New to planting and need HELP!!!!
  192. brown algae stage
  193. baking soda
  194. micro nutrients?
  195. Resealing Tanks
  196. Anubia nana & light
  197. amano shrimp eating leaves??
  198. Aquascaping Tips
  199. Newly setup 90 gal planted tank fatalities
  200. Bunch plants
  201. Urgent- Spilled reagent in tank
  202. Help with filter selection please
  203. Howdy From Edmonton!
  204. Rotala indica, Myriophylum, Limnophila aromatica looking bad
  205. What kind of White paint?
  206. Need help w/ biological filter
  207. Anyone ever heard about this site?
  208. Best way to add hardness?
  209. Shirmp topic
  210. Under water Filter??
  211. Eleocharis montevidensis requirements?
  212. Chain sword
  213. Top half of Java Fern leaves translucent, What are they miss
  214. CO2 Questions for 55 gallon
  215. Cheap Eheim Clone = Jebao filter
  216. Cloudy water surface
  217. Tear down, re-do, increase WPG - leave the country..........
  218. Intersting Comparison of Lighting in Amano Tanks+calculator
  219. My fishies are shy - pictures
  220. thanks for the help
  221. cloudy water
  222. Common flowering plants....
  223. Where to get CO2 Ladder?
  224. plant selection for new tank
  225. ph and co2
  226. Will Baby Tears grow emersed?
  227. What's watts? (A question of WPG)
  228. Please critique my 29G setup (complete planted tank idiot)
  229. signs of potassium nitrate overdose?
  230. Weird growth on java fern
  231. what causes stem rot?
  232. New, planted, 90 Gal Tank Hygro losing lots of Leaves
  233. CHAT!!
  234. South American Floating Plant
  235. fert question
  236. Will ph fall?
  237. chelated iron question
  238. Fertilizer in my tap water? High Nitrate Levels.
  239. exodon and plants??????????????????
  240. DIY c02 mixture did not work for me
  241. can there be too much circulation?
  242. Help needed with brown "scum" that's forming every
  243. to vacuum or not to vacuum
  244. Can you help me id these plants?
  245. 12 gal. planted Eclipse -- Lighting Issues
  246. Essential planted tank books??
  247. One more tank........
  248. how long do you generally mature your tanks for?
  249. Nutrafin Hagen DIY amounts?
  250. Red myriophyllum