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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Information on Tanks.
  2. carbon and plant fertilizer + CO2
  3. Algea turning brown and black some spots blue
  4. Current Flow
  5. Xmas Moss -- takes a while to adjust to a new tank?
  6. Are snails really all that bad?
  7. such a thing as narrowleaf java fern LACE?
  8. Tired of Crushing Pond Snails---Digititus Syndrome
  9. Giant hygro
  10. 90 Gallon tank question!
  11. Water changes with chlorinated water.
  12. need some suggestions for canister outtake situation
  13. Planting Hemianthus micranthemoides (Pearl Weed)
  14. Fleet enema- Phosphate
  15. Micro-glosso?
  16. Adding Nitrate (kno3)
  17. filter??????
  18. Help with Plant ID
  19. Growing wentii crypts vertically
  20. I think I'm losing the war
  21. plant browning
  22. I broke down and did some testing today...
  23. How much do you pay for monthly electrical bills??
  24. Plant types in gallery...
  25. Need advice on tank setup
  26. If you are in Orange county and looking for SAEs...
  27. going to my LFS in a few hours and need opinions for my SA
  28. Java Fern Curiosity
  29. Removing the little cracks in acrylic it possib
  30. Co2 levels not rising!
  31. 10 gallon tank just for Producing alot of java moss
  32. my light's came in from ah yesterday
  33. Hair Algae Case Study- Long
  34. Java Fern splitting
  35. Limp Hygros
  36. with alittle over 2watts per gallon
  37. Enough Iron fertilizer?
  38. HeLp please!
  39. moving tank advise
  40. I just got my 2x13W PC retrofit from AHSupply!
  41. Echinodorus bleheri
  42. Crypt meltdown
  43. Am I doing this right?
  44. What plants to keep in discus tank
  45. Fertilizers (best all-around?)
  46. Pearl weed
  47. Anybody here keep a planted tank with native fish?
  48. hi, can someone help me please?
  49. Poll: How often do you test nitrate and phoshate?
  50. Help ID this plant please
  51. Handy Calculators
  52. Moving Aquarium to new home
  53. L.inclinata?
  54. hagen co2 help
  55. Save my Ammannia Gracilis before I throw it into the fire!!!
  56. Seachem Prime
  57. Glass Scratch Removal
  58. CO2 Circular Reactor 500 by Aquamedic
  59. Chomp, chomp, chomp.
  60. Anyone with an Arylic planted tank?
  61. Plant Suggestions for 12g, low light, and no C02.
  62. Is there anyway to glue java fern to rock?
  63. Anubias Afzelii, Rotala indica, PalmOS Questions
  64. how often do you feed your fish in a planted tank
  65. Pearling plants without co2
  66. silly pruning question
  67. for those who don't have ph controllers......
  68. Problem cutting anubias
  69. I hate this week
  70. Root Nutrients
  71. how often should i change water?
  72. what the heck are these things?
  73. Leveling Out a Tank
  74. how go snail eggs look like
  75. dwarf puffer + snail + shrimp = problem?
  76. what do you do after receiving plants ?
  77. is co2 needed for low light plants?
  78. what happens when..
  79. Do I have tannins in my water?
  80. Cleaning Plants
  81. where to buy saltpeter?
  82. Nerite Snails?
  83. The battle with green water (HELP)
  84. Good place and price for a co2 tank
  85. new pressurized setup question
  86. Water circulation affect pearling ??
  87. Glosso just not working out :(
  88. I found out why my tank leaked...
  89. which milwaukee?
  90. tank cleaning
  91. how to make that bed of grass
  92. Shallow and planted
  93. opinions appreciated
  94. How to pronounce plant names correctly
  95. How many plants in a 30 gallon (2.5ft)
  96. Takashi Amano - genius or madman
  97. Growing microsword?
  98. Temperate plants ??
  99. ich treatment and snails
  100. lead weights?
  101. So Many CO2 Diffusers/Reactors to choose from. Which one!?
  102. anyone use sulfate of ammonia?
  103. ]|[ - Almost better than natural...
  104. potassium permanganate
  105. where to place java fern and anubias barteri.
  106. Can you use a normal airstone for CO2 diffusion?
  107. Just started adding nitrate and phosphate
  108. riccia
  109. re quarantine tank
  110. Calibration Solution
  111. Should I give up on my glosso?
  112. General questions about a 180G setup(long)
  113. Pygmy Chain Sword (Echinodorus Tenellus)
  114. Is this a good!
  115. Interesting Java Fern Propagation
  116. Transition to planted tank
  117. Opinions Needed
  118. 55 gallon questions
  119. Why would a Phosphate Buffer be bad for plants?
  120. Jealous Tetras
  121. When can I fertilize again?
  122. Plant recommendations
  123. Congrats to Gareth(Gdominy)
  124. how many bags of flourite for a tank that is 4 ft long????
  125. java fern problems
  126. Poll: Substrate Depth
  127. Ceramic object question. Pottery for the planted tank.
  128. Newbie question on CO2
  129. Plant ID help?
  130. advice on planting a new tank
  131. Research proposal ideas wanted :)
  132. What is a good Phos Test Kit and where to get it?
  133. Good LFS in Central Texas area?
  134. Sand as a plant substrate
  135. do snails eat the white crust (calcium deposit)
  136. Easy, noob friendly ferts...
  137. backflow -- or is my tap water safe to drink?
  138. New fert quest. and co2 question
  139. driftwood longevity
  140. Crypt ID and Health
  141. Tom Barrs Methodology
  142. what type of fish is this?
  143. Target nitrate and phospate levels
  144. Found a ladybug in my tank :)
  145. Micro sword
  146. Help identifying these plants + one fish
  147. Flourish carbon overdose....
  148. Bone Meal For Ferts?
  149. Fertilizing, testing, Business trip, Wife
  150. good foreground medium light ? crypts!
  151. Phosphates in Tap off the chart!
  152. Adjusting fertilization to accommodate emersed growth?
  153. Rex Faq
  154. Emersed(?) Plant ID
  155. Question on how to use Chuck Gadd's Dosing Calculator
  156. tossing out a question
  157. Ooooh new plant for carpet... pictures comming soon
  158. discus and plant fertilizer
  159. Storing Cuttings
  160. A thought on green water
  161. Fertilizing (was "adding iron")
  162. mixing plants
  163. Pruning stem plant question
  164. Amazon Plants
  165. Problems with java moss
  166. How quick to add iron?
  167. Need help placing plants
  168. Dwarf sag vs Narrow leaf chain sword
  169. Questions on Filtration For a 12gal. Eclipse Tank..
  170. should lights be left on all day?
  171. Otocinclus mortalities
  172. Plantex CSM dosing????
  173. I'm new here and I have a question
  174. Hey i'm trying to decide from these 3 plants
  175. driftwood sources?
  176. Need centerpiece ideas for a 29 Gallon
  177. stocking a 12g cube
  178. Java fern and java moss on same rock?
  179. Nutrients for Planted Tank
  180. how many lbs of substrate do i need
  181. DIY Co2 mixing problem
  182. Echinodorus Osiris
  183. How not to SUCK at aquarium plant keeping?
  184. black decay spots on my leaves
  185. A Whole Tank of MElting Plants OIY!
  186. My Banana plant sprung a leak!
  187. KNO3, K2SO4 and KH2PO4
  188. What is the FASTEST way to propogate moss?
  189. Ram's Horn Snail Question
  190. Sword Plants
  191. boost microsorum and nymphaea
  192. sporangia in microsorum
  193. PLanting list for 6g eclipse, whatya think
  194. Anubias nana in a 6gal
  195. quartz size question
  196. Anubias species progation question
  197. Retrofitting a 6g eclipse.
  198. Beginner - some questions please
  199. Gravel siphoning
  200. Newbie questions.. my fishies died :(
  201. Safe Live Plants
  202. malaysian trumpet snails
  203. Plants shoot roots a lot...
  204. Best plants for a sump.
  205. Fake wood from Petsmart
  206. Maxx Bar Fronts
  207. Ludwigia sp "Plantanal", where?
  208. To cover or not?
  209. Fish and plant suggestions for a 5 gal moby dick tank
  210. Cryptocoryne confusion
  211. Help with flowerin Aponogeton ulvaceus. (pic attached)
  212. Getting cabomba into the subtrate!
  213. Nesea species
  214. I present to you: Nano moss ...with ghetto lighting ;)
  215. Trimming Jungle Val
  216. fish stocks?
  217. Name my new plant...
  218. Does the Sera florena plant fertilizer contain potassuim
  219. Kent botanica Line
  220. Different Varieties of Riccia????
  221. Star Grass
  222. questions questions!
  223. Sword Flower?
  224. tiny bubbles of my anubis
  225. x-mas moss
  226. Hydrocotyle verticillata?
  227. Question about PH meter?
  228. Forgotten wisdoms
  229. Pearl grass/weed at 2.6wpg
  230. diy c02 question and lighting question for a novice
  231. Should bulbs be under gravel?
  232. ADA Contest announcement
  233. Fertilizer Newbie
  234. Suicidal cherry shrimps...
  235. A. barteri v.nana "petite"
  236. CO2 unit...water change question.
  237. sinking driftwood.
  238. Anyone know where to get Cryptocoryne Cordata?
  239. Any tips for figuring out which fish is munching plants?
  240. Rocks
  241. diffusor and carpet question
  242. White Quartz or Black Quartz
  243. Need some low maintenance plant choices
  244. Rotala wallichii coloring...
  245. South American biotype, what plant for driftwood?
  246. I too may have a strange critter in my tank
  247. How do you attach Java Moss to Driftwood?
  248. SE Asian plants
  249. Greets from a newb
  250. Cardinal Tetra in a planted aquarium - possible?