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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Plants and Fishless Cycling?
  2. How long to wait before adding more fish?
  3. Better to buy plants with roots or just stems
  4. cryptocorynes are not doing well ...why?
  5. Wanted names of High Oxygen Producing Plants
  6. Petrified Wood
  7. hi, Im NEW here
  8. Seachem Prime - How much to use - please help ASAP!!!
  9. PH Controller is it worth it??
  10. Declorinating water Without Chemicals
  11. Thoughts on a 40G Breeder
  12. Tubing for CO2 Equipment.
  13. Huge Algae Bloom!
  14. Aponogeton Boivinianus
  15. Filters for 40 gallon
  16. I Think I Am A Daddy!! Help
  17. herbivore "safe" plant recommendations
  18. How long between trimming?
  19. Lily pads? How long does it take?
  20. Apon. Bulb has Stalks! What Is iT?
  21. New Chat Room... Same day, same time!
  22. Buble Coounter Fluid
  23. How long before Java Ferns attached to driftwood
  24. Co2 how do I run it?
  25. foreground plants help
  26. Looking for information on Biotopes, need help
  27. Question about Excell
  28. Anyone in the Loma Linda, CA area who are into plants?
  29. Does chorine hurt plants?
  30. Brazilian Pennywort--planting it?
  31. Freebies are always a welcome bonus:or:
  32. Thanks Overfloater & Wasserpest for the Blueprint
  33. Ludwiga Repens question
  34. Fish gasping in a non-CO2 setup...
  35. My plants are pearling!
  36. "landscaping"
  37. why do you do it?
  38. Banana plant leaf deteriorating...
  39. canister filters?
  40. Tank size question
  41. Setting up a co2 system
  42. What IS this plant?
  43. two driftwood questions
  44. co2//mh
  45. Going to start a 20long
  46. Do I have enough light for pygmy chain sword?
  47. Speaking of smells, am I alone?
  48. Are there demonstrations on how to setup a planted tank?
  49. seachem florish smells like soy sauce
  50. Frogbit??
  51. Fingernail Polish? Can you wear it?
  52. anyone have a truvu 120 gallon?
  53. ferts help
  54. Help please
  55. Name that plant please. :)
  56. Safe metals
  57. Do I have water fleas, or what?
  58. macro nutrients???
  59. New 15g asian biotope
  60. Putting a order together; what to buy?
  61. 10 gallon setups
  62. %$^&*&^% Glosso keeps comming up!!
  63. Anybody notice a massive growth spurt after treating a tank
  64. Calling all Moss specialists - What? There aren't any? :)
  65. Thanks Everyone from plantedtank
  66. Re did tank. Now it is greenish cloudy.
  67. Dosing Dry Ferts
  68. Karen Randall's articles
  69. suggestions on removing sword plant
  70. Flourish line dosing questions- Talked to Seachem 5/19/04
  71. How do I stop this...
  72. Question about Water Sprite
  73. New Plants... growing roots out of the substrate
  74. Eclipse 3 new project
  75. How to kill snails, nematodes, water fleas...
  76. Making banner, need pics
  77. calcium deficiency
  78. java moss help
  79. Giant hyrdro is turning yellow and decomposing????
  80. Weekly maintenance
  81. growing e.tenellus carpet and need some help
  82. Peat
  83. KH control Questions
  84. my exact WPG
  85. Cyperus species?
  86. Nutrients
  87. riccia carpet?
  88. hagen plant system problem
  89. melted Crypts
  90. CO2?
  91. Lighting & Filtration questions???
  92. confused about the N03 and P04 ratio...
  93. multi-tank stand and filtration
  94. preparing to plant
  95. cotton-like covering on wood
  96. Water sprite not doing too good.
  97. E stellata tips...anybody?
  98. Root tab fertilzers... what brands, where to get, etc.
  99. Question about the PLant Profiles
  100. "Amazon Conditioners"--blackwater additives, etc.
  101. Shrimp,
  102. disease?
  103. PMDD ingredient help needed...
  104. Mini-Co2 injection--this looks interesting don't you think?
  105. More WalMart Bulb Questions!
  106. Lots and Lots of Snails!!!!
  108. Tank is ready! Need some plants now!!
  109. Cheap potential c02 option
  110. Quick Question or two
  111. JBJ regulator question
  112. Banana Plant
  113. Finally started, cross your fingers for me!
  114. plants being eaten
  115. re salt substitutes
  116. Seeking help (pictures) for planted tank "simulator&
  117. JUST GOT $3 20G LONG
  118. electric co2
  119. Pregnant Amano!!! (pics)
  120. Some tank ideas... kinda long.
  121. Moving tank
  122. First time Co2 prospector.
  123. Little holes in leaves?????
  125. Fry Grow-out tank setup
  126. Planted Tank Enthusiasts in St Louis Area
  127. Questions on dosing Plantex CSM and............
  128. Local Native Plants
  129. Will this work?
  130. Confused about Ambulia leaf shape/texture....
  131. Filter or not filter - That is the question
  132. Temperature Change
  133. Giant Hair Grass
  134. New tank: When do I start ferts?
  135. trimming plants???...+ tank update
  136. Rotala Indica Growth has peaked and I don't know why!!
  137. Still with the Macros
  138. Do I need CO2 with submerged Riccia?
  139. Amazon Sword roots poking out of substrate
  140. Why?
  141. blomming lotus
  142. Root fertilizing for Red Rubin
  143. Interesting Hairgrass Problem
  144. Sand Substrate
  145. Cyano bacteria/Blue green algae
  146. Didiplis diandra
  148. How do you clean the substrate?
  149. Leaf Pigment Changes During Photoperiod?
  150. WHEN to trim stem plants
  151. Advice on plans for 55 gallon angel tank?
  152. How to trim Stem plants?
  153. Knoxville
  154. Phonetic Plant Database
  155. Swtiching substrate.
  156. 10000k Coralife cf bulbc
  157. need help with this report
  158. How do I get more CO2?
  159. Feasible? CO2 until plants grow to where I want them, then
  160. Is Hygrophila polysperma really illegal?
  161. Dwarf hairgrass
  162. Help identify this plant please
  163. hey anubias owners..
  164. Would hairgrass flourish in....
  165. Constant buffer for low kh and gh.
  166. Is This A good Book?
  167. microsword not growing much
  168. Another anubia Question
  169. Walmart Bulbs
  170. Keeping snails out of the hagen bubble ladder
  171. Silly Question
  172. 10g planted
  173. Rotala Indica observation...
  174. How to get high nitrates
  175. Oddities in my tank
  176. What is the story with Ceratopteris siliquosa ?
  177. Plant ID please.
  178. Flowering plants
  179. Cost of starting a planted tank?
  180. glosso
  181. Can any Plant Pearl?
  182. What Plants
  183. Anubias leaves turning yellow then transparent
  184. Question on PMDD
  185. my star grass
  186. Snail advice?
  187. Hello and help
  188. What happened to my crypt??
  190. Fertilizer Amount Question
  191. Need help with MACRO'S
  192. Micro nutrients....Roots or leaves?
  193. Rotala Indica (Or is it?) growing weird
  194. Cycling plan disrupted-help with cabomba
  195. Ooooooo nooooooo!!!
  196. Melting crypts!
  197. Driftwood Find
  199. Suggestion needed for a 15 gallon (eclipse show tall tank)
  200. keeping it cool
  201. Anyone tried LED's to supplement lighting?
  202. Soil for plantation
  203. Please, please, please...
  204. Possible safe stump remover... UPDATE: It's pure! :-D
  205. Tanks
  206. AB Aquascaping Contest ends May 1st!
  207. How to get java fern growing?
  208. need a little help with something
  209. Some help deciding on plant life for a 10 gal tank
  210. iron root tabs
  211. Keeping interest in tank during outside growing season
  212. Well that could of saved me a few dollars.
  213. Question about Macros
  214. My Red Tiger Lotus...In a Bulb?
  215. need help
  216. Please name this plant . . .
  217. hygro leaves dying?
  218. Medicated fish food for parasites?
  219. Planted Tank; no Fish
  220. water movement
  221. Name this plant
  222. Why Phosphate Dosing???
  223. DIY Mini power Diffusor
  224. driftwood?? help
  225. Anubia Question
  226. Plant ID help please, mystery moss
  227. Milwaakakee ORP meter?
  228. highest temperature before plants start turning into soup?
  229. Will my moneywort/Creeping Jenny spread throughout the tank
  230. how 2 make hygrophila corymbosa "compact" red
  231. Cryptocoryne Lutea leaves changed color?
  232. Which Plants would work???
  233. how do you plant plants so dense?
  234. killing snails
  235. vallisneria having a runaway
  236. Please help aquascaping my 55
  237. LED Moonlight + Pellia = bad news?
  238. Cloudy water after changes **UPDATE**
  239. Niger Otto
  240. Snail eggs? But I have no snails! Update: Java Fern Spores
  241. Plant problems...maybe fert issue?
  242. Growing from seed.
  243. Shiney white dots on fish...
  244. Red Sea Phosphate test troubles
  245. what plants and filter?
  246. columnaris (saddleback) and the planted tank HELP
  247. What plants would be best for my tank?
  248. What were they thinking!!!!??!?!
  249. Cicadas as fishfood?
  250. Taming a Sword