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  1. Weird growth on java fern
  2. what causes stem rot?
  3. New, planted, 90 Gal Tank Hygro losing lots of Leaves
  4. CHAT!!
  5. South American Floating Plant
  6. fert question
  7. Will ph fall?
  8. chelated iron question
  9. Fertilizer in my tap water? High Nitrate Levels.
  10. exodon and plants??????????????????
  11. DIY c02 mixture did not work for me
  12. can there be too much circulation?
  13. Help needed with brown "scum" that's forming every
  14. to vacuum or not to vacuum
  15. Can you help me id these plants?
  16. 12 gal. planted Eclipse -- Lighting Issues
  17. Essential planted tank books??
  18. One more tank........
  19. how long do you generally mature your tanks for?
  20. Nutrafin Hagen DIY amounts?
  21. Red myriophyllum
  22. need help with my nitrate tests - very confused?
  23. Looking for an iron source that doesnt cloud my water column
  24. Injecting in to the substrate?
  25. Filter cleaning
  26. 25 gallon plant suggestions
  27. Moss Question
  28. Officially a planted tank aquarist
  29. driftwood
  30. Calculating c02
  31. Looking for Decent Aquatic Plant Store in No. VA.
  32. An inexpensive planted tank!
  33. Something thats been buggering me about my co2.
  34. Ich question
  35. Commercial Fe EDTA?
  36. Wow. Bought a "HOT" filter today.
  37. MTS's-What exactly are they good for/ow many of you use them
  38. Can anyone identify this plant
  39. powerhead for a 29g planted tank?
  40. Oceanic tank hood
  41. re temps for planted tank and ich help!
  42. Amazon Sword sending out a flower runner, good or bad sign?
  43. Stem plants rot
  44. Whats on my java fern?
  45. I Just Had To Post This
  46. Replanting
  47. The Truth About Morimo Balls
  48. New to the board
  49. LFS in Reston,VA
  50. Growing Windelov Java fern emersed?
  51. Please Help
  52. Savannah area native plants?
  53. How does this set up sound??
  54. figuring out how much sulfate fertilizer to add??
  55. medicating a planted tank
  56. Driftwood and CO2 chart
  57. Holes in my Alternanthera reineckii leaves
  58. Yeast Reactor
  59. How Important Is A Fertilized Substrate?
  60. How long does it take Java Fern to attach???
  61. Freshwater sponge
  62. Co2 Issues
  63. Plastic poisonous?
  64. Swords different leaves
  65. Tips for success with Java Ferns ...
  66. Substrait Mix for Crpts
  67. Potted Crypts?
  68. Emergency treatment advice
  69. CO2 questions
  70. How can I stop Java Fern making babies
  71. Questions about dwarf red tiger lotuses
  72. Need to buy a test kit
  73. Going on Vacation? What should I do with my planted tank????
  74. how do you read the chart
  75. plants take in chloramines?
  76. flowering plants
  77. Hi new here and going to be starting a tank on the 18th...
  78. How bad is new plants and no light??
  79. about to give up planted tanks...
  80. Please recommend heater for 90 gallon
  81. Where do you put your spray bar and intake???
  82. Help!!! My riccia is dying!
  83. Getting the C02 into my 20 gallon tank
  84. Riccia not bubbling
  85. PH problems
  86. What deficiencies are these?
  87. Need first planting suggestions (fast growers)
  88. Hello All... I have a few questions
  89. Filterless Tank
  90. Discuss? Planted? 29 gallon?
  91. Red cherry alternanthera
  92. Best Books
  93. DIY C02 injector in my tank? 20H gallon
  94. algae took hold before plants did...
  95. Exciting Moss information!
  96. enough light?
  97. finally got creeping jenny!! any tips?
  98. Lotus info needed
  99. Is it okay to add Salt to a planted tank?
  100. Women and Men using CO2... A non-battle of the sexes!
  101. how big is it?
  102. Please Help-Lost Algae Eating Table
  103. Snail ID help
  104. Wonder Top Soil
  105. Red Ludwigia problem
  106. Chloramine
  107. distilled or R/O?
  108. Cooler Water Plants
  109. Mangrove Filtration in Freshwater Aquariums
  110. Alleviation of Stress During Tear Down
  111. Potting Crypts
  112. Feedback on possible setups wanted.
  113. Will High concentrations of CO2 cause damage to plants?
  114. Quick.. should I buy this tank?
  115. Introducing oxygen without reducing c02?
  116. White gunk in filter hose
  117. 2004 Aquabotanic Aquascaping Contest --Now Open for Entries!
  118. Any idea what type of anubias this is?
  119. Used a diatom filter for the 1st time...
  120. Mail Order Plant Acclimation
  121. water sprite
  122. dosing schedule?
  123. Dosing Nitrate
  124. PMDD
  125. Lotus Plant: More information
  126. Does anyone know any good stores in/around Chicago?
  127. Mountainscape driftwood
  128. Name That Plant (Ranalisma)
  129. Look What I found...Co2 related
  130. rhizome plants - types of rock they like
  131. JObes STicks for Lush Ferns
  132. currently lighting 40G 4 foot long with 1 shoplight
  133. Bolbitus - afzelii - wendtii
  134. Good fish / inverts for algae control?
  135. Pangea Backgrounds
  136. Staggering light times
  137. Reactor Problems...
  138. Java Moss as a ground cover?
  139. Red dust, or something else?
  140. Black roots/New roots
  141. Curious.....Who here has the biggest tank????
  142. Shipping plants during the cold weather
  143. Planting Methods
  144. Plants for a 10-gallon tank
  145. High light + Rotala Indica = growing sideways???
  146. Ludwigia Repens being invaded
  147. Went to Albany this weekend...
  148. Some interesting planted tank methods to discuss and ponder.
  149. Seems I should have looked more closely...
  150. is this a diatom filter?
  151. Planting anubias nana~
  152. my hair algae just wont go away! what am i doing wrong
  153. green algea on my tank walls
  154. Roots
  155. Carpet plant that won't make put you in a strait-jacket?!?
  156. Red Sea KH test kit
  157. co2 dropped my ph to 6.0
  158. Loosing the brown algae battle... Need some advice.
  159. Planting dwarf hairgrass
  160. Do you leave the little weights on?
  161. Log Book Contents
  162. Water Changes/PH questions
  163. drift wood making tank dirty
  164. Stem plant ever tire of them?
  165. too much co2?
  166. Online Aquatic Plant Suppliers???
  167. iron
  168. pics of my work in progress and DIY stand
  169. What is the best KH kit
  170. New roots?
  171. 75g semi planted suggestions
  172. flourish and flourish iron
  173. co2 on or off at night?
  174. New TAnk Questions
  175. Oily surface
  176. Cryptocoryne spiralis : experiences
  177. Refridgerating Fertilizers??
  178. Tank going through NO3 like butta!
  179. Ever heard of Aquaricare, Surgarium, MMFI or EZTANK.COM?
  180. Bubbling substrate...
  181. fertalizer question
  182. CO2 in Dallas
  183. How many ammano's for a 26gal.
  184. How would CO2 work on land plants?
  185. Egg, or??
  186. Ambulia closing up
  187. How soon after dosing do I test my water?
  188. Maintenence shedule for a FILSTAR XP2
  189. OK to do tank maintenance with open wounds on the hand?
  190. Not sure were to go now...
  191. How to get some Pearly action
  192. what is the difference??
  193. 2 Foot Cube - Plexi or Glass - need your input
  194. Need a Snail ID
  195. pmdd
  196. Confused - - Flourish Trace or Flourish ??
  197. Interesting Plant Trivia
  198. whats that??
  199. Iron
  200. How many plants?
  201. need a QUICK answer on shipping plants (ship tomorrow morn)
  202. carbon, iron, and the undissolving CO2 bubbles
  203. Remove Brown Hair Alage
  204. I think I am winning the war
  205. cloudy film on top of water???
  206. CSL is gone and I never got my replacement part
  207. Plantex??
  208. newbie needs advice
  209. Came home to a surprise
  210. budget tank
  211. Crypt aponogetifolia
  212. Anubias ID please
  213. Help with fertilizers pmdd?
  214. Airborne pollutants...what should be avoided?
  215. Is this Setup good enough
  216. plant ID
  217. Advantages of emersed growth
  218. I need some help with my green water - long
  219. Got a 5lb co2 tank today! Problem though! :(
  220. Duckweed vs Nitrates
  221. KH and PH and CO2
  222. Algae/ Fertilizer/ Plants- Any PHD's out there?
  223. white flakes sticking to all the plastic
  224. Tiny, pin-head worms
  225. CO2 in 14 gallons ??
  226. My first post to this forum
  227. Why the fudge are anubias nana 'petite' so freaking costly?
  228. JackPot!
  229. Fish store in LA?
  230. potassuim phosphate,(fertiliser)
  231. Any aquatic plant groups in southern california?
  232. Whorled Pennywort
  233. Need help with my carpet :)
  234. Plant Choices...
  235. Aqua Medic Terrapur Spikes
  236. Reefer gone planted!
  237. Custom Sealife = Out of Business?
  238. Layout critiquing
  239. After a major overhaul/replanting...
  240. new tank advice needed...
  241. trimming plants
  242. A real nutrient dilemma here. Help would be great!
  243. Newbie (don't cringe ;)), setting up a 46 AG bowfront.
  244. WPG Rule?
  245. Where to get largish amounts of driftwood?
  246. can i stop using c02
  247. Anyone have success stories with non-C02 (& non-Excel)ta
  248. Glosso leaves turning yellow?
  249. Anyone live in the SF Bay area?
  250. Recommended Reading for a Newbie?