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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. uneven tank
  2. uneven tank
  3. plants loosing color?
  4. Quality of glass used in AGA tanks - optical clarity
  5. New Plants newbie question
  6. My aquarium is warping
  7. Java Moss attachment hairs?
  8. Plants for low-light setup that don't require being planted
  9. whats the specs or chemestry suppost to be for a planted tan
  10. new here...have question
  11. Bug zapper as a infinate food source?
  12. Help with my Java Fern plz!!!
  13. My current equipment and wondering what I should do.
  14. Largest tank size for AC150?
  15. Plant Site...
  17. CO2 Help!!!
  18. chelated Fe from FeSo4 + Na4EDTA
  19. Let the lighting showdown commence!
  20. ricca leaves?
  21. Life on aquarium plants
  23. ALGEA
  24. n00b
  25. Upcoming chats?
  26. ?
  27. Planted 25 gallon Semi-Aggressive - Need fish suggestions!
  28. A. Barteri internal rot/rhizome
  29. Aqua Gloves questions
  31. (Bristlenose)Ancistrus sp. Sexes? L182
  32. "Natures Ocean" premium substrate. (Is it crushed
  33. Tank pictures during setup
  34. Roots or bulb?
  35. How to plant Apon's and Crypts
  36. Have you ever seen this before?
  37. $100 prize
  38. How many days should I go for on the shipping of plants?
  39. PMDD = excess sulphur?
  40. Build up in tubing??
  41. Chuck's Updated Calculator
  42. Aquarium that had mice in it??
  44. A Tip for getting better dissolution from the hagen ladder
  45. Grape wood and how safe is it?
  46. jungle vals have calcium deposits
  47. hydrilla plant? tanganyikan?
  48. Will Java moss root to slate?
  49. Ricca
  50. ammonia, nitrite and nitrate usage
  51. AGA Convention 2004 - Amano Returns!
  52. Beginner questions
  53. Java Moss On DriftWood Piece... HOW?
  54. Indian Red Sword?
  55. My Anacharis does a weird thing.
  56. how to calculate c02 absortion?
  57. why are my plants doing this?
  58. How long will 10lb CO2 tank last?
  59. cheap anubias barteri?
  60. 15 Tanganyikan Ocellatus tank
  61. HELP! N00b fustrated, needs aquascape advice
  62. Help identify these floating plantlet.
  63. tennelus vs. dwarf hairgrass vs. liliapsis
  64. Cant grow java fern!
  65. Help, snail invasion!
  66. Converting eheim pro 2229&tank from salt to fresh for pl
  67. pearling?
  68. chuck' s fert calculator
  69. Trichomanes javanicum - Borneo Fern, Aqua Fern
  70. Crypt. Balansae
  71. Shipping Plants
  72. Opinion on my new aquisition
  73. SAE's in Bay Area
  74. Sandy substance floating in tank
  75. Electro right
  76. Other ways to add nitrate-
  77. Rusty looking slate
  78. Damnable Hydra
  79. GH is High
  80. To Southern CA Residents: Come to Sunday's COAST Meeting!
  81. Adding iron
  82. Most profitable plants
  83. What plant to to fill in this gap?
  84. Experience w/HAGEN TROPIQUARIUMS?
  85. Egg Crate on top of bottom glass with substrate and rocks on
  86. Tank recycling -- was dechlorinators
  87. Phosphate
  88. Reactor for a ten gallon tank?
  89. ARG! Calcium Deficiency OR K Overdose? (56K warning)
  90. what's missing?
  91. What is this on my Leaves?
  92. Plant ID (56k warning)
  93. Snails bad?
  94. Is it safe to use GelCaps for substrate fertilizer delivery?
  95. Filter Intake
  96. Jobes stick
  97. Shipping Plants....
  98. propagating rotala rotundifolia
  100. New to Aquatic plant aquariums-Am i doing everything right??
  101. 2 heads better than 1
  102. Pressurized tubing
  103. my anubias split!!!
  104. Good places for info on biotopes?
  105. Aquascaping - suggestions? *PIC included*
  106. propagating pearlweed
  107. Want to build a slate wall to plant in is this safe?
  108. lobelia cardinalis
  109. Iron Stone and FE reading
  110. Advice for new setup, please!!
  111. how tall does vallis get
  112. help pls ... black edges on Bolbitis heudelotii
  113. questions on new setup
  114. Piranha Tank Plants
  115. Lace plant problem
  116. Crypt. wendtii leaf color
  117. Duckweed Removal
  118. Star Duckweed.
  119. Should I or shouldn't I....
  120. New 30g Oceanic cube up and running!
  121. In the middle of an all-night tank overhaul...
  122. how to use diatom powder???
  123. There are green hydra in my 5.5 gallon....
  124. 55 of 50?
  125. ok having some problems, here are my parameters
  126. PMDD question
  127. Sagittaria subulata vs. Echinodorus tenellus
  128. Juwel Vision 180 aquarium help
  129. Where to get Eusteralis stellata
  130. Cryptocoryne parva
  131. Pruning Rotala
  132. Help with Alternanthera reineckii ''lilacina''
  133. anorexic fish
  134. What the heck are these worms??
  135. Any good stores near Sac?
  136. Plant suggestions for my setup please!
  137. plants have yellowish tinge
  138. My Anubias nana is flowering....
  139. Best Place To Buy Plants Online?
  140. Banana plant lilies
  141. Angelfish Woes...
  142. Aquabotanic Aquascaping Contest, only about a month away!
  143. Carpet plants
  144. Plants & Current
  145. Hagen Ladder problems
  146. Grrr $%&*@
  147. Growing glosso
  148. interesting competition idea - the 2ft planted tank
  149. How to best patch holes in tank cover?
  150. Ambulia and internode length
  151. Hell Hath No Fury Like Green Water
  152. Wednesday Night.....
  153. what size of acuarium for this fish
  154. Why do I have Dark Spots on some Leafs...
  155. cant decide what tank size to buy
  156. Serious tank failure, time for a new tank. Directions?
  157. Ok... What to do next...
  158. ADA co2 indicator
  159. what do you think about my new tank
  160. anacharis and hornwort / crazy growth !!
  161. pH CO2 and KH chart accuracy
  162. Planted tank background ?ís
  163. Plants from Sri Lanka
  165. Where have I gone wrong?
  166. I should neve rlook at Big Als Website with a full wallet...
  167. Bite marks or nutrient deficiency??
  168. help, plants not look healthy
  169. Using Pond Fertilizers in Aquarium
  170. Any input re: Oceanic 30G cube tank?
  171. Plant problem, please advise
  172. finding aquatic plants in the wild in california bay area???
  173. Using Pond Fertilizers in Aquarium
  174. duckweed
  175. Questions on Possible Nutrient Deficiencys..
  176. How long can tank go unattended?
  177. advice on riccia
  178. Iron and pearling
  179. PMDD
  180. I have a new favorite tank....
  181. Plant ID
  182. fish id please
  183. How long before having to reseal tank or tank or get new 1
  184. Brittle plants
  185. Dwarf Lilly Question
  186. RO versus Tap water???
  187. Tiger Lotus still puny
  188. Tank size?
  189. ClOuDy WaTeR!
  190. Trouble keeping L. repens in good health:
  191. Pink H. Polysperma...
  192. Water Parameters For Cherry Shrimps
  193. The look I want.
  194. Corkscrew Vals
  195. Open Top Planted Tanks
  196. Where to get big pieces of driftwood?
  197. SNAILS!!! SNAILS!!! SNAILS!!!
  198. YIKES! What just happened to my DIY CO2????
  199. Where to find Amano Takashi gallery?
  200. Low light = no CO2
  201. help with rock arrangement
  202. My cheap 55 gallon planted tank idea
  203. Affordable Co2 Regulator+acc
  204. Sword Question
  205. buffering choices
  206. Boiled piece of driftwood for about 1 week for 1 hr a day
  207. Something's just not right....
  208. What does "runners" mean?
  209. question about fertilizing
  210. Flourish Excel with glossos
  211. Agh! That darn water chemistry
  212. Surface Film Issues
  213. Just wanted to say high
  214. Water changes
  215. Stability?
  216. GREEN SLIME!!!!
  217. Made some choices.........need some input/critiques
  218. Rummy nose tetras - your experiences!
  219. flourite hell &othermanic misadventures of yet another n
  220. What Do YOU Think!
  221. How to deal with stinky tank water?
  222. what should you do?
  223. how much?
  224. Red melon sword can tolerate low light?
  225. Weird random idea...
  226. Setup Costs (money money money!)
  227. Amano Shrimp vs. Ghost Shrimp
  228. banana plants --help needed
  229. Do you ever get really frustrated with your aquascape?
  230. Heard of the Petswarehouse lawsuit?
  231. Missing rainbow shrimp
  232. Noob Questions about filters, CO2, etc.
  233. HELP PLEASE!!
  234. CO2 at night question
  235. Plant info please?
  236. Propagation of anubias
  237. Noob question alert: Is it not a good idea to use carbon...
  238. ph
  239. "planting" java moss
  240. Questions on LaMotte Test Kit.....
  241. anyof u guys growing java moss on driftwood
  242. Sonofa!
  243. LFS' in Riverside/San Bernardino Counties?
  244. Diatoms in a newly set up tank
  245. Java Fern
  246. vaseline?
  247. Looking for driftwood...
  248. multiplying plants..
  249. fine grass?
  250. question about hygro bunches