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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. 2 drops of ammonia+surfactant in 2.6 gallon tank, help!
  2. DSM question
  3. Aquarium stands and canopies
  4. Turnover for 55
  5. co2 bottles
  6. What is this creature?
  7. Power Outage
  8. Is this Columnaris, fungus, bacteria, bad frozen blood worms,etc... ?
  9. How much bleach to kill Columnaris , fungus, bacteria and other bad things?
  10. Inline diffuser: in tube or out tube
  11. 10 Gal. Movie Tank
  12. Weight distribution in aquarium stands - using a big stand for a small tank
  13. New Power head with co2
  14. Water Changes in a Planted Community Tank...with Shrimp
  15. Why is my drop checker always blue
  16. Where and when to syphon?
  17. Help with Ich
  18. CO2 & Air pump same diffuser
  19. Is it really necessary ...
  20. Would these plants tolerate Furan-2?
  21. How do you guys set up your spray bars?
  22. Faster way to cycle 2.7 tank from established tank?
  23. Fishless Cycle
  24. Is it possible to remove bleach from water
  25. Aquarium safe way to seal PVC pipe?
  26. Has anyone ever seen this?
  27. Show off your 55g!
  28. Cannister Filter for 12G Long
  29. local drift wood safe?
  30. Low light plants not taking off in low tech setup
  31. Scapefu Podcast! Others?!
  32. Does fish waste/ food eventually end up under the gravel?
  33. Self cleaning tank possible? Look at this video.
  34. Envy this!!! Pics included
  35. BML PAR data?
  36. Java Moss lighting
  37. Excel, Crypts, and Shrimp
  38. Help!
  39. 125 gallon planted discus tank
  40. Glass scraping Q / hard water
  41. My nano tank build from scratch.
  42. How to cure manzanita from Blooms & Branches?
  43. 20 - 25 gallon tank ideas
  44. Fish-in cycling
  45. Is there any detriment to detritus?
  46. Stalled cycle- please help
  47. Could Frozen blood worms kill aquarium fish?
  48. PVC Pipe spray bar, does the ink used to print specs on the pipe hurt fish?
  49. 33 Gallon Panoramic Aquariums
  50. Help transitioning to a new planted tank
  51. Biological vs Mechanical Filtration
  52. Are aquaclay balls good filter media ?
  53. Tank growth stalled dead...
  54. How did you get involved in the aquarium hobby
  55. Overstocked?
  56. Are the Boeseman's rainbowfish a good community fish?
  57. Blood Fin Tetra has half tail fin missing. Cause? Red eye or Serpae tetra, or N/A?
  58. Books on Freshwater Plants
  59. Very Important Question for All Forum Members
  60. shout out
  61. Stocking suggestions for a 75 gallon
  62. help, it's a jungle in there
  63. Buying heat packs in a physical store?
  64. Brand new tank bowing?
  65. Used Aquariums
  66. Leveling question
  67. Acclimating Methods: LFS Bag vs. Suppliers Bag
  68. New to planted tanks and my tank looks terrible!
  69. Should I rise my TV to give my tank a little more clearance.
  70. Abnormally Shaped Tank: Do Needs Differ by Dimension..?
  71. Manzanita pain in the... neck
  72. Linking Two Planted Tanks (Away With Inline Hardware) Sump Method
  73. Can anyone identify this?
  74. What is this on my tank
  75. How do I get rid of all this floating debris?
  76. Glass diffuser kit
  77. Algae growth in sump
  78. New 4ft Tank
  79. CO2 Tabs? What are they?
  80. New Jewel Rio 300 Setup
  81. Looking for plant ideas
  82. Prehistoric Sea Monster Triop Kit
  83. Where to buy flowerhorn?
  84. new 90gal+ planted tank stocking suggestions
  85. I don't want to quit........
  86. cheap co2 System
  87. New Cube planted Tank
  88. Fluval Spec V impulse buy + Old betta
  89. Newly cycled tank producing ammonia, can we pinpoint why?
  90. Finnex 24/7 + CO2
  91. Nomo?
  92. Salt treatment and TDS
  93. Using Sponge Filter to Cycle New Tank
  94. Should I reinforce my tank cabinet?
  95. Plants with different lighting requirements
  96. Why won't my pressurized CO2 go on in the morning
  97. 10 Gal. Planted Betta Tank (Help Needed :P)
  98. Curing my own manzanita
  99. 135G Acrylic tank needs some work
  100. Eco complete planted substrate question
  101. Website issue, hacker? Post about "Does Petco have a 8 fish limit" Missing.
  102. Want to start selling pearlweed
  103. Fotos of Phish
  104. I'm sad
  105. lowest maintenance large tank set up?
  106. Filter Size Comparison Lee vs Aqueon 10 vs Sunsun 303 vs Odyssea CFS 700.
  107. my first dirted project
  108. Please help me with my tank problem.
  109. Question about my Drop Checker
  110. Deep substrate on 125G tank?
  111. Any truth to this?
  112. Stems with DSM? DSM on Large Tanks (125)?
  113. 40b vs 65g
  114. Building a 2x4 tank stand?
  115. 37 low tech PICS POSTED with new growth
  116. How long should you prepare driftwood
  117. Looking for Plant Recommendations
  118. Cleaning New Stones
  119. New Chemi-Pure Green
  120. White, hair-like worms in dirted tank?
  121. Santa was good to me. Kessil A80 incoming.
  122. How to fill tank without disturbing plants and sand?
  123. Does anyone use a sock as a prefilter?
  124. Question about structural stability of stand
  125. $1 gallon sale go get now
  126. Beginner High Tech Planted Tank
  127. Which of these fish most likely killed my ADULT red cherry shrimps?
  128. Odyssea CFS 700 ( 700 GPH filter powerhouse)
  129. Dust might get into my tank- should I worry
  130. CO2 Diffuser Recommendations?
  131. Am I missing something for my drop checker
  132. Blank and Brown spots on my plant
  133. Moving a 20L upstairs..?
  134. Wild Angelfish in the planted tank
  135. holy brine shrimp food!
  136. How good are Chloramines are killing pathogens?
  137. How to get rid of parasites ?
  138. Very hard water (800 TDS, very high calcium/magnesium) and growing plants.
  139. How to make Co2 less toxic to fish?
  140. Stupid question about bottom feeding wafers
  141. 40 breeder
  142. Polished Stone from Home depot?
  143. CO2 in a sump?
  144. Any help will be appreciated
  145. Brown layer in substrate?
  146. Does anyone worry about earthquakes?
  147. Beginner creates a 10G monster - please send help
  148. Are all the Brute Trash Cans Aquarium Safe for water changes?
  149. Beginner Problems
  150. HELP! bubble in glass on new 180g tank
  151. Lower Output on HOB filter
  152. Foam floating around edges of Aquarium.
  153. Ammonium Chloride in Specific for cycling
  154. Where to buy Guarami and/or Killifish
  155. Anchor to smooth or rough side
  156. How to best transport tank
  157. Starting co2 on a ph of 7
  158. Quick quarantine question
  159. pH of spiderwood, extremely acidic?
  160. Can I put my regulator on my paintball tank or will it blow off my gauges
  161. purigen reactor
  162. What tool did you wish we had in this hobby?
  163. can you dose automatically?
  164. How's my low tech looking
  165. Trim on aquarium
  166. Hazy water
  167. White worms on glass
  168. Re-setting up an established tank
  169. Tank and substrate swap
  170. shipping plants in the winter
  171. Clear plastic tubing(PVC) turn from clear to milky white, killing fish(not safe)?
  172. White sticky coating on outflow/inflow pipes
  173. (saltwater quick question)
  174. Combine Seachem Matrix and DeNitrate?
  175. Check out these scapes:
  176. osmocote overdose
  177. leaving trimmed leaves in the tank?
  178. Time for a cleanup and rescape?
  179. can flourish excel kill fish?
  180. Help i keep losing fish
  181. Dr Fosters Smith $25 gift card
  182. Filtration / water circulation
  183. filter
  184. DSM First Try
  185. weird oil in the water ...check pictures...
  186. purigen 500ml looks used already
  187. Please Help
  188. experimental sump! few ideas running in my head.
  189. carbon and wavemaker
  190. vaping around tanks
  191. Fluval Spec V - What is your pump flow set at?
  192. Any reason NOT to get a 72W UV sterilizer ?
  193. Fish Food --> Plant Fert. (How Long?)
  194. Crazy?
  195. Does Nitrofurazone go bad?
  196. winterizing the tanks
  197. New Tank: I know what I want, don't know how to get there.
  198. How many rinses after a vinegar soak
  199. New planted tank setup, need some suggestions
  200. Adding plants
  201. Are there any high tech real time monitor for Vitals? Ammonia, Nitrites, Nitrates, PH
  202. Canister filter lost power for a day, causing fish to die now?
  203. flourish & jungle val
  204. Should I add CO2 to my tank
  205. Is my pellet food too big?
  206. finding rocks at landscape supply places?
  207. Where can I buy the IAPLC book for this year and last year?
  208. Can carbon be reused?
  209. Need suggestions; IM 20g, lights, scape, plants, etc
  210. Can I add dirt to an already established tank
  211. Apartment/other landlord tank limits?
  212. What Would You Do
  213. Air stone on when lights off?
  214. How much turn over do you need in filtration?
  215. Losing new fish HELP!
  216. Frobit or Duckweed????
  217. What size steel mesh is best for Moss? 1-500 ?
  218. First tank set up
  219. What do i need for Co2? PLZ HELP
  220. New setup
  221. Total newbie. How does it look?
  222. Cyber Monday light deals?
  223. Really informative article on using leaves in the aquarium.
  224. Seachem Flourish Excel
  225. How long will freeze dried black/blood worms last if no Preservative ?
  226. Tank Pest Invaders
  227. Growth slowing or stopping--cause?
  228. First post/share my first planted tank
  229. Back In The Game Looking For Help & Suggestions
  230. Reality check please: Is my tank just to tall?
  231. Bubbles in my silicone- should I be worried?
  232. Is there any prefilter you use/ build?
  233. Did anyone get Fish on black Friday?
  234. Polishing you glass
  235. new tank syndrome
  236. Glueing lava rock
  237. Dehumidifier or Cover
  238. Petsmart Has started their black friday sales!
  239. Canister filter for 20g long?
  240. Tiny blue green grub?
  241. Am I going to be overstocked?
  242. Driftwood ID
  243. Scratches inside the fish tank
  244. How many years have you been a aquarium hobbyist?
  245. Tadpoles are the most dirty fish I've ever seen.
  246. Splitting a co2 line for a divided 10g
  247. Found cheap driftwood at local pet shop but can I use it?
  248. Eheim tank
  249. Catapulting out of the hobby
  250. Afew questions about c02 setups