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  1. I need Help!!
  2. Need some help and advice regarding Hair Algea
  3. Hygrophila polysperma ordering online to CA
  4. Help identify this brown stuff......
  5. New Found Snails!
  6. Pearling
  7. Snail Damage or What?
  8. I want green water, help!
  9. Plants Pearling??
  10. what do u guys think about the live plants sold at petsmart
  11. tannins good for fish and plants?
  12. Automatic tank feeders
  13. Sagittaria Lileopteris
  14. Frill Plant Info Please
  15. Just gone pressurized.
  16. Converted 40G breeder to Cichlid setup...
  17. Hydrolagus matallanasi
  18. plants suggestion
  19. DIY CO2 injection thingy
  20. Very Newb Question!! Help ASAP!
  21. Caterpillar?
  22. Walmart bulbs
  23. Urgent help needed, tank got a leak
  24. Fish Magazine -- Help Wanted, would you be interested
  25. E stellata? Does it change colour?
  26. ? about changing filters
  27. hornwort problem
  28. Blackworms propagate in my fish tank !!!
  29. Adding potassium-
  30. Duckweed Anybody
  31. Can someone ID these plants for me. (Bigger Picture added)
  32. when to start dosing nitrates and phosphates?
  33. scaping with oak leaves?
  34. Aquascaping ideas?
  35. Trimming back the tank
  36. Vallisneria
  37. Having trouble deciding on fertilizers...
  38. Aquarium Products Carbo-Plus Co2 System???
  39. Harvesting plants from a local lake, WI
  40. Switch to Automatic CO2
  41. The correct fleet enema??
  42. white flower (help help)
  43. CO2 concentration
  44. Magical Snail?!?
  45. Safe driftwoods....
  46. Giant watersprite plant!
  47. Name that plant!
  48. any benefits adding a moon lite?
  49. Starting an Algae Free Tank
  50. new tank and plants pearling
  51. Should the carbon be used in filters?
  52. picky fish?
  53. Mixing foregrounds?
  54. I'm lovin it!
  55. Please advise
  56. Best place to order live plants over the Web?
  57. java fern question
  58. Las Vegas Tropical Fish Stores
  59. New tank plans and questions: please comment!
  60. Experience with WireForm?
  61. Water Quality Reporting from your water department
  62. Dwarf Lily
  63. 75 gal vs. 90?
  64. Anubias break up?
  65. Copper in my plant fertilizer! Help please!
  66. Looking for Plantex CSM + B ? Perhaps Local source?
  67. Suggestions for relatively small leaf plant selections
  68. Amazon Sword?
  69. Maximizing plant growth in a puffer tank
  70. some help/opinions?
  71. Corkscrew Val Question
  72. My plants are not thriving
  73. I need help as soon as possible! All my fish are gasping for air!
  74. Amazon sword plant, new growth, brown and dying.
  75. Weird ingredients in Algae flakes
  76. Old vallis leaves rotting off
  77. Questions on Nymph. Lotus Zenkeri
  78. Ludwigia repens care/questions
  79. Strange Question
  80. Re-Modeling tank layout with fish in the tank
  81. 29 Gallon Planted Tank
  82. Can anyone name some bright red stem plants?
  83. Aponogeton boivinianus and flowering?
  84. Trouble finding store carrying..
  85. need help finding 27gals!!
  86. Sword plant pruning
  87. Okay to trim giant val?
  88. Luck with Rotalla wallichii?
  89. Converting fish tank to plant tank, without moving fish...
  90. Java Moss - have some questions about it
  91. Looking for help with sunset hygro
  92. Fast growers needed
  93. White filmy stuff on driftwood?
  94. Does anyone have a planted brackish tank? Info?
  95. AB Aquascaping Contest
  96. Calculators
  97. Question about water changes...
  98. Billboard Cork Aquarium Safe???
  99. Flaky white substance inside filter hoses
  100. How long for CO2 results??????
  101. Help Identify this plant
  102. photo help??
  103. Strange growth in the tank
  104. Can you use chucks chart backwards to find out what your ph and kh will be w/co2?
  105. Banana Plant
  106. tale of woe
  107. shrimp/snail and fish compatibility
  108. new to planted tanks need help
  109. snails and more snails!
  110. Foxtail and other plant questions
  111. Need some help picking proper lighting for my 20L
  112. Driftwood...
  113. Guuy stuff at the top of tank
  114. LFS in the Tampa, FL area?
  115. Help with CO2 setup please......
  116. Corys - are they sick? Please help
  117. How to stimulate the growth of glosso
  118. Will plants transfer diseases?
  119. Strange Reaction at base of hagen ladder
  120. Urgent! (help!)
  121. What plants?
  122. aluminium???
  123. Who can turn their heater off in the summer?
  124. Mailing plants
  125. Water Hardness and PH Level, etc
  126. DIY co2 concern.
  127. can i grow hairgrass?
  128. Internal inline reactor ... providing DIY CO2 for larger tanks
  129. My poor Cabomba
  130. Learning about aquascaping styles??
  131. how do you attach moss and ferns??
  132. Pressurized CO2
  133. Cherry Shrimp
  134. Sites that sell fish
  135. Got a 40 gallon breeder
  136. Hexagon+plants = like fire+water?
  137. Snails piggy-backing on new plants.
  138. Just a ramble....
  139. How to properly make a mound/hill??
  140. Articles on proper pruning
  141. Hornwort melting?!
  142. Conversion?
  143. The diff. b/w S.Subulata and Pygmy Sword
  144. Water Quality/Source and Plants
  145. ?Mini Moss Available?
  146. hello everyone
  147. growing plants on pvc piping
  148. Newb Questions
  149. new 50 gallon tank!
  150. Propegating Marimo Balls
  151. How to keep red fox tails to be red?
  152. Need full name and info on this plant
  153. any recommendations
  154. New to plants, best setup?
  155. Jobes House Plant Fertilizer sticks for substrate?
  156. Advice for a new guy?
  157. Plants and Fishless Cycling?
  158. How long to wait before adding more fish?
  159. Better to buy plants with roots or just stems
  160. cryptocorynes are not doing well ...why?
  161. Wanted names of High Oxygen Producing Plants
  162. Petrified Wood
  163. hi, Im NEW here
  164. Seachem Prime - How much to use - please help ASAP!!!
  165. PH Controller is it worth it??
  166. Declorinating water Without Chemicals
  167. Thoughts on a 40G Breeder
  168. Tubing for CO2 Equipment.
  169. Huge Algae Bloom!
  170. Aponogeton Boivinianus
  171. Filters for 40 gallon
  172. I Think I Am A Daddy!! Help
  173. herbivore "safe" plant recommendations
  174. How long between trimming?
  175. Lily pads? How long does it take?
  176. Apon. Bulb has Stalks! What Is iT?
  177. New Chat Room... Same day, same time!
  178. Buble Coounter Fluid
  179. How long before Java Ferns attached to driftwood
  180. Co2 how do I run it?
  181. foreground plants help
  182. Looking for information on Biotopes, need help
  183. Question about Excell
  184. Anyone in the Loma Linda, CA area who are into plants?
  185. Does chorine hurt plants?
  186. Brazilian Pennywort--planting it?
  187. Freebies are always a welcome bonus:or:
  188. Thanks Overfloater & Wasserpest for the Blueprint
  189. Ludwiga Repens question
  190. Fish gasping in a non-CO2 setup...
  191. My plants are pearling!
  192. "landscaping"
  193. why do you do it?
  194. Banana plant leaf deteriorating...
  195. canister filters?
  196. Tank size question
  197. Setting up a co2 system
  198. What IS this plant?
  199. two driftwood questions
  200. co2//mh
  201. Going to start a 20long
  202. Do I have enough light for pygmy chain sword?
  203. Speaking of smells, am I alone?
  204. Are there demonstrations on how to setup a planted tank?
  205. seachem florish smells like soy sauce
  206. Frogbit??
  207. Fingernail Polish? Can you wear it?
  208. anyone have a truvu 120 gallon?
  209. ferts help
  210. Help please
  211. Name that plant please. :)
  212. Safe metals
  213. Do I have water fleas, or what?
  214. macro nutrients???
  215. New 15g asian biotope
  216. Putting a order together; what to buy?
  217. 10 gallon setups
  218. %$^&*&^% Glosso keeps comming up!!
  219. Anybody notice a massive growth spurt after treating a tank
  220. Calling all Moss specialists - What? There aren't any? :)
  221. Thanks Everyone from plantedtank
  222. Re did tank. Now it is greenish cloudy.
  223. Dosing Dry Ferts
  224. Karen Randall's articles
  225. suggestions on removing sword plant
  226. Flourish line dosing questions- Talked to Seachem 5/19/04
  227. How do I stop this...
  228. Question about Water Sprite
  229. New Plants... growing roots out of the substrate
  230. Eclipse 3 new project
  231. How to kill snails, nematodes, water fleas...
  232. Making banner, need pics
  233. calcium deficiency
  234. java moss help
  235. Giant hyrdro is turning yellow and decomposing????
  236. Weekly maintenance
  237. growing e.tenellus carpet and need some help
  238. Peat
  239. KH control Questions
  240. my exact WPG
  241. Cyperus species?
  242. Nutrients
  243. riccia carpet?
  244. hagen plant system problem
  245. melted Crypts
  246. CO2?
  247. Lighting & Filtration questions???
  248. confused about the N03 and P04 ratio...
  249. multi-tank stand and filtration
  250. preparing to plant