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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Newbie- Trimming Plant
  2. Is There A Set Amount Of Sae's + Otto Cats Per Gallon?
  3. Does anyone use DE-CHLORINATOR when doing a water change?
  4. Pros. And Cons. Of Uv Sterilizer.
  5. Pros. And Cons. Of Activated Carbon?
  6. Lud. "Cuba" question
  7. Carniverous Moss
  8. Lime Green Java Moss?
  9. How to improve tank circulation
  10. Can somebody help me?? Pics included, 56k beware
  11. Surface scum stuff
  12. Bleaching plants to get rid of snails?
  13. tannis~
  14. Plants routing/skeleton look
  15. My Cured amazon sword
  16. Problem w/ E. Stella
  17. CO2 regulator not fitting on cylinder?
  18. Random Ebay auction # 989,347,253
  19. New here with Q's
  20. Blue LED moonlights
  21. DOT and CO2 Tanks
  22. Nice plant - but what is it?
  23. Job's PLant Spikes?
  24. Spores?
  25. New list
  26. algae bloom
  27. I am puzzled! and frushtrated
  28. C. undulata, love it or hate it?
  29. I'm giving away free plants again!
  30. Amazon sword
  31. Plant ID
  32. aquascaping/layout help
  33. plant depot
  34. Help! Invasion of the Java Moss Monster
  35. Dead bamboo in the water?
  36. Colorado water parameters
  37. FINALLY! Tank's shaping up
  38. Nitrates and R. Indicia
  39. xmas moss shipping: 2 to 3 weeks
  40. CO2 starting point?
  41. Self Collected Driftwood
  42. Starting Low and Getting High
  43. Fish tank bad for your health?
  44. Ph Controllers question
  45. new 10 gallon
  46. Ontarians Out There?
  47. I'm new here!
  48. Adding plants?
  49. java moss propagation...
  50. Watts per gallon?
  51. bloodworms
  52. Advice for New Hobbyists
  53. whats the total cost of pressurized co2 system
  54. plant id
  55. Revised Setup
  56. low to med low light ground cover needed...
  57. Online Plants
  58. New planted tank questions
  59. Glass canopy with white/translucent hinge?
  60. lucky bamboo...
  61. freshwater clams
  62. Help me figure this hobby out
  63. KH, pH, and co2 relationship
  64. San Francisco water KH
  65. Please ID . What Eriocaulon are they?
  66. where to get echinodorus red flame sword?
  67. Tall "bushy" plants?
  68. brown spots!
  69. Pruning a ludwegia repens...
  70. The Red Cherry Shrimp are in!
  71. Converting my 125 gallon planted tank to a ....
  72. Heavy Root Feeders need Liquid Ferts???
  73. Need advice on starting up tank
  74. 2 Questions...
  75. Java moss question...
  76. how to fert with low light
  77. How do I get pearls in my tank?
  78. help with Nymphaea micrantha
  79. H.O.T. Magnum as diffuser?
  80. Asain Bio Tope Suggestions?
  81. Everything is pearling!
  82. How long do lights last
  83. Will plexiglass work??
  84. Does anybody think that a UV
  85. White Thread like 1/4" long "worms"?
  86. stump remover and angel fry-
  87. What can I put in a 10 gallon planted?
  88. Heteranthera zosterifolia not doing so well
  89. WTB list
  90. Loaches in a planted tank
  91. new to planted fresh water need some help
  92. Switched to 6700 from Acitinic
  93. Finally Doing Things Right
  94. What Val. do I want?
  95. hi i'm the new guy here....
  96. question about Rotala macranda...
  97. Watersprite question-
  98. How long to get tannins out of wood?
  99. Best thing I've done in a while...
  100. Can anybody help with A Hagen Natural Plant C02 system?
  101. River Tanks
  102. Hairgrass help, please:?
  103. Tank Maintenance
  104. Will Glosso grow at a KH of 7, pH of 6.8?
  105. Holey Tiger Lotus, Batman!
  106. leech-like worm in my 10g?
  107. Planted Tank inhabitants
  108. Urgent question on regulators...
  109. Fish Only to planted conversion
  110. Creek Wood
  111. Help! Questions!
  112. Snails taking over your Tanks, I have the solution
  113. Advise needed for growing plants and for fertilizers
  114. Looking for anything...DIY aquarium
  115. Reef Tank Conversion - Concerns and Questions
  116. What plant is this?
  117. Splash!
  118. Anyone have any experience with glass garden set up for co2
  119. What rocks are safe? What about Grapevine?
  120. Crazy idea for a planted Betta tank...
  121. fama co2 chart
  122. Greg Watson?
  123. I Am New Help
  124. Mysterious Floating Particles in Water
  125. air filter
  126. 2 easy questions ?
  127. to many plants
  128. Pressurized CO2: regulator, needle valve
  129. where 2 start..
  130. Why isnt my chain sword spreading?
  131. What kind of fish is this?
  132. Suggestion on snail eating and Fry safe fish for 12g tank?
  133. I'm Giving Away Free Plant!
  134. Thank You
  135. Critique This Please!
  136. Who Like Duck Weed
  137. OK, What nasty stuff have you put into your tank?"
  138. New around here. C02?
  139. New Tank Story
  140. glucose added to planted tank
  141. I have a Dojo Loach in my planted aquarium, >>>
  142. Which size is better for a planted tank?
  143. Iron supplement pills???
  144. Planting a 30-gallon tank
  145. Undergravel filter : Am I crazy?
  146. How long can plants stay in bucket?
  147. "Mystery Snails", plants, and salt.
  148. How do you know your plants are food deprived?
  149. Tiny organisms swimming in the tank
  150. Errors in pH-kH-CO2 - Quantified!
  151. Pinholes?
  152. Has anyone mail ordered from this place?
  153. CO2 Calculator Button for your Browser! *Revision 1*
  154. Urgent! How do I fix this?
  155. What now?
  156. invasion of strange plant hitchhikers
  157. New plants
  158. how to keep snails from destroying my plants.....
  159. Newbie for live plants
  160. Planted 2.5?
  161. Flourish Excel organic carbon
  162. Alternative to potasium permanganate
  163. First Planted Tank Needs Help
  164. My 20 gallon puffer tank
  165. mysterious deaths
  166. Shrimp and shrimp retailer
  167. Painting a runnign tank
  168. Ludwegia Repens
  169. Refrigerated Live Worms?
  170. new driftwood... looks great, but won't sink!
  171. Info on Good Books?
  172. Temp got to 85 degress
  173. 2 much light only slow plants? problem?
  174. 20 gal tall/ 2 light options opinions please
  175. Beat the algae with bleach, now what?
  176. I need a favor on Aquabid...
  177. Newbie question!
  178. Sand or Gravel?
  179. ich and plants
  180. I'm new to planted tanks, but here's my first attempt.
  181. Banana Plant Question
  182. woo hoo im in the business
  183. Hairgrass fields
  184. Overstocked?
  185. The PH-KH-CO2 equation completely wrong? UPDATE on 22nd post
  186. Proper placement of Fluval intake!
  187. Confused on what to do with DIY fertilizer! I need some help!
  188. my 10 gallon tank
  189. advise and third time set up
  190. How long do you boil driftwood?
  191. Plants bending towards light??
  192. pics of my redone canopy (switch to ODNO)
  193. Plants not looking healthy (Is it because of carbon?)
  194. How do you prune/propagate/trim/ jungle vals?
  195. Plants and snails
  196. Stupid *newbie* Questions
  197. swords with brown tips
  198. New to the Froum and I have Questions
  199. Do you have to tie java fern to driftwood or rock?
  200. New tank! Need some info???
  201. Java Fern From Petco
  202. Water mites?
  203. Xmas moss?
  204. Crypt Carpet?
  205. ammonia bottle??
  206. Do plecs uproot??
  207. external rector
  208. co2
  209. Plants on wood
  210. Anything noteworthy in Phily?
  211. AGA Contest Question
  212. Where to find Hemianthus callitrichoides?
  213. co2 system
  214. Plant ID assistance needed.
  215. When red plants turn green?
  216. Plants turning brown/red.
  217. Essential test kits for algae busting
  218. brown spots on sword plants
  219. Anyone buy E. Tenellus from Aquarium Garden??
  220. Onion Plant
  221. Hi, How Do You Know Your Co2 Is Sufficiant?
  223. Plants and CO2 Question
  224. lower light loving plants
  225. Pruning E. Stella
  226. What is this plant in Amano's tank?
  227. Garden plants?
  228. Best SFO Bay Area Fish/Plant stores?
  229. to split or not to split
  230. Starting off on the right foot?
  231. Little confused about pruning..
  232. best way to put a 200 gal on an uneven floor?
  233. Using paper clips to hold down riccia. Safe? or deadly?
  234. whats that red plant?
  235. Certain Plastics for Aquarium Use
  236. New begginer fish
  237. Advice needed re: nutrients, et al.
  238. allow myself to introduce.....myself
  239. Blackout Death
  240. shrimp cross-breeding
  241. Dosing on a 5 week old tank?
  242. Brown substance on plants
  243. oxygen??
  244. lowering PH without Chems
  245. Java moss rotting on driftwood???
  246. Flower ?
  247. how can I maintain a high co2 level while having a large air pump running?
  248. At what temp will my fish cook!!!
  249. Plant Care References
  250. Not Again !