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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Plant ID (This is where that goes, right?)
  2. Looking for ideas on 75 gallon freshwater "filter"...
  3. part needed,also online shops for uk :)
  4. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I have a problem!
  5. Could someone tell me what this is please?
  6. unkown anubias not coffefolia
  7. microsorium poerupoe Pictures inside 56k warning
  8. Hagen Natural CO2 - bubble rate?
  9. Back up power
  10. How Many Is Too Many Plants
  11. The Chineese Food Resturant Aquarium
  12. droopy in the morning
  13. any idea how to add co2 to juwel filter??
  14. UGF & substrate (2 gal & low-lite)
  15. carbon???
  16. plant anchors?!?
  17. Bubbles
  18. subtrate mix
  19. Questions on Where to get particular Rocks.
  20. Question for Buck
  21. Low light plants
  22. photo journal suggestions
  23. Looking for a good co2 reactor
  24. Old test kit
  25. Starting Planted Tank
  26. Plants dying slowly??
  27. Hi Im Back.....for a bit anyhow
  28. Good schoolers to go w/ kribs
  29. Python Panties
  30. Hydra?
  31. Chemical Warfare Between Plants
  32. Landscaping program?
  33. Pmdd
  34. Plant tank size, economies of scale
  35. ecosystems?
  36. Planted tank cycle?
  37. Advice on Filter Setup, please?
  38. say goodbye to loaches for awhile:((
  39. I'm growing Glosso!
  40. where to get? discus & rams
  41. Phosguard
  42. 10 gal setup, im FINALLY pleased!
  43. Phosguard
  44. Good Books... Is this book good? Any others?
  45. Please review my setup im getting ready to put up
  46. The plankton come out at night
  47. Have you used snail-rid products?
  48. Hydra problems
  49. oily white film on top of tank water
  50. Eheim Media
  51. Lemna gibba
  52. JBJ or Coralife Aqualight
  53. Eheim Or Filstar?
  54. Big Al's Canada Boxing Day Sale
  55. unknown (parasite?) on plants - need to ID
  56. emersed growth ?
  57. Plant identification please
  58. Burned leaf tips
  59. Too many MTS?
  60. Identification and advice please
  61. Setting up a new tank at work - opinions appreciated (now has links to pics)
  62. Amano Contest Winners
  63. Setting up a tank for my wife
  64. turtles with plants
  65. Medium Light Plants?
  66. Swords and lack of growth?
  67. what is that plant?
  68. When to dose what?
  69. strangest thing..
  70. Snail's shells turning white - What does it mean?
  71. ADG finally brings ADA to the USA
  72. stench
  73. Plants and Seachem Matrix
  74. looking for midground
  75. Bubbles on glass
  76. Tom Barr
  77. Matrix and plants
  78. Nightcrawlers
  79. weird
  80. Help me with my 29 gal!
  81. ADA in the USA!!
  82. Carbo Plus????
  83. Insects on Frogbit
  84. Planted Tank Books
  85. Finally bought a tank
  86. low-light tank, no CO2, ideas?
  87. Avoiding destruction while netting fish
  88. Keeping plants until you can set them
  89. Mail order cherry shrimp and flag fish advice
  90. question on crypt planting
  91. Plant suggestion, please
  92. Fertize and water changes, How often?
  93. Enough plants on startup for 190g?
  94. Plants not doing well please Help!!
  95. Low tech 20H with 3.25wpg?
  96. My DIY Co2 Trial
  97. Co2 not bobbling
  98. Aquatic Eco-Systems
  99. Good/Affordable Plant Source?
  100. will co2 kill my fish
  101. plants grow horizontal in strong lights?
  102. Half dead plants
  103. Nitrates - consistent at 5ppm - go to 10ppm?
  104. ok, so what can ya tell me about water ro vs tap and additives
  105. Do you pre-treat plants?
  106. PMDD Premix from
  107. Stinkin snails didn't want my lettuce
  108. Could someone please identify this plant for me? (pic)
  109. Algaecide and plants
  110. Peat. Ground Peat. Repeat....
  111. Certain plants ALWAYS die on me!
  112. Can anyone identify this?
  113. Daniel Wagners Tank
  114. ready for a rescape... input wanted
  115. Help my Bananas
  116. Plant ID & possible problem, please!
  117. Greg Watson Ferts...So many! What do I use?
  118. Would you get a Sterilizer?
  119. 20gl max
  120. Plants and Heaters
  121. Bioindicators for water quality
  122. before I get started and spending lots of $$
  123. Low light situations
  124. Roots from stems
  125. 5 gallon hex tank... what would YOU do?
  126. can i run it all the time
  127. pest snails
  128. Can't grow anacharis or hornwort(!)
  129. images of amano tanks?
  130. That beautiful grass carpet
  131. Snail Killing Products
  132. Worried about effect of pesticides on fish
  133. is this all i need
  134. A List of Acronyms and Their Meanings
  135. JBJ nanocube vs Eclipse 12
  136. New here, great site!!!
  137. Co2 build up
  138. help with very tall, thin, planted tank
  139. Plants and cold water
  140. Help ID my Plants
  141. Introducing Jack Dempseys
  142. calculating CO2 levels
  143. Propagating Crypts?
  144. Is my thinking correct on green water?
  145. DIY Yeast Solution in Tank-Need help
  146. I'm being overrun by Dwarf Sag
  147. green water grow at night?!
  148. new Photos
  149. coconut shells
  150. Purigen.
  151. HELP! I'm being over run! :(
  152. Need help w/Dupla 400 reactor
  153. JBJ lighting suggestions
  154. Strange leaf formation in E. barthii (melon sword)
  155. Amazon Sword has large holes in it
  156. posting pics question
  157. My crypt had a baby
  158. livebearer compatible with tetras?
  159. First planted tank, was it disorganized?
  160. Greg Watsons Food - measurement per gallon?
  161. Hi! and help!
  162. turnover for a planted tank
  163. SAEs eating rotala wallichii
  164. Question on Dosing Potassium
  165. aquascaping
  166. Plants bubble like mad after water change
  167. AGA Gallery is Up and Running
  168. how to setup a Co2 pressurized injection system
  169. ghost shrimp=amano shrimp?
  170. Treating fish in planted tanks
  171. The Overfertilization experimnent
  172. How you clean the gravel bed with hairgrass on the bottom?
  173. what made you get into planted aquariums
  174. Echinodorus horizontilas
  175. CO2 into canister filter?
  176. anubias and light
  177. massive val die off
  178. where is the best deal on pc lighting?
  179. Anyone regret going "high tech"?
  180. how long till i see some growth
  181. Odd surface film
  182. Bad growth
  183. Iron Aquascaper Contest Deadline --Dec 1st
  184. Crypt. Tonkinensis...Anyone
  185. looking for a site about aquascaping~
  186. Help needed from newbie
  187. New water, pH changes, i need some direction
  188. What to plant? (freshwater 75 Gallon)
  189. Best $15.00 I spent
  190. propagating bulbs
  191. Large Cichlids...Mission Possible??
  192. Looking for guidance on fert regimen.
  193. Petite Anubius Nana
  194. Failure !
  195. dwarf cichlids
  196. Stem plants and adventitious roots
  197. HELP!! Buzzing pH/CO2 Monitor
  198. what plants grow well without co2!?
  199. HELP-leaking tank
  200. Which plant is the most PINK red?
  201. Trimming back an amazon sword?
  202. Plant Growth Boom
  203. stem plants die with me!
  204. need advice on simple planted 10gal
  205. Fast growth?
  206. What is this?
  207. Question about redoing a tank (Fert question)
  208. DIY CO2 bottle filled up with water?
  209. Water quality after left standing?
  210. would this be anofe CO2 for a 55 gallon
  211. How often should I feed ferts?
  212. potted plants
  213. uv sterilizer
  214. Moving to Canada...what to do with my tank?
  215. Could I OD these snails using Co2?
  216. SOS! Help! SOS! Help! [Yes, YOU!]
  217. Fancy Yeast: Recommendations Wanted
  218. Help.. Plants Rotting
  219. $25 for a roseline
  220. What states is it illegal to ship Water Lettuce (Pistia Stratiotes) to?
  221. how you controlled your plants by cutting?
  222. thread-like white worms
  223. Anubias w/moss on wood question
  224. Wide leaf vs. narrow lwaf Riccia
  225. Co2
  226. CSM+B vs flourish
  227. EW, a worm!!
  228. Are snail-rid products safe for plants?
  229. magnesium and potassium dosing
  230. co2 tank
  231. Tips with painting tanks
  232. Plants releasing streams of bubbles
  233. Have you seen a planarian?
  234. Sump/refugium?
  235. What fertilizer(s) to use
  236. High Light not working, switch to Low Light?
  237. Very yucky tank story.........
  238. 90G up and running
  239. Plants from tanks with algae - how to avoid introduction?
  241. DIY CO2, ME, combined w/ canister = anger/frustration
  242. carpet plant for low light?
  243. How to clean found driftwood?
  244. Plants How tall?
  245. dosing my gregwatsons!?
  246. Tank Setup opions wanted
  247. Plant ID: What is this plant?
  248. Fish stocking in 48g tank
  249. Best Refugium Plants
  250. Fern,Moss,Riccia,Glosso