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  1. 2 questions
  2. Mixing Seachem Flourish with Kent Botanica.
  3. [B]What test kit would you recommend and what should it include?[/B]
  4. Fishless tank: how long before it "uncycles"?
  5. bladderwort
  6. bag or tub with pmdd
  7. Does your tank wall look like a soda?
  8. tank lids and covers ?
  9. Wieghts for Riccia !!!
  10. How to divide bananna plants?
  11. new to
  12. Fertilizer and Plant questions
  13. ? about a small 10g tank
  14. Leaving for 4 days....will it hurt my tank???
  15. biospira?'s
  16. Do you use ph buffers with co2 injection?
  17. Anyone know what plant this is?
  18. Newb with quite a few CO2 & fertí related Questions
  19. How would you do it?
  20. Some better than none?
  21. Just got some K2SO4 (Potassium Sulphate)
  22. Newbie needing help 29 gallon
  23. If a book was to be written on the planted aquarium, what should it include?
  24. algea plant waffel, and transparence
  25. Challenges for a big tank/how to aquascape a big tank
  26. Nutrient Levels
  27. Question about Backgrounds (Probably a dumb one!)
  28. Just a couple Co2 questions
  29. Flourish
  30. Java Ferns blackening at bases
  31. Dirty java moss
  32. Cheap UV unit
  33. Measuring IRON
  34. Specific Magazines for Aquarium Plants.
  35. echinodorus tricolour
  36. proper use of clay?
  37. Holey Crapoley! (need lots of advice)
  38. about DIY CO2 Reactor
  39. Toronto & surroundings TDS
  40. plants
  41. Moving crypts and other plants
  42. Temperature and Plant growth
  43. How to get driftwood to sink
  44. some reading
  45. Questions on New Filter and Bacteria...
  46. leaf color differentiation
  47. all you light experts, I need some help
  48. hello everyone, here is my first post
  49. She's expecting!
  50. What happened to
  51. Loosing my battles with GW
  52. Nitrates, Phosphates too high ?
  53. MH Lighting?
  54. SW Ca / Co2 reactor?
  55. New Light = New plants
  56. Plant ID + babies...
  57. Need advice & direction!
  58. low CO2 levels any good?
  59. tiny creatures on driftwood ID please!
  60. Babies!!!
  61. Just about to cycle planted tank
  62. Fully automated DIY yeast CO2 as good as the CO2 tank?
  63. scored a 50G tank tonight :D
  64. Flourish Excel & Ph?
  65. Spatula!!!!
  66. Filter supplements like renew, Nitrazorb, or Charcoal
  67. When to add Tetra FloraPride?
  68. Want to start a planted tank, need advise
  69. Painting the tank. Anything I should know?
  70. need alot of advice
  71. My Co2 Water Parameters, Help!
  72. how do i inject co2 into a 2128 eheim filter?
  73. is it redondant to have ozone and uv at the same time?
  74. feeding fish
  75. ramshorn snails ok for planted tank??
  76. Hair Algae Problem
  77. do I need a Co2 reactor ??
  78. Using Flourish Products in the EI system
  79. my DIY suface skum extractor/filter closed loop system
  80. Low Tech Tank
  81. Does high bioload effect plant growth?
  82. 180 Gallon 6x2x2 Community Tank??
  83. Does calibration fluid go bad?
  84. Stooopid question about water changes
  85. C02 questions
  86. got it wrong from the start ?
  87. what is this snail?
  88. starting a platned aquarium help!!!?!?
  89. The amazon sword in my 7 gallon...
  90. HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeee... before i throw this *$#@ tank away!
  91. How soon can I fertilize?
  92. Help me green up my plants
  93. Cloudy Water
  94. New to this
  95. Fake driftwood?
  96. Plants you weren't able to grow?
  97. dead fish
  98. Please Don't Think This is Stupid....
  99. Plant ID
  100. Nesaea pedilica?
  101. New CO2 system
  102. Snail ID?
  103. Store bought Ferts
  104. just currious...
  105. meds for plants & invert
  106. Backgrounds
  107. Problem with inline co2
  108. Im gonna try agian! I wont fail!!!
  109. my first experience with stems so far...
  110. Does pruning help speed growth?
  111. Photoperiod/effects of outside lighting?
  112. Hmm, is this a possibility for better plant growth?
  113. Why is it that when I neglect my tank...
  114. I need some help FAST!
  115. Daphnia magna or Moina?
  116. How much Flourish
  117. Glosso Carpet?
  118. zeolite and nitrates
  119. Quarantine tank PH?
  120. California Blackworms Order
  121. C02 overdose!
  122. Whatís your primary reason for keeping planted aquaria?
  123. something wrong with my fish
  124. 37 gallon not 37 gallons.
  125. Wow it's hot...
  126. best hair algae eater?
  127. Keeping M. umbrosum planted.
  128. Cleaning back of aquarium
  129. Anybody Know What These Are?
  130. what fish for hair algae
  131. Very low pH and KH
  132. New tank add-ins??
  133. New plants and CO2
  134. Lost Tetra KH and GH directions
  135. information wanted
  136. It starts with a cage containing five monkeys
  137. Pest ID Flat Worm?
  138. wow very cool style of 4ft aquariums
  139. Helping the cycling process?
  140. Chemicals
  141. Paypal friendly aquarium sites?
  142. Purigen and Yellow water
  143. Growing problems -- not enough light?
  144. New and confused
  145. Temp got to 92 today in tank! Hope it was the heater...
  146. Clowns and E. I.
  147. 6,500K Vs 10,000K
  148. seeking fish suggestions again
  149. Hagen Co2 Help!
  150. Cleaning tubing/hoses
  151. 7 gallon: am I overstocking?!
  152. 25 Gallon Fantasy
  153. rearranging tank?
  154. Crazy plant growth, thanks guys!!!
  155. How to keep your tubing algae free ...
  156. Yo mamma?
  157. The Nana Tree
  158. AC150 Causing Too Much Co2 Loss?
  159. Filtration and Heavily Planted Tanks
  160. Will a single Yo-Yo Loach be OK?
  161. lobelia cardinalis
  162. Cycling a new tank
  163. uk people who baught PMDD
  164. Why is WC important for FW tanks?
  165. 135 Gallon lighting / CO2 questions
  166. Stupid things I have done...
  167. would these plants be ok for a newbie ?
  168. Where does algae come from?
  169. Another first
  170. Treating a large piece of wood
  171. Pearling mystery
  172. Tank cover or not?
  173. Fleet phospho-soda
  174. Tiger Lilie
  175. CO2 saturation point and pKa
  176. CO2 and surface agitation
  177. How do you guys take such good pictures?
  178. pressurized CO2, when will I see results?
  179. co2 injection diy project
  180. Starphire glass tank - Where ?
  181. Leg Mount Necessary On A 28w CF Strip?
  182. Do I really need a filter at this point ?
  183. Green thread algae: N:P ratio and/or Fe/trace buildup the culprit?
  184. been doing my homework, is this a good DIY Co2 reactor ?
  185. KH and GH rising with no apparent cause
  186. looking for the best on-line store for ordring plants
  187. Did I really spend this much!?!?!?!
  188. planted tank experiment
  189. plant id and lilly question
  190. This may sound like a stupid question
  191. Anyone have lobsters in their tank?
  192. Pressurised Co2 Nomenclature
  193. Airstones Good or Bad??
  194. What bulbs should I get? With most light output
  195. Sealing a Tank
  196. Micro and Macro Nutrients?
  197. so many filters so little time......
  198. Best way to nuke a tank
  199. help posting pics
  200. Is 2.8wpg Good Enough?
  201. Whats the best snails? Does that algae killer stuff work?
  202. Need help with 10 gallon hood
  203. My dream tank is a reality!!
  204. tom barr
  205. Think there should be another category: Snails and other Inverts
  206. Help, my plants aren't happy
  207. 75G goes Mbuna with live plants!
  208. Coppersafe *UPDATE* Tank of murder.....
  209. is flourite the way to go ?
  210. Why aereal roots???
  211. hose sizes?
  212. Going to Pressurized Co2.....
  213. Limit to how many ghost shrimp in a 7g?
  214. D'oh! What a dope!
  215. Water Sprite is being finicky
  216. Red Sea Nitrate Test Kit
  217. fish stores
  218. Need Worm ID please
  219. Do Buffers Interfere with the CO2 Calc's?
  220. RO Water and RO Right?
  221. Oooops!
  222. European Lilies
  223. Fertilizer, is this sufficient?
  224. New to the planted scene!
  225. Live plants in San Diego
  226. I want Clear water
  227. Seeking Lowcoaster
  228. Shipping Large Plants
  229. Ferts
  230. diy bubble counter
  231. Need Help With 2.5
  232. Hard water, high PH -- issues?
  233. Will "grasslike" plants be OK in my tank?
  234. Is Aquabid down?
  235. algae outbreak
  236. You know you're into something when...
  237. Spanish Moss?!?!?!?
  238. Tank Sloping.
  239. Plant Propagation?
  240. Planting/Growing Baby tears horizontally?
  241. Buy your plants from ThomE and WolfenxXx!!!!
  242. CarboPlus solid carbon C02 Generator -- Anyone Using It?
  243. Gasping Gouramis
  244. 20gal high or long
  245. plant debris
  246. Found some cool rocks. Now what?
  247. Java Moss Wall help.
  248. No Salt
  249. what bulb can i use?
  250. CO2 reactor and DIY CO2