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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Help, first time planted tank
  2. Rocks to stay away from
  3. Water changes
  4. Help with Brown Fuzzy Spots on leaves & rocks.
  5. What is growing on my driftwood?
  6. High pH and GH fish?
  7. HELP! Goo is growing again!
  8. 95Gallons aqurium issues
  9. tunze CO2 reactor 7074.500
  10. New to C02, Sodastream 425g gone in 2 weeks in 80l tank
  11. Collecting live food!
  12. Leaky tank on CG
  13. Can I trust this tank & stand?
  14. Its coming! I cant wait
  15. AGA Convention 2017
  16. 220g journal
  17. Cycling my tank filter on my pond?
  18. Catching fish in planted/scaped tank
  19. Is there such thing as replanting too often?
  20. Need help choosing light.
  21. Favorite plants
  22. In the Process of Starting a Planted Tank... Suggestions Welcome.
  23. Treating Tap water before it goes into your tank
  24. Help with indoor pond project
  25. 2.5 Gallon Questions.
  26. Takashi Amano Books
  27. Planted Tank Live Stream
  28. Adding plants to planted tank
  29. GLA had me overdosing csm+b?
  30. PH keep dropping
  31. Can anyone figure out what's going on with my tank cycle?
  32. New to plants
  33. Immersed plants
  34. Hi-tech planted tank first time
  35. Guide to the Planted Aquarium
  36. New canvas! Need ideas for a direction to go in!
  37. Is the fungus from wood killing my plants?
  38. Upgrading planted tank
  39. First Planted Tank What yaal think?
  40. Has anyone used Microbe-Lift products to cycle tank?
  41. Re-entering the hobby
  42. Big Fish Deal!
  43. My photos
  44. Paraguard - safe for planted tank?
  45. Eco Complete Sprout
  46. Distruption of schooling fish
  47. Beginner Woes
  48. Co2 Loss
  49. Massive fish die off. Chlorine posion or too much Prime?
  50. Are Soap Berries Aquarium Safe?
  51. low tech low light still GHA survives
  52. Petroleum Jelly?
  53. co2 issues
  54. What is a good way to move with planted tanks and not have to completely take them do
  55. New tank in Tucson looking for trimmings
  56. Would you return/exchange this tank?
  57. New tank, plants melting
  58. Moving into the planted?
  59. Add plants to unplanted tank
  60. Brown stuff in my tank
  61. Inside filter plants that are fine for cats/dogs
  62. Any ideas what this carpet is?
  63. What am I doing wrong?
  64. Has anyone seen this guy?
  65. Emersed growth Journey 2
  66. Cloudy water
  67. Looking for ideas
  68. CO2 + lava rock = increasing GH/KH?
  69. 60 Gallon Rimless Cube Project...
  70. Is this save for aqua plants?
  71. Another stocking topic
  72. Finally
  73. You know you're addicted to planted tanks when...
  74. Blue Seiryu Stones?
  75. Let's see your tanks.
  76. First Planted Setup - Thoughts / Ideas
  77. Quarantine Tank Size
  78. Rock Identification Help
  79. Tank water question/plant traveling question
  80. Plumbing Help
  81. Help, restart out of necessity
  82. Drip System + pressurized Co2?
  83. How to set up an auto doing pump for EI method
  84. How do I remove superglue marks on hardscape?
  85. Water Clarity
  86. Superglue gel and fish
  87. Plumbing frustration!!
  88. A Niche to Fill
  89. Aquaponics Question
  90. using ro water for top off
  91. 5 gallon in tucson
  92. Where to buy plants
  93. Tiny white...somethings. Should I be concerned?
  94. Planaria or???
  95. How to store RO water?
  96. How to Sell a Tank?
  97. Restarting - can't solve problem
  98. let's make a planted tank
  99. Wall Mounted Tank...
  100. Introduction
  101. ph change by co2 and how it affects fish
  102. Moss and Lichens Info...
  103. Hi I'm new
  104. Looking for ideas
  105. Plants being ate by Cardinals/ Rummynose
  106. 75 to 125 gallon planted tank
  107. Your biggest do's and don't when first doing a dirt tank!
  108. weird things in my planted tank
  109. Setting up new 54 Corner
  110. Hello Friends- Question about some decorations
  111. Co2 setup 120 g.
  112. Aquarium saves
  113. Jokes/insults only fish tank people will get!!
  114. Bacteria bloom? Tannins? Algae? I have no idea..
  115. Discussion Question of the Week...Again!
  116. Adding WC Altum angels to a high tech tank?
  117. Show me your planted discus tank!!
  118. A few questions from a beginner
  119. Topfin (fluval spec like) 5 gallon tank
  120. Guidance needed: 55g to 90g transplant
  121. Which direction do you point the arrow?
  122. Building a New Tank (Newbie)
  123. 3 Tank Concept
  124. Bubbles per second ?
  125. Stupid Tank Size - What to Do With It?
  126. Cleaning white film from inside of tank?
  127. TDS readings ???
  128. Planted Goldfish Tank?
  129. White film stuck on plants
  130. Chemicals to clean glass tops?
  131. flow for 20g tall
  132. Reputable Online Stores
  133. New to this
  134. planted goldfish tank?
  135. Betta Departed Tank... Next Move?
  136. Need Help - Mold Destroying Plants?
  137. Issues with fresh 65G
  138. J-B Water Weld safe for Aquariums?
  139. Hector's 20 Gallon low tech
  140. Canister + PH or 2 Canisters
  141. Cycling with ammonia in tap water + shrimp bioload
  142. Cycle Jump Started???
  143. 125 gallon, need advise for a noob
  144. When should I begin adding CO2 and fertilizers?
  145. New stand
  146. Suitable larger fish for a planted tank
  147. Aquarium Confessions
  148. Set back
  149. Tank stability?
  150. Is this good food for discus?
  151. Foam in tank?
  152. Small little brown bugs
  153. New member, here's my tank!
  154. Newbie Mat Question
  155. New to Planted Aquariums
  156. New tank
  157. Dry Start Method Flooding Question Lighting Duration
  158. Concern?
  159. What do you feed and why?
  160. Any Guides on Commercial Tank Setup
  161. Water behind background?
  162. 2 drops of ammonia+surfactant in 2.6 gallon tank, help!
  163. DSM question
  164. Aquarium stands and canopies
  165. Turnover for 55
  166. co2 bottles
  167. What is this creature?
  168. Power Outage
  169. Is this Columnaris, fungus, bacteria, bad frozen blood worms,etc... ?
  170. How much bleach to kill Columnaris , fungus, bacteria and other bad things?
  171. Inline diffuser: in tube or out tube
  172. 10 Gal. Movie Tank
  173. Weight distribution in aquarium stands - using a big stand for a small tank
  174. New Power head with co2
  175. Water Changes in a Planted Community Tank...with Shrimp
  176. Why is my drop checker always blue
  177. Where and when to syphon?
  178. Help with Ich
  179. CO2 & Air pump same diffuser
  180. Is it really necessary ...
  181. Would these plants tolerate Furan-2?
  182. How do you guys set up your spray bars?
  183. Faster way to cycle 2.7 tank from established tank?
  184. Fishless Cycle
  185. Is it possible to remove bleach from water
  186. Aquarium safe way to seal PVC pipe?
  187. Has anyone ever seen this?
  188. Show off your 55g!
  189. Cannister Filter for 12G Long
  190. local drift wood safe?
  191. Low light plants not taking off in low tech setup
  192. Scapefu Podcast! Others?!
  193. Does fish waste/ food eventually end up under the gravel?
  194. Self cleaning tank possible? Look at this video.
  195. Envy this!!! Pics included
  196. BML PAR data?
  197. Java Moss lighting
  198. Excel, Crypts, and Shrimp
  199. Help!
  200. 125 gallon planted discus tank
  201. Glass scraping Q / hard water
  202. My nano tank build from scratch.
  203. How to cure manzanita from Blooms & Branches?
  204. 20 - 25 gallon tank ideas
  205. Fish-in cycling
  206. Is there any detriment to detritus?
  207. Stalled cycle- please help
  208. Could Frozen blood worms kill aquarium fish?
  209. PVC Pipe spray bar, does the ink used to print specs on the pipe hurt fish?
  210. 33 Gallon Panoramic Aquariums
  211. Help transitioning to a new planted tank
  212. Biological vs Mechanical Filtration
  213. Are aquaclay balls good filter media ?
  214. Tank growth stalled dead...
  215. How did you get involved in the aquarium hobby
  216. Overstocked?
  217. Are the Boeseman's rainbowfish a good community fish?
  218. Blood Fin Tetra has half tail fin missing. Cause? Red eye or Serpae tetra, or N/A?
  219. Books on Freshwater Plants
  220. Very Important Question for All Forum Members
  221. shout out
  222. Stocking suggestions for a 75 gallon
  223. help, it's a jungle in there
  224. Buying heat packs in a physical store?
  225. Brand new tank bowing?
  226. Used Aquariums
  227. Leveling question
  228. Acclimating Methods: LFS Bag vs. Suppliers Bag
  229. New to planted tanks and my tank looks terrible!
  230. Should I rise my TV to give my tank a little more clearance.
  231. Abnormally Shaped Tank: Do Needs Differ by Dimension..?
  232. Manzanita pain in the... neck
  233. Linking Two Planted Tanks (Away With Inline Hardware) Sump Method
  234. Can anyone identify this?
  235. What is this on my tank
  236. How do I get rid of all this floating debris?
  237. Glass diffuser kit
  238. Algae growth in sump
  239. New 4ft Tank
  240. CO2 Tabs? What are they?
  241. New Jewel Rio 300 Setup
  242. Looking for plant ideas
  243. Prehistoric Sea Monster Triop Kit
  244. Where to buy flowerhorn?
  245. new 90gal+ planted tank stocking suggestions
  246. I don't want to quit........
  247. cheap co2 System
  248. New Cube planted Tank
  249. Fluval Spec V impulse buy + Old betta
  250. Newly cycled tank producing ammonia, can we pinpoint why?