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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Name that rock
  2. Slow Fish Deaths.... no signs of illness.
  3. Remember the movie "Tremors"? Please help!
  4. High tech-High light bowl = Lots of questions
  5. How to save plants while waiting on co2 regulator fix
  6. Wooden Canopy - use glass lid or not?
  7. LIVE bloodworms in Aquarium. How is that possible.
  8. new 75 gal. have a few questions?
  9. No filter planted betta tank?
  10. Sudden death of fish within 2 minutes of introduction
  11. White dots/eggs on plant - Need help identification.
  12. Need help in resolving cloudy water(I am sure it happened due to Bacteria bloom)
  13. DSM - Dry Start Method, Month 2! HELP!
  14. New To The Hobby Need Some Advice
  15. My step daughters betta tank
  16. Tank Cleaning?
  17. Confusing CO2 readings
  18. Plant reccomendation
  19. All Glass/Aqueon tanks
  20. Rescaping an Established Tank
  21. Flexible hose diy overflow?
  22. Changing Filters
  23. Can I dirt my new tank and let it cycle by itself before adding plants?
  24. How to store tissue culture plants?
  25. EcoQube C Problems
  26. High Nitrates - 87 guppies in a 20gal - What the heck!
  27. Critique my For Sale craiglist ad
  28. River Tank - Flow Discussion
  29. Cloudy water problem
  30. Film on top of 5 gallon shrimp tank?
  31. Corner stand/cabinet top question Woodworking!
  32. update on 13gal...
  33. Planted Tank newbie- Rig Help
  34. getting driftwood to sink
  35. CO2 requirements with planted refugium on reverse photoperiod?
  36. Help me with tank recovery please
  37. Vivarium help
  38. Question(s) regarding my first high tech setup
  39. 20 Gallon High Planted
  40. diy co2
  41. bubbler in planted tank
  42. Help Needed (and appreciated!!)
  43. ADA style 120 tank stand
  44. My Daughters Spongebob tank is starting to grow in :)
  45. Filter recommendation help
  46. Does stress cause ich to fall off fish?
  47. 75g plywood stand: good to go?
  48. Aquarium safe wood protection
  49. Any idea what these creatures are?
  50. 29 gallon tank
  51. Cloudy water problem.
  52. Digital thermometer accurate?
  53. WC question
  54. 20 gallon still cloudy after a month
  55. Drop checker not turning green
  56. What's going on here?
  57. API Accu-Clear removed my tannins??
  58. I HATE Ammania gracilis
  59. Colorado
  60. Reviving a neglected tank without starting over?
  61. Rabbit snails
  62. Melting plants?
  63. Short tanks and stands
  64. Stopping pressurized co2 in an established tank
  65. Bubbles in silicone...
  66. CO2 On/Off timing Advice
  67. Dwarf mexican crayfish + red cherry shrimp + celestial pearl danio
  68. Please help with plants
  69. 55 gallon Planted tank/Paludarium WITH Aquaponics?
  70. Corner tank filtration
  71. 2 Questions: Is this a Magnesium Deficiency and what is this sack?
  72. Rundown On Wet/Dry Filters?
  73. Low Tech Nonsense
  74. liquid co2
  75. Which acclamation method works best ?
  76. Getting started with a used Fish Tank?
  77. Taking an extended break - can I keep anything?
  78. Filter Choice
  79. drift wood treatment
  80. Small 4 gallon cube tank
  81. U like mosses?
  82. Are rocks that have rust aquarium safe?
  83. Aquarium Coop
  84. Does that snail Gel around its eggs carry columnaris, pathogens, bacteria, fungus?
  85. Fish Kill
  86. What fish are not safe for Pimafix & Melafix? Loaches/scaleless fish,inverts,betta?
  87. Brand New: Need some advice!
  88. Plants in need of help!
  89. Tank evolution!
  90. Sudden discus death
  91. Can anyone is this terrestrial plant?
  92. Needing your suggestions
  93. Would this be high light ?
  94. Back in it again after a two year hiatus....
  95. Update/Myth?
  96. We're to buy plants ?
  97. Strange growth on wood.
  98. Duh
  99. Bml lighting and bba
  100. Is this just a really long runner?
  101. Amazon: The Secrets of the Golden River
  102. The Nitrogen Cycle Explained - essential info!
  103. Help! Water intake and outake placement
  104. Anyone Ever Use This Site?
  105. HELP! What is in my tank?
  106. Help with left side of 75G
  107. What the heck is this???
  108. Secrets of the Golden River (Blackwater Biotope)
  109. API Phosphate Test Kit Help Wanted
  110. I simply have not found an acclimation process (15 years into the hobby!)-What works?
  111. Too much bubble above filter ?
  112. Problem getting cycling going
  113. First Aquarium/Planted Tank
  114. Planted Tank Guidance/Tips?
  115. 40B bowing--is this normal or too much?
  116. Fluval Edge Filter Name?
  117. Bonsai Broken
  118. some tips/suggestions/help wanted....
  119. What's in demand?
  120. What is it worth?
  121. My planted tank! Need help and suggestions! :)
  122. 15 gallon CO2 kit
  123. Missing water
  124. switching to new filter
  125. Will a larger aquarium allow you to keep some fish together that you normally can't?
  126. Should Barbed connection be bigger or smaller than the hose they are connected to?
  127. Foam filter in BIG trouble
  128. Has anyone here built a large aquarium?
  129. newbie on freshwater same old questions
  130. Thoughts for a new work tank
  131. Rock ID
  132. What is the deal with Craigslist bait & switch with fish tanks?
  133. Calling all plant experts, How do my plants look?
  134. my not so internal debate...
  135. Few Questions for setup Im planning
  136. Looking for advice for an upcoming build.
  137. Big Thanks to johnson18, time to start up again.
  138. OMG I feel horrible. Just killed a fish
  139. Driftwood in NJ?
  140. Co2 in 90g saturation sucks!
  141. Why does Petco only order 1 schooling fish?
  142. Legality of Catching for Aquaria?
  143. Controlling White Mold Under AIO Sump Cover?
  144. Leopard Gecko Acting Strange?
  145. Crushed Coral ?
  146. A Little Help for a Freshwater Noob
  147. Water change / Temp change ?
  148. Petco dropped net on floor, then used it to get my fish.
  149. Do you need an air pump ?
  150. Seapora aquariums
  151. 10 Gallon Setup
  152. I'm moving! How's my strategy?
  153. I'm in a bit of a pickle
  154. new to planted tanks
  155. What is the best GoldFish food ?
  156. Help Me With My White Elephant
  157. Another Newbie New Tank Thread
  158. Manzanita overload?
  159. my first planted tank - what do you think?
  160. Are these worms? Or algae?
  161. When does pH crash actually happen?
  162. Any interest in caring for local fish?
  163. Will this fish tank be safe?
  164. What are these?
  165. When should i have my Co2 turned on?
  166. Random Thoughts While Planning a Community 29 - Lots of newbie questions!
  167. Can you make an Aquarium lid with anything besides glass & Acrylic?
  168. What size tank should I get?
  169. New setup advice 65gal
  170. Roseline wrecking crew
  171. Can you use API Stress Coat POND for an aquarium?
  172. How do I know my tank is cycled?
  173. Food grade diatomaceous earth?
  174. Oxygen in tank
  175. Newbie looking for advise
  176. 29 gallon converted any advice
  177. Tips for keeping a happy and healthier tank?
  178. Contemplating a conversion
  179. What would you do if....
  180. strange white 'snowy' patch in hairgrass
  181. Water change strategies
  182. Lighting and algae help?
  183. New/First ever Planted Fish Tank
  184. Help needed with my 40L tank.
  185. Has anyone witnessed a Dojo Loach aka weather Loach eating a shrimp?
  186. People told me i couldnt so i did.. ooops! TANK BUILD
  187. Too little CO2
  188. Lake Okanagan Biotope?
  189. Moving a rimless tank to a new stand?
  190. DSM results
  191. Looking For Long Tank Tools
  192. Ridiculous Hobbyists Experiences
  193. Fast Monte Carlo growth (pics inside)
  194. Does used activated carbon have any value to garden/regular plants?
  195. Low vs High Flow
  196. EMERGENCY: My acrylic tank brace snapped off!
  197. Office shrimp tank - Growing plants with only ceiling lights?
  198. Strange brown blobs on stems/roots
  199. Where to buy quality mosses and plants
  200. Need some Fresh advice
  201. Do Aquariums have a lifespan ?
  202. How long does Chloramine take to evaporate from the water?
  203. A question forRimless tank owners
  204. Any planted tank in Vietnam?
  205. Cruel or Not?
  206. Should my water be so clear in a lightly planted tank
  207. Suction cup question
  208. Do plants grow in groups
  209. Do these type of sensors only work with salt water aquariums?
  210. Are 3D printed objects aquarium safe?
  211. Fresh water reservoir turned disgusting, where did I go wrong
  212. Is Polypropylene Plastic aquarium safe?
  213. New to C02- HELP!
  214. Does anyone use any automatica topoff systems( ATO) to keep water in aquarium?
  215. Are these aquarium safe to store water on refilling aquarium?
  216. Fluval just selling on reputation now?
  217. Help identifying critter in my tank
  218. Osmotic Shock
  219. I need some feed back.
  220. Floating Fish Bag With Marker Writing?
  221. New planted tank questions/issues-help!
  222. Help!!
  223. New plants
  224. Ph calibration
  225. New to planted tanks, intro and questions
  226. Can amazon swords and anubias grow emersed ?
  227. Where can I buy a 12 gallon long?
  228. New here and new to aquariums
  229. Heater Cord Siphoning Water!?
  230. Just a thank you
  231. New member here. Please take a look and leave some advice!
  232. Discouraged! Dirted( natural style) Tank.
  233. Brown stuff on substrate - Help!!!
  234. Best way to do fishless cycle?
  235. Hello and Questions
  236. Are these eggs?
  237. Help with my 10g (I'm a newbie)
  238. Will this be too much moving around for my fish?
  239. Buying plants
  240. Clay pots
  241. Home water filtration
  242. Tank leaking from bottom?
  243. Sunken Gardens book
  244. Tank Recycle for a Rescape?
  245. May I get a Little Help, Please?
  246. Help Choose My New Tank Size
  247. Planted tank as a present?
  248. DreamAquarium Screen Saver
  249. Co2
  250. Starting My Second Tank