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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. what else can I do?
  2. Plant Identification
  3. crypt melt question
  4. how offten do I add fertilizer?
  5. Best way to add GH??
  6. Beginners Centerpiece..please.
  7. stunned plant growth
  8. Lumens and K in lighting
  9. aaa
  10. CO2 tank finnaly arived.
  11. EI Report Card
  12. switched to python, getting cloudy water
  13. Overflow sump for planted tank
  14. insects?
  15. Driftwood and java ferns?, please advice
  16. Carbo-plus--any Recent Comments
  17. Best Place To Buy Rare/neat/easy To Grow Plants?
  18. White eggs?? on plants
  19. Massive phosphate OD
  20. Cleaning plants before planting?
  21. Iron Gardener
  22. got some pics of 20H
  23. Trimming stems, replanting the tops, discard bottom?
  24. What to keep tank temp at ?
  25. Reflector paint?
  26. Crushed coral and its effect on Ph
  27. Low Maintenance Plant Suggestions
  28. Green haze on my tank walls.. help
  30. question about iron chelate. please help~
  31. Weird snail shells... help
  32. Diffuser question...
  33. Adg?
  34. Local plants
  35. Riccia growth rate between plastic mesh
  36. Red Macrandra problem
  37. Using a salt water tank to fresh
  38. How long is to long?
  39. Salt for freshwater, planted tanks
  40. contest: make a permanent impression
  41. Help Plant ID
  42. Filtration For 29 Gallon
  43. Tiger Lotus
  44. external CO2 reactor better for me?
  45. CO2 and Excel??
  46. planting Nymphaea Stellata
  47. How to plant?
  48. Plant ID please
  49. Help me create a Southern India biotope:
  50. Co2 For 29 Gallon Tank
  51. Filtration For 29 Gallon Tank
  52. purchasing cork bark
  53. Driftwood?
  54. Plant selections?
  55. Stocking brackish tank
  56. How do you get rid of duckweed?
  57. Looking for a recommendation for forground
  58. to Snail or not to snail? That is the question
  59. Plants are being snipped off mysteriously
  60. Increasing CO2 levels
  61. Something block my plants.
  62. newbie question
  63. Tiger Lotus question
  64. Quick CO2 ppm Question
  65. Flourish Users
  66. One more question before setting up....
  67. What steps to put cuttings in pots?
  68. Aaa
  69. Need help with Babys Tears
  70. Stink bug in my aquarium!
  71. What should I do with the plants I just bought?
  72. How to prepare ro-water ???
  73. Tank Background: use Paint or Oil & Contact paper?
  74. 46g bf hardware changes
  75. Newbie plant/nutrient/algae post (long)
  76. Stargrass - long thin stalks - light deficiency?
  77. Plant Ids help
  78. Thick Black Algea & snail
  79. Outcome of the AGA Aquascaping Competition
  80. iron concentration
  81. aaa
  82. Plant Filter / Refugium.....???
  83. Plant, Algea, and Fish ID Links
  84. trimming narrow leaf chain swords
  85. AGA Contest Winners -- Aquatic Gardener Forums
  86. Ready to swap substrate -> now what?
  87. AGA Aquascaping Contest Results tomorrow!
  88. DIY CO2 at night
  89. Power off question...
  90. Vacation Question
  91. Edible aquatic plants?
  92. Mr Rigg, may we please please see a tank?
  93. brand new HQI blub VS used HQI blub?
  94. does this work?
  95. If you use XP3 and Fluval skimmer look here...
  96. planting HC
  97. Growth rate question
  98. How do you prevent food from getting on your stem plants?
  99. ick - salt - plants
  100. Canister media
  101. white dots on stems
  102. fish gasping at surface
  103. lost recipe for DYI co2 mix ?
  104. LEVEL of mikro and makro elements ???
  105. Why replant glosso?
  106. 20 Long advice: CO2, dosing, lights, everything
  107. greg waston's fertilzer question! help!!!!
  108. What tests kits do i need?
  109. To wetdry or not to wetdry
  110. New Co2 up and running... another billion questions
  111. Fertilizer?
  112. Need help with my Amazon Sword plants
  113. Snail IDs?
  114. Bugs on Surface of Water
  115. Are Limpets good or bad?
  116. Slow little things moving on my Babies Tears
  117. taking some suggestions
  118. Another Co2 Question
  119. Dennerle pH-Controller
  120. better way to change water
  121. Microsword question!!
  122. Filtration in a planted tank.
  123. How do I get nice looking Java fern???
  124. Washing Flourite
  125. My sister's biom project has gotten me so mad!
  126. 14k hqi light
  127. Yo-Yo Loach turning white
  128. My first hitch-hiker "Sentenced to death"
  129. Trimming Damaged Plants - newb question
  130. what do you guys think about BW planted tank
  131. Looking for tall grass
  132. java fern question
  133. Dwarf hairgrass gowing very slow
  134. ideal way to setup equipment
  135. Any info on non co2 planted tanks...
  136. plant id
  137. Hi! Any others here from Seattle?
  138. hagen test kit master test?
  139. Finally baby olive nerites born in my tank- Updated 11-15-05
  140. Insane growth!
  141. Red Plants
  142. Photorespiration?
  143. Co2 the culprit for DEATH?
  144. Planted 55 need help
  145. Vho lighting?
  146. CO2 mist possibility...
  147. What do you guys do with overgrown swords?
  148. CO2 mist report
  149. Newbie Questions
  150. Identify moss please
  151. Need plant suggestions...
  152. Has anyone ordered from here
  153. Will this work???
  154. power compact flourescent lights
  155. Plants for incandecent lighting
  156. 5 IN 1 test strips?? anybody used before?
  157. Help finding cheap substrate
  158. hello, new guy here.
  159. digitally measuring equipment?
  160. I learned something about hardscaping
  161. New CO2 system on order... now what!?
  162. Have the goodies - now what?
  163. Planting questions --Glosso
  164. Re: Water change and Pearling follows
  165. Plant ID Please
  166. Plant cycling a tank against Algae.
  167. plant questions *update*
  168. Why do so many people like Crypts?
  169. The smell of a healthy planted aquarium
  170. snail eggs???
  171. what kind of epoxy?
  172. CO2 for dummies needed Please Help
  173. Wish I had read this forum before I started a fishless cycle!!! can I start again?
  174. A few questions.
  175. Bubble wand in low tech?
  176. Nitrobacter bacteria
  177. New to Fish
  178. What to do after pruning?
  179. Placement of light over tank
  180. Bringing plants back from Near Death Experiences
  181. Mail order plants, how has the best?
  182. algae eating shrimp???
  183. Starting fresh: could use some suggestions
  184. How Deep???
  185. Need Snail Buster! Help wanted.
  186. Where to get EDTA?
  187. Co2 and external power filter
  188. Need A Nice Tank
  189. Converting 4x2x2 from cichlids to planted
  190. can i bring back?
  191. Clams for me?
  192. check out my new tank~<<<<<UPDATED>>>
  193. Combining 2 returns?
  194. The american aquarium
  195. What plants will goldfish NOT eat?
  196. water filtration
  197. Too much dry ferts bad for fish?
  198. Flow rate..water movement
  199. Nice Red Sword
  200. Bags if many?
  201. Where does co2 come from?
  202. Planted tank newbie needs help/suggestions
  203. sliver dollars
  204. should i use tetra pond "lily gro"???
  205. How do you keep your maintenance records?
  206. Shrimp deaths with Eco-complete?
  207. How does growing Micro Sword as a carpet compare to growing Glosso?
  208. How to keep Cabomba low & thick?
  209. Which is worse...
  210. Beginning Planted Tank
  211. BW hair algae destroyers
  212. ammonia high and other chem readings...
  213. Large fish for a planted tank
  214. Making rimless tank - what to look out
  215. "new tank syndrome"
  216. I need help with proper fertilization dosage.
  217. silicone glue bubbles....
  218. Turbo snail and freshwater clam
  219. Why are fish not dead yet?
  220. Converting 'tsp' to PPM?
  221. tips needed
  222. L. glandulosa dropping leaves
  223. pH keeps skyrocketing -- root cause?
  224. New filter - New aquarium - media question
  225. Two Thumbs up for
  226. Just a thought.
  227. should I get rid of my bio-wheels?
  228. Curled leaves
  229. EI - how much to dose between water changes?
  230. Another Plant ID please?
  231. Dead fish - Co2 the culprit
  232. What nutrients does plants suck thru leafs?
  233. New to planted... and well, call me dumb...
  234. co2 and ppm
  235. Lobelia Cardinalis-cardinal plant-will it kill my fish
  236. Do not buy from
  237. Plantex CSM+B Plus Extra Iron vs. plain Plantex CSM+B.
  238. Green light tree stump remover
  239. I'm new: How do I dose for nitrates?
  240. I would hate to prune Amano's home tank
  241. Moss Wall
  242. updates on the 2.5 and 36
  243. just put siliconed together 11" cube and have a serious question
  244. When do I need CO2?
  245. Help with CO2 setup
  246. Will these work togather?
  247. Adivce with this tank please.
  248. surface film
  249. Something is wrong with my plants and I don't know what it is.
  250. need help whit my 180 gallons