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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Which online store is the best to buy your plants.
  2. Newbe to the planted tank
  3. Riccia and tank
  4. ID needed
  5. How many of you actually dose Mg?
  6. What are Macro & Micro nutrients?
  7. Fish/Plant Clubs in the Sac, CA area?
  8. Starting Over
  9. Bannana plant woes
  10. Under Gravel Filter
  11. First attempt...not so good.
  12. Trying to ID this plant
  13. Java Fern disease.. any cure?
  14. Anyone Prune HC for desired shape etc.??
  15. What deficiency is this??
  16. Smoking Ballast
  17. new member
  18. Your thoughts on a 40 gallon breeder?
  19. What is this plant?
  20. Algae.... Help Needed (pics inc)
  21. Sae
  22. plantex solution and epson salt
  23. help, homemade co2 problem
  24. Is my dosing okay?
  25. do I need elaborate CO2 setup?
  26. need to hire a larger clean up crew - suggestions?
  27. Floating Mangrove (branchy) type wood?
  28. i've grown accustomed to their face.........
  29. Empty 90 Gallon tank, Need input
  30. Ecosystem in the tank
  31. Softening Water (2-part question)
  32. I know i'm asking for trouble but....
  33. Live daphnia?
  34. Treating ich in a planted tank
  35. Large Hardscaping pieces
  36. altum angel info please
  37. wild micranthemoides!?
  38. worm question and a few other strange things.
  39. altum in open top tank?
  40. help! how do u prime a eheim 2028??
  41. Forgot About My Fish After A 10 Day Vacation
  42. what is he
  43. Newbie co2 question
  44. Need live plants
  45. Nervous looking tank
  46. Non-Aquascaper
  47. can i grow...
  48. Painting 3 sides of the aquarium
  49. What else for my 55? And how is my ground cleanup crew?
  50. It wasn't that much yeast!
  51. Recommendations for chillers?
  52. needle valve - harbor freight, Dave Gomberg, clippard
  53. Re-scaping - anything to worry about?
  54. Aquabotanic
  55. Anyone ever ordered from asia?
  56. PMDD fertilizing quantities
  57. Stocking for 58G tank
  58. Cheap Nature Tank Setup?
  59. Back form my 3-week vacation
  60. low light plants
  61. Rid ich + question
  62. IceCap 660 buzzed and then stopped lighting
  63. newbie, CO2, observations, and algae
  64. CO2 to multiple tanks?
  65. Input: Gradual replacement vs. Complete Make-over?
  66. check this out
  67. hydroponics, willow, mangrove
  68. Can anyone ID this native plant?
  69. Need help planning my first heavily planted tank
  70. weird white creatures in tank what are they? pic included
  71. Score!
  72. newbie ? about water
  73. Amania and Macranda
  74. Growing swords/ java fern marginally
  75. Fish Matter!--Design Thoughts
  76. how important is a good substrate?
  77. looking for an old amano setup thread
  78. Can't get my glass clean
  79. marine planted tank
  80. Discus with Silver Tip Tetras
  81. Questions on Type of Filtration for extra clear water..
  82. Driftwood/rock problems
  83. Yearly flooding of vivarium?
  84. uv sterilizer
  85. flourite or eco-complete
  86. How much would you expect
  87. Lots of questions for validity;all answers appreciated
  88. My First Aquarium
  89. New 25 gallon tank.. advice needed
  90. Deadline is Sept 15 to enter the AGA Aquascaping Contests
  91. Mmmm... Yeasty Goodness
  92. Can't lower nitrate in my tank
  93. 2 quick questions
  94. Quick KNO3 question.
  95. Congo Tetra compatible?
  96. HELP we have got a problem!
  97. Method of weekly water change
  98. PH, Florabase, CO2 and Fertilizing
  99. Aquatic shipping
  100. Plant ID from local river
  101. Who's the culprit?
  102. Hikari Prazipro invert safe?
  103. Choya Wood: Aquarium safe?
  104. Poor Man's SeaChem EQ(PMEQ)
  105. Fertilizer Input Please
  106. plant ID
  107. Natural anyone?
  108. Greg Watson is the man! A+++
  109. 2 tanks, one filter?
  110. Is this a Moss?
  111. 150 Gallon Planted Tank!!!
  112. Need help with new ideas
  113. Current / Wave
  114. hydrilla(ish) plant as a filler plant (for ei plant density) - edited
  115. Another DIY tank
  116. Need your opinions on this...
  117. Please help ASAP, did something stupid!
  118. Show off your aquatic everything, and view others
  119. Lead free solder for plant weights
  120. a planted tank in a nightclub!??
  121. PH Movement? 7.2 night 7.4 day...How do I balance?
  122. EI, PMDD, dosage rates, oh my
  123. What is the EI method??
  125. The Age Old Question!
  126. Bala shark in PT
  127. hagen ladder question
  128. crushed oyser shell?
  129. Ludwigia Scarlet easy to grow???
  130. cheap fertz
  131. Is Big Al's liquid fert. enough?
  132. Has anyone ever had problems with water mites?
  133. Amano step-by-step
  134. identify silk crypt
  135. Need some suggestions for tank mates :)
  136. Help me figure out what defficiency
  137. CO2 - Please post your specs.
  138. pointers and suggestions
  139. Is this for real?
  140. Losing my mind
  141. questions about ferts and mushy leaves....
  142. question from a plant virgin....
  143. A beginner with a 20H
  144. What's the biggest pleco you have in your tank?
  145. agriform tablets, copper and shrimp
  146. Micro-swords, can they be trimmed?
  147. can not keep a school of tetras to save my life!
  148. Plantex CSM + B
  149. Are Amano's products (ADA) worth the money?
  150. raising CO2 levels....
  151. So My Plants Flew In Today...
  152. Need to ask a few
  153. Plant ID please?
  154. plant ID please
  155. with finding a "custom" tank manufacturer
  156. Newbie questions
  157. Clams
  158. new planted tank
  159. DIY cO2 reactor function question
  160. EXcel price
  161. uv sterilizers
  162. what do you think about using "old" stuff and a set-up question
  163. Madagascar Lace
  164. problem still, and lost
  165. Good plants for a 10 gallon?
  166. What the heck is this white stuff??????
  167. quick co2 question plz help
  168. Enough CO2?
  169. Help - I planted amazon sword too deep in the substrate
  170. Major Tank Problems--long
  171. How often to do WC on cycling 4gal?
  172. Plan to buy Discus from Hans? Combine Shipping?
  173. Identify my type of CO2
  174. w00t! getting a free tank
  175. quick diy co2 question
  176. So.. where can I get rocks like this?
  177. English Please?
  178. Which Plant Food?
  179. bamboo shrimp
  180. Java fern
  181. Blue Ice Packs
  182. Co2
  183. WPG and CO2/no-CO2 in Smaller Aquaria
  184. The Potassium dilemma... How much is really in there?
  185. Plant bulb ?
  186. Moss balls
  187. big problem
  188. considering a 40 breeder
  189. threadfin rainbow, somethings up?
  190. Floating plants
  191. Another FERT question.. Please!
  192. Stream of bubbles from stem.
  193. What substrate should I use for pots?
  194. who's eating the anacharis?
  195. The Planted Tank Calendar Wallpaper
  196. Hornwort facts that you won't believe...!
  197. Max number of Neons for a planted 55g?
  198. Cause of leaf discoloration? (with pics)
  199. DIY co2, am I good?
  200. Planting and root questoins
  201. Question for the chemists: Mexican 'fleet'
  202. my 12G eclipse w/ new plants
  203. Disease with Java ferns? (Pics and Tank Specs)
  204. how to plant plants....
  205. EI and Rainbows
  206. Dumb question about co2.
  207. LFS to buy discus near Secaucus, NJ
  208. CO2 diffusion
  209. How much is an expensive purchase?
  210. Attempting DIY CO2
  211. setting out water?
  212. red crab molting interesting fact
  213. JBJ versus Milwaukee
  214. Rain Water for water changes???
  215. Algae on anubias
  216. why add NO3 and PO4 when you can add fish?
  217. What to dose in a low lighted tank
  218. :: UPDATED :: Getting rid of Malaysian Trumpet Snails? (i.e. what eats them?)
  219. What is going on?!
  220. where is it??
  221. Plants Rotting
  222. MTS in the light?
  223. cherry shrimp and Fish?
  224. Lilypads or an Invasion?
  225. New to this,,,some boring questions :)
  226. Python
  227. Using a TDS meter to use EI
  228. freshwater alligators
  229. plant weight question
  230. Fertz help
  231. teflon tape
  232. Q about filtering and planted tanks
  233. no co2...
  234. Test Kit Question
  235. I'll just make this one change...
  236. Diy Co2
  237. 12 g eclipse plant ideas
  238. Ick medication and aquadic plants
  239. white spore tufts?
  240. dumb question
  241. hairgrass
  242. I got a glass diffuser working with DIY CO2
  243. carpet plant suggestions
  244. Jungle Val maybe not a good idea?
  245. Need Help!!!! 46g Need New Lighting System
  246. Fast growing plants manditory ?
  247. Local fish store in central NJ
  248. Newbie Questions
  249. "TOP GUN" Co2 Regulator
  250. best way to recieve long distance mailed plants?