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  1. Rare plant id
  2. Huge Water Problem!!
  3. Suggestions/Comments About Driftwood Placement (Take #2)
  4. Aquascaping ideas and howtos?
  5. Worm problem ID
  6. o2 and water temps
  7. CO2 Levels and Pearling Question
  8. Advice on startup needed
  9. filter media for planted tank
  10. lowest ph safe for plants
  11. Fast growing plants in my 100g tank
  12. Inlet/outlet positioning with multiple canister filters
  13. How much baking soda do i use?
  14. Please Recommend Reliable Test Kits for PH, KH & GH
  15. co2 process??
  16. A newbies insight of TPT...
  17. fret help
  18. Listless, opaque plants
  19. just testing
  20. Flourite
  21. Too much Potassium??
  22. Planted Tank Conversion (now with smaller pics)
  23. slimy stuff everywhere in my tank
  24. HOLY mackerel
  25. Algae problems!! Please educate me!
  26. do we want to give up our niche?
  27. Good Idea or Filtration Overkill?
  28. Removing center brace from bowfront aquarium?
  29. CO2 Filling
  30. zebra snail eggs
  31. Problems growing Riccia
  32. Ferts for 380g planted
  33. what does "trolling" mean?
  34. Anyone used fertilizer tablets?
  35. LOW cost mini pressurized co2 solution
  36. LFS Full of it?
  37. Not enough fertz
  38. Need Help was Told Not to Inject CO2
  39. All bug knowing people... HELP!
  40. Yahoo!!
  41. shuks's 3 easy steps toward algy controll...
  42. CO2 During the day
  43. Dosing Ferts for 29 Gallon Tank w/Med. Light
  44. Plants that help eats hardness?
  45. Planting "tall" tanks??
  46. Book about plants
  47. About pictures, infos and books on plant deficiency
  48. Algee
  49. Should i overhaul my substrate?
  50. sanitizing the tank
  51. When to add plants
  52. considerations surrounding CO2
  53. Mystic Aquarium trip...
  54. Cheap way to spread Co2
  55. Co2 control
  56. Advice on 4 ft. semi-planted tank
  57. 55 gallon? about glass canopy where to get
  58. No one likes scraping dust algae with a razor!
  59. Snoap's please contact me....
  60. Means of lowering hardness (was hardness measurement conversion)
  61. mixing ferts in a 118 ml bottle for a 2.5g
  62. How Long Did You Soak Your Driftwood?
  63. Algae Kicking My @$$
  64. Acrylic or Glass Tank: Help me choose a tank
  65. Need advice from the pro's w/75 gallon
  66. The 30g COMPLETE teardown and Riggity-Rescape (journal 56k)UPDATE APRIL 1
  67. My Co2 return tube
  68. How many BPM from a 2 litre pop bottle
  69. should I?
  70. Mov'n on up to high tech! Advice? Comments and Questions?
  71. First murder case witnessed
  72. Simple comparison of CO2 delviery methods required
  73. ML dosing vials
  74. Scored at the Chiclid Swap Meet
  75. Plant ID ?
  76. Is this underwater scale?
  77. Cotton Batting on HOB
  78. What in the world is this?
  79. grass
  80. DYI Co2
  81. I scored at the chiclid swap
  82. Moving 10G Advice
  83. Max lighting
  84. Eheim 2217
  85. vall trimming
  86. Just Purchased Ferts, Have ??s on Iron
  87. New CO2 Liquid
  88. Co2
  89. dont have pic poster
  90. what do you think?
  91. DIY Co2 for a 75 And A LIGHTING issue
  92. Help with tank
  93. New to this (a little help)
  94. CO2 at night
  95. Who's the culprit?
  96. Has anyone attempted a very long custom aquarium?
  97. CO2 injection = god
  98. The photo contest, have you entered yet??
  99. Aquaponics: what plants to grow?...
  100. Need help IDing some plants...
  101. Economics 101: Get free stuff when you can
  102. Trimming Observation
  103. Gravel ferts
  104. Holding\Quarantine Tank Advice
  105. How soon after lights on,do the plants pearl?
  106. Amazon sword leaves turning white
  107. planted tank with no fish... what can you cheat on?
  108. how to ship plants??
  109. What is this in my tank?
  110. will Ah supply ship to Canada
  111. new tank, need some advice
  112. HELP tank is going to hell in a handbasket
  113. Amazon Swords
  114. DIY CO2 Tubing: Airline or Silicone?
  115. HC - How do you plant it?
  116. After green water with pics
  117. Ottos eating plants?!?
  118. TWO Hagen canisters,same ladder??
  119. Java Fern replant
  120. What Bottle Do you Use for DIY CO2?
  121. Shock Protection! - Installing GFCI Outlet Question
  122. Crypt melt
  123. Bronze Wendth
  124. should i keep no3 10mg?
  125. Plant selection for a 50G
  126. Cutting tops of P. stellata?
  127. Would you add macros?
  128. If someone had really soft water could you...
  129. Do crayfish eat algy??
  130. Test kit info needed
  131. Lead wire in a planted.
  132. Cloudy water changes
  133. Worm
  134. desperatly need advice!
  135. Native plant - Plant ID?
  136. Can too much light be stressfull on fish?
  137. Isn't this too much?
  138. grrrr...Snails eating my downoi!
  139. Bubbles coming off my plants?
  140. dividing sand and soil substrate
  141. To add snails or not to add snails!
  142. Azoo Magic Box 2.5 gallon
  143. Is metal halide better for planted tanks than PC?
  144. 2x6 hour photoperiods
  145. 3-4 days w/o CO2
  146. Whence the Swap forum?
  147. Snail ID (5 pics included)
  148. How long does Tonina 'Belem' Last when ship?
  149. All purpose plant fertalizer?
  150. Kill my floating plants!
  151. Lighting for my 90g
  152. 380g Planted Tank
  153. Arrrggh. 120 or 125? Decisions, decisions.
  154. !!Colectivitis!!
  155. Need Help!!!
  156. Absolute Worst Case Scenario
  157. Using hair net in aquarium
  158. dosing KCl : calling experts
  159. anubias nana
  160. New Background Plant
  161. Forum Etiquette
  162. Pix of my 29G (42k warning)
  163. Whats the life of yeast?
  164. Pix of my 24g Nano-Cube (42K warning)
  165. green film
  166. ph swings with co2
  167. I Returned the 36g Corner Tank - long post
  168. 20gal long
  169. 65 watt PC...straight pin to square pin?
  170. I need equipment help
  171. Order me around... Please.
  172. Crypt becketii in 3 wpg of light
  173. Steam roots going crazy
  174. If I'm ever in Tamarac Florida ...
  175. AH Supply - upstanding company
  176. underplanted?
  177. Regulator needle moving too fast???
  178. sound ok?
  179. Really Need Help Please
  180. Equipment suggestions and also good books?
  181. This cant be right!!
  182. My tank needs help (aquascaping, growth, algae)
  183. Scuba Diving & Car Tank!
  184. Question about Tanks
  185. Quarantining the plants
  186. Aqua Medic's Planta Tube: European's best kept secret.
  187. Need Pictures of the Inside of Stands
  188. Driftwood and yellow water
  189. Do you run carbon in your planted tank?
  190. Is there a howto on setting up canister filters?
  191. Need Help To ID
  192. Noobie to planted tanks, needs help :D
  193. Help getting a local club started
  194. Will the stand withstand?
  195. New Eclipse 6gal 21Watt fluorescent lights plants, Need help PLEZ Read
  196. Fish crust?
  197. Where can I find siamese algae eaters??
  198. Empty Tank Syndrome -- Help a Newb make it pretty?
  199. Some Dutch sites
  200. 75 gal or 90 gal
  201. Thoughts on LiveAquaria "Plant Packs?"
  202. This is driving me nuts!!
  203. Dwarf Puffer and an African Clawed Crab?
  204. Granted, a dumb question... but what size is my tank?
  205. Moss ID anyone?
  206. Should i be doing less water changes?!
  207. what's going on?
  208. Stem plants for the crypt farmer
  209. Comments and suggestions on growth.
  210. I Scored finally at petsmart
  211. Keeping Brig Snails in pH 6.6 OK??
  212. Transferring substrate...
  213. Where to get Florabase substrate?
  214. Newbie Needs help from the Pro's
  215. Please give suggestions or comments.
  216. Does Fish Vitamins Help Plants?
  217. plant id??
  218. Suggestions for a plant?
  219. What to do about fuzz algae?
  220. Uk online plant shops
  221. Creative Planting for Bad Fish
  222. White Stuff at the Mouth of Hagen CO2 ladder
  223. Help with my tank
  224. Water changes
  225. Crypts in a Bucket (aka "I'm so angry")
  226. Moss Wall or Pellia Wall?
  227. Hello, newbie here introducing myself and asking a few questions
  228. Hi!
  229. Adding Plants after tank is running?
  230. Help for GLOSSOSTIGMA ELATINOIDES (glosso)
  231. Mg (epsom salt) dosing amount?
  232. AM 1000 reactor questions?
  233. successful planted tank?
  234. Letting Plants Float
  235. planted tanks of the future
  236. Testing Test Kits
  237. The chemical reaction behind peat-moss? Is there any?
  238. How much salt to add for healthy fish and plants?
  239. .55 wpg. Recommend some plants.
  240. Fleet Enema-How much to use?
  241. New tank - Eheim 2213, co2 question
  242. Snails!!!!!
  243. T5 Aqua Medic 10000K plus Aqua Medic Plantas
  244. Make it stop! (or at least slow down a little)
  245. Water test kits
  246. 60 vs 55
  247. moonlight LED`s
  248. Potamogeton gayi tips?
  249. Can some one give me some advice?
  250. Help for the clueless