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  1. dosing KCl : calling experts
  2. anubias nana
  3. New Background Plant
  4. Forum Etiquette
  5. Pix of my 29G (42k warning)
  6. Whats the life of yeast?
  7. Pix of my 24g Nano-Cube (42K warning)
  8. green film
  9. ph swings with co2
  10. I Returned the 36g Corner Tank - long post
  11. 20gal long
  12. 65 watt PC...straight pin to square pin?
  13. I need equipment help
  14. Order me around... Please.
  15. Crypt becketii in 3 wpg of light
  16. Steam roots going crazy
  17. If I'm ever in Tamarac Florida ...
  18. AH Supply - upstanding company
  19. underplanted?
  20. Regulator needle moving too fast???
  21. sound ok?
  22. Really Need Help Please
  23. Equipment suggestions and also good books?
  24. This cant be right!!
  25. My tank needs help (aquascaping, growth, algae)
  26. Scuba Diving & Car Tank!
  27. Question about Tanks
  28. Quarantining the plants
  29. Aqua Medic's Planta Tube: European's best kept secret.
  30. Need Pictures of the Inside of Stands
  31. Driftwood and yellow water
  32. Do you run carbon in your planted tank?
  33. Is there a howto on setting up canister filters?
  34. Need Help To ID
  35. Noobie to planted tanks, needs help :D
  36. Help getting a local club started
  37. Will the stand withstand?
  38. New Eclipse 6gal 21Watt fluorescent lights plants, Need help PLEZ Read
  39. Fish crust?
  40. Where can I find siamese algae eaters??
  41. Empty Tank Syndrome -- Help a Newb make it pretty?
  42. Some Dutch sites
  43. 75 gal or 90 gal
  44. Thoughts on LiveAquaria "Plant Packs?"
  45. This is driving me nuts!!
  46. Dwarf Puffer and an African Clawed Crab?
  47. Granted, a dumb question... but what size is my tank?
  48. Moss ID anyone?
  49. Should i be doing less water changes?!
  50. what's going on?
  51. Stem plants for the crypt farmer
  52. Comments and suggestions on growth.
  53. I Scored finally at petsmart
  54. Keeping Brig Snails in pH 6.6 OK??
  55. Transferring substrate...
  56. Where to get Florabase substrate?
  57. Newbie Needs help from the Pro's
  58. Please give suggestions or comments.
  59. Does Fish Vitamins Help Plants?
  60. plant id??
  61. Suggestions for a plant?
  62. What to do about fuzz algae?
  63. Uk online plant shops
  64. Creative Planting for Bad Fish
  65. White Stuff at the Mouth of Hagen CO2 ladder
  66. Help with my tank
  67. Water changes
  68. Crypts in a Bucket (aka "I'm so angry")
  69. Moss Wall or Pellia Wall?
  70. Hello, newbie here introducing myself and asking a few questions
  71. Hi!
  72. Adding Plants after tank is running?
  73. Help for GLOSSOSTIGMA ELATINOIDES (glosso)
  74. Mg (epsom salt) dosing amount?
  75. AM 1000 reactor questions?
  76. successful planted tank?
  77. Letting Plants Float
  78. planted tanks of the future
  79. Testing Test Kits
  80. The chemical reaction behind peat-moss? Is there any?
  81. How much salt to add for healthy fish and plants?
  82. .55 wpg. Recommend some plants.
  83. Fleet Enema-How much to use?
  84. New tank - Eheim 2213, co2 question
  85. Snails!!!!!
  86. T5 Aqua Medic 10000K plus Aqua Medic Plantas
  87. Make it stop! (or at least slow down a little)
  88. Water test kits
  89. 60 vs 55
  90. moonlight LED`s
  91. Potamogeton gayi tips?
  92. Can some one give me some advice?
  93. Help for the clueless
  94. More stupid newbie questions...
  95. Aqua Medic CO2 Reactor
  96. pH Crisis Questions!!!
  97. Recommened daily/weekly maintenance on my low tech 55g?
  98. Want Free plants? Live near SF, CA?
  99. Fuzzy stuff growing on one of my plants...
  100. Planting stem plants?
  101. Are fishtanks considered "pets"? (apartment lease)
  102. Lilaeopsis novaezelandiae
  103. Purchased Lilaeopsis novaezelandiae today
  104. easy plants
  105. help with plant ID
  106. Whats a good Starter Plant.
  107. Sraybars: Horozontal or vertical??
  108. Java fern in the high tech tank
  109. How quickly did your Greg Watson order arrive?
  110. Plant id
  111. ph swings in new tank
  112. Test Kit Uses
  113. Dip Live Plants
  114. mind boggled but i want to take the lighting plunge
  115. Plants that can grow out of the water?
  116. Mardel Copper Safe? Is it really safe?!?!?!?
  117. Grassy Plants
  118. air pumps... use them or not?
  119. Bubble rates
  120. Bloodworm & Daphine
  121. Silk like Algae?
  122. CO2 issuse's
  123. pennywort as low cover?
  124. Removing calcium buildup on acrylic
  125. Lawn?
  126. Hooray!
  127. emersed growth and nutrient uptake
  128. Current USA T-5 HO 6700k lamps
  129. Black Beard Algae
  130. Cylcling a planted tank
  131. 55 gal rainbow/tet tank (journal)
  132. Need some new plants
  133. Id this stem Plant
  134. Nutrient Deficiency? (pic)
  135. ID help
  136. something salting out
  137. Brass check valve questions...
  138. Enough CO2?
  139. Source for Scientific grade Cal. Chloride
  140. Who invented diy yeast?
  141. Help! The nightmare of being a teenager with no job.
  142. Plant bought as Telanthera- ID please
  143. Coralife Freshwater tank clarifier
  144. Check Valve Function
  145. Mixing eco and flourite
  146. Another 2 question thread.
  147. reef tank conversion?
  148. Mysterious white dots
  149. 2 Questions
  150. Water still safe?
  151. fish tank smells of human poop
  152. How much Flow?
  153. Bottom Feeders?
  154. sand question
  155. My battle with algea, AGONIZING
  156. Jeff Senske in Philadelphia Area
  157. Plant ID
  158. Improving on Nature: hybrids and cultivars
  159. Who has longest-lasting "most stable" setup?
  160. help with setting up a 55 gallon freshwater tank
  161. Calcium supplement?
  162. starting first planted tank have a few questions.
  163. How long using CO2 to start dropping the ph?
  164. Truly Amazed
  165. Air Stones and O2
  166. Plant ID
  167. Fish dying - New question
  168. Optimal KH - PH - GH ?
  169. Moss damaged by Excel?
  170. How to get a job in a Pet shop???
  171. Petsmart Price Matching!!!
  172. one bubble every 10 minutes!!!
  173. Where does the Yeast Mucus Come From?
  174. Amano's big, REALLY BIG Tank @ his home.
  175. Red flint stone. Anyone have a pic of it?
  176. Can flourite lower ph??
  177. Aquarium Pharmaceutical's Leaf Zone
  178. What's Up w/Apisto Dave?
  179. Good Fertilizer?
  180. What happens when you put too much Yeast?
  181. Managing ph Drift for maximum Nutrient Uptake
  182. Algae and EI makes my brain hurt (help please)
  183. Anyone using a Hagen CO2 Natural Plant System
  184. Petsmart Ordering?
  185. Cloudy Water! Micro + Macro Fert Dosing
  186. What Am I Doing Wrong?
  187. Stainless Steel Mesh
  188. Huge Fert. Question:
  189. What fish is best at getting rid of HA?
  190. Best way to up the KH
  191. Can you help me with planted tank presentation
  192. Plants getting dark with algae....
  193. Why are there few marine planted tanks?
  194. Reasons for un-planted tank? Just curious.
  195. Best Aquatic Plant Books
  197. Not enough oxygen\ Accurate Co2 test kit
  198. Wood Shrimp and Ancistrus
  199. Odd question. Coins in tank?
  200. Actinic in the Planted tank
  201. Christel Kasselmann - "Fertilization is rarely necessary"
  202. What fish for my planted tank
  203. light/co2 balance + general uncertainty
  204. Mesh or cork background? (cork soakers click here)
  205. plant list
  206. Ferts dosing?
  207. Looking for new friends or some one to trade with.
  208. Eco-Complete Planted Substrate--pH Problems
  209. Shipping plants
  210. Mosquitoes in my plants! :-)
  211. What in the HECK is this stuff?! Eggs??
  212. Nano co2 design, paintball gurus critique needed
  213. 1.25# tanks on ebay
  214. Do U have experience starting a fish store?
  215. fish choices?
  216. Sump revolution?
  217. co2 diffuser
  218. Black dots
  219. How much flourish excel is best
  220. holes in the leaves
  221. Rate of growth with Java Moss
  222. Dr. Foster & smith
  223. Need help with co2 system
  224. Neons came with a Stowaway (Adult Brine?) 56k Warning
  225. Is this pearling (pic Inlcuded)
  226. Do you want to see me topless?
  227. Plants affect on the nitrogen cycle
  228. How Many Planted Tanks at Home?
  229. using meds with plants
  230. Moss Wall--How To?
  231. Water circulation?
  232. Should I bury Barclaya Longifolia bulb?
  233. Plants that cover the bottom
  234. uploading pics
  235. Using sunlight as a source of light
  236. Removing scratches in glass.. with HCl!?
  237. Interesting web page about pumps...
  238. Jungle valls. DO they grow like crazy for you to?
  239. Lost my KH\GH instructions and charts
  240. Bizarre Lawsuit Against Big Al's for Copyright Infringement...???
  241. Has Anyone Ever Used The Onion Sack Netting To ??
  242. Painted Reflector?
  243. Bio-wheel and CO2
  244. Roots
  245. Aquarium Pharmaceuticals test tubes
  246. Freshwater Limpets
  247. co2 cylinder?
  248. Look at what arrived today..
  249. Intentionally getting greenwater: daphnia
  250. What brand of water treatment additive do you use?