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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. What kind of Anubias is this?
  2. Took the plunge to dry ferts
  3. Want to buy a Hagen CO2 Unit
  4. Help with 120g lightly planted tank please?
  5. 20G Tank up and running!!
  6. New web blog for aquarists
  7. manzanita wood for aquarium use?
  8. CO2 ran I just dose EXCEL until MONDAY?
  9. EI micro dosing for nano?
  10. Speedy Service -- and a ferts question
  11. Tahitian Moon Sand good or bad for live plants?
  12. Need help growing algae
  13. Is HC still that rare over here in the US?
  14. substrait algae...
  15. When to add plants to new tank
  16. Will Adding Salt to Tank Hurt Plants?
  17. Possible to rescape or must close the tank?
  18. What kind of water conditioner do you use?
  19. Mysterious loss of cardinals?
  20. Driftwood hunting in Los Angeles area...
  21. Gorilla Glue
  22. turtle in a plant tank
  23. Whats the Ultimate Planted Aquarium Tip?
  24. looking for hard water fish
  25. Much thanks to Jason Baliban Excellent HC
  26. Glycerin...where to find it
  27. how do you think I am going?
  28. Expert Says Hard Liquor Helps Houseplants
  29. temp tolerance: guppy vs shrimp
  30. Nitrates always at 0ppm or close to it.
  31. New Memeber
  32. Anyone use in line heaters?
  33. Driftwood
  34. Narrow, Pointy Anacharis Leaves?
  35. Hairgrass growth - am I being impatient?
  36. Are tree stumps safe?
  37. Hooray for Good Luck!
  38. tips /help on tropica master grow?
  39. Seachem Nitrate Test Not Accurate For Me :(
  40. CO2 Test Kits
  41. How does CO2 get in the tank?
  42. Newbie Aquascape 12 Gallon
  43. Fluval FX5 vs. Ehiem 2660 vs ??
  44. How to make plants free of any Snails or Bad Stuff.
  45. My Blyxa Japonica is growing flowers....pic
  46. Dosing MgS04 & Iron
  47. What are the effects of using an old PC light on your tank..
  48. Confused about Ferts
  49. Riccia tank possible on DIY CO2?
  50. need a new pump for my JBJ 24 gallon nano cube?
  51. Fertilizer question
  52. New setup
  53. How do I grow Ammania multiflora submersed?
  54. Fertilization Questions
  55. 3 week vacation, what about the tank?
  56. Placing First Fert Order
  57. Roll KNo3 Solution
  58. PMDD Micro-Nutrient Solution with Plantex CSM+B????
  59. Are you getting enough Iron from Flourish?
  60. Powerhead recommendation
  61. Cloudy tank issue
  62. What type of filtration do you have?
  63. Ph
  64. Anyone change there timers?
  65. aggresive fish?
  66. Discussion: Premium Equipment & Supplies
  67. Plants burning?
  68. Great Job Aqua Botanic!
  69. New / Getting Started...
  70. New Canadian aquaria website
  71. New 60gal aquarium
  72. C02 and Biowheels.....
  73. Cloudy water
  74. I Want To Avoid The EI Method - ***Need Help With Fert Dosing from NON EI People***
  75. Unhappy with flow, need suggestions
  76. Walmart's aquatic plants
  77. filstar xp3 help please!
  78. java ferns and jungle vals
  79. Anyone have some advice?
  80. CO2 Reactor for a 240 Gallon Tank??
  81. order gone awry.
  82. Peat Moss - is there anything it can't do??
  83. Lighting....good for a giggle.
  84. Speaking of redoing your tank...
  85. Can someone show me some good layouts with blyxa japonica?
  86. New ten gallon!
  87. Jungle vals getting transparent?
  88. Planted vs fish
  89. Should I switch to a canister filter?
  90. Planting Methods - Please share yours
  91. Cichlids + Plants??
  92. eggs???
  93. are snails good or bad for tanks?
  94. CO2 diffuser optimal location?
  95. Best type of rock
  96. Wet dreams
  97. Discus and fore-ground plants
  98. Stocking limit questions...
  99. Does anyone use this fertiliser?
  100. If you had the chance to completely redo your tank would you do anything different?
  101. What changes should I make because of adding a water softener?
  102. Dead Zones
  103. Help! Plants came but Tank had to go back!
  104. How best to keep stem plants in check
  105. Cabomba caroliana question
  106. i got snails!!!
  107. Of endlers, jumping, and covers.
  108. Idea for programmers
  109. An invertebrate of a different sort
  110. Not plant friendly
  111. How to keep tanks looking so nice?
  112. Planting without substrate
  113. Planted Oscar tank
  114. OH NO, NO!!?!...KH rising w/ new co2, tell me its not so...
  115. Blyxa japonica a true aquatic plant?
  116. Plant Id Please~
  117. does any one dose this stuff?
  118. Anyone with experience?
  119. very quick question, carbon
  120. Help planning my tank!
  121. Hair algae
  122. Orinoco River Basin Biotope Aquarium
  123. Plants for very soft water/low light?
  124. "Look at my new tinnnyy nano!" ... "what nano..?"
  125. Posting Pic's
  126. Woohoo Finally We Know What Fish To Do
  127. Fish for Planted tank
  128. Posting/Thoughts of a new member (cronos)
  129. Idea for diveded tank?
  130. Material for bottom contouring...
  131. setting up a new tank.. soil layering for substrate?
  132. Newbie, new 20g, could use an evaluation (pics added)
  133. Need Help
  134. what are root tabs and where do i get them?
  135. Is my tank over stocked?
  136. I need help with a near disaster
  137. never kept plants (new member), need advice on beginner/low light plants PLEASE!
  138. Sand Substrates...?
  139. Is this a good test kit?
  140. what kind of yeast to use for DIY
  141. new member here, alot of questions
  142. What to add?
  143. Finally ready to start...NOT!!!
  144. mini pellia~
  145. Does regular Flourish contain enough potassium? (and other fert questions)
  146. My Planted Aquarium Questions
  147. Help with Echinodorus hormanii red
  148. Plant ID, Please help
  149. Which plants should i choose?
  150. neons dieing
  151. Does Etching affect Light?
  152. growth enhancer for new cuttings : opinion
  153. do i really need CO2.....
  154. "Melting red plants"
  155. Need Ideas
  156. I am new to planted aquariums and I need HELP!!!
  157. Washing plastic plant
  158. Stock more, feed more = more CO2??
  159. Pressure reg settings?
  160. Overflow with Sump for planted tank.
  161. Finding dead animals in a heavily planted tank
  162. I love my ups man!
  163. Has anyone used madrone for driftwood?
  164. Compact Fluorescent Lamps
  165. Tank check up and plant food
  166. Surface Skimmers UPDATE
  167. Anubias nana flowering...
  168. Diving Beetles
  169. Lowering the KH, how often w/Bicarbonate?
  170. CO2 micro-bubble/fish health issue
  171. Tank Divider....suggestions needed
  172. what does HC mean?
  173. Help with tonina belem
  174. Im a DADY!! My cacs have fry (56k warning PICS)
  175. OK Need species suggestions for the first cycle
  176. Snails hurt plants?
  177. NYMPHAEA STELLATA anyone know about this plant
  178. Potassium permaganate?
  179. How is Riccia propagated?
  180. Are airstones necessary?
  181. Understanding the type of lighting I need... questions.
  182. Newbie here with scary cycling issues
  183. Hi, My Aquascape
  184. Who makes Co2 systems worth buying?
  185. How much light does MOSS actually need?
  186. Vitamins? Do you use them? What kind?
  187. Do you have a Natural Aquarium?
  188. How low can i go?
  189. Stupid Apon Bulbs
  190. HELP! I got ICK
  191. Planted tank without CO2?
  192. New 20L tank, Any ideas on planting?
  193. My 55
  194. 2004 AGA Contest
  195. greg watson
  196. Plants help
  197. Glass Catfish
  198. New 20 gal long... substrate/lighting questions
  199. New to the hobby and the website. Suggestions?
  200. All from NJ
  201. surface disturbance = bad thing -- but what about buildup?
  202. Dilute fleet enema ?
  203. temp changes
  204. Photos of Amano aquascaping
  205. Amano Rocks
  206. All time faverot plant?
  207. All time faverot plant?
  208. Sand question....input needed.
  209. A lot Fish Waste-good or bad
  210. Problem with Tank!!!!!!
  211. Im new, new tank!
  212. Colour Temperature and planted tank
  213. PLL lamps
  214. Lighting Period & red plants
  215. Fertilizers, et al.
  216. Concept of Day and Night
  217. Amazon Sword/Crypts Emersible?
  218. Insurance question
  219. Biggest flops
  220. soil substrate/fert questions
  221. 36g planted tank- is CO2 a necessity?
  222. tips for getting slilcon off
  223. Ack, snails eating glosso!
  224. Price of CO2 Cylinder
  225. Lighting suggestions help
  226. Eheim suction cups on Filstar in/outtakes
  227. Microsorum pteropus ''Red'' and "narrow"
  228. Goldfish planted tank
  229. 50g tank is 25 fish ok? All small
  230. New to planted tanks
  231. Seachem Prime weird color
  232. cleaning a planted tank 50gallon
  233. Tiny white creatures in tank
  234. Velvet?
  235. Is there a forum that deals with fish like this one deals with plants?
  236. Tunze test kits
  237. R.I.P 40 Gallon
  238. breeding
  239. Weak Bubble Wand?
  240. Whats best for growth.
  241. Question: Fresh water clams, florite, and algae control
  242. Snails: Good or Bad
  243. Willow - long term possibilities?
  244. I'm tired of MTSs.
  245. Running airline tubing neatly?
  246. Aquascaping with big rocks--is weight an issue?
  247. Does a betta need a heater...?
  248. Common sense
  249. newbie Q
  250. About me & Opinions...