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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. 180g Aquascape
  2. tempered glass
  3. Id these plants
  4. Bubbling Plants
  5. Intake/Output Pipes
  6. wild plants
  7. Gas prices and going to a good pet store
  8. New setup - enough light for Javas, Anubias?
  9. water changes
  10. fish trap?
  11. What would you do with such a tank ?
  12. Wanted: Suggestions for protecting fern and moss covered wood while out of water.
  13. Nano Water Change Babies *better pics*
  14. background question
  15. Hey guys
  16. Neon Tetras--any Comments On Care
  17. Glosso/neon Tetra Tank
  18. holes in my plants???
  19. When is Co2 needed VS Optional
  20. Fish Sellers
  22. New-ish tank- too soon for crypts and java fern?
  23. Low to medium light recommendations....
  24. Newby Co2 Setup Question
  25. Re-starting an aquarium?
  26. Cyclops Infestation!!!!
  27. The lowdown on ferts, please!
  28. Reminder: please rinse well after using bleach
  29. Question about smaller plecos
  30. Just double checking
  31. DIY CO2 Production
  32. Update: Custom Manzanita order... Pics are in now.
  33. De-Chlor
  34. Anacharis adjustment period?
  35. How to catch rainbow shark in huge jungle
  36. Prepping plants for the tank...
  37. Types of Aquarium Salt
  38. driftwood
  39. German Ram Question!?!?!?!?!?!
  40. Talked to ECO Company about saving gravel
  41. Temperature shift or no shift?
  42. Wisconsin esque aquarium
  43. Bad store manager!
  44. how to scape?
  45. The Need for Speed (unconventional anacharis help?)
  46. Ferts help.. lots of questions!
  47. Filtration Question
  48. Keeping ECO-Complete alive
  49. Good fish shops in Melbourne?
  50. hiding fish
  51. What are these little creatures?
  52. is this a predominantly freshwater site?
  53. New substrate-plants dying??
  54. which moss to use???
  55. 10 gallon tank: what cichlids?
  56. brine shrimp?
  57. HELP 6 dead fish all of a sudden
  58. Question about rimless tanks (like the ADA ones)
  59. Snake Bite
  60. removing oil film on surface
  61. How often to dose Flourish?
  62. wife made me feel good
  63. Is it enough? (CO2)
  64. Is it possible to keep a tank alive at 90`
  65. Nano Dosing?
  66. help!!
  67. Newbie-Gen cleaning advise pls !!!
  68. lotus-like plant id
  69. convert 55 to live plants
  70. Plants that like high current?
  71. Detaching cansiter filter hoses
  72. enough filtration?
  73. bamboo
  74. Substrate Question
  75. 30 Gal Startup - *pics*
  76. Growing the plants we have in our aquariums as potted house plants?
  77. Worms? or leeches?
  78. A planted Tank question
  79. Got my plants and fish today!!! *Pictures*
  80. Hitchhiking Snails
  81. Not good timing at all!!!
  82. wierd idea!
  83. Oriental Aquatics, Singapore
  84. Question about running Hydor + Reactor inline
  85. Using terrestrial mosses
  86. Air Stone
  87. Do the best kept tanks still have weekly glass algae
  88. Question about Fertilizers
  89. Plantguild Green
  90. Compact light and substrate
  91. How can I tell the difference between erect and java moss?
  92. Anybody useing Aquarium Salt?
  93. First Aquascape , hardscape ....
  94. Rescaping Ideas
  95. Mystery Duckweed Type Plant
  96. Rubber Lipped Pleco
  97. Extreme Macro Photos
  98. Stopping Runners
  99. cichlid people, answer
  100. Am i ready?
  101. Moss Moss Moss?
  102. Dalmation Mollies
  103. Most recent tank pics.
  104. worms from the yard
  105. Where can I buy a Hagen Ladder Separately?
  106. Worms in My Fish Tank?
  107. @#$! snails dying on intake?
  108. CO2 System
  109. Driftwood??
  110. My banana plants..need advice
  111. Idea - Composting your Clippings in the tank
  112. Hemp Cord - Fish Safe?
  113. how to determine K rating for lights
  114. Shimmy Disease in planted tank
  115. What's the difference between 5000K, 6700K, 10000K?
  116. Lighting a Deep Tank
  117. Wow this is frustrating
  118. What to Do? Fish destroying plants!
  119. Flourite causing increase in hardness?
  120. Cloudy water syndrome
  121. general help
  122. CSM+B or Iron Chelate
  123. Should I go with a UV Sterilizer?
  124. reactor help
  125. Nitrate and KNO3
  126. Ever wish you could do this....(Dial-up Warning!)
  127. Filter Media
  128. reactor
  129. English Biotope (in London!) Photojournal
  130. CO2 Level (DIY) went through the roof last night!
  131. My 2.5g nasty tank. No pics just story
  132. Harmful parasite?
  133. Who DOES NOT do weekly WCs?
  134. Changing Aquascape
  135. baby tears
  136. Rena Filstar Parts... The good news and the bad.
  137. pressurized co2 questions
  138. A newbie co2 question
  139. Question :)
  140. Microbubbles from my reactor?
  141. PLEASE HELP A couple fast questions PLEASE
  142. Removing coralife PC bulbs?
  143. Who's running low tech no Co2?
  144. I really need some good help from everyone
  145. Tank Check UP
  146. Well, I blew it...
  147. Blue Spotted Goby
  148. Water change = tank crash?
  149. Dosing Ferts
  150. need help with: african fern
  151. How many people grow emersed plants
  152. Is CO2 absolutely necessary?
  153. Aquascapeing help needed
  154. beginning to wonder
  155. Do you have ammonia in your tap?
  156. Who makes the best air pumps?
  157. Short video of my bubbles :-)
  158. I need a good plant seller!
  159. My Aquaria Saved My House.
  160. Amazon Abyss
  161. What kind of Anubias is this?
  162. Took the plunge to dry ferts
  163. Want to buy a Hagen CO2 Unit
  164. Help with 120g lightly planted tank please?
  165. 20G Tank up and running!!
  166. New web blog for aquarists
  167. manzanita wood for aquarium use?
  168. CO2 ran I just dose EXCEL until MONDAY?
  169. EI micro dosing for nano?
  170. Speedy Service -- and a ferts question
  171. Tahitian Moon Sand good or bad for live plants?
  172. Need help growing algae
  173. Is HC still that rare over here in the US?
  174. substrait algae...
  175. When to add plants to new tank
  176. Will Adding Salt to Tank Hurt Plants?
  177. Possible to rescape or must close the tank?
  178. What kind of water conditioner do you use?
  179. Mysterious loss of cardinals?
  180. Driftwood hunting in Los Angeles area...
  181. Gorilla Glue
  182. turtle in a plant tank
  183. Whats the Ultimate Planted Aquarium Tip?
  184. looking for hard water fish
  185. Much thanks to Jason Baliban Excellent HC
  186. Glycerin...where to find it
  187. how do you think I am going?
  188. Expert Says Hard Liquor Helps Houseplants
  189. temp tolerance: guppy vs shrimp
  190. Nitrates always at 0ppm or close to it.
  191. New Memeber
  192. Anyone use in line heaters?
  193. Driftwood
  194. Narrow, Pointy Anacharis Leaves?
  195. Hairgrass growth - am I being impatient?
  196. Are tree stumps safe?
  197. Hooray for Good Luck!
  198. tips /help on tropica master grow?
  199. Seachem Nitrate Test Not Accurate For Me :(
  200. CO2 Test Kits
  201. How does CO2 get in the tank?
  202. Newbie Aquascape 12 Gallon
  203. Fluval FX5 vs. Ehiem 2660 vs ??
  204. How to make plants free of any Snails or Bad Stuff.
  205. My Blyxa Japonica is growing flowers....pic
  206. Dosing MgS04 & Iron
  207. What are the effects of using an old PC light on your tank..
  208. Confused about Ferts
  209. Riccia tank possible on DIY CO2?
  210. need a new pump for my JBJ 24 gallon nano cube?
  211. Fertilizer question
  212. New setup
  213. How do I grow Ammania multiflora submersed?
  214. Fertilization Questions
  215. 3 week vacation, what about the tank?
  216. Placing First Fert Order
  217. Roll KNo3 Solution
  218. PMDD Micro-Nutrient Solution with Plantex CSM+B????
  219. Are you getting enough Iron from Flourish?
  220. Powerhead recommendation
  221. Cloudy tank issue
  222. What type of filtration do you have?
  223. Ph
  224. Anyone change there timers?
  225. aggresive fish?
  226. Discussion: Premium Equipment & Supplies
  227. Plants burning?
  228. Great Job Aqua Botanic!
  229. New / Getting Started...
  230. New Canadian aquaria website
  231. New 60gal aquarium
  232. C02 and Biowheels.....
  233. Cloudy water
  234. I Want To Avoid The EI Method - ***Need Help With Fert Dosing from NON EI People***
  235. Unhappy with flow, need suggestions
  236. Walmart's aquatic plants
  237. filstar xp3 help please!
  238. java ferns and jungle vals
  239. Anyone have some advice?
  240. CO2 Reactor for a 240 Gallon Tank??
  241. order gone awry.
  242. Peat Moss - is there anything it can't do??
  243. Lighting....good for a giggle.
  244. Speaking of redoing your tank...
  245. Can someone show me some good layouts with blyxa japonica?
  246. New ten gallon!
  247. Jungle vals getting transparent?
  248. Planted vs fish
  249. Should I switch to a canister filter?
  250. Planting Methods - Please share yours