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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Questions on planting
  2. Stems disentigratig right above the substrate?
  3. Free 60g tank.
  4. Nitrate Help
  5. Which test kit to buy?
  6. LFS credit for trade ins
  7. pH, Buffers, CO2 and the wild world of plants.
  8. My tank has little white worm-like creatures.
  9. for those who want otos
  10. Hello, Im new to all this. Help plz!
  11. please help a newb that is very ignorant.
  12. Willow moss or Java moss??
  13. Willow moss or Java moss??
  14. Walmart carrying glosso, r.macandra, h. compacta? weird!
  15. 6 tanks in disarray...overwhelmed!!!!
  16. Plant ID help
  17. Good deals online...
  18. Blip in Bubble Counter
  19. Thinking about (planted tank) things
  20. my leaves are turning yellow! help!
  21. White substrate better for lighting?
  22. Lighting/CO2 for a 29gallon
  23. Fertilizers/Nutrients
  24. Black Water Expert/Extract experiences
  25. Burnt Wood?
  26. Sharing of Ballast
  27. plant ID
  28. Looks like white dust on tank glass...
  29. plant listings....where?
  30. 45g african biotope
  31. Strange "velvet" on root
  32. missing zucchini rinds
  33. Red plants are frustrating.
  34. New to the planted tank world
  35. bio film on top of the tank
  36. cloudy water normal for new tank?
  37. Dwarf Gouramis and hydras
  38. Looking for dealers
  39. quick check on equipment so far
  40. I need ideas
  41. New here
  42. Horizontal growth in Stem Plants?
  43. Wood Root Death Trap ?!?!
  44. white polyp-looking things attached everywhere?!?!
  45. Ever Flown With Fish Fry?????
  46. Questions concerning Java ferns.....
  47. Do plants really use ammonia? or is that a myth?
  48. I scored!
  49. Salt Water Setup Recommendation
  50. Digital Scale help please
  51. Temp question...
  52. calculation converters
  53. Turbo Twist 3X
  54. Tiny bugs
  55. Clay balls
  56. What is wrong with my rotala green?
  57. driftwood
  58. How many hours per day do you run your lights?
  59. Hello All!
  60. Filter recommendation
  61. 5galls what to do
  62. Low light recommendation for Betta tank
  63. Changing substrate - how do I save MTS?
  64. CO2 questions
  65. Newbie Saying Hello!!
  66. Fish or no Fish?
  67. Help aquascaping, what would you change?
  68. Bananas peetered out
  69. Anacharis- questions about cleaning and snails/hitchhikers
  70. 80g Planted: need help
  71. Noob with Slow plant growth
  72. Planted Discus Tank
  73. Tiny white bugs crawling around the substrate?
  74. Algae bloom!
  75. Seachems flourish
  76. Any one ever order from
  77. How to attach plants?
  78. With HC [email protected]?
  79. shipping overseas..
  80. Need Help, Breeding Question
  81. Guppies & Shrimp question
  82. Aquascaping Advice Needed
  83. What did I forget ??????
  84. GH and fert question
  85. 1st 10 gallon planted tank..........
  86. Where do I go from here? first planted tank
  87. Leaving lights on all the time
  88. Anyone else ever have plants come back from the grave?
  89. Question about cold packs
  90. Need a heater recommendation
  91. ok new problem pics
  92. thickness of the class!!
  93. How to survive the summer heat? Please Help?!?!?
  94. new semi big project
  95. Low or no KH and low PH without a "crash"??
  96. Re:Elatine Triandra
  97. Active versus passive CO2 diffusion
  98. Clarification of Ferts:
  99. planting
  100. Tiny white crawling things ???
  101. Came back home after being gone for a week to find green water.
  102. Albino snail, or different species?
  103. Surface film
  104. Trumpet snails
  105. holes in swordplants
  106. Shipping Shrimp to canada
  107. Growing glosostigma as business
  108. hair algae and CO2
  109. Your most difficult and easiest plants you've experienced
  110. rock layout for 125gal (56k-no)
  111. Hygrophila Polysperma
  112. Questions/thoughts on finding your inspiration
  113. Bass tank. (Now with pictures)
  114. My tank is now blacked out...
  115. AGA 7th Annual Aquascaping Contest
  116. Backrounds
  117. How do you choose plants or fish?
  118. Whose goldfish actually eat snails?
  119. Amano must sell Ambrosia
  120. More General Questions
  121. Planted frustrations
  122. Types of hardscape rock
  123. Tips and Suggestions for Stem Plants...
  124. what do you guys do to cool the tank during hot days??
  125. new to this kindof.........
  126. Cleaning glass
  127. Seachem Flourite
  128. Where to buy shrimp
  129. Is there just one Venturing into the Whole World Series tank left?
  130. I am a slacker
  131. Ideas
  132. Creating a current in a 2.5g. Is there a way?
  133. 4 kg CO2 in 4-5 weeks?
  134. how to trim jungle vals
  135. Planted tank on TV?
  136. Fate.. or its not such a small world after all
  137. Wanna help a newb aquascape?
  138. Need to know how many gals. my tank is?
  139. Trimming moss?
  140. Plant Suggestion Please?
  141. Question about lighting
  142. Dwarf lillies
  143. Gelly-like things in my tank
  144. What calculators would you like to see?
  145. Planted aquarium in the classroom - Activities?
  146. Putting in Amquel when using Python
  147. What size water change?
  148. Upcoming plant events?
  149. test kit
  150. low light surface plants
  151. need list of levels
  152. After years Peckoltias suddenly started eating plants
  153. Quarantine plants
  154. what causes algae and snail outbreaks
  155. [Needed] Photos of moss
  156. Looking for a dosing pipette
  157. Apisto Cacs and Angels. Friends or Foes?
  158. Plant Issues
  159. Questions about Horticultural Award Program
  160. Plant ID please, 56k beware
  161. Peat moss acidity life span
  162. what filter
  163. a few pics of my new 90 gal. MORE PICS ADDED
  164. Help for newbie to planted tanks
  165. New here...Pics of my newly set up custom 38g tank.
  166. 11000 Lumens of light for a 100 gal tank.
  167. White stuff on surface
  168. My progress pic's of the 180g tank! Warning: ALOT of LARGE pics!!
  169. Can forgetting to dechlorinate hurt fish?
  170. Planting vallis
  171. New low tech, ideas on the scape
  172. MH CRI vs. PC "run till dead". and what are soft baffles?
  173. Planning for 60gal planted tank .
  174. 24w over a 2.5g, or am I looking for trouble?
  175. Cloudy Water caused by diy CO2?
  176. Look what I found!
  177. Lifespan of Tetras?
  178. Not Treating Topoff But Treating Changes
  179. down?
  180. REVISIT: Nifty Jar Project
  181. How do you go about shipping plants to other ppl ?
  182. DUCKBILL mask contest
  183. Jobe's plant food spikes
  184. Photos....Psyche-
  185. test kits
  186. How do i prevent ich?
  187. co2
  188. I'm a bit worried about the summer heat...
  189. Leaf undersides....
  190. Were I'm at after 3 weeks.
  191. My 180 gal tank
  192. Fertilizer necessary?
  193. CO2 Generators in the junk food aisle
  194. Java Moss on Drift Wood
  195. Little Brown Slits
  196. Algae destroyer liquid?
  197. A Kingdom's MYSTERY Solved!
  198. i broke my filter; how long can fish last?
  199. Just Ignored the Tank
  200. ammonia and nitrate
  201. Cycling New Shrimp Tank
  202. HOB to Fluval
  203. Water Sprite = Water Wisteria
  204. low light foreground plants?
  205. Home Depot Play sand as substrate
  206. duckweed in 55G
  207. Size of tank related to size of fish: What's your opinion?
  208. Acceptable water for Olive Nerites??
  209. Excel Flourish reaction on Discus
  210. Newb questions
  211. Getting to the corners in a 37
  212. What do use as media
  213. Differences between Myriophyllum and Ceratophyllum?
  214. house building larvae?
  215. Black Plants?
  216. bacopa?
  217. White dots in my tank?
  218. Largemouth Bass
  219. Q's about Azgarden
  220. Gel or Cooling Packs?
  221. 16' x 4' planted tank... New Pictures on Page 16...dinner plate discus!
  222. New Member
  223. A few newbie questions for all you 46er's
  224. co2 reactor placement
  225. iron test kits... any good?
  226. I think I have an Aphid infestation
  227. Aquarium Stand
  228. Is this something to worry about?
  229. Need your suggestions on my aquascape
  230. Fish Selection For Planted Tank
  231. Weighing plants down?
  232. Plecos in Planted Tank?
  233. Plant leafes dying!
  234. Question on refugium CO2
  235. Fish or Plants Poll
  236. Question about chuck's calculator
  237. Moving to Florida
  238. Seachem Dosing Chart - What do you think?
  239. Mr. clean auto dry car wash!
  240. Does adding flourish excel increase KH ?
  241. Peacock Bass in Planted Tank
  242. Trimming mini riccia?
  243. Plantex and mold
  244. abbreviation/stands for?
  245. Does a new layout really need fast-growers?
  246. What rock/bricks should I use?
  247. What to do with Cory eggs on the side of the tank?
  248. Does anyone know if . . .
  249. Co2 Distribution in large tanks.
  250. Advice on possible plant mass issues (56K)