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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Some problems with my plants....
  2. Anyone tried this?
  3. Curious about changing substrate.
  4. fast growing plants
  5. Holes, melting, "bruises" on anubias
  6. Seperating Hairgrass from other plants
  7. Maintaining a Planted Tank
  8. We might need this if we ever get this CRS advanced
  9. Oxygen Paranoid...
  10. plants for tall tanks
  11. so much for low-tech
  12. Endler fry and crushed flake? do they eat it?
  13. jbj nano cube replacement lights?
  14. aquabid down?
  15. My first attempt at a planted tank.
  16. Just got greg wat fert and have a question
  17. Any ideas on using 110 AGA megaflow Tank?
  18. ludwigia inclinata BRIGHT GREEN?
  19. Thinking of Eheim 2026 or 2028?
  20. *Joy!*
  21. Safe ich medication?
  22. Good Magazine?
  23. Tiny "Bugs" or snails or what?
  24. Help with Ich
  25. Advice on how to control water flow ?
  26. Do you vacuum your gravel?
  27. Sludge in Filter
  28. Breather Bags & Containers - Supplier?
  29. Ferts & dosing questions????
  30. 600+ gal Amazon Biotope
  31. test kit shelf life
  32. To much light ?
  33. MTS and a low PH?
  34. Ever get depressed about your tank?
  35. Question about Endlers with Heterandria Formosa (least killifish)
  36. I just soaked plant with bleach, now what?
  37. I got my endlers today :-)
  38. ppm by mass or by mole?
  39. Moving a 10gal
  40. Crayfish Forums?
  41. Is FloraPride any good?
  42. Help with new set up
  43. Having problems with stem plants.
  44. oops got CAEs should I get rid of them?
  45. The Best Hitchhiker You've Ever Found?
  46. dying wood
  47. I got Ich!
  48. CO2 question
  49. 44g Corner Tank Lighting Issues
  50. Dwarf Orange Crays?
  51. White fuzz on Willow moss......
  52. Will Flourish Excel hurt fish?
  53. Plants growing better w/o micros?
  54. Effects of charcoal
  55. Corys all on their sides and one
  56. Extreme Microscopy 400x Magnification (Photos!!!)
  57. Ambula problem
  58. Biowheel Tips for the Planted Aquarium
  59. I'm Shocked!
  60. Starting a 10g with 110W. Am I crazy
  61. Who is going to the AGA 2006 Convention?
  62. Mixing up Greg Watson ferts.
  63. Java Fern health questions...
  64. Fertilizer dosing
  65. My tank looks better w/o changing water??
  66. Anyone bounce back to the hobby after a break?
  67. Hi, wanting a planted tank but not enough watts!
  68. Is this Cladophora algae?
  69. The clado experiment (a journal of aglae destruction[56k])UPDATE AUG 8 p3
  70. Flagfish and Surface film
  71. What the heck is in my tank!?
  72. Fish meds and plants
  73. Is 83ppm of CO2 safe????
  74. Refinement for CO2 Measurement Technique
  75. Creating "Tension" vs. "Balance" in an aquascape
  76. WPG with or without reflector?
  77. Will active carbon remove stress coat?
  78. eheim 2028 filt vs. Fluval FX5
  79. Would you go with presurized CO2?
  80. Water Change question
  81. Goldfish
  82. Flourish and Flourish Trace
  83. Just ordered ferts from GW..
  84. Algea crew for a 120?
  85. What am I doing wrong????
  86. deficient hydrocotyl
  87. Problems - plants shriveling
  88. How do you does your fertilizers?
  89. I'm lucky
  90. Ramshorn snails
  91. Whats your algae crew?
  92. Over 3 weeks out (how long can you leave them alone)
  93. Crayfish breeding book?
  94. Which Test Kits?
  95. Just thought ide say hello!
  96. DIY CO2 not working....HELP!
  97. Moving my 45 Step-by-Step, Lots of pics NO 56K!
  98. Glosso, ferts, algae ques??
  99. I've noticed some things using ADA Aquasoil + Powersand
  100. plant suggestion wanted
  101. Seeding a new filter?
  102. CO2 BPM for a 6 gal?
  103. I'm Back and Need Some Help
  104. Cleanup Tip!
  105. Pearling Hemianthus 'Cuba' Macro Photos
  106. How to dry a grape vine for aquarium use?
  107. water flow?...and lighting...converting a 240G LT reef
  108. Improving my Eclipse 12?
  109. Heater Question
  110. Stainless Steel w/ shrimp
  111. maybe a stupid question?
  112. enough lighting for glosso? LSI question also...
  113. MICRO Critters!!! ID? Emerg?
  114. Purigen - bad for loaches??
  115. will riccia stick to my rock?
  116. bundling small plants questions
  117. atinic light for plants yes or no?
  118. Order new gas/Rex regulator?
  119. black plague is killing my anachris?
  120. Loosing Soft water with an Acid Nuetralizer
  121. Killing Duckweed with guppies
  122. types of wood?
  123. Tannins from Mopani wood
  124. gelcap pill idea for fertilizing...
  125. results in how long?
  126. Small rock from ocean safe for FW planted?l
  127. how does kH and gH effect plants?
  128. macronutrient vs. micronutrient?
  129. Emergent plants and turtles
  130. how are my parameters?
  131. How many plants enough for EI?
  132. EDIT: Link for XP Parts... 4th post...Air in an XP2 question.
  133. Need help with snail eggs
  134. Weight of an AGA 125?
  135. Battery Acid ok to test rock with?
  136. manzanita
  137. anyone bought driftwood from here?
  138. Hello
  139. Nymphaea glandulifera
  140. Sand
  141. My little cafish tank.
  142. what dry ferts should I buy??
  143. Tank Leak HElp
  144. Power Failure and Cannister Filters
  145. Over Fert Question
  146. Java Fern not looking so good (pics)
  147. RO water Q from a newbie.
  148. EI EI O(h what to do?)
  149. Need lighting ideas for a 180g
  150. Progress/Journal newly setup 20Gal Long
  151. Filterless nano ? with crystal reds/ bee shrimp
  152. EI Dosing with low CO2
  153. Cladophora aegagropila -Light Req
  154. Willow Moss & Temp
  155. GH/PH/ C02 questions
  156. Manzanita questions
  157. kent freshwater, proplant and potass......
  158. Attention Beware of this user on Aquabid
  159. Big Als Is not Koo Koo, I am.(EDITED from they were koo koo)
  160. using a lot of ferts!!
  161. fish eating plants...i think
  162. Lighting a 10 gallon tank??
  163. 55 Gallon Stocking List
  164. Dwarf Sag
  165. Need help with Greg Watson ferts.
  166. plant grow out tank question
  167. general questions i'd love some answers to. please?
  168. Can you help out a new 20gal Long???
  169. Newbie- 20H/10, no CO2
  170. Anyone using sponge filters?
  171. New Tank - Is it possible?
  172. Price increase coming August 1
  173. What's Up With Aquatic-Store.Com...????
  174. So whats the best snail to get?
  175. 2 pictures of my old set up
  176. Baensch Aquarium Atlas 2 for $10!
  177. How to grow Dwarf sag
  178. Apisto sp. algodon and A. viejita query.
  179. Anubias Problem with Pics
  180. RE: Hairy green worm!
  181. Grow bladderwort on rock/wall
  182. greg watson's fertilizers?
  183. powdered bioavailable carbon? like excel..
  184. Non Co2 Excel method?
  185. Do you guys use a powerhead in your planted tank?
  186. Maintenance Free Tank (Photo)
  187. I couldn't help myself, another tank
  188. Flourish or TMG?
  189. New Tank - Need Help
  190. My fish had a bad day...
  191. Plant ID?
  192. I just went to petland and Im thrilled.
  193. Small / Tiny heater?
  194. volvox?
  195. New tank coming home tomorrow
  196. Average life span?
  197. Need help with plants/equipment for tank
  198. Is Peat bad?
  199. colorblind-friendly water test kits?
  200. Plant ID: Riccia or mini-Riccia ?
  201. UV Sterilizer: How long to clarity
  202. What do you think of this tank..
  203. how to prune
  204. Questions on planting
  205. Stems disentigratig right above the substrate?
  206. Free 60g tank.
  207. Nitrate Help
  208. Which test kit to buy?
  209. LFS credit for trade ins
  210. pH, Buffers, CO2 and the wild world of plants.
  211. My tank has little white worm-like creatures.
  212. for those who want otos
  213. Hello, Im new to all this. Help plz!
  214. please help a newb that is very ignorant.
  215. Willow moss or Java moss??
  216. Willow moss or Java moss??
  217. Walmart carrying glosso, r.macandra, h. compacta? weird!
  218. 6 tanks in disarray...overwhelmed!!!!
  219. Plant ID help
  220. Good deals online...
  221. Blip in Bubble Counter
  222. Thinking about (planted tank) things
  223. my leaves are turning yellow! help!
  224. White substrate better for lighting?
  225. Lighting/CO2 for a 29gallon
  226. Fertilizers/Nutrients
  227. Black Water Expert/Extract experiences
  228. Burnt Wood?
  229. Sharing of Ballast
  230. plant ID
  231. Looks like white dust on tank glass...
  232. plant listings....where?
  233. 45g african biotope
  234. Strange "velvet" on root
  235. missing zucchini rinds
  236. Red plants are frustrating.
  237. New to the planted tank world
  238. bio film on top of the tank
  239. cloudy water normal for new tank?
  240. Dwarf Gouramis and hydras
  241. Looking for dealers
  242. quick check on equipment so far
  243. I need ideas
  244. New here
  245. Horizontal growth in Stem Plants?
  246. Wood Root Death Trap ?!?!
  247. white polyp-looking things attached everywhere?!?!
  248. Ever Flown With Fish Fry?????
  249. Questions concerning Java ferns.....
  250. Do plants really use ammonia? or is that a myth?