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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Chihiros Doctor making shrimp jump
  2. Is a paintball co2 set up on a 40 gallon good enough ?
  3. Mot on The Aquascaping Podcast
  4. Meet ups?
  5. can potted plants be planted as is straight out of the pot?
  6. Floating gravel bed in sump?
  7. Upgrade Coming Soon!
  8. Anyone with experience with Acrylic tank building?
  9. Petsmart Filtration system top secret spy photos.
  10. Starting with Tissue Cultures
  11. 240 Gallon, 48X48X24 home built from common acrylic sheets?
  12. Minimum Water Change Frequency
  13. What types of wood do you have in your tank?
  14. Keeping Fish Out Of AIO Sump!?
  15. Hector's 17 Gallon rimless planted tank
  16. Help me, low ph can I still dose co2?
  17. Do pet stores use the same net to remove dead fish as to catch fish you buy?
  18. Tadpoles ok with tap water and prime or need R.O. water?
  19. Best Glass cleaner tank mates
  20. few questions
  21. First Timer Planted Tank
  22. Water cange percentages and Frequency
  23. Fishless Cycling
  24. White film on surface of aquarium
  25. How to store your fav. driftwoods for long.
  26. Is the glass on my new tank to thin?
  27. Water changes
  28. Tank in carpeted room
  29. best preparation for driftwood?
  30. Java Fern STOLEN! :(
  31. anyone have experience with
  32. Help Setting Up a Couple of 29 gal planted
  33. The Empty 10g
  34. What is a good flow rate?
  35. Beginner Co2 question
  36. Effects of co2 on ph?
  37. Blackout After Dosing Ferts?
  38. Glossostigma Elatinoides debris or algae?
  39. Please Help b/c I dont understand whats going on....
  40. how much do you worry about your floor.
  41. I want to put a tank here
  42. Unsure why heavy losses in past week
  43. Dry-Start Method Plants
  44. Paint
  45. Help a dummy
  46. Planning a 5.5gal: Please critique my setup/plant list!
  47. Newbie here!
  48. purigen
  49. How?
  50. diffuser with diy co2
  51. plants
  52. Mason jar aquarium?
  53. New tank issue
  54. GLA Lily Pipes for 5/8" ID hose?
  55. Using a Frag Tank for Plants
  56. Mysterious Issues
  57. Turtle tank/paludarium
  58. Equipment to run while cycling w/ Aquasoil?
  59. Filter moving substrate
  60. Anybody run a 150gallon with a Co2 Diffuser?
  61. Can plants handle the cold?
  62. Is ok to run lights 1/2 or 1/4 power outside of full power photo-period?
  63. $40 Marineland Portrait
  64. Beginner Freaking Out!
  65. reactor
  66. [Help] White "stuff" growing on driftwood DSM
  67. New planted tank questions
  68. What is it please?
  69. Manzanita Tree branches - bark still on?
  70. Nioboium bio-type sub
  71. African dwarf frogs
  72. Help please
  73. Plant Ideas??
  74. Lowering PH
  75. 29g plant package?
  76. what could be the possible things to change water para
  77. What is this!
  78. Letting fish choose the plants?
  79. Long (8ft) tank opinions
  80. What is this stuff?!?
  81. Eggs? ID pls
  82. what can i do with my 15/17 gallon?
  83. 20 progression after starting EI dosing
  84. Drip system plumbing Advice needed.
  85. Algae Turf Scrubber
  86. Cycling question
  87. First water change
  88. Help with fishless cycle....normal??
  89. Lot of gunk forming on plants, what is solution? Water flow?
  90. co2 reactor
  91. My one month old tank is sucking badly!
  92. Filling for the first time
  93. Which 'other chemicals' do water changes actually reduce?
  94. Get one! Wanted to share.
  95. Interesting way to grow terrestrial in aquarium
  96. Leaving bark on manzanita...?
  97. Driftwood forever leaching tannins
  98. Advice for unattended tank...
  99. Somethings wrong.... Help with this issue
  100. Need to know if this is safe
  101. How Liquid carbon is assimilated by aquatic plants
  102. A few random questions. Collected plants and excel
  103. African stones
  104. Brackish plants for shrimp?
  105. White stuff coming off newly planted "eel grass" or vals
  106. Fluval Peat Grains -Cloudiness?
  107. NEED HELP: New Freshwater Planted Aquarium With High PH And Rotting Plants
  108. 10 Days After EI Dosing, New Reactor, And New Circulation Fan...Nice Effects...
  109. stocking suggestions/Idea's
  110. Aquascaping Podcast
  111. Deciding on co2...
  112. Co2 regulator and ph control
  113. When do you Redo your tank?
  114. Question on avoiding getting chemicals in the aquarium.
  115. Tidal Mangrove Upgrade - your concerns
  116. Long shallow deep tanks
  117. Just set up my diy co2.... got some questions
  118. 40G tips and tricks
  119. Changing substrate
  120. Calvin cycle details required
  121. Duck week can't be stopped. What should I do? Flame thrower?
  122. Need help ID'ing a tiny creature
  123. How to deal with an imposed water softener
  124. Too many Crypts?
  125. Filter questions for a 2.5 gallon
  126. Help what is this?
  127. Newbie needs help!!!
  128. new set up new to plants
  129. Help: Office Tank
  130. From emersed to submersed!!!
  131. Pond Plants
  132. Substitute for API nitrate test?
  133. 3 gallon front back and side glasses are lower than bottom glass
  134. Foam out space for paludarium?
  135. long tank is better?
  136. Moving tank. Shelf/light above OK?
  137. Plants and Fishless Cycle
  138. Are phosphates created from withing the aquarium?
  139. Using dechlorinator
  140. Water Jug For water Changes
  141. Setting up first low tech planted tank
  142. New tank build questions
  143. Funiture grade black PVC pipes
  144. Co2
  145. ADA 60P Setup Iwagumi Style aquarium
  146. Fish ignore worm feeder
  147. North American Native Fish?
  148. water not clear
  149. Community to planted need help
  150. Axolotls
  151. 40B vs 55
  152. tips on what i need to do to my planted tank?
  153. Smelly Gas Under Substrate
  154. Fishless cycle advice
  155. Bow front tanks
  156. Welp, I'm an idiot
  157. Lost the whole crew last night
  158. pleco vs molly
  159. Show off your Angelfish tanks
  160. Need some Answers.
  161. Direct vs Indirect Variables to Promote Healthy Prolific, and Algae Free Tanks
  162. My 60P knock-off
  163. Wet HC Dry Start?
  164. 8ft / 300 gal African Cichlid planted tank
  165. Can anyone identify this mystery fish found in a feeder tank?
  166. What kind of fish is this?
  167. 2 month old 40G. Need opinions on stocking.
  168. How to cycle a planted aquarium? (the nitrogen cycle) Please help
  169. Question About Lighting
  170. Custom CO2 Reactor.
  171. Planted Tank Disasters
  172. Moving a 125g
  173. Pictures of my 75 gallon Anubias emersed set up
  174. Ammannia gracilis issues... help :(
  175. Anyone know someone that can do this?
  176. Unknown creature
  177. Using inline reactor to inject CO2, O2, and nitrogen into high tech aquarium.
  178. Polyurethane Spray
  179. New light! advice for new plants? (No CO2)
  180. Filter for a nano tank?
  181. Plants or Fish: What comes first?
  182. My experience with an aggressiveish African cichlid in a planted community tank
  183. is 70 degrees too cold for a planted tank
  184. New to Forum
  185. Any Livestock ideas?
  186. Returning To The Hobby
  187. Anyone here from PDX
  188. Please Dont.... -_-
  189. dry start monte carlo
  190. three month tank update on the 120gal high tech!
  191. Spreadsheets?
  192. Pressurized Co2 and plants are still dying.
  193. How to Dirt an Aquarium!?
  194. Prop. Temple Plant
  195. Stagnant cycle
  196. Not happy with my setup and need advice, please help
  197. You Wont Beleive!...
  198. Can someone help on ammonia and starting up a tank?
  199. Shrimp with broken leg
  200. Algae or "Biofilm"?
  201. Is a GFCI needed when having an aquarium?
  202. Spray bar or Duckbill
  203. Updated 30 gallon tank
  204. Is it fine to setup everything, then add plants a day or two later?
  205. Is it okay to put plants in right away in a brand new aquarium?
  206. Getting back into the hobby
  207. Built-in overflow, sump and injected CO2
  208. Led wattage?
  209. A list of good plants for a 20 gallon long?
  210. Black aquarium background -what to use?
  211. Need Help Determining What Went Wrong...
  212. First time keeping aquariums - 2 tanks, few questions
  213. shipping plants
  214. What am I doing wrong? Planted tank slowly dying...
  215. Weird white cloudy junk appeared overnight.
  216. Metal fittings?
  217. What are some schooling fish that won't jump out of an open top tank?
  218. Playing around with a river/waterfall idea...need input
  219. Aquarium glass scratches removal..Need some advice
  220. New tank!
  221. Carbon pack in my filter
  222. HELP! Just woke up and canister not working
  223. Sunsun aquarium
  224. Gourami and shrimp?
  225. Co2 Help Quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  226. Tank needs Help
  227. What are some reliable sites to buy live plants from?
  228. Distilled Water
  229. Is buying a 20 long and all the equipment really get this expensive?
  230. Anacharis coming back! Hahah
  231. Adding Rocks To Tank, (natural rocks)
  232. A Wormy Situation...
  233. Planted Tank is in trouble
  234. Help! What is this??
  235. Best online plant store.
  236. Do i need carpeting plants to not have to vacuum the substrate?
  237. Intriguing piece of wood
  238. Wood is rotting in my tank?
  239. Tear down? Beyond salvageable?
  240. i done muffed up
  241. Hello!
  242. How much would you pay?
  243. Newbie in search of help.
  244. Stocking advice?
  245. Stocking suggestion for a 10 gallon
  246. Anyone read Japanese?
  247. Air stone required or not for planted tank?
  248. lighting question
  249. Having surgery - need to put tank into "limp mode"
  250. Proper way to disinfect new acrylic tank