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  1. Drigtwood as Biological Media
  2. New Rio 180 making noise?
  3. plant stocking list
  4. Heat Packs for shipping?
  5. Leaky tank... Let's take a vote!
  6. Planted Tank - Water turnover
  7. Question about loaches
  8. Rebirth of a tank... trials and tribulations (long and short)
  9. quick question about my snails. really quick, i promise.
  10. What the ???? (tiny bugs on surface?)
  11. Have You Seen This?!
  12. where are the dead fish?
  13. Aquarium Silicon
  14. ADA Garden Mat
  15. Trimming Pogostemon Stellatus.
  16. Low-tech potted plant questions
  17. Plant size and planting guide
  18. Handout from Algae Prevention Talk
  19. Acurate dimensions of a All Glass 10 Gallon
  20. EI Method For Dosing MG/CA?
  21. baby fish in my tank...but i have never had fish!
  22. Filter floss @ big box retailers?
  23. Memories Of Awesomeness~~~~~~
  24. Larger Tanks Need Less Light
  25. The unbelievable modern aquarium
  26. Water Softener Salt :( :( :( :(
  27. 30 gal. cube help
  28. Mold
  29. What is happening to my plants?!?
  30. The other flourish products.
  31. Seachem Prime and Algone
  32. Are the ADA glass diffusers any good?
  33. Is CO2 worthwhile?
  34. no more lugging around 5 gallon water bottles =/ time for an RO filter =)
  35. Where to buy heat packs in SoCal?
  36. Anchoring Riccia with hairgrass
  37. Yet another DIY Tank Stand
  38. Mulm removal???
  39. Hydra in the Tank
  40. PH dropping
  41. Bubble Counter Problem / Recommendation
  42. what kind of ramshorn?
  43. Well, I'm gonna piss off my wife this evening
  44. Terracing question
  45. real quick eheim ecco question
  46. Supplements
  47. Reactor vs. Diffuser - and - which one?
  48. Should I be feeding my fish and inverts?
  49. Big Als Online
  50. Calling all Red Sea Reactor 500 Owners!
  51. how big...
  52. New to site and plated tanks
  53. CO2 trouble, not following charts?
  54. Need some opinion on scape
  55. lighting sequence?
  56. What is wrong with my A. Senegalensis???
  57. Well that was $15 wasted ;)
  58. What can I do with this thrift store find??
  59. Red Sea Co2 Indicator not working?
  60. Not Getting Plants For A Week, Already Set Up Co2, is it safe to just leave it?
  61. Do I NEED to check my CO2 system for leaks?
  62. Rocks or Driftwood?
  63. Does Excel Kill Creeping Jenny?
  64. What will you all have on your X-mas list for your fish?!
  65. Old Bogwood can i still use it?
  66. High-Tech 20Gal all set up...except for the plants!
  67. old substrate
  68. How long should i leave my lights on for?
  69. Feeding frenzy (56K!)
  70. A new Black Substrate by
  71. How to get ride of snails...
  72. Plants, Shrimps & Snails (new photos!)
  73. Snail ID
  74. Plecos for a planted tank?
  75. Canister Filter for 20gal?
  76. Spray bar where to locate
  77. Never Ever Use A Cello Pad On Your Aquarium
  78. JBJ Regulator Setup
  79. CO2 = mosquitoes!
  80. Aponogeton boivinianus rotted?
  81. Finished pictures of my AH supply lights..NO56k
  82. uped my lighting
  83. What the hell is this beasty in my tank?
  84. Best CO2 Diffuser for 20Gal?
  85. Need flow advice for my 75 gal
  86. any tips for planting bulbs???
  87. Macrandra Deficiency Requests....
  88. How much flow in a planted tank?
  89. Is my tank over stocked?
  90. Riddle Me This - EI: NO3=0, PO4=10!
  91. Propagating Eriocaulon cinereum
  92. Microrasbora sp. Galaxy
  93. I Blow at plant ID and would appreciate a little help. Most likely HYGROPHILA CORYMB
  94. Fertilizers + Greg Watson ferts
  95. can't get red sea co2 regulator to work
  96. Looking for Idea's/advice
  97. Can a python be used for salt and fresh water?
  98. OK, what does RAOK mean?
  99. Which Co2 system for the technically challenged?
  100. Non-C02: C02 System.....?
  101. Java ferns not lookin good... HELP
  102. Filter In/Out flow
  103. Does cms+B contain iron?
  104. Do you guys prefer Flourite or eco complete?
  105. Parameters and Dosing for RED plants
  106. Red sea flora dose- any good?
  107. What would you do differently?
  108. DIY co2 ruined my tank!
  109. What am I doing wrong? Fertilizer question.
  110. Christmas wish list....
  111. Newly planted tank troubles
  112. How about a TPT Tournament....
  113. Help! My tank is leaking!
  114. where to buy plants in Los Angeles?
  115. CO2 question
  116. Keeping a filter "alive" even after a tank's been taken down.
  117. Btodd's 60 gal cube
  118. Co2 Tank Question
  119. Good Merchant Experience (Drs)
  120. Is PMDD Pre-Mix from greg watson...
  121. allergic reactions ?
  122. recieving plant via Mail(emersed)
  123. R. Najenshan + Low Tech
  124. any one used them?
  125. Just received marimo's
  126. Questions about my tap water
  127. Necessities for quarentine
  128. Best algae-eating snails
  129. Dry Fert help
  131. OK - two bags of Eco-Complete Added
  132. Making a tank cover...
  133. AH supply lights are not what I expected...
  134. manzanita wood and ph
  135. anyone has any experience with SŁŖwassertang?
  136. Newbie question
  137. Mother-plants wilted to 3" plants, rescuable?
  138. Livestock suggestions for cycling
  139. Im Furious!
  140. adjusting KH and pH in RO/DI water
  141. Anyone worked with plastic or acrylic?
  142. Help me Aquascape 24G for Dwarf Puffer
  143. Why is there copper in csm+B?????
  144. Advice on turning a 90 gallon fish-only tank into a planted tank
  145. Sometimes Things like this make me want to stop.
  146. finally picked up my pdmm mixes.. almost
  147. Can I add Substrate?
  148. Buying plants online
  149. Does the 'Swap and Shop' forum disappear sometimes??
  150. Swords not so sharp
  151. Maybe this is a dumb question, but,
  152. old leaves 'disintegrating' too fast.
  153. Plants exploding with roots
  154. online stores help i forgot to bookmark it!
  155. Automation
  156. Dosing question...
  157. wtf, ever see this?
  158. Web-Site
  159. New to this
  160. holiday feeding
  161. 1st time poster would like opinions...
  162. CO2 question
  163. Grr... Someone dumped WAY too much food into my tank
  164. Plant suggestions please :)
  165. New guy pruning and plant health questions
  166. "Liquid CO2"
  167. What should i use in my filter?
  168. Some questions
  169. how do you lower pH fast?
  170. Hi everyone, I have some questions.
  171. What they neglect to mention in the Python owners manual...
  172. Mulm question.
  173. Couple of begginer questions
  174. co2 bubbles to filter inlet bad for filter?
  175. 1/2 Planted Tank
  176. AGA Aquascaping Contest 2006 - Your assessment of entries
  177. Background for planted tank
  178. anyone using bamboo?
  179. Local Clubs?
  180. Tom Barr, what is your setup like?
  181. fuzzy uneaten food?
  182. A Planted Koi Tank?
  183. Newbie here, screwed up bad...
  184. Importing Aquarium goods to the USA. Legally!
  185. Missing - AGA 2006 Aquascascaping Contest results
  186. New 30Gal.
  187. New Tankstand Design
  188. Best Solution for lighting a small tank?
  189. External reactor or CO2 mist
  190. Who Sells TMG?
  191. Please help with plant ID
  192. Watts per gallon?
  193. Beginner Questions
  194. chlorine dispersion
  195. white colored background?
  196. Mirror secured sealant inside tank
  197. Java fern on wood
  198. Help Me Aquascape my 55 gallon
  199. Aquaforest online store!
  200. scraping plant it safe?
  201. Worms
  202. Slate?
  203. Eco Complete and KH
  204. Planted tank gadgetry - Where to go from here?
  205. Overflow box? Why does it work?
  206. GSA on Anabuis
  207. Just Wondering
  208. Propagation
  209. Ever seen "Angel Rams"?
  210. Manzanita wood ordered 6 got 7
  211. My 120FW Planted
  212. Will discus work in this tank?
  213. recommened test kits for ferts?
  214. nature aquarium books
  215. Aquascaping
  216. Heavy fish load, heavy feeding verses EI.
  217. Snails sollution
  218. Do I need a filter pad If I have a foam-Prefilter?
  219. Diy Co2
  220. Broke College Student!! No Donations Needed
  221. Detritus pile-up problem in planted 65g
  222. erythromycin question
  223. Are the plants you're selling/trading ILLEGAL?
  224. Effects of tannins on flora/fauna
  225. Should I add anything over my eco-complete?
  226. Forum Newbie: Introduction/Dark Green Beard Algea
  227. I've made a stupid mistake.
  228. Should i do a fishless cycle before i buy plants?
  229. Will my plants make it?
  230. Neglected my tank... suggestions for quick restoration before Thanksgiving?
  231. ADA aquasoil
  232. Im writing a letter to walmart, and to PETA about Walmart!!
  233. Has My Substrate Run Out Of Gas?
  234. Scaping your planted aquarium
  235. Nutrient Check Up
  236. Got Salt?
  237. Python Mishaps
  238. ideas for "shelf" on inner back wall of aquarium???
  239. Brackishwater planted tank?
  240. electrical plug/timer nightmare
  241. All my fish.. dead!
  242. Best fish friendly way to attach plants to wood?
  243. PETCO online offer
  244. DIY CO2 Disaster
  245. Marsilea quadrifolia?
  246. Effect of Activated Carbon on Excel?
  247. bba what to do?
  248. mystery snails. plant safe?
  249. Newts and Discus?
  250. "Gold mystery snails?"