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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. What Would You Do with a...
  2. General Co2 settings
  3. Java Fern
  4. 96W Coralife 20" w/ 27gal or 41.5gal?
  5. Dosing Ferts
  6. Where can i buy it?
  7. Pearling?
  8. rena filtar canister filter
  9. Removing that ADA sticker on the front?
  10. going away a week - suggestions...
  11. Stock my 60-P!
  12. How do i know if my co2 is working
  13. Snail Food?
  14. My first planted tank (PICS)
  15. fast growing, low light plants
  16. Algae ID help (w/ pic)
  17. Lilly-pad kind of plant.
  18. Getting plants today, any suggestions?
  19. Iwagumi setup.
  20. 55 Gallon Conversion
  21. Constructive critsism
  22. Planted tank without fish?
  23. Is hydrogen peroxide an effective sanitizer?
  24. New Wood....;)
  25. Co2 i down for a few days.. what to do.
  26. 20 High done right the first time
  27. Quick, can I place a 4x65watt directly on glass
  28. Struggle with power outage
  29. Does ADA driftwood need soaking?
  30. Greg Watson order-need help
  31. Help with my Ozelot
  32. Moss ID?
  33. Center Brace Cracked
  34. I Need help FAST!
  35. Looking for custom trimless glass tanks
  36. HC and Eco Complete
  37. turtle in my aquarium....
  38. I'm New and Starting My First Planted Tank
  39. CO2 into Under Gravel Grid!!!!!?????
  40. Female Endler's free to good home (Tampa, FL)
  41. Amazon Sword Deteriorating!!!!
  42. 10 gal rock formation and planting ideas
  43. Blooming Amazon sword
  44. Good enough filtartion?
  45. Getting another tank, this time its a 2' Cube!
  46. What would you put in this tank?
  47. My first Aquarium plant order
  48. Opinions - 10g Re-scape
  49. Setting up anew
  50. Help! My son's a monster...
  51. planning 10g planted
  52. Anyone use these plant tabs?
  53. What is considered "cool" water?
  54. eheim 2028 question
  55. Species Tank
  56. 3d backing
  57. Film on top of water
  58. Fertilizer Tabs
  59. HELP! Power outages, no hydro. Fish OK?
  60. Need advice on tank maintenance while on vacation
  61. need help with scape
  62. What am I missing? ie. noob whos brain is to full.
  63. Dosing schedule for Seachem Traces & Seachem Iron
  64. Convicts/Sand with Plants
  65. Sigh
  66. Flourite dust storm--will it ever end?
  67. Green stuff taking over my moss
  68. Algae trouble, am I on the right track?
  69. Setting Up My First
  70. Has Anyone Created A Paludarium Before ?
  71. Can't kick the ich.
  72. How many hours of sleep do fishes/plants need?
  73. Yellow water syndrome.
  74. Pleco and Swords, deadly combo? no exceptions?
  75. I'm a pappa
  76. Mirror background: cheesy?
  77. Big Reduction in Light = Dramatic Growth
  78. Quick Quick! Need an answer fast!
  79. Really really big tanks
  80. PLease!!! Quick reply! Only have around 12 hours for solution! *Found Solution*
  81. what is this and how can i get rid of it?
  82. Dwarf Crays and Cherry Shrimp
  83. READ AND POST IN THIS THREAD!! Its Experiment Time!
  84. Going on vacation
  85. Should i be gravel vacuuming?
  86. Should i find a new Lfs, or is this normal?
  87. plant ID *two-leaved amano pearl who?*
  88. I might have ich! please help!
  89. how long does mulm remain biologically active?
  90. debris in substrate
  91. Got Green Water? NOT anymore!
  92. Plastic Tweezers?
  93. Co2 with cichlids?
  94. FYI to Reefers and/or 12 gallon Aquapod owners: Recalled Aquapod aquariums.
  95. Shipping plants From US to Canada and Visa Versa
  96. My glosso carpet is getting a bit thick...
  97. Downoi (Pogostemon Helferi) fert question.
  98. Ramshorn snail shell question
  99. Turning this around?
  100. Ryan's 20H -- pics
  101. tank and light
  102. How to sterilize rock
  103. My New 20 Gal Setup!
  104. Drigtwood as Biological Media
  105. New Rio 180 making noise?
  106. plant stocking list
  107. Heat Packs for shipping?
  108. Leaky tank... Let's take a vote!
  109. Planted Tank - Water turnover
  110. Question about loaches
  111. Rebirth of a tank... trials and tribulations (long and short)
  112. quick question about my snails. really quick, i promise.
  113. What the ???? (tiny bugs on surface?)
  114. Have You Seen This?!
  115. where are the dead fish?
  116. Aquarium Silicon
  117. ADA Garden Mat
  118. Trimming Pogostemon Stellatus.
  119. Low-tech potted plant questions
  120. Plant size and planting guide
  121. Handout from Algae Prevention Talk
  122. Acurate dimensions of a All Glass 10 Gallon
  123. EI Method For Dosing MG/CA?
  124. baby fish in my tank...but i have never had fish!
  125. Filter floss @ big box retailers?
  126. Memories Of Awesomeness~~~~~~
  127. Larger Tanks Need Less Light
  128. The unbelievable modern aquarium
  129. Water Softener Salt :( :( :( :(
  130. 30 gal. cube help
  131. Mold
  132. What is happening to my plants?!?
  133. The other flourish products.
  134. Seachem Prime and Algone
  135. Are the ADA glass diffusers any good?
  136. Is CO2 worthwhile?
  137. no more lugging around 5 gallon water bottles =/ time for an RO filter =)
  138. Where to buy heat packs in SoCal?
  139. Anchoring Riccia with hairgrass
  140. Yet another DIY Tank Stand
  141. Mulm removal???
  142. Hydra in the Tank
  143. PH dropping
  144. Bubble Counter Problem / Recommendation
  145. what kind of ramshorn?
  146. Well, I'm gonna piss off my wife this evening
  147. Terracing question
  148. real quick eheim ecco question
  149. Supplements
  150. Reactor vs. Diffuser - and - which one?
  151. Should I be feeding my fish and inverts?
  152. Big Als Online
  153. Calling all Red Sea Reactor 500 Owners!
  154. how big...
  155. New to site and plated tanks
  156. CO2 trouble, not following charts?
  157. Need some opinion on scape
  158. lighting sequence?
  159. What is wrong with my A. Senegalensis???
  160. Well that was $15 wasted ;)
  161. What can I do with this thrift store find??
  162. Red Sea Co2 Indicator not working?
  163. Not Getting Plants For A Week, Already Set Up Co2, is it safe to just leave it?
  164. Do I NEED to check my CO2 system for leaks?
  165. Rocks or Driftwood?
  166. Does Excel Kill Creeping Jenny?
  167. What will you all have on your X-mas list for your fish?!
  168. Old Bogwood can i still use it?
  169. High-Tech 20Gal all set up...except for the plants!
  170. old substrate
  171. How long should i leave my lights on for?
  172. Feeding frenzy (56K!)
  173. A new Black Substrate by
  174. How to get ride of snails...
  175. Plants, Shrimps & Snails (new photos!)
  176. Snail ID
  177. Plecos for a planted tank?
  178. Canister Filter for 20gal?
  179. Spray bar where to locate
  180. Never Ever Use A Cello Pad On Your Aquarium
  181. JBJ Regulator Setup
  182. CO2 = mosquitoes!
  183. Aponogeton boivinianus rotted?
  184. Finished pictures of my AH supply lights..NO56k
  185. uped my lighting
  186. What the hell is this beasty in my tank?
  187. Best CO2 Diffuser for 20Gal?
  188. Need flow advice for my 75 gal
  189. any tips for planting bulbs???
  190. Macrandra Deficiency Requests....
  191. How much flow in a planted tank?
  192. Is my tank over stocked?
  193. Riddle Me This - EI: NO3=0, PO4=10!
  194. Propagating Eriocaulon cinereum
  195. Microrasbora sp. Galaxy
  196. I Blow at plant ID and would appreciate a little help. Most likely HYGROPHILA CORYMB
  197. Fertilizers + Greg Watson ferts
  198. can't get red sea co2 regulator to work
  199. Looking for Idea's/advice
  200. Can a python be used for salt and fresh water?
  201. OK, what does RAOK mean?
  202. Which Co2 system for the technically challenged?
  203. Non-C02: C02 System.....?
  204. Java ferns not lookin good... HELP
  205. Filter In/Out flow
  206. Does cms+B contain iron?
  207. Do you guys prefer Flourite or eco complete?
  208. Parameters and Dosing for RED plants
  209. Red sea flora dose- any good?
  210. What would you do differently?
  211. DIY co2 ruined my tank!
  212. What am I doing wrong? Fertilizer question.
  213. Christmas wish list....
  214. Newly planted tank troubles
  215. How about a TPT Tournament....
  216. Help! My tank is leaking!
  217. where to buy plants in Los Angeles?
  218. CO2 question
  219. Keeping a filter "alive" even after a tank's been taken down.
  220. Btodd's 60 gal cube
  221. Co2 Tank Question
  222. Good Merchant Experience (Drs)
  223. Is PMDD Pre-Mix from greg watson...
  224. allergic reactions ?
  225. recieving plant via Mail(emersed)
  226. R. Najenshan + Low Tech
  227. any one used them?
  228. Just received marimo's
  229. Questions about my tap water
  230. Necessities for quarentine
  231. Best algae-eating snails
  232. Dry Fert help
  234. OK - two bags of Eco-Complete Added
  235. Making a tank cover...
  236. AH supply lights are not what I expected...
  237. manzanita wood and ph
  238. anyone has any experience with SŁŖwassertang?
  239. Newbie question
  240. Mother-plants wilted to 3" plants, rescuable?
  241. Livestock suggestions for cycling
  242. Im Furious!
  243. adjusting KH and pH in RO/DI water
  244. Anyone worked with plastic or acrylic?
  245. Help me Aquascape 24G for Dwarf Puffer
  246. Why is there copper in csm+B?????
  247. Advice on turning a 90 gallon fish-only tank into a planted tank
  248. Sometimes Things like this make me want to stop.
  249. finally picked up my pdmm mixes.. almost
  250. Can I add Substrate?