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  1. Intro, new setup thoughts ideas, thx
  2. Your aquascaping skills, from planted to reef.
  3. MTS? Oh yea!!
  4. New Tank On The way
  5. How do Hi tech people keep up!
  6. Fish Photo People.... I NEED your help!
  7. What are these things?
  8. Stardust Ivy or something cool? (Plant ID)
  9. D.I.Y Aquascaping tools! pix and instructions :)
  10. adding calcium for snails
  11. Rising PH
  12. how to diffuse co2
  13. 2590L (700G) AquaGarden Planted Pond
  14. Trimming and ferts
  15. java moss question
  16. Rescape Issue
  17. When to begin dosing?
  18. Check My Math please
  19. New Growout Tank....
  20. Going away for a week
  21. When to release algae crew
  22. Water Sounds-- an Aesthetic of Aquascaping?
  23. Help me diagnose the problem..
  24. Why is my swordplant so puny?
  25. Can anyone identify a plant sold as "H C"?
  26. 30G in the works
  27. Can't understand this
  28. San Marcos River video...
  29. Amazon/Orinoco biotope?
  30. 120g put on hold
  31. what do u use in your filter?
  32. swapping over to ada as - question about fish
  33. new so this might get moved
  34. Baking Soda to raise KH?
  35. Seltzer water = cheaper co2 source?
  36. Plant Filter for Discus Breeding
  37. hydra again...
  38. Yoyo Loaches and Blyxa Japonica
  39. Help me rescape my 15G
  40. Plants for a low-tech nano
  41. Planted Tank for Arowana?
  42. question about size of ada old blackwood
  43. Big sword questions....
  44. Blind fish
  45. Fert deficiency?
  46. Lava Rock... Stacking them???
  47. Snails - the musings of someone who doesn't watch football...
  48. Quiet HOB Filter?
  49. my tank
  50. Co2 during the day air pump at night?
  51. Empty Tank Dries Out?
  52. CO2 drop checker with deionised water
  53. Need aquascaping help!
  54. Went out looking for new plants today (pics) dialup warning..
  55. MH bulb question
  56. Fish eating co2 bubbles!
  57. starting up a new 65gallon
  58. Death of the Big Clear Kahuna
  59. Red Sea Co2 Indicator
  60. Never mind, Pressurized is clearly the winner...Which CO2 system is better?
  61. Picture* What is this white thing floating at the top? Help !
  62. A terrapin in my overflow
  63. To Trust Or Not To Trust Your Friends
  64. Should I try ferts again...?
  65. Can a hex tank be a good planted tank?
  66. Biolife 35 filter
  67. Anyone Know.....
  68. Tattooed fish?
  69. Tinfoil Barb in Planted Tank
  70. I have a big algae problem, SAE in Miami Florida?
  71. Cloudy Water
  72. Cleaning crew for HRP's (non plant eaters)?
  73. Aquasketch Tutorial-- envision your work better! :)
  74. What are these things?
  75. How many fish for a low tech 75?
  76. Plants absorbing tannin?
  77. Quarantine fish from warehouse???
  78. Fermentation Process for Hagen System - New Poster
  79. Who is more sensetive to higher co2?
  80. eheim filter cleaning/media change
  81. Java Fern overgrowth management?
  82. Plant Packages
  83. Cleaned filter and saved three baby cories!
  84. Barley straw - has anyone tried it in their canister?
  85. Newbie to Forum and freshwater..
  86. Back to Freshwater
  87. hey im new
  88. Leveling tanks
  89. to the forum
  90. Help! Need FAST fry catching help!
  91. co2 bottle vendor?
  92. Need ID Please
  93. Brazillian Pennywort=Smaller Look
  94. Lighting schedule
  95. Help on melting glosso.
  96. What choices do I have?
  97. Planted Tank User Gallery
  98. backgrounds!
  99. Swordplant growing in Peru
  100. Opinions Wanted
  101. Light reduction methods
  102. How does my dosing plan look
  103. Drunken Aquarium
  104. Amazing Angelfish Parenting Behavior
  105. Coolie loach and ground cover?
  106. Question about aponogeton madagascariensis
  107. plants wont grow
  108. Re-engineer a plant to be fully aquatic
  109. I made a bonehead mistake.
  110. HELP! "Used" gravel for cycling question
  111. eco complete
  112. question about the rate of growth of plants.
  113. CO2 measurement / checking drop checker
  114. My Co2 Experiment In U.g.f., Soil, Planted, Natural Tank
  115. Why ADA?
  116. Starting over with old substrate, advice please!
  117. good books
  118. Foam insulation under tank..
  119. Favorite Trace Mix: CSM+B vs. TMG??
  120. Preparing for the BIG PURCHASE!
  121. 9.5gal tank set up-->which plants??
  122. Hydras eating all my daphinia???
  123. redecoration concerns, please help.
  124. New Tank - Discus considerations
  125. Intesting on Stocking levels.
  126. EI Dosing Schedule
  127. I got nailed by CO2, so it can happen to anybody
  128. An inspiration, an alternate viewpoint: AMANO
  129. D&T aquarium supplies on-line store
  130. I want WOOD!!
  131. Too Many BPS!
  132. scored a new tank!
  133. to those with Aqualights
  134. I'm back into the hobby
  135. Getting the plants after shipping
  136. Bow Front Stand?
  137. Designeslexia
  138. Tying riccia to slate
  139. Excel
  140. Using XP3 for Water Changes
  141. Nymphoides aquatica and excel
  142. First Planted tank 10 gal
  143. Is my powerhead powerful enough?
  144. How long to leave "jump-start" gravel in newly planted tank?
  145. 1g need help
  146. floating MTS
  147. co2 bubble dispersal
  148. Do I need Actinic Light for Planted tank?
  149. old computer monitor
  150. Malaysian Rain Forest Trip (Photos!!!)
  151. Malaysian Freshwater Lake Trip (Photos!)
  152. Java Moss/Fern
  153. Hey Guy's I'm Back. And I have a new project.
  154. Mangroves Swamp Trip Photojournal
  155. ---
  156. how the heck do i plant this!?
  157. What stores sell heatpacks, not online?
  158. nematode test
  159. Has anyone ordered from these guys?
  160. Tropica - alternatives, Flourish etc
  161. Loaches/Snail Control in 10g
  162. Potting Soil???
  163. SO close to getting my 120g
  164. Phyllanthus fluitans
  165. DIY CO2 Question
  166. What is the best way to introduce O2?
  167. What types of wood can you put in a tank?
  168. heater placement
  169. Chinchilla Pooh, Revisiting.
  170. milwaukee contact
  171. Killer Cold
  172. Petsmart $5 off $15
  173. Need a place to buy plants.
  174. Vacation advice
  175. pH Controller questions.
  176. High light to low light die back?
  177. New Guys Planted
  178. My Tanks
  179. Stainless steel mesh
  180. Lighting for a 5.5 gallon?
  181. 5000K 5500K or 6700K
  182. CO2 levels in my 75
  183. PH Low - CO2 wont cut in - Where should I look?
  184. :: Canada Crew :: ADA products
  185. My first planted tank - newly rescaped
  186. low light carpet
  187. what soil for a first timer?
  188. power supply for light
  189. Sera Florena - Composition
  190. Need QUICK HELP! Before I go to work..or asap..
  191. Heat Packs?
  192. new to planted tanks. any advice?
  193. Goldfish and a plant tank
  194. Will Plants Pearl Without Co2 Addition?
  195. oops..... please ignore
  196. India biotopes
  197. Want to start a planted tank please give me your links
  198. SŁŖwassertang???
  199. Driftwood from a beach.
  200. A News Forum?
  201. Do Hikari Algae Wafers make the water cloud?
  202. How many bubbles per second on a 55?
  203. So: I got a free tank - and some questions!
  204. Severe Algae problem with no solution.
  205. dosing questions
  206. High LIGHT NO CO2?
  207. Some more moss made it's way home...
  208. Final Desicions!
  209. Nice tank reference
  210. Pressurized CO2, in a brackish tank?
  211. My Rex Reactor is making a gurgling noise.
  212. More evidence yet for lower light.
  213. hygro crinkle
  214. Final Confirmation
  215. Help solve this algae mystery
  216. Leaves Melting!!!
  217. AquaPod 12 Gallon
  218. New question on plants...
  219. New in Tampa FL!!
  220. need advice on tank move
  221. Where to find/buy Brewers Yeast?
  222. how can find diatom filter???
  223. Storing mixed KNO3
  224. Amano pubs/photos
  225. Which is better?
  226. PH meter
  227. Can You Save A Dying Fish?
  228. Heat Pack Duds?
  229. Otocinclus batmani - newly discovered
  230. My first post from 3 days ago..
  231. Tiny white worm like things
  232. Is it safe to add moss to tap water without cycling?
  233. DIY Low Budget Co2 for 2.24 WPG
  234. 29 Gallon Lighting and Plant help
  235. How To Drill Aquariums?
  236. The Eternal Substrate
  237. how many hours of light? algae?
  238. film on water..
  239. Experiences with Rhinox purchases
  240. I'm new to aquarium plants
  241. Here A Question
  242. Self Contained Reef Tank?
  243. Crypt advice
  244. stop using unground filter
  245. Wanting to set up a breeder tank
  246. Some specific questions from a newbie
  247. Help with my Ehiem !
  248. Freshwater Sumps
  249. Tank on carpet, any suggestions?
  250. My Tank is really scratched