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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. 2007 AGA International Aquascaping Contest
  2. Talk me through this...
  3. High Ph problems!
  4. What do you stock your tanks with?
  5. How much light is too much for Java Fern?
  6. Ground Cover
  7. Mopani Driftwood/pH
  8. Automatic Water Change System w/Chloramines?
  9. How thick?
  10. Which plants go where / how many???
  11. CO2 vs liquid carbon
  12. Want to start I need help
  13. Aquatic plants .... terrestrial?
  14. good reactor/diffuser? for tank over 100g
  15. Fly magots
  16. HELPPPPPP my plants and fish are dying
  17. Nerite Snails
  18. Help me help her!
  19. RedSea Max
  20. Glosso a no-grow
  21. Water movement
  22. DIY CO2 Defuser
  23. Arcadia Overtank Luminaire Marine With T8 Lamps
  24. All Those Root—What About Them?
  25. Diy Co2
  26. Ian's 20Gal Journal
  27. Tank circulation problem
  28. I Found A Water Bug In My Shrimp Tank Is It Ok?
  29. Brazilian expedition to Pantanal
  30. Aquatic Moss
  31. Where to buy plants online?
  32. How to grow HC emersed?
  33. I'm thinking about setting my 120G up as a planted Discus tank
  34. Weird growth on glass
  35. Some CO2 realated questions
  36. Lower leafs of my Limnophila sessiliflora are turning brown
  37. What is the quickest way to bring down the PH in a large tank
  38. Good deal on discus?
  39. New to this all
  40. Anyone have shell dwellers?
  41. ****************
  42. Delta Smelt
  43. will these plants stay red under low light?
  44. Help picking deficiency..
  45. So here we go again! 92 Corner!
  46. My nana has flowered
  47. natural rock resources ???
  48. in die of help with aquascapeing
  49. Styrofoam under glass tank help level and eliminate stress points.
  50. need help to ID plants
  51. Plants lists ?
  52. Watercressfalls in the Sierra Buttes
  53. More Questions (sorry!)
  54. White film on water's surface?
  55. fertilizer and frogs
  56. Preparing Driftwood
  57. Bulb shattered over tank
  58. Needing advice on location of the tank
  59. The Aussie Dose!
  60. Need advice for which better foreground plants
  61. changing scapes and need some help
  62. Shrimp Vision
  63. Which plants would do well with these fish?
  64. Crossing Boesemani and Turquoise Rainbows?
  65. Best Way to start a tank
  66. DNA fingerprinting of mosses
  67. Need photos of nutrient deficiencies
  68. good pair
  69. Small cave dwelling/community fish
  70. backgrounds
  71. which are easier to breed? Platies or guppies
  72. buying fish
  73. Suggestion on Aquascaping
  74. Ok... I could use some "guidance"
  75. Price ranges?
  76. Apisto cacatoides triple red has fry!
  77. RCS and Seachem's Flourish
  78. UV Light for plant
  79. Anubia is blooming
  80. hornwort dying
  81. Aquatic or Terrestrial
  82. Ph Calibration Solution Expires?
  83. New Tank Time
  84. Low tech cooling for computer fan impaired
  85. ? re: Plantlets on fern leaves
  86. Aponogeton madagascariensis help
  87. Algae Starting - Now what?
  88. can i pleasE make this my signature?
  89. Can someone help me out?
  90. plant suggestions
  91. A few simple questions
  92. making my own driftwood
  93. Updated: Nice Wasabi Redwood bonsai, new look for an old tank
  94. easiest breeding fish for a 10g tank w/ 3 neon tetra
  95. Cutting Down for Time Being
  96. Newbie questions for converting a 120G reef to a planted tank.
  97. Can I use this Wood?
  98. How much did you pay?
  99. Good Canister media recipe for discus?
  100. misinformation on
  101. Setting up new 20 gallon--need advice!
  102. Tearing down a tank to start over?
  103. Corys and Sand
  104. getting rid of duckweed
  105. Aquatic Plants May Hold Key To Advancing Plant Disease Management
  106. plants pearling
  107. purigen and Chemi-pure
  108. What is the best book for a newbie for a planted aquarium?
  109. CAT... Lights in tank.
  110. Anyone here tried SW macro algae?
  111. Decaying leaves- with pics...
  112. HC growth problem
  113. How Big Are Baby Crystal Red Shrimp!
  114. Lighting my 40...
  115. Too much CO2 problem.
  116. how many dwarf puffers can i put in a 2.5 gallon
  117. Barr CO2 diffuser
  118. Aquarium and Pond Plants of the World, Edition 2.0
  119. New tank crashing
  120. Converting spent DIY CO2 solution into daphnia.............
  121. CRS and RCS farm
  122. Blackwater Biotope
  123. Where do I get a sponge filter?
  124. What's killing my snails?
  125. my guppy experience from petsmart
  126. Free fish to good home in LA
  127. CO2 and/or hard water
  128. Help me ID my Plants please...
  129. ammonia vs nitrate
  130. Aquascaping 101 (Basic design article)
  131. Snail Issue
  132. Eriocaulaceae sp type 2 question
  133. Beginner tips.
  134. Equilibrium by Seachem-
  135. the "free" 26g project
  136. mondo grass
  137. lost papers on hagen gh/kh kit...
  138. So what kind of moss is this?
  139. 10gal - how much light b4 CO2 needed?
  140. High PH? Help?
  141. Thanks
  142. I have fallen to clado.
  143. THE NEW BBS CLUB - Baby brine shrimp (nauplii) hatchery NEW PICS ADDED!
  144. Snail INVASION
  145. Buy manzanita advice
  146. carpet and flowers for low light
  147. Another silicone/seam question
  148. Changing over from reef - plan of attack?
  149. Aquaclear filter & powerhead placement ?
  150. need aquascaping advice
  151. Can CO2 titration drops go bad?
  152. What could have burned sword leaves in one night?
  153. Brand of superglue to use?
  154. PH Problems
  155. Java moss wall around filter intake
  156. How to push the growth "envelope"
  157. I am New in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia - HELP with Setup..
  158. Moss suggestions
  159. Snail Suggestion
  160. Melted Val's
  161. How tight to tie moss?
  162. Help Me, Might Be In Emergency
  163. my 2x 28 gallon tanks. worried about seals, need help
  164. Help!!!!
  165. ARGGGHHHH! Nerite snail eggs
  166. Best way to clean tank filled with sticky algae.
  167. Parasitic growth on plant
  168. Diatom problem
  169. Hospital/Quarantine tank
  170. recomendataion on a water cooler?
  171. tank height
  172. Link to fascinating article on fish hermaphrodites
  173. 29g Problem
  174. Please Help!!
  175. Discus Tank Ideas
  176. Help. WTK snails for good.
  177. Possible to have too MUCH light?
  178. My first planted tank
  179. Book pre-purchase info request
  180. New Discus!
  181. Suggestions for planting rosette plants with digging cichlids
  182. Worm-like object in tank?
  183. Borosilicate (Pyrex) instead of Starphire glass?
  184. How do you cut and translplant/propagate anubias nana?
  185. dwaf sag is dying
  186. CO2 reactor question???
  187. HC Advice
  188. Magnun 350 for 75gal
  189. Seeking advice on plants...
  190. For those who have followed my work, PLEASE help me!
  191. Can someone tell me what type of rock this is?
  192. funky pH problem
  193. Very Cloudy Water
  194. Quick plant ID? :)
  195. Whats eating my grassy plants?
  196. 150 gallon tank is Leaking...please help..picture inside.
  197. i would love to see some fish room pics
  198. LFS Going out of business
  199. New 10 and 20 setup
  200. Direct Sunlight
  201. What type of driftwood is this?
  202. Oops...I am sure I am not the only one
  203. LaMotto SMART Spectrophotometer?
  204. help decide on stock for 30g hex
  205. You know that chemical in pet food that killed dogs & cats?
  206. ADA tank plant, what is it? (pictures)
  207. Anyone used this chart to diagnose your fert?
  208. 150 gallon tank
  209. Center piece fish?
  210. How Many Quarts??
  211. Bubbles on surface
  212. Attaching fissidens
  213. Aquarium Plants Landscaping Tools
  214. Planning a fish/plant/frag auction?
  215. Anyone want to help out a newbie?
  216. Should blackouts be part of the schedule?
  217. clear glass substrate ??
  218. Lock-Tite Aquarium-safe silicon?
  219. critique my tank please!
  220. Glass Top vs. Open Top?
  221. Roots on plant tips?
  222. Best way to fertizlize WITHOUT water changes
  223. Moving/Upgrade -- Help, please!
  224. Help out a newb
  225. Im still Confused!
  226. Betta supplier?
  227. XP3 noise
  228. Fertilizer pre-mix problems.
  229. "Americana" Please advise on new tank planning
  230. Fresh water clams and crabs
  231. Splash guard -- neccesary?
  232. I'd like a 2nd opinion on my Dosing amount
  233. Little red wiggly worm ???
  234. DIY CO2 question
  235. The Hitchhiker thread
  236. Painting the back of the tank
  237. Time to dose?
  238. cherry root problems
  239. Newbie (hello) and questions.
  240. Moving. Need help from experienced people
  241. Library Project
  242. Still scratching my head trying to fugure this out
  243. Pond snails
  244. Marina Starter Kit
  245. 29 Gal Iwagumi Upgrade, looking for opinions!
  246. Light timing and switching?
  247. Driftwood question
  248. Oh, Brother, More Fry!
  249. WOAH! Hello new skin!!!
  250. ID this emmersed plant for me