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  1. Rocks in tank that alter chemistry of a planted tank
  2. Power Compact Bulbs FROM ebay?? WHO HAS....
  3. Neon killing 20 gal
  4. Types of Driftwood?
  5. Advice needed with Dwarf Hairgrass in first setup
  6. 240 Gallon Planted... Shell Dwellers?
  7. Venturi Port on Rena XP2
  8. Need some advice
  9. How to keep them rooted?
  10. Dr. Foster and Smith website codes, $5 off and 15% off
  11. Bogwood covered in algae - how do i remove?
  12. CO2 Diffusion
  13. Petco $1/gal sale
  14. Anybody want Driftwood? [PIC]
  15. Live Blackworms?
  16. 2007 AGA Aquascaping Contest Update
  17. Added CO2 Plants Dying?
  18. AGA Contest
  19. The planted tank that brakes all "rules' about keeping a planted tank..
  20. Seeking advice for my low light tank. Tell me what you think.
  21. What kind of Rocks are these? Pictures
  22. What to do? Start over?
  23. Mounting co2 reactor horizontal??
  24. How to prevent dwarf hairgrass from sending out runners??
  25. C02 ... how many of you turn off at night?
  26. Can someone please explain methods to diffuse C02?
  27. Help me plan for a new tank... 30g?
  28. Back here to PT and I'm Excited!
  29. Are all CO2 regulators usable for the aquarium?
  30. Magazines
  31. Please help ID plants found in pond
  32. Golden Pearls food? Need Help??
  33. whats everybodies opinion on running your co2 directly to your canister inlet
  34. Does water dechlorinator expire?
  35. Tank without a filter question...
  36. Weird City Water Fluke
  37. Moved from Water Parameters- Cycle complete now what?
  38. Drool Material (Large Tanks)
  39. Newbie Glosso qeustion ... how to plant & what ferts?
  40. Bulb question
  41. How loud can it be.....
  42. Good nitrate and phosphate tests; when to test
  43. Ludwigia troubles: need brain storming
  44. Examples of non CO2, no water column fertilization
  45. What fertilizer?
  46. How is my aquarium lighting?
  47. DI... do you really need it?
  48. Where to start
  49. I've read until i couldn't!
  50. trying my luck on planted aquaria
  51. $5 off $20 Petsmart coupon
  52. CO2 injected to Sump Output pump
  53. Floating plant suggestions...
  54. need advice on tank move
  55. HUGE tank photo documentary
  56. How to get rid red beard algae?
  57. Should I buy dry ferts?
  58. Question about PH controller
  59. CO2 and wet/dry filter
  60. PLant ID
  61. How to Bookmark Threads??
  62. Help!
  63. Java Moss Pricing
  64. Best place to buy inexpensive aquascaping tools?
  65. AquaSketch
  66. Im stupid
  67. Moths in Rimless/Topless Tanks
  68. Bog wood in a bag? What the....
  69. Excel
  70. New to the forum
  71. 75g What do you think?
  72. Fish Store Owner Starting First Planted Tank
  73. Plant ID Please
  74. 10 gallon tank
  75. Question about moving my fish in 65 gallon...
  76. newbie in planted tanks
  77. Enough co2?
  78. ADA 20 gallon tank or Seaclear 20 gallon acrylic??
  79. Moral dilemma
  80. How much would you pay for this???
  81. Planted saltwater tank
  82. Snail Trap
  83. does sandstones alter PH?
  84. Has anybody ordered from here?
  85. My new coloured snails and Cherry shrimp
  86. 55 gal. Customer Tank Recommendations
  87. Christmas moss and flourish Excel
  88. buy plants on line :(
  89. Recommendations for newbie foreground cover - Advice Please!
  90. Looking for 70 watt MH bulb
  91. Filmy CO2 scum on plants?
  92. where to buy drift wood... (Online)
  93. too much water current?
  94. First True Planted Tank
  95. Moving to the east coast
  96. Reef Tank vs. Planted Tank
  97. the hand syndrome a silent impulsive behavior!
  98. If u were in dire need of water
  99. To filter or not to filter?
  100. Hmmm, decisions on how to finish the top of my tank
  101. tank for photos? (Fish)
  102. Question for Purigen users
  103. Problem with Plants dying
  104. Online Plant vendor recos
  105. What does my Tank need??? (PICS)
  106. Is Peat worth using?
  107. NYC help
  108. my 20 gallon
  109. Cycled media
  110. Water Changes
  111. Can anyone recommend a good place to buy glosso?
  112. Can bleach dissolve BBA
  113. What filtration for plants-only tank?
  114. Regarding RO/DI & softwater shrimp?
  115. Big Enough For Bettas?
  116. oygenating plants
  117. How do you disinfect your plant?
  118. I think a PH problem..Please help
  119. Crypt melt question
  120. potted plants in your tanks
  121. algae eaters (plecos, sae...) and marimo moss balls
  122. Its Official!
  123. What can I grow with 40w and 29g?
  124. Goldfish-safe plants
  125. to snail or not to snail whats your opinion
  126. Quick question?
  127. setting up a low light tank.. please help
  128. lets see eco complete tanks
  129. Will my Vals recover?
  130. Is this article accurate?
  131. Do you use aquarium Software?
  132. Anyone had any experience with this wierd plant?
  133. growing HC with pebbles on top of substrate?
  134. What to do with unwanted clippings? sad to throw
  135. Algae Question
  136. 10g!!!! What should I do????
  137. does co2 lower or raise ph
  138. what media do you put in a canister filter for a planted tank
  139. whats better a wet/dry trickle filter or a canister filter for a planted tank
  140. Looking for Feedback--C02 Equipment page....
  141. Death Day
  142. C02 Red Sea Food Source: Sugar?
  143. a question abt my current lighting system
  144. German Blue Rams just spawned! What do I do?
  145. Anyone ever use this...
  146. Open air or glass versa tops?
  147. 29 gallon stocking question
  148. Hi new here
  149. How to kill anything
  150. Carbon Filter and Fertilizers
  151. What Liquid Fertilizer?
  152. what is the size!??? on a regulator nut?
  153. The future of planted tank Lighting?!
  154. Preparing driftwood: Soaking, Boiling, Baking, Super-glue, Plexiglass & Epoxy
  155. aqua soil question..
  156. do u ever cry when ur fish dies?
  157. whats ur fav fish
  158. Seeking advice on stocking a tank
  159. Help Nitirite!!!
  160. Bonsai tactics in planted tanks
  161. How to ship fish and plants
  162. Is it possible to plant too many plants at one time?
  163. Just started 120g planted tank
  164. plastic siding? Ok to remove?
  165. Plant Problems: Viens
  166. Starting a New 15G, Comments Needed
  167. Tiny white bug
  168. Dwarf puffer black sand
  169. New Setup 40g, help wanted
  170. Fish Abuse...
  171. Complete restart pouring bleach in the tank
  172. How to change a light bulb??
  173. Battle of the Canister Filters
  174. when did u guys start liking fish keeping hobby
  175. Moss expert needed
  176. Planning a 135 gallon
  177. What are your top 5 favorite plants?
  178. the basics
  179. stupid nano question
  180. hmm , i need to buy 2 centerpiece fish , help needed ,
  181. beginner needs help
  182. Has anyone heard of this plant??
  183. how to carpet dwarf riccia?
  184. Is this java fern healthy???
  185. can someone explain me please how exactly I use Christmas moss..
  186. First planted tank attempt
  187. CO2 or not? Very confused!
  188. Cutting Drift Wood
  189. Your preferred method for checking PH?
  190. lowering water hardness
  191. Moving a tank a short distance
  192. Help growing anachris
  193. what does an excel overdose look like!?!?!?!
  194. Cycling timeframe?
  195. Autofeeders
  196. Revamped Tank Plans: Going Hi-Tech
  197. Thinking about going straight to pressurized (damn this hobby)...
  198. My first 75g! What am I missing?
  199. new roots and black algae
  200. 3 bottle DIY rig
  201. Discus Breeders This is for you!!!!
  202. Moving 1 hr away; tank has shrimp fry
  203. First Tanks PICS!!
  204. Feeding Schedule.
  205. Drip system and plants?
  206. Dry Ferts
  207. Please critique this auto waterchanger design.
  208. how many wpg do u have in ur tank
  209. Coralife Aqualife Digital Timer?
  210. Java Moss Growing In One Loooong Strand
  211. Would You Dare...
  212. Does BLUE ICK medicine harm plants?
  213. Re-doing your tanks.
  214. Seachem Meridian Gray Coast Substrate okay for planted tank?
  215. Propagating Blyxa Japonica
  216. Starting a new 10 Gallon
  217. average prices of equipment in lfs
  218. average prices of equipment in lfs
  219. Featherrock experiences and opinions
  220. Controlling algae with light?
  221. Massive killing of EGGS
  222. Diagnosis Chart
  223. Flourite Dark
  224. planting tips needed
  225. LFS survey
  226. Possible new 24g Dwarf Puffer AquaPod setup questions
  227. Cheapest Preassurized Co2
  228. Black Flourite....
  229. Does the Gold Gourami eat plants?
  230. annuals vs. perennials
  231. To those who culture white worms....
  232. How Do You Cool Your Tank?
  233. Going to a collecting trip in Bay Area, Norcal
  234. Need macro lens
  235. filter media for AC70?
  236. Substitute for Sieryu Stone?
  237. Plant problem...
  238. Runner-growing swords renamed!
  239. Moving on up!
  240. Removing black plastic trim on a ten gallon?
  241. LIGHTING my 5.5 gallon tank suggestion
  242. Quick question . . .
  243. "Sera Florena". Used it? Heard of it?
  244. Algae on Hairgrass
  245. Plants or moss for low light that can be attached to driftwood?
  246. Have scissor fingers; will go CO2!
  247. Confused and heart broken
  248. temperate tank
  249. Planted Tank Chatroom
  250. Help, how do i find a dead fish???