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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Plants and guppies outgrowing tank, need pointers!
  2. 125g low tech stocking options
  3. Ada style stand for a 120cm tank
  4. 100% will never touch Seachem Fluorite again
  5. whats on your xmas list? :D
  6. Drop checker and CO2 levels
  7. inline co2 diffuser
  8. Life expectancy of a planted tank
  9. Struggling a little
  10. What are these and where do they come from?
  11. Potting soil without perlite?
  12. Pressure Issue In DIY CO2
  13. CO2 getting released from pressure relief valve
  14. Moved my filter pickup around.
  15. should I downsize?
  16. High tech setup
  17. Floating algae bits? Or something else?
  18. In need of help!
  19. Mangrove Brackish beach tank
  20. How often do you top off your aquarium?
  21. 20G High Planted Stocking Ideas
  22. Yellow sediment from Seachem products in RO water?
  23. purigen and tannins
  24. Fish less cycle complete?
  25. Kryples (Cripples) 60 gallon planted cube / 20 long builds.
  26. Worms in Substrate
  27. Help identify what this is
  28. Collected wood locally, can I use?
  29. Lightening Fast Fishless Cycle
  30. Is this enough filtration ?
  31. Can I use this wood?
  32. Want a sub 30 gallon for our masterbedroom
  33. Do experienced ppl use UV sterilizer?
  34. Day one (first planted tank) Ideas or advise wanted
  35. Mysterious Eggs
  36. Drs foster & Smith malaysian driftwood pics?
  37. Anybody cringe when they see this ?
  38. Tissue Culture- Do any of you do your own?
  39. New Planted Tank Set up
  40. Stand for 12 Gallon Long
  41. tiny non moving specks with a flagellum on glass and not only
  42. Little bugs?
  43. What is this?!
  44. New to Freshwater plant tanks
  45. Murky tank?
  46. water softener
  47. manzanita driftwood
  48. Replacing air used by plants at night?
  49. I think I screwed this up - NPT attempt
  50. Ordering from AFA / Horn vs Branch wood
  51. Glass top options (no seam?)
  52. Newbie questions
  53. 205g planted discus/community tank build
  54. What's your favorite Plant ? [emoji848]
  55. Is my live food contaminated?
  56. Old 50 new 55
  57. Moving Tips
  58. New tank Recs
  59. Planted vs. Artificial Tank - Fish Limit
  60. Cloudy Water, please help!
  61. drop checker - how much tank water to let in
  62. My 5.5 gal struggles
  63. Tank damaged in move, advice needed
  64. Damselfly naiad in tank
  65. Anyone know what this is?
  66. Day 1 of my new 60-gallon setup
  67. Strange sound from CO2 system
  68. New To Freshwater Tropical Fish and Wanting Advice on Lighting
  69. To background or not to background?
  70. Painting Tanks
  71. New to planted tanks, planting my 30g Tank
  72. The reason to use a QT!
  73. Unrelated question, didnt know where to post
  74. Help! Unknown creature in aquarium
  75. First Planted Tank; Help
  76. Cycling a new "planted" tank with Dr Tims
  77. need some help
  78. 75 Gallon Feed Back
  79. 36 Gallon ideas
  80. Pothos with shrimp
  81. Can I have a successful planted tank? photo period related.
  82. CO2 controller not engaging due to stable PH
  83. Out of the water moss
  84. CO2 and fish health / respiration?
  85. A Much Discussed Topic
  86. Flow question
  87. what are the pros and cons in maintaining bigger aquariums?
  88. Cherry Barbs and shrimp ?
  89. What is this??
  90. = liar; deception; misleading
  91. books
  92. Tank stuck to stand!
  93. New tank 72x24x30?
  94. New tank in Tucson looking for trimmings
  95. Anyone know a good place to buy seeds for an emerged setup?
  96. Cloudy Water? Causes?
  97. How do you top off?
  98. experimental Sump round 2
  99. CO2ART not tanking orders
  100. Starting new tank with dry start
  101. Fishless Cycle with dried shrimp(crushed)
  102. How to Hydrogen Peroxide Dip
  103. End cycle?
  104. Just because
  105. GH-6 KH-9 What does this mean ???? No clue
  106. XL Dream Awuarium
  107. Safe T Sorb question - cycling, adding plants, charging
  108. Phosphates and Potassium
  109. Planning to get back into the hobby, i have a few questions
  110. starting a new tank
  111. basic software to manage tanks
  112. How long until co2 is GONE ?
  113. Safe T Sorb charging
  114. Hello to the forum, new planted tank keeper here.
  115. Hi
  116. 40 gal breeder stand
  117. Biofilm in nano aqarium
  118. Dragon/ohko stone And Bettas?
  119. Curiosity
  120. Another Fishless cycle question
  121. Intake flow too high?
  122. UV Filter.... The unknown
  123. 75 gallon freshwater planted tank
  124. Betta rescue sad boy with fin rot
  125. What is this egg pouch thing?
  126. How much to run Wavemaker?
  127. Hardscape opinions
  128. Hitchhiker, What is it??
  129. How long can I leave my fish in a bucket?
  130. gel matrix for germinated seeds
  131. Purigen in High Tech Ei tank?
  132. What is happening here?
  133. Best Place for Wavemakers in a 55g?
  134. Oops, Mini-Cycle, what did i do?
  135. Oops, Mini-Cycle, what did i do?
  136. Unwritten Rules Of Nature Aquarium Style! Combining Bolbitis, Anubias and Trident!
  137. DIY DE "Diatomaceous Earth" filter. (Memoirs of a filter junkie)
  138. Fluval Cycle
  139. Cycling new tank
  140. filter for divided tank
  141. 2.5 Gallon Planted Aquarium Tips
  142. Need Direction
  143. Pls rate my tank (pointers are incurreged so is constructive criticism)
  144. 12 gallon long DSM questions
  145. Reef Forum?!
  146. Increase CO2 with Plant mass
  147. LFS Pet Peeves
  148. What are these things on my plant?
  149. I've tried everything and my shrimp are still not moving
  150. Making the switch to RODI
  151. Male Endlers as dither fish.
  152. How to get rid of detritus and fish poop.
  153. High Tech Water Cloudy until Lights on for an Hour?
  154. "No touch" dry start?
  155. New 14 gallon tall w/ male betta
  156. Fish First, Then Plants?
  157. Need help with fishless cycle
  158. NATURE scape
  159. Women's stocking for Purigen?
  160. Instant Cycleing a 55 with a 10 gallon
  161. Do rainbow fish eat Adult Shrimp( red cherry) ??
  162. Howdy Yall
  163. Neo co2 or diy co2?
  164. Struggling with my planted aquarium.
  165. Cleaning and wiping down tanks
  166. Can I put pods from a crepe myrtle in my tank safely?
  167. New 4ft planted tank setup
  168. Flow behind a background - some questions
  169. GLA CO2 System
  170. Can anyone tell me what these grey things in my tank are?
  171. Cholla Wood smell and white slime
  172. Cardinals think they are Rummy Nose Tetras
  173. Saltwater guy looking to try a freshwater planted tank
  174. New hobbyist looking for some help.
  175. 2.5 top fin aquaponics
  176. Has anyone used this Aquarium cooler before?
  177. Opinion needed on my plumbing design.
  178. Poison gas under the gravel?
  179. New 30 gallon tank
  180. Green Aqua Videos
  181. Aquascaping and Fish
  182. Siesta with CO2?
  183. Cat litter in 150 gallon tank.
  184. Away from home for about two weeks
  185. does anyone have a long and shallow tank?
  186. New Planted 20 Gal Advice
  187. will live plants survive in shipping?
  188. What are these worms and why are they in my tank?
  189. UV. Filter in planted tank?
  190. Can I put sea stones to fresh water tank?
  191. Short vs Tall tanks appearance
  192. Questions about my desk aquarium
  193. I can see eyes on my eggs
  194. Which Canister Filter should I get ?
  195. Help me pick a new tank
  196. Looking good!
  197. Aquariums and seams
  198. Acclimating Small Fish into CO2 tank?
  199. Chemical-like, rubber smell Anacharis?
  200. Insulating an aquarium
  201. advice for hard water stains inside aquarium :(
  202. Vendor Experience: Plant order from Bartohog
  203. Can Chlorine Be Airborne? Any Doctors, Chemists Or Biologists? :)
  204. sand technique @ devises for vacuuming
  205. Angel's 40 gallon tank
  206. Trying planted again, with tank upgrade on the horizon
  207. Injecting CO2.. pH has dropped .8, drop checker still deep blue?
  208. New planted aquarium question..
  209. Looking for a certian Sand.
  210. Is my tank recycling? Help!
  211. Live Food: Enchytraeus buchholzi
  212. Good price?
  213. lfs plant
  214. Help - new tank and stan
  215. Looking For Advice On My Upgraded Tank (and Getting Back Into The Hobby)
  216. best wood
  217. New guy could use some help
  218. First reseal attempt on a 240 gallon???
  219. Natural PH too low for CO2?
  220. Waterfall in the aquarium...
  221. Any idea what species this wood is?
  222. How to clean heavily calcified HOB filters
  223. Just introducing myself and my tanks
  224. 10 gallon planted
  225. 37 gal STS planted aquarium
  226. Online reliable seller wanted
  227. Best paint for aquarium trim?
  228. Japanese algae eating shrimp
  229. lava rock
  230. How do I prevent gas bubbles in soil substrate
  231. Internet thermometer for remote information
  232. U.s. Aquajournal subscription?
  233. Fungus ? How to get rid of it ?
  234. Tank maintenance question
  235. Cycling phase for a high tech tank
  236. New tank set up
  237. I have a dream - low tech with limited time.
  238. 10 gallon dilemma
  239. Shrimp Deaths and Copper Poisoning?
  240. Check out this tank at the Amazon home office
  241. Help with beginner questions
  242. First Planted Tank-37 Gallon
  243. Am I wasting my money with this setup?
  244. I went full idiot during my dry start. Help please?
  245. New/Beginner to Planted Tanks
  246. Massive Problem
  247. Shipping plants this time of year? heat?
  248. What is this stuff?
  249. My aquarium is dying
  250. Filter current too strong for Goldfish?