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  1. so a co-worker of mine bought a couple of super cute painted tetras for the aquarium.
  2. its kinda funny how i did freshwater this time to save a few bucks
  3. how big is my tank
  4. Essential supplies for the new planted aquarium owner?
  5. add co2 or leave alone
  6. South American Biotope Tips And Ideas...
  7. Recommended Canister Filter for Peat Tank?
  8. Is pine wood safe?
  9. Ideas (pictures!) wanted for Southeast Asia Biotope
  10. Local Found Driftwood
  11. Fluval 304 media for planted tank
  12. HC Tips
  13. hairgrass tip
  14. Please ID this red plant for me...
  15. Moving Bacteria
  16. Stocking Plan, 6.6 gal planted.
  17. white cloudy water
  18. Very good deals on Rena XP's
  19. Here Again
  20. What is this?
  21. Why is my KH getting higher?
  22. Too many malaysian livebearing snail
  23. Leeches!!
  24. Used Tank Questions
  25. Newbie Alert! Old salty!
  26. Another actinic/10K question
  27. Ich in planted tank, what to cure with?
  28. Important ?
  29. Hygrophila difformis
  30. Building a shelf in the Aquarium
  31. Ebay Buyers Beware...
  32. Difference between these two supplements?
  33. New member and new tank
  34. Introducing Myself!
  35. Macros & Micros: When should I start, what should I dose?
  36. fish health and nitrates
  37. 32gal tank
  38. Spider Webs in my tank
  39. oils everywhere
  40. Inhabitants for a 29g tank.
  41. CO2 Advice.
  42. Pfertz
  43. Digital pH meter
  44. Aquasoil Cleaning
  45. plant databse open to public
  46. Anyone ever owned a 55 Gal Bowfront?
  47. how can I prevent algae hitch hiking when moving plants?
  48. KH and RO/DI water top-off
  49. Poll: How do you treat ich?
  50. plant id
  51. Some advice needed for very low light tank with mixed substrate
  52. Hi, introducing myself
  53. pleco poo!!!!!!
  54. Aquasoil Clarity: My Documentation (56k death)
  55. Co2
  56. How long does it take to get rid of green water?
  57. Planted Tank at School
  58. Should I go by the chart or my drop checker
  59. pH swings
  60. Red Tiger Lotus questions...
  61. New to the planted aquarium community
  62. Where to buy this type of wood?
  63. Questions about Plantex Csm+B
  64. water change procedures
  65. scaping a 180 gallon tank
  66. Advices needed for 3ft Planted Tank
  67. Gauging interest in Olive Nerites
  68. Excel and Vals
  69. Your tank temperature, and why
  70. Need online source for Flourite Dark
  71. Yellowing Glossostigma
  72. When calculating watts per gallon...
  73. My gold rams are dying!
  74. Put A Lid On It?
  75. Confused - Could use some advise....
  76. Driftwood questions
  77. What happened?
  78. What do you think of this rockscape?
  79. Which aquascaper inspires you the most?
  80. Dumb question about driftwood
  81. What are the benefits of shrimp?
  82. is my lighting ok?
  83. Flourish Excel
  84. blue ram aggressiveness toward each other, normal?
  85. What is this?
  86. Advice Needed for New 55 Gal. Setup (56K)(long post but please help!)
  87. Mating Pic Dwarf Crayfish
  88. Can some expert help me ID this please???
  89. I Woke Up To This<-------------
  90. Tanganikans
  91. So...really dumb question.
  92. Metal halides for 120g
  93. Help / Advise needed
  94. 225 gallon introduction
  95. Looking for large planted Amazon style tanks - 200g+
  96. One thing after the other
  97. help me build my dream tank
  98. Mr.Amano feeds his altum angel (video)
  99. Flake Food Recommendations
  100. AGA 2007 - Top 15 Winners - Pictures! (Exclusive)
  101. Feeding fish
  102. Help me find tank pictures
  103. Dumping Co2 with only an Airstone. :(
  104. Using airstone in planted tank?
  105. 24" Amazon Sword Plant???
  106. New CO2 system HELP
  107. Peat Moss
  108. Acclimating fish to CO2 tank ... Near Tragedy Today!
  109. golden clams look bad
  110. little worms
  111. So I'm I doing the DC Wrong?
  112. Simply CANT grow glosso
  113. Noob needs help - "smoke" in water
  114. Last minute AGA Contest reminder!
  115. Recent update on Amano's big tank..
  116. Drop Checker Solution
  117. New method(?) to start up an algae free tank without any water changes or work(really
  118. What kind of algea is this?
  119. Catching fast, small fish in a big planted tank?
  120. Close call - CO2 dump
  121. Where to start
  122. Gouramis harrassing shrimp, normal?
  123. New Medication
  124. newbie Philippines
  125. New Medication
  126. New to Planted Tanks
  127. Echinodorus berteroi and Sagitteria in the San Joaquin
  128. what is this?
  129. what are my plants?
  130. Gah! Dead fish in my other tank...
  131. Calculation For Finding the Exact Amount of Aquasoil Your Tank Needs
  132. Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT vs. Nikon D40
  133. CO2 solution
  134. New 55 - What should I buy?
  135. When do you start and stop your CO2
  136. planting glosso
  137. Co2 question
  138. shrimps not eating?
  139. Anybody order from
  140. An exercise in Futility?
  141. If you're in college with a tank...
  142. What if I did not wash my Flourite?
  143. Algae pearling more than plants?? Check these pics
  144. electronic security gate related to fish death
  145. HELP It wont go away
  146. white wiggly worm
  147. It has finally begun!
  148. Quick CO2 Injection Question
  149. UV on a 10g
  150. Lighting for 240g
  151. Please see pics of my glosso ... should I remove?
  152. Dosing in new tank (newb ques.)
  153. How much substrate?
  154. New flourite photos?
  155. Snot grows in my PMDD
  156. New Planted tank Pt. 2
  157. I want to set up a small planted tank(help?)
  158. UPS??? How Big??
  159. new 29 gallon & I want to plant
  160. Removing phosphates
  161. (?) Creating realisitic streamlike current in river biotope
  162. need new 10 gallon filter now
  163. Excel Co2 system on ebay. Anyone have experience with these?
  164. 75 gallon, 4 months old (picture heavy)
  165. Algea Problem and Stumped.
  166. Rocks. Rock Identification!!!
  167. Buying Fish online/online breeders
  168. onion bulb receding
  169. disinfecting plants with H2O2
  170. How do YOU take pictures of your fish/plants
  171. Black Rasboras?
  172. Necrosis and Chlorosis
  173. DIY Co2 Solution
  174. milwaukee sms 122 and solenoid valve.
  175. SNails
  176. 55 gal. plant tank (NooB)
  177. connecting co2 line to venturi adapter for the return pump
  178. Drop checker question
  179. Best way to get rid of GSA?
  180. First Encounter with Algea!
  181. Bright algae problem
  182. New 55 gallon - Suggestions Help!
  183. Glosso runners growing vertically?
  184. Reality Bites
  185. Newbie Heater Question
  186. Are Angel fish less tollerant of co2?
  187. Introductions
  188. Film on my water's surface, help!
  189. Aquascaping Rock
  190. Shipping Fish/Shrimp/Plants overseas? Will they survive?
  191. Pre-planning for a complete newbie
  192. New fish gasping at top ... too much CO2?
  193. Newly rescaped 5.5 gallon
  194. Am I being too ambitious for a beginner?
  195. Anyone use styro insulation inside a tank?
  196. java fern
  197. D&T Aquarium Supplies.....?
  198. How long do UV Sterilizers take to work? Green Water Takeover!
  199. planting dwarf hair grass
  200. evaporation on large tanks (90g)
  201. algae spores
  202. Fast growing plant in high ph / high gh / high kh water?
  203. 24" long shoot on Radican Sword (Marbled Queen)
  204. Ive returned--
  205. PFK Aquascaping Contest
  206. Will oto's eat BBA?
  207. EI dosing in layman's terms
  208. What's the hot new plant?
  209. I will experiment with a 29 gallon (low tech) with no water changes
  210. What have you found living in your filter?
  211. Very soft water
  212. using DI water for planted tank
  213. Controlling Screw Vallisneria
  214. Where to go next......
  215. POWER HEAD in tank?
  216. Another manzanita question
  217. Stocking suggestion needed
  218. Replacing C. balansae with C. helferi?
  219. Feeder Snails
  220. Show me your Metal Halide tanks!
  221. Red Cabomba problem
  222. Want a Coralife Power Center but don't want to pay $30+? Here's one for $4...updated
  223. Canister Filters De-Gassing my water?
  224. optimal conditions for planted tank without fish?
  225. Moving 90gal/stand with substrate/water
  226. Aquascaping Layouts...
  227. Anyone ever do this or am I just a nerd
  228. CO2-a-phobia
  229. Acrylic Tank - cleaning
  230. CAPA - French planted tanks contest
  231. Anyone use grapewood in their aquarium?
  232. Rocks in tank, how much untill glass breaks
  233. Where do you purchased your hardscape?
  234. My 40g now has plants!
  235. Boiling Driftwood?
  236. Disaster w/ some changes not sure where to go.......
  237. Plants in our tanks, vs plants in the wild.
  238. Should I introduce shrimp?
  239. Gram scale
  240. Oxygen Bubbles
  241. Amazing product.
  242. Cool guess what I seen?
  243. Unusual Question: Pregancy & Planted Tanks
  244. Old school newbie-intro and Qs
  245. Which cube?
  246. Ice Cubed Doses
  247. What would you do with this? (photos)
  248. 5.5 Gallon Glass Project
  249. Temp over 84
  250. Algae Help