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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. UV on a 10g
  2. Lighting for 240g
  3. Please see pics of my glosso ... should I remove?
  4. Dosing in new tank (newb ques.)
  5. How much substrate?
  6. New flourite photos?
  7. Snot grows in my PMDD
  8. New Planted tank Pt. 2
  9. I want to set up a small planted tank(help?)
  10. UPS??? How Big??
  11. new 29 gallon & I want to plant
  12. Removing phosphates
  13. (?) Creating realisitic streamlike current in river biotope
  14. need new 10 gallon filter now
  15. Excel Co2 system on ebay. Anyone have experience with these?
  16. 75 gallon, 4 months old (picture heavy)
  17. Algea Problem and Stumped.
  18. Rocks. Rock Identification!!!
  19. Buying Fish online/online breeders
  20. onion bulb receding
  21. disinfecting plants with H2O2
  22. How do YOU take pictures of your fish/plants
  23. Black Rasboras?
  24. Necrosis and Chlorosis
  25. DIY Co2 Solution
  26. milwaukee sms 122 and solenoid valve.
  27. SNails
  28. 55 gal. plant tank (NooB)
  29. connecting co2 line to venturi adapter for the return pump
  30. Drop checker question
  31. Best way to get rid of GSA?
  32. First Encounter with Algea!
  33. Bright algae problem
  34. New 55 gallon - Suggestions Help!
  35. Glosso runners growing vertically?
  36. Reality Bites
  37. Newbie Heater Question
  38. Are Angel fish less tollerant of co2?
  39. Introductions
  40. Film on my water's surface, help!
  41. Aquascaping Rock
  42. Shipping Fish/Shrimp/Plants overseas? Will they survive?
  43. Pre-planning for a complete newbie
  44. New fish gasping at top ... too much CO2?
  45. Newly rescaped 5.5 gallon
  46. Am I being too ambitious for a beginner?
  47. Anyone use styro insulation inside a tank?
  48. java fern
  49. D&T Aquarium Supplies.....?
  50. How long do UV Sterilizers take to work? Green Water Takeover!
  51. planting dwarf hair grass
  52. evaporation on large tanks (90g)
  53. algae spores
  54. Fast growing plant in high ph / high gh / high kh water?
  55. 24" long shoot on Radican Sword (Marbled Queen)
  56. Ive returned--
  57. PFK Aquascaping Contest
  58. Will oto's eat BBA?
  59. EI dosing in layman's terms
  60. What's the hot new plant?
  61. I will experiment with a 29 gallon (low tech) with no water changes
  62. What have you found living in your filter?
  63. Very soft water
  64. using DI water for planted tank
  65. Controlling Screw Vallisneria
  66. Where to go next......
  67. POWER HEAD in tank?
  68. Another manzanita question
  69. Stocking suggestion needed
  70. Replacing C. balansae with C. helferi?
  71. Feeder Snails
  72. Show me your Metal Halide tanks!
  73. Red Cabomba problem
  74. Want a Coralife Power Center but don't want to pay $30+? Here's one for $4...updated
  75. Canister Filters De-Gassing my water?
  76. optimal conditions for planted tank without fish?
  77. Moving 90gal/stand with substrate/water
  78. Aquascaping Layouts...
  79. Anyone ever do this or am I just a nerd
  80. CO2-a-phobia
  81. Acrylic Tank - cleaning
  82. CAPA - French planted tanks contest
  83. Anyone use grapewood in their aquarium?
  84. Rocks in tank, how much untill glass breaks
  85. Where do you purchased your hardscape?
  86. My 40g now has plants!
  87. Boiling Driftwood?
  88. Disaster w/ some changes not sure where to go.......
  89. Plants in our tanks, vs plants in the wild.
  90. Should I introduce shrimp?
  91. Gram scale
  92. Oxygen Bubbles
  93. Amazing product.
  94. Cool guess what I seen?
  95. Unusual Question: Pregancy & Planted Tanks
  96. Old school newbie-intro and Qs
  97. Which cube?
  98. Ice Cubed Doses
  99. What would you do with this? (photos)
  100. 5.5 Gallon Glass Project
  101. Temp over 84
  102. Algae Help
  103. Types of Mosses: I need to be schooled!
  104. With heavy planting and very low stocking, how to cycle?
  105. I woke up to my worst nightmare.
  106. Advice on wattage for BIG tank ... advice please
  107. Carbon in Filter
  108. 1st timer planted tank
  109. Plenum In Planted Tanks
  110. How do you securely attach driftwood to flat rock (e.g. slate)?
  111. What to do with a 20g at my school
  112. Question about CSM+B dosing
  113. How to net a fish in a planted tank??
  114. Snails Snails Snails!
  115. Dosing Calcium and Magnesium
  116. Moss or Algae?
  117. Noxious and Invasive Weeds and Disposal
  118. Giant Hygro turns red???
  119. c02 System help please!
  120. Question about CO2/aeration
  121. when and how do you trim?
  122. Please help me, i'm new!
  123. Drip system and chlorine?
  124. When is the best time to dose?
  125. How much does your tank hurt your power bill?
  126. Holes in Java Fern
  127. trials and tribulations
  128. Anyone know if this will hold a 20gal long or 30 breeder?
  129. Moss Wall Question
  130. AGA 2007 aquascaping contest
  131. Driftwood ID?
  132. substrate calculator
  133. From African's to Planted
  134. Glosso growing tall...
  135. Too much Co2.....
  136. How many of you give your plants a siesta?
  137. how long does it take Moss to attach to the wood??
  138. How much to fill a 125?
  139. Hydra
  140. Mystery Snails
  141. Excel worked!
  142. washing hardscape taking from out....
  143. need some help with switching co2
  144. What is this plant doing?
  145. 240G... ready for aquascaping..
  146. how to clean rocks?
  147. NLS Q&A forum.
  148. Newbie planters, can you help us?
  149. Great deals on NLS fish food.
  150. Suggestions for layout
  151. My dog ate my fish food..
  152. Rocks in tank that alter chemistry of a planted tank
  153. Power Compact Bulbs FROM ebay?? WHO HAS....
  154. Neon killing 20 gal
  155. Types of Driftwood?
  156. Advice needed with Dwarf Hairgrass in first setup
  157. 240 Gallon Planted... Shell Dwellers?
  158. Venturi Port on Rena XP2
  159. Need some advice
  160. How to keep them rooted?
  161. Dr. Foster and Smith website codes, $5 off and 15% off
  162. Bogwood covered in algae - how do i remove?
  163. CO2 Diffusion
  164. Petco $1/gal sale
  165. Anybody want Driftwood? [PIC]
  166. Live Blackworms?
  167. 2007 AGA Aquascaping Contest Update
  168. Added CO2 Plants Dying?
  169. AGA Contest
  170. The planted tank that brakes all "rules' about keeping a planted tank..
  171. Seeking advice for my low light tank. Tell me what you think.
  172. What kind of Rocks are these? Pictures
  173. What to do? Start over?
  174. Mounting co2 reactor horizontal??
  175. How to prevent dwarf hairgrass from sending out runners??
  176. C02 ... how many of you turn off at night?
  177. Can someone please explain methods to diffuse C02?
  178. Help me plan for a new tank... 30g?
  179. Back here to PT and I'm Excited!
  180. Are all CO2 regulators usable for the aquarium?
  181. Magazines
  182. Please help ID plants found in pond
  183. Golden Pearls food? Need Help??
  184. whats everybodies opinion on running your co2 directly to your canister inlet
  185. Does water dechlorinator expire?
  186. Tank without a filter question...
  187. Weird City Water Fluke
  188. Moved from Water Parameters- Cycle complete now what?
  189. Drool Material (Large Tanks)
  190. Newbie Glosso qeustion ... how to plant & what ferts?
  191. Bulb question
  192. How loud can it be.....
  193. Good nitrate and phosphate tests; when to test
  194. Ludwigia troubles: need brain storming
  195. Examples of non CO2, no water column fertilization
  196. What fertilizer?
  197. How is my aquarium lighting?
  198. DI... do you really need it?
  199. Where to start
  200. I've read until i couldn't!
  201. trying my luck on planted aquaria
  202. $5 off $20 Petsmart coupon
  203. CO2 injected to Sump Output pump
  204. Floating plant suggestions...
  205. need advice on tank move
  206. HUGE tank photo documentary
  207. How to get rid red beard algae?
  208. Should I buy dry ferts?
  209. Question about PH controller
  210. CO2 and wet/dry filter
  211. PLant ID
  212. How to Bookmark Threads??
  213. Help!
  214. Java Moss Pricing
  215. Best place to buy inexpensive aquascaping tools?
  216. AquaSketch
  217. Im stupid
  218. Moths in Rimless/Topless Tanks
  219. Bog wood in a bag? What the....
  220. Excel
  221. New to the forum
  222. 75g What do you think?
  223. Fish Store Owner Starting First Planted Tank
  224. Plant ID Please
  225. 10 gallon tank
  226. Question about moving my fish in 65 gallon...
  227. newbie in planted tanks
  228. Enough co2?
  229. ADA 20 gallon tank or Seaclear 20 gallon acrylic??
  230. Moral dilemma
  231. How much would you pay for this???
  232. Planted saltwater tank
  233. Snail Trap
  234. does sandstones alter PH?
  235. Has anybody ordered from here?
  236. My new coloured snails and Cherry shrimp
  237. 55 gal. Customer Tank Recommendations
  238. Christmas moss and flourish Excel
  239. buy plants on line :(
  240. Recommendations for newbie foreground cover - Advice Please!
  241. Looking for 70 watt MH bulb
  242. Filmy CO2 scum on plants?
  243. where to buy drift wood... (Online)
  244. too much water current?
  245. First True Planted Tank
  246. Moving to the east coast
  247. Reef Tank vs. Planted Tank
  248. the hand syndrome a silent impulsive behavior!
  249. If u were in dire need of water
  250. To filter or not to filter?