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  1. planted tank+dead fish= snails? help!
  2. Java Fern Attachment method?
  3. How much purigen for a 24g tank?
  4. What type of snail?
  5. What is the best way to lower PH?
  6. Should I keep a planted tank in my dorm room?
  7. New to the Game
  8. Are you supposed to fertilize substrate too if you use EI method?
  9. Best lighting options
  10. Can I change the diamter of my filter tubing?
  11. Aquascaping a mountain
  12. My tank, thanks the advice found here!
  13. okay to flush plants down toilet?
  14. Sinking driftwood poll
  15. Who uses a Diatom filter and which one?
  16. What is happening here??
  17. Using sulfuric acid??
  18. what plants to start with?
  19. such a thing as too many snails?
  20. Dechlor.. Do we need it?
  21. Carbon... Is it worth it?
  22. My 24g Aquapod is too loud, will this fan work in it?
  23. invastive aquatic plants in california
  24. help!! fish have Ich
  25. driftwood
  26. How old is your Display?
  27. something i eating my plants
  28. My local club rocks - I gotta brag!
  29. Anybody From Georgia?
  30. Help with Algae while growing HC emerssed
  31. Will peacock moss grow in a discus tank?
  32. angelicus loach (polka dot loach) sick?
  33. Setting up first planted tank... few questions.
  34. Starting over...need advice
  35. Identify this plant
  36. What is this?
  37. filter media?
  38. Worried about possible (biological) contamination in play sand
  39. Hello All! - advice on tank design please!
  40. CO2 confusion: still not enough but one fish stressing anyway!
  41. 5.5 Gallon sugestions
  42. CO2 reactor works so good it killed my fish!
  43. Very simple planted tank setup.. need help
  44. first planted tank
  45. How to open the Eheim 2213 without it overflowing
  46. Barcalaya Longfolia?
  47. What's that Seachem stuff you treat driftwood with?
  48. Ready to swap out my glosso carpet for another foreground ... suggestions?
  49. Need help on Setting up a new tank
  50. Starting up a 20G - questions before planting UPDATED 1/22/08
  51. Need some colour
  52. tip: how to clean ceramic disk diffuser w/o removing it from the water
  53. A few basic questions about plants
  54. Slow Gossostigma Growth
  55. Aquascaping 101 - Jungle Fever (pic)
  56. Have green algae gorwn on my plants, is this normal?
  57. DIY reactor makes tons of small CO2 bubbles
  58. Opinion on filter: tough choice
  59. Removing the bracing on a 10 gallon.
  60. Advice on Aquascaping a New Setup
  61. Need immediate help! Solenoid just failed open - what else can go wrong!!!
  62. dosing CSM plantex ferts
  63. Simulating a Botanical Gardens aquascape?
  64. Best planted tank tools and accessories?
  65. 24g Aquapod filter plate suggestions?
  66. Varying growth on the same species stem plants.
  67. Biotope Tank - Rio Guapo Venezuela.
  68. Cheap Halide Bulbs
  69. how long does ur co2 gas last
  70. aquarium problems...
  71. Looking ag AGA Aquascaping Contest entries - do they ALWAYS look so nice???
  72. Driftwood question ?
  73. New tanks need to be cycled for plants?
  74. help! fish freezing!
  75. how many fishies u put in ur tanks?
  76. Uv
  77. keeping dwarf cichlids together in a 20g
  78. i was discuss or i need 2 showcase fishies
  79. How much can a floor hold.
  80. fresh water clams
  81. what is this things ?
  82. Arizona Gardens ( = Liars!
  83. How does Dechlorinator work?
  84. Eco Complete/ADA Aquasoil/Flourite: basic comparison
  85. Moss/algae question
  86. How often to trim/replace Glosso? Advice Please!
  87. List of non-aquatic plant species
  88. I am going to start a high light 20 gallon-please help(esp with Rex Grigg ferts)
  89. regulator, low end PSI question.
  90. Snails back from the dead????
  91. My grandpa got me got me cannon powershot a720 IS
  92. Recovering from the ice storm
  93. Redsea bubble counter cracked.
  94. Ph
  95. Undergravel filter and planted tank
  96. Aquarium Salts
  97. Safegaurding a tank for a vacation
  98. My 3x Diy Co2 System Nearly Exploded!
  99. Help with 150 extra high stocking...NEW PICS
  100. disinfecting plants with bleach
  101. plant problems!!!
  102. eheim pr0 2 2026 or 2028
  103. is this worth it
  104. Anyone made soda/pop with their pressurised CO2 setup?
  105. Zero Edge
  106. tank sizes
  107. natalensis snails
  108. How does it all work together???
  109. aqua botanic driftwood
  110. I'm getting real close
  111. Co2 help
  112. Please can somebody help me with my questions?
  113. poll: what pod/cube style tank is best
  114. Light Quality - It's all true...
  115. Newbie with Ambula issues.... help requested
  116. Disintegrating Plants
  117. Pictures with no sign of filter/heater/powerhead?
  118. Can you I.D. this stuff?
  119. how many stems to plant in one hole?
  120. i have green water, HELLLPPP!
  121. Can you recommend some good books on planted aquariums?
  122. replacing substrate in a planted tank
  123. How many watts on a 20g?
  124. Please help with ideas to reduce algae over the holidays
  125. Bugs!?
  126. Hagen CO2 questions
  127. Check my math please
  128. Glass diffuser or Co2 Reactor deffuser?
  129. Feeling overwhelmed and in need of support
  130. use for dead plants?
  131. Help! Dying plants!
  132. substrate fertz?
  133. Hagen CO2 or Red Sea Turbo Bio System?
  134. Some questions....
  135. Question for the Moss Masters
  136. new person questions
  137. Need some advice after 2 months... (1 pic)
  138. volcano airstone vs. ceramic stick?
  139. flying fox
  140. Low-light tank questions
  141. Safe wood or not?
  142. New setup . . .
  143. few more questions from new guy
  144. Is it just me or does doing a WC really suck!
  145. New Guy
  146. Ideas for long shallow planted tank?
  147. Is the Aquapod a fire hazard?
  148. 75 gallon - how many BPS
  149. 24g Aquapod planted
  150. Fert question
  151. i need help for a 65 gallon setup
  152. New tank plan - lots of questions - please comment
  153. Anybody heard of florida waffle plant before?
  154. Help decontaminating equipment
  155. How many watts per gallon?
  156. 72g needing advice on how im doing
  157. Shipping Plants
  158. Algea?
  159. keeping floating plants in one spot.
  160. Which filter media for a 24g aquapod?
  161. Enough co2?
  162. CO2 lost?
  163. Can you help? plant's for a rescape.
  164. Bottom drill for Filter inlet aquascape
  165. Are 3x 2 litre DIY CO2 bottles enough for a 55g?
  166. betta question.
  167. Nano Co2 Question
  168. Can you ID this deficiency?
  169. my fishies know when its dinner time
  170. stupid powerhead diffusion question
  171. "Mystery Snail"
  172. "different" kind of pearling?
  173. Opinion on my tank plz.
  174. My First Post
  175. Is this Seiryu Stone??
  176. what other plants?
  177. I think you guys may have saved me from a fire!!!
  178. Cloudy water help?
  179. aquacontroller jr for ph/c02
  180. Zebra Rock
  181. I got wood
  182. What water to use?
  183. Plants are dirty, help!
  184. Plant photos
  185. horrible times what do i do
  186. Do I need flow in my tank???
  187. Picking sick fish...
  188. Seiryu Stone?
  189. couple questions
  190. Looking for WHITE rock for my 12g
  191. Inconsistant CO2 ???
  192. Best place to get rocks for aquascaping
  193. German ram tank
  194. Homemade pots in tanks
  195. Plant shipment just arrived!!!!!!!!!
  196. A tree in an aquarium.
  197. How long does it take - impatient!
  198. Rimless Aquarium Sizes
  199. help! - should I have a digital timer to prevent fish death?
  200. List of rimless starphire tank builders?
  201. Do you need an airstone?
  202. Diatom Powder & Magnum H.O.T. - how long to run?
  203. Need cleanup crew for 2 month old 90 gallon
  204. hi folx!...very new to hobby
  205. using purigen
  206. CO2 tank
  207. Hello im new to the forum.
  208. New guy here
  209. How To Slow Return Water Flow Down?
  210. Just wanted to introduce myself
  211. CO2 2nd. will this work?
  212. It can't be, can it?!?!
  213. Hello Everyone!
  214. 4wpg
  215. Will this CO2 system work??
  216. Injecting co2 through closed loop
  217. What a fun week!
  218. my new 72 gallon pic
  219. stain for hood
  220. Another newbie
  221. Can pH affect cycling?
  222. Blue Ram and my HC
  223. cloudy water all of a sudden
  224. New member, Question and, what I have.
  225. Is it true?
  226. reestablished
  227. Roots of plants rotting
  228. Eco-Complete increasing pH??
  229. Swap N Shop Tank
  230. Substrate
  231. A Good Catch?
  232. Masive Rotala planting
  233. Newbie with a discount at Petsmart
  234. Controlling growth of dwarf hairgrass
  235. Timing of filter cleaning
  236. New to planted tanks
  237. Remove wood rim?
  238. Breeding fish for profit?
  239. A good 48" tank size?
  240. help please
  241. Free 50 ml conical flasks at (some?) Home Depot(s)
  242. Getting plants to grow with a under gravel filter system and controlling brown algae!
  243. My 45g Hex
  244. so what presents ull be getting for ur fishies?
  245. can you give too much co2 plant only tank
  246. Boiling driftwood
  247. Help with stocking tank, please.
  248. Things to think about with a 210g planted tank...
  249. lighting q
  250. yellowing of leaves around edges. Iron?