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  1. What the %&$* is THIS???
  2. difference between pH and ORP monitors
  3. Cycling the Tank
  4. 55g Diary, a lesson in impatience and poor planning
  5. Co2
  6. Re planted 75g
  7. filth issues
  8. Frustration
  9. Removing bolbitis
  10. What size tank?
  11. anyone ever seen this?
  12. Plant ID needed please?
  13. New growth on top, dead lower leaves.
  14. How do you trim HC ?
  15. What do you use to raise KH, Sodium Bicarbonate(baking soda) or Potassium Bicarbonate
  16. CO2 diffusion through filters???
  17. Is Seachem Purigen compatible with PimaFix & MelaFix?
  18. Will Seachem Renew help with odor or water clarity?
  19. co2?
  20. CO2 for large tanks
  21. Hobby switching
  22. Help! Something went wrong and I don't know what.
  23. 75G Discus tank
  24. calcium
  25. what type of bulb in a desk lamp
  26. Where to purchase heat packs locally
  27. What's In Trace?
  28. I need a little help here...
  29. 48 Gallon Pics
  30. Will 2 nano diffusors be enough?
  31. This is my tank...
  32. gas exchange at water surface?
  33. Tank Concept
  34. This looks kinda weird
  35. Ever had a tank leak?
  36. taking indian fern cuttings
  37. MFK Dream Tanks
  38. aqauascaping
  39. Ribbonwood Driftwood
  40. Using a python?
  41. ID this plant
  42. Online fish sources
  43. 75G suggestions
  44. Learned my lesson the hard way...
  45. Help! What is this stuff in my Aquasoil??
  46. Can anyone vouch on perfecto stand quality and specs PLEASE?!
  47. Black soil
  48. 55 Gallon Setup, Questions Lights+CO2
  49. Starting first planted tank
  50. Question for you guys!
  51. HELP! i'm starting my first aquarium.
  52. Pink Water
  53. Deal or no deal?
  54. decisions...descisions...
  55. Vinegar and Microworm cultures question.
  56. How to deal with dead leaves?
  57. Help, quick!!!!!!!!!!!
  58. Stowaway plants
  59. Planned 70 Gallon Tall Rimless Setup
  60. can i go DIY CO2 with 130 watts on 29 gal.?
  61. 30" x 18" stand for ADA 75p? Are they even made?
  62. Name Brand PC Bulbs v. No Name Brands
  63. Where to get 7800K square pin 65W PCs
  64. Moving to Dallas. Need guidance.
  65. Helping my son with a science project.
  66. Need Help with my first planted tank
  67. what would work best? suggestions needed please
  68. Are both of these T5's?
  69. CO2 Setup ???
  70. Amazon Swords
  71. Good plants for discus tanks
  72. Some cool pics and a pleco ?
  73. Substrate divider
  74. Dry Fertilizer sources
  75. The things we find in our tanks - Suprises....
  76. Amazon Sword Babies Question.
  77. Newly Setup 10 Gallon
  78. Very unusual aquarium setup...
  79. Low pH with Aquasoil
  80. awnsers please?
  81. 16 Gallon High Light Tank, Am I going The Right Way?
  82. recipe for bleaching ADA Pollen Glass
  83. It had to happen: yeast in tank
  84. Does all-glass exist anymore
  85. Calling any structural aquarium guru's.
  86. Help for my plants
  87. New online/ebay seller?
  88. I want to set up a dwarf puffer tank. Need advise.
  89. should I start this diy setup
  90. fishy smell
  91. rams angry?
  92. Power Glo?
  93. When good aquariums go bad
  94. my water prams and co2 reading
  95. what fish should I get
  96. RO water??
  97. Ich remedies
  98. Feedback requested on my outdoor planted tank
  99. switching filters
  100. green water
  101. Epic Fail Weekend
  102. Fluval 404 clean
  103. AC 110 to an AC 30?
  104. dosing question
  105. Hemianthus Callitrichoides
  106. What do they see that I don't?
  107. Are there any harmful effects of OD'ing in fishless tank?
  108. Who has done professional tank setup and maintenance?
  109. Tank Plans
  110. help needed with co2
  111. purigen
  112. x-mas list watch
  113. wats ur setup and review on setup for noobs
  114. co2 emergency(updated)
  115. CO2 harmful to fish...possible brain damage
  116. help with snail ID
  117. possibly moosquito larvae in my tank
  118. Planted Discus tank suggestions wanted
  119. Changing from gravel to Eco-Complete
  120. My three lightning choices for my 90 gal...
  121. White Worms?
  122. Suggestions?
  123. Old Bio-Wheel to jump start cycle
  124. Is this flame moss?
  125. Once flourishing, now vanished
  126. Iiiii'mmmmmm Baaaaackkk
  127. Stupid question
  128. Hello, The Planted Tank!
  129. Rainbows: differences between Celebes and Furcata?
  130. whats better?
  131. New to Plants but not to Aquariums
  132. Need Help!
  133. can you trim etennelus
  134. Born2lovefish - free up your inbox
  135. What's the pupose of a water change in a planted tank
  136. I just can't do plants !! (incl piccies)
  137. Planted Tank Noob....
  138. Good books?
  139. Getting out of the co2 business...
  140. Are spixi snails preditory?
  141. orderd plants from aquadise on the 30th....
  142. Floating snails?!
  143. Do I need a heater in a shrimp tank
  144. Pickling Salt in Planted Tank
  145. Is this Willow moss, or?
  146. large fish question
  147. EI question
  148. Galvanized Screws in Planted Tank
  149. Strange critters on glass.
  150. carbon spilled all into my tank on my substrate
  151. 3.1 wpg enough in 75cm?
  152. redwood in aquariums?
  153. Hair Algae Troubles
  154. Hello all, what do you think, good start?
  155. So I just got $4800 CDN for doing nothing...
  156. Approaching my 3,000th post - So what have I learned?
  157. Got plants from Aquadise do i have to remove foam and weights thats on roots
  158. What is this bug????
  159. plants and where to buy them from.(uk)
  160. Just got my dry ferts today.
  161. Planted BiOrb?
  162. Converting an established aquarium to planted
  163. Having a Hard Time with Water Chemistry
  164. Aquadise gone?
  165. Dosing, test kits, algae, plant growth, and more.........
  166. Paludariums
  167. Hagen ladder bubbles not shrinking?
  168. Is this anygood?
  169. Do I have what I need to try again?
  170. best algae eaters for an anubias tank
  171. Hard to kill moss?
  172. Need help with ich!
  173. Limpets? Help
  174. My 10 gallon heavily planted tank with PICS and VIDEOS!
  175. Traditional Dutch Plant aquariums
  176. Snails......from nowhere?!
  177. co2 amounts
  178. Vote for for nice work and service
  179. Cyperus Helferi vs Vallisneria nana
  180. co2 levels
  181. What are your opinions on Liquid Gravel Vac
  182. What plant is this?
  183. Amazon Sword and a pH of 7.3
  184. Planted Chiclid Tank
  185. Flame moss questions
  186. Where to buy plant food/ferts
  187. My first serious planted tank.
  188. Confused, CO2/Liquid Ferts
  189. clear white slime!
  190. My good fortune.......
  191. Taking Off Rims
  192. pressurized co2
  193. Are the AGA Results posted yet?
  194. Need some advice...
  195. HELP!!! sump and co2 ?
  196. Emergency!!
  197. Preparing Driftwood (Questions)
  198. What do you guys use in you filters? Canister/HOB/Etc...
  199. Duckweed Solution
  200. Source for ferts (a la Greg Watson)
  201. dry ferts in uk
  202. help!!! german rams need help!!!
  203. What light bulbs for a 90 gallon tank???
  204. Best Aquarium Size (Informal Poll)
  205. Is RO water necessary?
  206. How many fish?
  207. Hardy Plants & Ordering Online
  208. BAD RO Water
  209. measuring co2
  210. co2 or eco complete
  211. moneywort melting
  212. Help with Filter material?
  213. First Post, looking for general advise
  214. I wanted more to my planted tank
  215. How do I "plumb" a reactor into a fluval?
  216. Your opinions needed please
  217. Help needed regarding heat packs for shipping
  218. new tank
  219. co2 reactor (kind of)
  220. Suggestions on new plants?
  221. How much to dose (Seachem phosphates)
  222. Product that claims to remove BGA!
  223. Time to Get serious with 10G: Need Help
  224. If you got this tank what would you do with it?
  225. yamato shrimps in cichild tank?
  226. Introducing Myself
  227. Reconstituting r/o water
  228. Heater Question
  229. Algae Research Database
  230. Algea eater for cichlid tank
  231. Bigger tank
  232. Questions on a Java Fern Wall
  233. New tank Questions
  234. Overkill? xP3 on 29g...
  235. Mysterious white blob on airstone
  236. Normal KH drop?
  237. Filter Size
  238. "The Art of the Planted Aquarium" international Championship 2008 (live)
  239. new 75g setup, need some advice
  240. is this filter good for a big tank?
  241. Penguin 330 Biowheel in a Planted Tank
  242. Tiger Lotus and other plants
  243. Kent Aquadose dimensions
  244. Black Flourite and Magnum 350= cloudy
  245. plants or water...
  246. Too much light, how to counteract? Algea Problems
  247. Do I have enough lights for my tank?
  248. Low o2 at night
  249. How to clean water barrel
  250. Help with restarting 75gl please