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  1. Mysterious white blob on airstone
  2. Normal KH drop?
  3. Filter Size
  4. "The Art of the Planted Aquarium" international Championship 2008 (live)
  5. new 75g setup, need some advice
  6. is this filter good for a big tank?
  7. Penguin 330 Biowheel in a Planted Tank
  8. Tiger Lotus and other plants
  9. Kent Aquadose dimensions
  10. Black Flourite and Magnum 350= cloudy
  11. plants or water...
  12. Too much light, how to counteract? Algea Problems
  13. Do I have enough lights for my tank?
  14. Low o2 at night
  15. How to clean water barrel
  16. Help with restarting 75gl please
  17. A newcomer seeking advice
  18. rinsing substrate?
  19. Questions on Overflows, cleaning, and more.
  20. Gravel Vaccing (new) water into a tank after a water change?
  21. Algae growing on the glass
  22. Adding *small booster* inline pump to Cannister filter line
  23. Ferts, Excel and cycle
  24. Removing top trim on a 29g?
  25. What deficiency causes this?
  26. help
  27. Drop Checker Solution
  28. Tropica plant nutririon ( TMG)
  29. Water lettuce dying in terrarium
  30. Bio-Chem Zorb or Activated carbon?
  31. upgrade from 75 to 90?
  32. Soaking Wood Smells Like Sulfer??
  33. Cross border shipping
  34. Wanting help with Eheim 2227
  35. plants plants plants...where from!!!
  36. Newbee just filled the tank with H20...
  37. Brown Bush Algae Help
  38. Paint in water
  39. Re-cycling?
  40. Will my tank re-cycle?
  41. nitrate and nitrite spike!
  42. Online plant sellers
  43. New Pics! - of my 20 gallon PlantedTank... slight algae problems
  44. Help me plan my 75 Gallon...
  45. help uploading a picture - nevermind -
  46. Aquatic Gardeners Association?
  47. Question about Bubble counter..
  48. What type of plant/plants?
  49. Earthquake preparedness for tanks--anyone bother?
  50. Surface oil or something??
  51. Shrimp Escapes!
  52. What animal for an emergent bowl?
  53. difference in bubble count
  54. Fert dosing method
  55. need help...want to start a planted tank...
  56. If You Had A Choice...
  57. What do baby Malaysian Trumpet Snails look like?
  58. Lighting 2 watt per gallon rule
  59. Drop Checker....
  60. Is stuff cheaper on the west coast?
  61. C02 oddities
  62. noob here, first planted tank. HELP!
  63. How many gallons is a 48-24-24 tank?
  64. Vallisneria types and sizes
  65. When to add algae eaters
  66. dosing iron
  67. livebearer proof plant
  68. Stocking
  69. I can't believe it, they're PEARLING! And CO2 is confusing me...
  70. JBJ Regulator
  71. 6,500k vs. 6,700k
  72. What are these snails? Need to get rid of.
  73. Tying back plants
  74. Problem diffusing Co2 into 450ltr tank.
  75. trimming hairgrass
  76. Help with Nutrient Deficiency: Leaves on Stems w/ holes
  77. Help with wood
  78. Planted Adventure
  79. 12 gal Eclipse-plant suggestions?
  80. Second try at raising Discus fry, much better than the first.
  81. New 29g! Hairgrass? Microsword? Lighting?
  82. Set up my new 55, but no good pics
  83. H.o.b. Ok??
  84. mopani wood
  85. I converted my Full-blown Reef Tank to a Planted Tank! (pics)
  86. Exactly How Big Is Infusoria?
  87. aqua soil help
  88. Have I Cycled?
  89. 55 Gal. Journal (56K - Updated pics 3-12-08)
  90. How to ship fish and cultures?
  91. Cloudy tap water...
  92. RCS and CO2
  93. best canister filter for 120g tank
  94. Driftwood problem
  95. Planted Tank: Great to not-so-great
  96. Opaque Film ??
  97. Bricks????
  98. Anyone Bought driftwood here?
  99. HELP! algae everywhere mmm...
  100. Grapevine??
  101. Stablizing CO2 Level
  102. New member introduction
  103. Crazy aquarium ideas.
  104. Microbubbles
  105. Whats the trick to keep suction cups sucked?
  106. What is this "excel" you speak of?
  107. so a co-worker of mine bought a couple of super cute painted tetras for the aquarium.
  108. its kinda funny how i did freshwater this time to save a few bucks
  109. how big is my tank
  110. Essential supplies for the new planted aquarium owner?
  111. add co2 or leave alone
  112. South American Biotope Tips And Ideas...
  113. Recommended Canister Filter for Peat Tank?
  114. Is pine wood safe?
  115. Ideas (pictures!) wanted for Southeast Asia Biotope
  116. Local Found Driftwood
  117. Fluval 304 media for planted tank
  118. HC Tips
  119. hairgrass tip
  120. Please ID this red plant for me...
  121. Moving Bacteria
  122. Stocking Plan, 6.6 gal planted.
  123. white cloudy water
  124. Very good deals on Rena XP's
  125. Here Again
  126. What is this?
  127. Why is my KH getting higher?
  128. Too many malaysian livebearing snail
  129. Leeches!!
  130. Used Tank Questions
  131. Newbie Alert! Old salty!
  132. Another actinic/10K question
  133. Ich in planted tank, what to cure with?
  134. Important ?
  135. Hygrophila difformis
  136. Building a shelf in the Aquarium
  137. Ebay Buyers Beware...
  138. Difference between these two supplements?
  139. New member and new tank
  140. Introducing Myself!
  141. Macros & Micros: When should I start, what should I dose?
  142. fish health and nitrates
  143. 32gal tank
  144. Spider Webs in my tank
  145. oils everywhere
  146. Inhabitants for a 29g tank.
  147. CO2 Advice.
  148. Pfertz
  149. Digital pH meter
  150. Aquasoil Cleaning
  151. plant databse open to public
  152. Anyone ever owned a 55 Gal Bowfront?
  153. how can I prevent algae hitch hiking when moving plants?
  154. KH and RO/DI water top-off
  155. Poll: How do you treat ich?
  156. plant id
  157. Some advice needed for very low light tank with mixed substrate
  158. Hi, introducing myself
  159. pleco poo!!!!!!
  160. Aquasoil Clarity: My Documentation (56k death)
  161. Co2
  162. How long does it take to get rid of green water?
  163. Planted Tank at School
  164. Should I go by the chart or my drop checker
  165. pH swings
  166. Red Tiger Lotus questions...
  167. New to the planted aquarium community
  168. Where to buy this type of wood?
  169. Questions about Plantex Csm+B
  170. water change procedures
  171. scaping a 180 gallon tank
  172. Advices needed for 3ft Planted Tank
  173. Gauging interest in Olive Nerites
  174. Excel and Vals
  175. Your tank temperature, and why
  176. Need online source for Flourite Dark
  177. Yellowing Glossostigma
  178. When calculating watts per gallon...
  179. My gold rams are dying!
  180. Put A Lid On It?
  181. Confused - Could use some advise....
  182. Driftwood questions
  183. What happened?
  184. What do you think of this rockscape?
  185. Which aquascaper inspires you the most?
  186. Dumb question about driftwood
  187. What are the benefits of shrimp?
  188. is my lighting ok?
  189. Flourish Excel
  190. blue ram aggressiveness toward each other, normal?
  191. What is this?
  192. Advice Needed for New 55 Gal. Setup (56K)(long post but please help!)
  193. Mating Pic Dwarf Crayfish
  194. Can some expert help me ID this please???
  195. I Woke Up To This<-------------
  196. Tanganikans
  197. So...really dumb question.
  198. Metal halides for 120g
  199. Help / Advise needed
  200. 225 gallon introduction
  201. Looking for large planted Amazon style tanks - 200g+
  202. One thing after the other
  203. help me build my dream tank
  204. Mr.Amano feeds his altum angel (video)
  205. Flake Food Recommendations
  206. AGA 2007 - Top 15 Winners - Pictures! (Exclusive)
  207. Feeding fish
  208. Help me find tank pictures
  209. Dumping Co2 with only an Airstone. :(
  210. Using airstone in planted tank?
  211. 24" Amazon Sword Plant???
  212. New CO2 system HELP
  213. Peat Moss
  214. Acclimating fish to CO2 tank ... Near Tragedy Today!
  215. golden clams look bad
  216. little worms
  217. So I'm I doing the DC Wrong?
  218. Simply CANT grow glosso
  219. Noob needs help - "smoke" in water
  220. Last minute AGA Contest reminder!
  221. Recent update on Amano's big tank..
  222. Drop Checker Solution
  223. New method(?) to start up an algae free tank without any water changes or work(really
  224. What kind of algea is this?
  225. Catching fast, small fish in a big planted tank?
  226. Close call - CO2 dump
  227. Where to start
  228. Gouramis harrassing shrimp, normal?
  229. New Medication
  230. newbie Philippines
  231. New Medication
  232. New to Planted Tanks
  233. Echinodorus berteroi and Sagitteria in the San Joaquin
  234. what is this?
  235. what are my plants?
  236. Gah! Dead fish in my other tank...
  237. Calculation For Finding the Exact Amount of Aquasoil Your Tank Needs
  238. Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT vs. Nikon D40
  239. CO2 solution
  240. New 55 - What should I buy?
  241. When do you start and stop your CO2
  242. planting glosso
  243. Co2 question
  244. shrimps not eating?
  245. Anybody order from
  246. An exercise in Futility?
  247. If you're in college with a tank...
  248. What if I did not wash my Flourite?
  249. Algae pearling more than plants?? Check these pics
  250. electronic security gate related to fish death