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  1. Aquarium plant book
  2. Suggestions for plant to cover vertical spray bar
  3. First post: Green Carpet planting
  4. attempt on iwagumi
  5. water deposits
  6. My DIY CO2, Reactor and Night on/off switch
  7. Advice: Don't ever use Aquarium Pharmaceuticals root tabs. Ever.
  8. MTD strikes back!
  9. airstones in planted tank?
  10. Eclipse 12?
  11. Pick My Nanofish!!!
  12. New plants what do you think?
  13. Rosey barbs?
  14. Which Eheim?
  15. First planted tank
  16. Water loss, Surface scum and nano lighting.
  17. Need help with Bio-Spira
  18. background question?
  19. would you do it?
  20. Eheim Ecco or Rena xp2?
  21. Help! What Is The World Is This!
  22. Setting up your first tank - cycling
  23. MTS vs. MTD
  24. where to purchase
  25. Plants Pearling too much?
  26. How long does diy co2 take to produce?
  27. anything else i should do
  28. Algae!
  29. Nano prices
  30. can Fontinalis be used as lawn as well as moss rocks
  31. Aquarium
  32. which snail do you prefer in your tank?
  33. DIY Co2
  34. Trimming HC and Rotala??
  35. Kribensis
  36. My Wisteria is turning pink/purple/redish
  37. Natural Aquarium Vital or excel?
  38. 2 questions
  39. Best plants for a beginner
  40. Need Help, Lots And Lots Of Help!!!
  41. Move aquarium and Lotus plant took off
  42. 30 gallon, zero water change setup suggestions
  43. effect of light on leaf shape?
  44. collected wild plants
  45. Can anyone suggest a possible aquascape for me?
  46. Shipping time from
  47. What is it?
  48. Just Joined
  49. Plants that will grow out of the surface
  50. melting Java Fern
  51. DIY CO2 Problems
  52. Does Flourish iron have an advantage over dry iron?
  53. Need some co2 advice
  54. Co2 question
  55. Video of my setup.
  56. Ferts
  57. New member introduction....
  58. Epoxy and wood.
  59. Snail ID please
  60. Moving out of state... how do I move my tanks/fish?
  61. hobby within a hobby and hello to all
  62. I have bought aquatic compost and have a quick question? :)
  63. Selling plants to LFS. Worth it?
  64. Rare
  65. 72 gallon what to do with plants!!!!
  66. 72 gallon what to do with plants!!!!
  67. Growing Glosso Emersed
  68. post deleted
  69. drop checker question
  70. How to get rid off Snail Control/remover chemcial on plant
  71. Cultivating Tubifex Worms
  72. Lighting question
  73. What is that THING in my tank?
  74. Trim a Banana Plant?
  75. Fluval at Flea Market
  76. Cutting down my plant plz!
  77. Help With Aquascaping Please
  78. Is there any other dry micro product besides CSM+B?
  79. 4dHK standard solution: how to make a smaller dose
  80. trimming the dead leaves off of my Cyprus Helferi
  81. ich treatment options
  82. opinions please
  83. Help with 10gal Science 8 tank
  84. Costs of ferts?
  85. The truth about Taiwan Moss
  86. Pricing Questions
  87. what to do, what to do...
  88. One more questions..
  89. Is the eclipse lid (bio wheel) bad?
  90. Best CO2 Diffuser
  91. I'm a newbie...need some help
  92. A few Qs; Stocking, pricing, Cardinal issues, and shrimp
  93. Tiger Barbs and Oto's
  94. Fertilizer Squeeze bottles eg. like the tropica master grow bottles
  95. 125 gallon with sump, mag 9.5 return pump enough filtration?
  96. aponogeton flowering
  97. thinking of tweaking my EI to bring out reds
  98. is this good for my planted tank?
  99. Sinking driftwood using fishing weights???
  100. Mulm from my pond filter?
  101. DIY Co2 Reactor, how much water flow?
  102. No carbon for tanks?
  103. New to CO2
  104. Discus Tank Plants
  105. No carbon for tanks?
  106. More angel questions-Overstocking?
  107. Super Small Pump
  108. Fishless Cycling HELP!
  109. Quick question about bubble counters/check valves
  110. DIY CO2 in a 3 gallon
  111. Hi everyone! Newbie here has a question :p
  112. Transferring contents to a smaller tank
  113. Why do you put peat moss in the substrate?
  114. Quick question about cycling.
  115. Which powerhead?
  116. Ground Covering Plant Help In Hawaii
  117. Going away for 4 days.
  118. Help! What is this?
  119. New tank, a little help
  120. GDA, the battle begins
  121. MTS - would you dare move plants into a new tank
  122. finally got my SAE's
  123. the downside of a planted tank...
  124. Thoughts?
  125. Biotope DIY question
  126. African Cichlids
  127. Over did it with Excel
  128. Advice for leaving the tank in the hands of
  129. Is cedar driftwood ok to use
  130. Water-roots???
  131. help with ferts!
  132. opinions on layout before water is added (new pic)
  133. What is this?
  134. Before I make an idiot of myself at the LFS...
  135. Pearling at night?
  136. experiences...
  137. some light questions if smb can help
  138. Which of these plants are low light
  139. 55W over a 20L
  140. About to start, have a couple questions
  142. confused about CO2, ph, kh, etc.
  143. CO2 and needle wheel modifications, new method for dissolving CO2 into planted tanks
  144. Do Giant Pond Snails Eat Plants?
  145. Room Getting Painted...what to do?
  146. Aquabid, is it safe???
  147. Hard water stain cleaner for planted tank
  148. Yeast in tank.. :|
  149. hitchhikers.
  150. breeding shrimp help
  151. How much Flourish Comprehensive for EI and is it better than dry micros?
  152. co2 white strings
  153. Would someone post a photo of their drop checker "ideal" color?
  154. strange drop checker results - why aren't my fish upset?
  155. Determining Fish load?
  156. opinions on this wood placement please
  157. Crypts + light = help
  158. Should driftwood never be upright?
  159. Suggestions for a low-tech tank
  160. Dwarf Hairgrass
  161. what's tearing up my plants
  162. New planted 29g project
  163. Complete tank breakdown -- is it necessary ?
  164. Don't Mess With The Tank!
  165. Can I cut driftwood?
  166. Black coloring on leaves.
  167. Got my 75G today!
  168. What do you think
  169. Mystery Snail Burrying?
  170. How to get crystal clear water with flourite in less than an hour
  171. "Flourish Trace" liquid - waste of my money?
  172. Tank Going Online!!!
  173. best way to make/buy a background
  174. painting back of tank white?
  175. Cloudy water after WC?
  176. Help! moderately planted overstocked tank
  177. Myth? Crank up CO2 will help plant do more photosynthesis.
  178. Too much??
  179. Neons in their natural habitat
  180. GRR!! Stupid cichlids!!!
  181. FYI: sand and lung disease
  182. EcoComplete vs Flourite
  183. Difficulty designing my aquascape
  184. Ferts?
  185. Chemi-pure and fertilizer OK
  186. How is it so far
  187. Just got my what?
  188. another newbie from across the water
  189. Someone sent me coralife adjustable
  190. Monsters in your tank (56K warning)
  191. How to slow down Co2 mix? Too much Co2?
  192. Slightly Warped Stand?
  193. can anyone tell me what this is? (56K warning)
  194. Silicone separation on ADA tank! HELP!!! *pics*
  195. New to plants - Help (pics)
  196. Rave - Online Purchase.
  197. Hello! Plant ID?
  198. Driftwood and cholo question
  199. Attaching riccia and moss
  200. yellow leaf recovery
  201. Amount of flow?
  202. Question about pearling?
  203. Thermometers- Arrrgghh!!
  204. Need advice: Boraras brigittae and otto turning white!!!
  205. Planted Discus Tank
  206. I Need Help
  207. Is this Stone Safe?
  208. Wondering
  209. Boiled driftwood all day still massive tannin release!
  210. What will eat snails?
  211. New Enough..Please help
  212. is it too much fish for this 90G?
  213. I'm Back and Ready to Go!
  214. RCS breeding, what should I do?!
  215. Which is the better tank to go with for a long-style iwagumi?
  216. Anyone with a artistic eye care to help?
  217. Cleaning up used aquarium supplies?
  218. No Budget classroom tank
  219. Received a 45 gal Tank, a complete "Newbie" to this hobby
  220. Moving to pressurized CO2
  221. Go Towards the Light
  222. Bad Eco-complete?? possible emergency!!
  223. 55 stocking ideas
  224. So I just killed 2 fish in a DIY soda bottle trap.
  225. what would you do?
  226. CO2 injection method Poll
  227. Rams and Angels
  228. cedar for tank?
  229. help! mystery gunk!?
  230. Cube Garden 60-P Vs Cube Garden 60-H "clear" ?
  231. Do I need both potassium nitrate and potassium sulfate?
  232. Drs. Foster and Smith sale - hope I'm not reposting
  233. dry ferts safe?
  234. startup - cycling etc..
  235. Bigals FTW!
  236. Large flat rock planting ideas
  237. Too much/little light... could this work?
  238. does moss grow on plastic?
  239. Plant Pearling Question
  240. lighting for a 220 g
  241. Water barrel bacterial bloom?
  242. KNO3 Dosing question
  243. Wow!
  244. snails!!!!!!
  245. glowlite tetra problems?
  246. Need help with planting HC.
  247. mazzei injector?
  248. temperature and water change from tap
  249. fertilizer?
  250. Space between the stems