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  1. Yeast in tank.. :|
  2. hitchhikers.
  3. breeding shrimp help
  4. How much Flourish Comprehensive for EI and is it better than dry micros?
  5. co2 white strings
  6. Would someone post a photo of their drop checker "ideal" color?
  7. strange drop checker results - why aren't my fish upset?
  8. Determining Fish load?
  9. opinions on this wood placement please
  10. Crypts + light = help
  11. Should driftwood never be upright?
  12. Suggestions for a low-tech tank
  13. Dwarf Hairgrass
  14. what's tearing up my plants
  15. New planted 29g project
  16. Complete tank breakdown -- is it necessary ?
  17. Don't Mess With The Tank!
  18. Can I cut driftwood?
  19. Black coloring on leaves.
  20. Got my 75G today!
  21. What do you think
  22. Mystery Snail Burrying?
  23. How to get crystal clear water with flourite in less than an hour
  24. "Flourish Trace" liquid - waste of my money?
  25. Tank Going Online!!!
  26. best way to make/buy a background
  27. painting back of tank white?
  28. Cloudy water after WC?
  29. Help! moderately planted overstocked tank
  30. Myth? Crank up CO2 will help plant do more photosynthesis.
  31. Too much??
  32. Neons in their natural habitat
  33. GRR!! Stupid cichlids!!!
  34. FYI: sand and lung disease
  35. EcoComplete vs Flourite
  36. Difficulty designing my aquascape
  37. Ferts?
  38. Chemi-pure and fertilizer OK
  39. How is it so far
  40. Just got my what?
  41. another newbie from across the water
  42. Someone sent me coralife adjustable
  43. Monsters in your tank (56K warning)
  44. How to slow down Co2 mix? Too much Co2?
  45. Slightly Warped Stand?
  46. can anyone tell me what this is? (56K warning)
  47. Silicone separation on ADA tank! HELP!!! *pics*
  48. New to plants - Help (pics)
  49. Rave - Online Purchase.
  50. Hello! Plant ID?
  51. Driftwood and cholo question
  52. Attaching riccia and moss
  53. yellow leaf recovery
  54. Amount of flow?
  55. Question about pearling?
  56. Thermometers- Arrrgghh!!
  57. Need advice: Boraras brigittae and otto turning white!!!
  58. Planted Discus Tank
  59. I Need Help
  60. Is this Stone Safe?
  61. Wondering
  62. Boiled driftwood all day still massive tannin release!
  63. What will eat snails?
  64. New Enough..Please help
  65. is it too much fish for this 90G?
  66. I'm Back and Ready to Go!
  67. RCS breeding, what should I do?!
  68. Which is the better tank to go with for a long-style iwagumi?
  69. Anyone with a artistic eye care to help?
  70. Cleaning up used aquarium supplies?
  71. No Budget classroom tank
  72. Received a 45 gal Tank, a complete "Newbie" to this hobby
  73. Moving to pressurized CO2
  74. Go Towards the Light
  75. Bad Eco-complete?? possible emergency!!
  76. 55 stocking ideas
  77. So I just killed 2 fish in a DIY soda bottle trap.
  78. what would you do?
  79. CO2 injection method Poll
  80. Rams and Angels
  81. cedar for tank?
  82. help! mystery gunk!?
  83. Cube Garden 60-P Vs Cube Garden 60-H "clear" ?
  84. Do I need both potassium nitrate and potassium sulfate?
  85. Drs. Foster and Smith sale - hope I'm not reposting
  86. dry ferts safe?
  87. startup - cycling etc..
  88. Bigals FTW!
  89. Large flat rock planting ideas
  90. Too much/little light... could this work?
  91. does moss grow on plastic?
  92. Plant Pearling Question
  93. lighting for a 220 g
  94. Water barrel bacterial bloom?
  95. KNO3 Dosing question
  96. Wow!
  97. snails!!!!!!
  98. glowlite tetra problems?
  99. Need help with planting HC.
  100. mazzei injector?
  101. temperature and water change from tap
  102. fertilizer?
  103. Space between the stems
  104. My 10G planted problems
  105. Carbon or No carbon?
  106. My pleco ate my HC!
  107. can I use a garden hose for drain and fill water changes
  108. STILL can't figure out this Fabco needle valve
  109. Question about CO 2 BPS
  110. Help with driftwood
  111. ferti sticks by Aquatic Nature - do these look okay
  112. Base for javafern Anubias
  113. co2 bubbles
  114. Rocks etc?
  115. Looking for book recommendations
  116. Question about schooling / Shoaling
  117. Point me to a thread or info on building a plant wall background
  118. red veins on new sword growth
  119. Edible Aquarium Plants?
  120. How to clean new plants
  121. Cycling with Eco-Complete
  122. Cleaner shrimps in hawaii
  123. i had a problem, whats next?
  124. CO2 injection practices
  125. Youtube videos.. aquascaping???
  126. Can anyone help me identify this plant?
  127. Still confused about EI
  128. What to add?
  129. SnS + Algea on plants
  130. Need advice on planning my nano
  131. Wild caught vs Farmed. which is better from an environmental perspective?
  132. Cucumber seeds?
  133. Dosing EI without carbon additive
  134. Pearling on nearly dead leaves?
  135. Introduction
  136. Zoomed 501 filter question.
  137. surprise eel!!
  138. do you think my apt can handle these tanks?
  139. Planting Crypts
  140. why is this darn hooby so addictive?
  141. acrylic tank and snails?
  142. should I use the spray bar?
  143. transfering plants
  144. Canopy ideas...good idea?
  145. smells?
  146. spray bar?
  147. Bacopa shedding leaves
  148. Ferts w/ ammonia?
  149. How many BPM is a good starting point?
  150. help finding website
  151. a mess of a tank...
  152. trying to breed panda cories, help please
  153. question regarding potted plants . if somebody can help
  154. What's missing?
  155. confused about EI targets with liquids
  156. Check valve before and after bubble counter?
  157. ? about plants in new setup
  158. the odd couple. Do you guys have an odd couple pair?
  159. woah, good deals
  160. filter media for canister filter in planted tank
  161. Name that plant! Round 2... FIGHT! (56k warning)
  162. Flourish excel question
  163. current usa lunar lights
  164. How to break a freakin' hard rock?
  165. Shelf Life of Tropica Plant Nutrition (TMG)?
  166. Water color
  167. Best place to buy plants online?
  168. ADA Reef's
  169. Best combo of algae eaters?
  170. Low light tank and blyxa japonica?
  171. aquarium books...
  172. Wet/Dry for a Planted Tank???
  173. Brand new to planted tanks
  174. I just gave my Riccia a "Haircut" ;)
  175. can somebody help me with fx5?
  176. Suggestions for Set-up
  177. Windowsill HC Experiment (Update/New location)
  178. ID this little crazy bug......
  179. are platys effective at removing algae from plants?
  180. DO I need 2 filters?
  181. What liquid in Bubble Counter?
  182. help with fertilizers...
  183. floating plants compatible with surface movement?
  184. Use glass top or not?
  185. do I need to restrict the flow on a 75 gal
  186. How many of you would consider starting a home-based business for fun?
  187. What would you do with a 20L?
  188. Current USA Lunar Lights too big for 10g?
  189. Waukee, IA - 600gal (96x48x30)...
  190. need immediate advice - what to do with "contaminated" filter pads?
  191. :(
  192. (56k nono)Less than a month in, and already needed a trim
  193. Mag Float scratching glass: how to clean w/o scratch?
  194. Is this a good deal?
  195. Potamogeton perfoliatus
  196. are u guys really happy with ur aquarium
  197. Val grew 4"+ overnight
  198. Drop checker question
  199. "mole" on dojo head?
  200. vallisenaria
  201. 13 Watt AH no more.
  202. Noob Help with planted aquarium
  203. How to grow emersed Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis
  204. How to grow emersed Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis
  205. heater help!!!
  206. :( Craigslist
  207. Beginner Planted Aquarium - need much info
  208. have a few questions on my 20 gallon tank
  209. in your opinion: are an extensive selection of mosses only for nerds?
  210. A different kind of new tank syndrome?
  211. What in the world is this?
  212. Hello from the Outer Banks!!!
  213. look at this beaut!
  214. HC emersed growth HELP!
  215. Plant ID please
  216. Introduction, and question...
  217. Greetings! I'm New
  218. Moving tank/stand?
  219. Petsmart $5 off $15 coupon link
  220. Funky Fungus on Driftwood
  221. How soft is too soft?
  222. Anyone ever use superglue on rhizomes?
  223. Journal New at planted tanks need help on set up and suggestions please!!
  224. Roots growing from high on stems?
  225. Guppies eat dead plant matter?
  226. DIY CO2 + Excel dosage?
  227. Am i a father?
  228. New Setup - Need some opinions
  229. Office tanks and water changes
  230. mixing up dry ferts.
  231. This newb seems to be doing okay! pearling already!
  232. Hello
  233. Help with plant ID please
  234. Getting started!
  235. Peat question help the new guy
  236. fish ideas...please help
  237. My Introduction
  238. Narrow Leaf Java Fern - How To Plant?
  239. Snail ID Please
  240. Plant Fertilizer in planted tank OK?
  241. What is my problem
  242. Aponogeton question
  243. Pacific madrone in tank?
  244. whats ur tank setup?
  245. Help, "dusty" tank
  246. AHH my fish tank just cracked.
  247. Yeah! Finally pearling!
  248. Too good to be true?
  249. Catalina Aquarium: Your Experiences
  250. Okay, uh, help?