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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. powerhead noise = fish stress?
  2. Will lucens attach to rocks/wood?
  3. Something interesting
  4. How many oto's for 265G?
  5. Fish are dying, water is off, what gives? HELP!
  6. Feel like a New Papa
  7. Where to buy a cheap retrofit?
  8. Different types of wood for the planted aquarium...
  9. can somebody post some pics of tanksthat run with DIY CO2
  10. Can you move anubias that's stuck to a rock w/o hurting it?
  11. "Planting" with heavy metal straps on stems?
  12. strange oil on water surface
  13. i have 2 tanks and i grow 2 diff kind of algae. need some help
  14. Suggestions for a showcase fish or two???
  15. Tiny white worms or parisites in my tank
  16. OMG!! I found Hydra in my Shrimp Tank!! What should I do!!
  17. manzanita aquascapers- I have a question
  18. Where do you get moss mesh walls
  19. can plant conditions improve?
  20. Dosing questions and melt issue
  21. Nitrogen
  22. german blue ram eggs
  23. How Does A Reference Solution in a Drop Checker Provide Dissolved CO2 Reading?
  24. Drop checker stays green?
  25. anyone bought stuff from this ssite?
  26. my diy co2 has lasted 5 1/2 weeks
  27. Beginer questions
  28. New guy, looking for some suggestions!
  29. Canopies, Evaporation, Temperature
  30. Just my luck...
  31. Site for pronounciation please.
  32. jbj manifold
  33. Iron Deficiency & Treatment Length Question
  34. can i use filter from cichlid tank to start new planted tank?
  35. I need some advice to get my parents' OK to buy a new tank.
  36. Algae Eating Fish Lol!!
  37. Question on lights . . .
  38. I feel dumb for asking this but
  39. Stupid heater question
  40. Need some help.
  41. Stones Aquarium safe?
  42. best fish?
  43. What filter to use for a >10g tank?
  44. BN pleco's in acrylic tank?
  45. my Planted 55 tanganyikan tank
  46. 4x54watt T5Ho on a 75 gallon, what are the limits with plants with that lighting?
  47. running out of CO2
  48. away for 3 weeks and
  49. Noob here. HELP... ALGAE!!!
  50. clown loaches and HC
  51. Wet/Dry filter, bio-balls
  52. Attaching suction cups with corals glue
  53. Sword Turning Yellow
  54. multiple tanks one filter?
  55. Sinking wood questions
  56. New tank very cloudy....
  57. Newbie question... Periling?
  58. YESSSSS, my tank is done cycling.
  59. Do you keep just one species of fish in your tank?? (besides clean up crew)
  60. Plants not looking great (What am i doing wrong)
  61. ADA co2 cartridge empty after just a few days?
  62. Need a plant suggestion
  63. Correct Seachem Flourish Excel Dosage
  64. Fry tank questions...
  65. plants wont grow with co2 please help
  66. First time tank owner with 110 gallon, help me please...
  67. Plant toxicity?
  68. CO2 diffusion through filter problem
  69. To refridgerate, or not to refridgerate?
  70. hex startup
  71. Did I use my Python wrong?
  72. current water para.(do i need to lower ph
  73. Gang Valves
  74. Planted Saltwater tanks
  75. nitrates disappearing
  76. What's so bad about my stocking?
  77. CO2 Questions
  78. CO2 pressurised setup - Clarification Reqd
  79. Forground Plants
  80. Bottled Fertilizer vs Dry Chemicals
  81. Brown Alge
  82. Running CO2 continuously?
  83. tiger botia
  84. Startup - 72 Gal Bowfront
  85. Hi Fin Banded Shark
  86. what in the world is going on
  87. Got the last of my fish
  88. Adding Plants. Question about next steps.
  89. Nano South American biotope(possibly)
  90. What's wrong with my fish?
  91. Carbon
  92. Need help choosing plants for 20h
  93. Help with Apistos
  94. Eco-complete new formula. Does it buffer?
  95. My Tank is Done
  96. CO2 Emergency, Please Advise.
  97. Ugh, scrapping my tank (for now)
  98. What do you feed nano fish?
  99. n/a
  100. water changes
  101. detrivores for planted tanks???
  102. n/a
  103. This is a dumb question, but here goes...
  104. WHen will my wood sink?
  105. How do I get the salt out of driftwood?
  106. Dosing Regular Flourish (comprehensive) Question
  107. Interesting "Driftwood" has anyone used this?
  108. Planted Aro tank
  109. Show us your Nano-fish!!!!
  110. Picking Substrate?
  111. Tetra Blackwater extract
  112. Newbie question...what does ROAK mean?
  113. Stocking suggestions
  114. Spot Treating with Excell
  115. downoi growing but yellow?
  116. This may be a stupid question
  117. Photo period with new co2 system
  118. How to plant HC?
  119. 10 gallon Emersed Setup added water**updated**
  120. WORM??? ID please, video
  121. Leaving for Month and a Half
  122. Tying plants down
  123. Eheim Suction Cups and Clips
  124. Oxygen + Co2 + water movement question
  125. Help selecting plants for low light tank
  126. cats,loaches,plec's
  127. Added a sword from Petsmart....
  128. Word of Caution
  129. The most complete fert tabs?
  130. help me keep my otos alive
  131. Seachem Fertilizer Dosage Recommendations
  132. Purigen question part 2
  133. Temporarily Inadequate Lighting
  134. reducing photo period best way to fight algae?
  135. How do you guys take pictures of your tank?
  136. keeping a male betta in a planted tank?
  137. Startup Question
  138. Please vote on my tank
  139. Fish/shrimp jumping?
  140. Had-A-Snail
  141. How do I clean my glass co2 diffusor
  142. Plant ID please
  143. book question
  144. How much do you think I would get?
  145. Nano tank stocking?
  146. New here, a few Q's?
  147. Few questions... new...
  148. too much surface agitation
  149. vote on my tank
  150. hagen co2
  151. Getting Started with my first planted.....*update pics*
  152. dark spots on anubias and crypts?
  153. Nano tank gluing?
  154. Help, Need a Plan
  155. Here is the pics of my 12g eclipse done
  156. Eclipse Filters?
  157. Tanks stocked and pretty much done i think(what do u think?)
  158. tip for growing hopeless "stubs"
  159. are EI and/or water changes necessary?
  160. Anyone up to making me a custom tank?
  161. Washer/Seal for CO2 Tank and Reg
  162. Starting a new Tank (sort of)
  163. ID this plant please.
  164. Not seeing the bubbles in the fish tank?
  165. help with plant selection
  166. Posting Pictures
  167. Made some changes - thoughts?
  168. Trimming HC because it's growing tall?
  169. planting crypts, what about roots?
  170. building a moss wall after the fact?
  171. API leaf zone vs Flourish
  172. just filter floss?
  173. Anyone ever see this tank?
  174. wondering about dutch style
  175. EI dosing schedule question
  176. Just noticed I have mites in my tank
  177. perfect tank size for discus
  178. if I don't get this Fabco attached...creative ideas please
  179. totally clueless about canister filters - "hidden costs"
  180. white substance
  181. when, what and how often with ferts?
  182. Aquascaping Books
  183. Just got plant from aquaticmagic
  184. question
  185. problem with Aquasoil not settling. Muddy waters.
  186. Stage 1 of moss lawn....(pics)
  187. Are the eclipse hoods any good?
  188. Cory ripping up HC?
  189. too much fauna?
  190. 12g eclipse with 36w's of t5(do i need co2)
  191. EI Advice needed
  192. I must be doing something right!
  193. any 1 try Max Mix CO2 Reactor ?
  194. many ? to ask
  195. Low Maintenance Plants for 2 WPG?
  196. Can you use excel with a sponge filter?
  197. anyone ever use bamboo charcoal?
  198. 14 Bio Cube good, bad? Need some help
  199. Added Plants Today
  200. ADA ferts?
  201. flourish excel
  202. Reefer taking first shot at a planted tank(questions)
  203. quick question on tank build
  204. Newbie & her "sob" story
  205. 25 gallon, planted, freshwater journal (updated pictures - 6.21.08)
  206. snails
  207. ...snails - and a leach???
  208. How to restart after only a few weeks?
  209. Ei Question.
  210. fert question
  211. what do i need to know?
  212. Nano Tank placement.....
  213. EI method question, Help
  214. awewome site with aquascaping ideas
  215. Can I replace my Hagen bubble ladder with this?
  216. To tear down or not to tear down
  217. store review(?)
  218. i'm having issues. XP
  219. Buying Plants Online
  220. Moving a large tank for new carpeting
  221. Cycling, High pH, Carbon in Filter... Questions
  222. I Have Babies!
  223. how deep should a sand bed be?
  224. Is My Frog Full Of Eggs Or Fat?
  225. Should I buy...
  226. 12 inch nano tank lighting?
  227. Test to make sure rock is safe?
  228. Fish tank in a frat house
  229. Well here it is - thoughts please?
  230. 55g in progress (dialup warnin) - a journal
  231. Green Water Cross-Contamination
  232. Bare bottom
  233. "prime" alternative - cheap dechlorinator
  234. Set up wet/dry filter removing canister how soon?
  235. Eggs attached to leaf help ID ....pic...
  236. Snails
  237. How deep can you bury grass?
  238. Salt Level
  239. Best lights
  240. Brand Spankin' New
  241. Best way to take picture?
  242. Need Opinions! Please Look At My Tank and Give Them!
  243. Need help id what's on the aquarium wall
  244. Ridiculous Tank
  245. CO2 Injection method
  246. Ferts on a Plane
  247. Filter for Nano Tank?
  248. Help. HC Turning Yellow
  249. arrrrrgh! snails!
  250. if you use the ehiem surface skimmer (or something similar), COME HERE