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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. vote on my tank
  2. hagen co2
  3. Getting Started with my first planted.....*update pics*
  4. dark spots on anubias and crypts?
  5. Nano tank gluing?
  6. Help, Need a Plan
  7. Here is the pics of my 12g eclipse done
  8. Eclipse Filters?
  9. Tanks stocked and pretty much done i think(what do u think?)
  10. tip for growing hopeless "stubs"
  11. are EI and/or water changes necessary?
  12. Anyone up to making me a custom tank?
  13. Washer/Seal for CO2 Tank and Reg
  14. Starting a new Tank (sort of)
  15. ID this plant please.
  16. Not seeing the bubbles in the fish tank?
  17. help with plant selection
  18. Posting Pictures
  19. Made some changes - thoughts?
  20. Trimming HC because it's growing tall?
  21. planting crypts, what about roots?
  22. building a moss wall after the fact?
  23. API leaf zone vs Flourish
  24. just filter floss?
  25. Anyone ever see this tank?
  26. wondering about dutch style
  27. EI dosing schedule question
  28. Just noticed I have mites in my tank
  29. perfect tank size for discus
  30. if I don't get this Fabco attached...creative ideas please
  31. totally clueless about canister filters - "hidden costs"
  32. white substance
  33. when, what and how often with ferts?
  34. Aquascaping Books
  35. Just got plant from aquaticmagic
  36. question
  37. problem with Aquasoil not settling. Muddy waters.
  38. Stage 1 of moss lawn....(pics)
  39. Are the eclipse hoods any good?
  40. Cory ripping up HC?
  41. too much fauna?
  42. 12g eclipse with 36w's of t5(do i need co2)
  43. EI Advice needed
  44. I must be doing something right!
  45. any 1 try Max Mix CO2 Reactor ?
  46. many ? to ask
  47. Low Maintenance Plants for 2 WPG?
  48. Can you use excel with a sponge filter?
  49. anyone ever use bamboo charcoal?
  50. 14 Bio Cube good, bad? Need some help
  51. Added Plants Today
  52. ADA ferts?
  53. flourish excel
  54. Reefer taking first shot at a planted tank(questions)
  55. quick question on tank build
  56. Newbie & her "sob" story
  57. 25 gallon, planted, freshwater journal (updated pictures - 6.21.08)
  58. snails
  59. ...snails - and a leach???
  60. How to restart after only a few weeks?
  61. Ei Question.
  62. fert question
  63. what do i need to know?
  64. Nano Tank placement.....
  65. EI method question, Help
  66. awewome site with aquascaping ideas
  67. Can I replace my Hagen bubble ladder with this?
  68. To tear down or not to tear down
  69. store review(?)
  70. i'm having issues. XP
  71. Buying Plants Online
  72. Moving a large tank for new carpeting
  73. Cycling, High pH, Carbon in Filter... Questions
  74. I Have Babies!
  75. how deep should a sand bed be?
  76. Is My Frog Full Of Eggs Or Fat?
  77. Should I buy...
  78. 12 inch nano tank lighting?
  79. Test to make sure rock is safe?
  80. Fish tank in a frat house
  81. Well here it is - thoughts please?
  82. 55g in progress (dialup warnin) - a journal
  83. Green Water Cross-Contamination
  84. Bare bottom
  85. "prime" alternative - cheap dechlorinator
  86. Set up wet/dry filter removing canister how soon?
  87. Eggs attached to leaf help ID ....pic...
  88. Snails
  89. How deep can you bury grass?
  90. Salt Level
  91. Best lights
  92. Brand Spankin' New
  93. Best way to take picture?
  94. Need Opinions! Please Look At My Tank and Give Them!
  95. Need help id what's on the aquarium wall
  96. Ridiculous Tank
  97. CO2 Injection method
  98. Ferts on a Plane
  99. Filter for Nano Tank?
  100. Help. HC Turning Yellow
  101. arrrrrgh! snails!
  102. if you use the ehiem surface skimmer (or something similar), COME HERE
  103. Aquarium plant book
  104. Suggestions for plant to cover vertical spray bar
  105. First post: Green Carpet planting
  106. attempt on iwagumi
  107. water deposits
  108. My DIY CO2, Reactor and Night on/off switch
  109. Advice: Don't ever use Aquarium Pharmaceuticals root tabs. Ever.
  110. MTD strikes back!
  111. airstones in planted tank?
  112. Eclipse 12?
  113. Pick My Nanofish!!!
  114. New plants what do you think?
  115. Rosey barbs?
  116. Which Eheim?
  117. First planted tank
  118. Water loss, Surface scum and nano lighting.
  119. Need help with Bio-Spira
  120. background question?
  121. would you do it?
  122. Eheim Ecco or Rena xp2?
  123. Help! What Is The World Is This!
  124. Setting up your first tank - cycling
  125. MTS vs. MTD
  126. where to purchase
  127. Plants Pearling too much?
  128. How long does diy co2 take to produce?
  129. anything else i should do
  130. Algae!
  131. Nano prices
  132. can Fontinalis be used as lawn as well as moss rocks
  133. Aquarium
  134. which snail do you prefer in your tank?
  135. DIY Co2
  136. Trimming HC and Rotala??
  137. Kribensis
  138. My Wisteria is turning pink/purple/redish
  139. Natural Aquarium Vital or excel?
  140. 2 questions
  141. Best plants for a beginner
  142. Need Help, Lots And Lots Of Help!!!
  143. Move aquarium and Lotus plant took off
  144. 30 gallon, zero water change setup suggestions
  145. effect of light on leaf shape?
  146. collected wild plants
  147. Can anyone suggest a possible aquascape for me?
  148. Shipping time from
  149. What is it?
  150. Just Joined
  151. Plants that will grow out of the surface
  152. melting Java Fern
  153. DIY CO2 Problems
  154. Does Flourish iron have an advantage over dry iron?
  155. Need some co2 advice
  156. Co2 question
  157. Video of my setup.
  158. Ferts
  159. New member introduction....
  160. Epoxy and wood.
  161. Snail ID please
  162. Moving out of state... how do I move my tanks/fish?
  163. hobby within a hobby and hello to all
  164. I have bought aquatic compost and have a quick question? :)
  165. Selling plants to LFS. Worth it?
  166. Rare
  167. 72 gallon what to do with plants!!!!
  168. 72 gallon what to do with plants!!!!
  169. Growing Glosso Emersed
  170. post deleted
  171. drop checker question
  172. How to get rid off Snail Control/remover chemcial on plant
  173. Cultivating Tubifex Worms
  174. Lighting question
  175. What is that THING in my tank?
  176. Trim a Banana Plant?
  177. Fluval at Flea Market
  178. Cutting down my plant plz!
  179. Help With Aquascaping Please
  180. Is there any other dry micro product besides CSM+B?
  181. 4dHK standard solution: how to make a smaller dose
  182. trimming the dead leaves off of my Cyprus Helferi
  183. ich treatment options
  184. opinions please
  185. Help with 10gal Science 8 tank
  186. Costs of ferts?
  187. The truth about Taiwan Moss
  188. Pricing Questions
  189. what to do, what to do...
  190. One more questions..
  191. Is the eclipse lid (bio wheel) bad?
  192. Best CO2 Diffuser
  193. I'm a newbie...need some help
  194. A few Qs; Stocking, pricing, Cardinal issues, and shrimp
  195. Tiger Barbs and Oto's
  196. Fertilizer Squeeze bottles eg. like the tropica master grow bottles
  197. 125 gallon with sump, mag 9.5 return pump enough filtration?
  198. aponogeton flowering
  199. thinking of tweaking my EI to bring out reds
  200. is this good for my planted tank?
  201. Sinking driftwood using fishing weights???
  202. Mulm from my pond filter?
  203. DIY Co2 Reactor, how much water flow?
  204. No carbon for tanks?
  205. New to CO2
  206. Discus Tank Plants
  207. No carbon for tanks?
  208. More angel questions-Overstocking?
  209. Super Small Pump
  210. Fishless Cycling HELP!
  211. Quick question about bubble counters/check valves
  212. DIY CO2 in a 3 gallon
  213. Hi everyone! Newbie here has a question :p
  214. Transferring contents to a smaller tank
  215. Why do you put peat moss in the substrate?
  216. Quick question about cycling.
  217. Which powerhead?
  218. Ground Covering Plant Help In Hawaii
  219. Going away for 4 days.
  220. Help! What is this?
  221. New tank, a little help
  222. GDA, the battle begins
  223. MTS - would you dare move plants into a new tank
  224. finally got my SAE's
  225. the downside of a planted tank...
  226. Thoughts?
  227. Biotope DIY question
  228. African Cichlids
  229. Over did it with Excel
  230. Advice for leaving the tank in the hands of
  231. Is cedar driftwood ok to use
  232. Water-roots???
  233. help with ferts!
  234. opinions on layout before water is added (new pic)
  235. What is this?
  236. Before I make an idiot of myself at the LFS...
  237. Pearling at night?
  238. experiences...
  239. some light questions if smb can help
  240. Which of these plants are low light
  241. 55W over a 20L
  242. About to start, have a couple questions
  244. confused about CO2, ph, kh, etc.
  245. CO2 and needle wheel modifications, new method for dissolving CO2 into planted tanks
  246. Do Giant Pond Snails Eat Plants?
  247. Room Getting Painted...what to do?
  248. Aquabid, is it safe???
  249. Hard water stain cleaner for planted tank
  250. Yeast in tank.. :|