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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. nitrogen deficiency
  2. mazzei users
  3. please share negative experiences with H202
  4. What's the Craziest Freshwater Inhabitant?
  5. Controlling pH with vinegar/baking soda
  6. Really stupid question
  7. Wonder-Gro plant tab fertilizer test
  8. Newbies small planted tank question
  9. when should one start dosing ferts?
  10. Tank size(Measurements included)
  11. Petrified wood-- price? wtb!!
  12. Freshwater Sponges
  13. Need some pics of....
  14. Advice Needed: Dragonfly Larvae
  15. preparing your arms.
  16. Severe case of hair algae
  17. yellowing rotala
  18. Biovert - Prodibio
  19. how many ottos for a 10g
  20. will large loaches eat nerite snails?
  21. is it okay to add ferts only once a wk w/ EI method
  22. New here
  23. cleaning acrylic
  24. Help - Emersed plant list
  25. nitrate ferts bad for fish?
  26. Java moss rotting away
  27. My first planted tank 10g
  28. Cardinal Tetra vs. Neon Tetra in planted tank: Is one 'better'?
  29. marimo carpet?
  30. How do I know is this wood is safe?(pics)
  31. About to order dry ferts..
  32. Dr. Fosters and Smith feedback
  33. New here had some questions for a big planted tank
  34. Need opinions on 55gallon planted semi-agressive compatability
  35. shrimp question reply quick! help!
  36. How do you plant HC?
  37. How to transfer ... 10G to 55G
  38. Adjacent tanks: shared sump for shared dosing?
  39. Wire and Pots, keep or not
  40. appropriate surface agitation - what constitutes breaking the water's surface?
  41. Online plant shop with best shipping?
  42. New
  43. Petsmart $5 off $25 through 2/11/08
  44. fertilizer???
  45. What is your ONE favorite plant as of today?
  46. Fertilizer Routine
  47. Will Dwarf baby Tears tolerate Excel treatment
  48. Some Plant ID's (Lots of pics!)
  49. silicone color
  50. Safe to take black brace off of 5g and 10g aquariums?
  51. white thing on my tank
  52. Happy birthday to me!
  53. Best non-inline co2 difussion method for 75g?
  54. My peroxide dip worked... so far
  55. Question about shrimp
  56. Setting up Co2 system
  57. best way to reduce output of powerhead
  58. experiences with Cabomba and/or microsword reaction to excel or H2O2 treatment?
  59. EI vs. lean dosing for red plants
  60. tank dosing
  61. max postage time
  62. photo period schedule
  63. where to buy rocks locally
  64. Does anyone use a dehumidifier?
  65. whyyy please tell me whyyyyyyyyy
  66. Can someone please identify these plants?
  67. Snail ID please (56k warning)
  68. Carbo Plus CO2 Unit: a cassette player that provides CO2!
  69. question about a few aquabid sellers
  70. Questions on Tom Barr's "dry tank" startup method
  71. Purigen in my tank, leaking through bag
  72. need aquascape advice, help, criticism
  73. Basically, my introduction!
  74. Get Out!!!
  75. ADA soil and sprial floresents?
  76. Does HC transfew well from emerged growth to submerged??
  77. Recommended reading
  78. 50/50 CF ok for a planted tank setup?
  79. dead plants
  80. Do I need anymore fertilizers?
  81. Fast Growing Stems
  82. Too Much Light?
  83. Glass Top
  84. Do I need a UV sterilizer?
  85. OH NO! Cracked Brace!
  86. need to rethink my check valve?
  87. upgrading to one of Rex's inline needle valve - how fancy should I go?
  88. just curious - why do plants clamp up their leaves at night?
  89. Just bought my CO2 equipment! have some questions though...
  90. Funny Clown
  91. Is mouth fungus contagious?
  92. Rimless 10g ten gallon?
  93. Trimming Elatine Triandra
  94. Trichomanes javanicum - Aquarium plant or not?
  95. Beginner Help
  96. Reseal my tank
  97. What is a quick-growing plant to carpetmy 55?
  98. aquascaping opinions - appropriate number of species?
  99. Wood
  100. rex grigg tank?
  101. Duckweed
  102. DIY bubble counter to add to a Hagen CO2 ??
  103. soft water plants
  104. messy mulm all bad- natural ferts?
  105. Cardinal Tetra and Danio compatibility??
  106. Please do all my work for me
  107. CO2 regulators and accessories
  108. Blue Crays - Getting Blue :-)
  109. Help with dipping plants
  110. My 300 gallon FINALLY planted!
  111. silver dollars
  112. Otto vs. SAE, who's hungry for some algae?
  113. Brown, transparent, dying plants
  114. Crypt Willisii vs. Crypt Willisii "Lucens"
  115. Anyone Tried Fairy Shrimp?
  116. Basic How to Plant Plants
  117. 63gallon planted tank in the making
  118. where can I find a full pressurized CO2 system for ~$150?
  119. suggestions on rocks
  120. cloudy water from stainless steel?
  121. Protein Film At Surface
  122. When will I stop pouring $$$ into this hobby?
  123. Petsmart, matching prices from
  124. Please help me with snail problem!
  125. co2 regulator problem
  126. how to feed my plant tank?
  127. Setting up my 10 gallon, gravel, plants, decor..
  128. Wonder-Gro Professional Series Plant Fertilizers
  129. Nooo!!! White growth on surface of glass:(
  130. How many BPS are you using?
  131. MM fertilizer issue....
  132. CO2 seperator really drops my CO2 pressure
  133. looking for trace supplement with little to no iron
  134. Setup of co2 tank
  135. What's so wrong about using tank water for drop checker?
  136. Yeah!!! Free drop checker from LFS - is it any good?
  137. flourish - how much and is it any good?
  138. Anyone use this for CO2?
  139. CO2: How much is too much? Why aren't my plants pearling more?
  140. Will amanos eat this algae?
  141. how long will a 5lb co2 tank last in a 29 gallon tank?
  142. migrating needle valve - what else can go wrong!!!
  143. Attaching moss to wood ideas
  144. Tank size suggestions
  145. updated pics of my aquarium
  146. I am looking for online fish stores that ship fish.
  147. Drop checker wierd results
  148. What would it take to covert a reef to planted tank?
  149. 40g Breeder Posibilities
  150. Why is the Your Tank feature rarely used
  151. Help with emerssed HC Please
  152. appropriate CO2 tubing at LFS?
  153. Milwaukee regulator - what happens if your needle valve fails?
  154. cycling my tank. help!
  155. which pump should i use?
  156. Fertilizer for planted fishtank
  157. High light, non-co2, floating plants = no algae blooms?
  158. Free hagen stuff after survey....
  159. How do I remove the hood on my aquapod?
  160. Ferts ? - 250 ML graduated plastic bottles
  161. no sense of design
  162. how to get rid of the little green spots
  163. What is the smallest Hatchet Fish? marble?
  164. My greenwater cleared on its own?
  165. Non glass bottom tanks?
  166. Thanks FISHNEWB
  167. cryptocoryne species - which ones are small?
  168. Any type of rock???
  169. drop checker accuracy with misting
  170. Can ferts go bad?
  171. What substrate is good for puffer fish?
  172. How many filstar pimps are there?
  173. Hy . New Here . Biofiltration Yes Or No?
  174. still totally confused and discouraged about my CO2 - fish should be dead!
  175. 3 Month Vacation. What to do?
  176. who else sells all glass no seam type tanks like ADA?
  177. Catching fish in planted tank
  178. why did my water get cloudy?
  179. To co2 or not to co2........
  180. White stringy stuff in tank, fish dying, help!
  181. Heater Question
  182. 40breeder fish or reptile?
  183. planted tank+dead fish= snails? help!
  184. Java Fern Attachment method?
  185. How much purigen for a 24g tank?
  186. What type of snail?
  187. What is the best way to lower PH?
  188. Should I keep a planted tank in my dorm room?
  189. New to the Game
  190. Are you supposed to fertilize substrate too if you use EI method?
  191. Best lighting options
  192. Can I change the diamter of my filter tubing?
  193. Aquascaping a mountain
  194. My tank, thanks the advice found here!
  195. okay to flush plants down toilet?
  196. Sinking driftwood poll
  197. Who uses a Diatom filter and which one?
  198. What is happening here??
  199. Using sulfuric acid??
  200. what plants to start with?
  201. such a thing as too many snails?
  202. Dechlor.. Do we need it?
  203. Carbon... Is it worth it?
  204. My 24g Aquapod is too loud, will this fan work in it?
  205. invastive aquatic plants in california
  206. help!! fish have Ich
  207. driftwood
  208. How old is your Display?
  209. something i eating my plants
  210. My local club rocks - I gotta brag!
  211. Anybody From Georgia?
  212. Help with Algae while growing HC emerssed
  213. Will peacock moss grow in a discus tank?
  214. angelicus loach (polka dot loach) sick?
  215. Setting up first planted tank... few questions.
  216. Starting over...need advice
  217. Identify this plant
  218. What is this?
  219. filter media?
  220. Worried about possible (biological) contamination in play sand
  221. Hello All! - advice on tank design please!
  222. CO2 confusion: still not enough but one fish stressing anyway!
  223. 5.5 Gallon sugestions
  224. CO2 reactor works so good it killed my fish!
  225. Very simple planted tank setup.. need help
  226. first planted tank
  227. How to open the Eheim 2213 without it overflowing
  228. Barcalaya Longfolia?
  229. What's that Seachem stuff you treat driftwood with?
  230. Ready to swap out my glosso carpet for another foreground ... suggestions?
  231. Need help on Setting up a new tank
  232. Starting up a 20G - questions before planting UPDATED 1/22/08
  233. Need some colour
  234. tip: how to clean ceramic disk diffuser w/o removing it from the water
  235. A few basic questions about plants
  236. Slow Gossostigma Growth
  237. Aquascaping 101 - Jungle Fever (pic)
  238. Have green algae gorwn on my plants, is this normal?
  239. DIY reactor makes tons of small CO2 bubbles
  240. Opinion on filter: tough choice
  241. Removing the bracing on a 10 gallon.
  242. Advice on Aquascaping a New Setup
  243. Need immediate help! Solenoid just failed open - what else can go wrong!!!
  244. dosing CSM plantex ferts
  245. Simulating a Botanical Gardens aquascape?
  246. Best planted tank tools and accessories?
  247. 24g Aquapod filter plate suggestions?
  248. Varying growth on the same species stem plants.
  249. Biotope Tank - Rio Guapo Venezuela.
  250. Cheap Halide Bulbs