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  1. Driftwood Prep
  2. Seiryu Stone Now AVAILABLE!
  3. Looking for cheapest substrate I can get
  4. Eggs again. Just a few questions (pg.2) Thanks!
  5. Planting
  6. NoSalt dosage....?
  7. Kind of Ironic
  8. Alk and PH off the charts! Help!
  9. Lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae
  10. Is this Ok.. rock for Shrimp tank?
  11. Filterless Tanks
  12. Ich?!
  13. My first real attempt at a planted tank
  14. Idea for those running DIY CO2.
  15. Fish Flakes
  16. New here, with a question.
  17. Where is the best place to buy these?
  18. a scummy film on my aquarium glass
  19. Shipping Plants
  20. rock question w/ pics of rocks now!
  21. Found some driftwood today
  22. 75 gallon journal.
  23. Platy eating plants!?
  24. SNAILS! Help
  25. Brass
  26. Help Wanted: New Plants
  27. 100 tall dimensions
  28. Rain Barrels
  29. "Makeover" of a planted turtle/fish tank...
  30. Long Term Clouding of water after adding BIO-Spira?
  31. 70 gallon journal update 5-19 Pictures!!! (56k)
  32. grow out tank
  33. New here
  34. Brand New with planted tanks. HELP!!!
  35. books
  36. Advise on fertilizer dosage
  37. Critique my tank!
  38. co2 question...
  39. Need Advise on 50 gallon setup
  40. my planted tank
  41. Rotala Wallichii Thriving, Java Fern Dying?
  42. Regen-ing Purigen - Wierd smell
  43. What is your algae scraper of choice?
  44. duck weed flooded my house
  45. Fresh wood in aquarium?
  46. Can It Be Done?
  47. gravel vacuming????????
  48. Ideas for a tank
  49. Got my tank moved to the new stand!
  50. Yay or Nay?
  51. Plants Bubbles!!!???
  52. qt tank with shrimp?
  53. Storing Yeast
  54. Moving Cross-Country with Fish? LONG!
  55. Help
  56. Browning on Ludwigia stems
  57. Where to get Purigen in the Portland Area?
  58. Tannins and a new piece of wood?
  59. Do you use an airstone at night?
  60. Help Wanted *WARNING* (long post)
  61. Decreased flow(fluval 305)
  62. Newbie needs your opinion.... pics of online plants...
  63. all you reefers with planted tanks...I have some questions...
  64. Low light level plants for 29 gallon
  65. Interesting Experience with a Canister Filter and Algae
  66. Dissolved O2, CO2, Buffering, Carbonate Lecture
  67. chemicals released by plants that affect the health of plants of a diffrent species.
  68. Any tanks messed up from the midwest earthquake?
  69. Rosy Barbs
  70. a 3000 liter dream/challenge after ideas plz
  71. Any suggestions as to what to put in this spot?
  72. Yay Purigen!
  73. bleached out?
  74. Moss Carpet
  75. Got more plants!
  76. another bad experience
  77. Money Saver Idea
  78. Could my rock be causing problems?
  79. co2
  80. why not activated carbon in planted tank?
  81. My 12g Tank! Current Pictures on Page 1!
  82. How to plant
  83. Best tank size for high light 40-70 gallon
  84. what to add to this list ferts
  85. First Casualty
  86. First foray into completely planted - input welcomed
  87. Aquatic Plant Photo Competition @ ASW
  88. DIY CO2 and/or Excel
  89. Bacterial bloom with AS
  90. seachem plant tank medicine
  91. light levels/ co2? please help me im a newbie
  92. New set up...Cloudy water
  93. Newbie lots of unknowns
  94. Gravel over Eco Complete?
  95. sinking Drift wood
  96. Looking for Opinions/Help
  97. Mold on driftwood?
  98. Best place to buy Singapore/Wood/Bamboo/Flower Shrimp?
  99. Tank Cycling..would this be OK?
  100. Ideas for new 20 gallon long tank ?
  101. tetra not schooling/shoaling
  102. Moss ID Please
  103. Dosing fertilizer
  104. Plants
  105. Will this coralline algae go away?
  106. Dark splotches on Anubias
  107. plants and cycling
  108. snails and Loaches
  109. fish compatibility
  110. algae on rocks
  111. Could I drill holes into driftwoode for shrimp to hide in?
  112. Juvenille Flag Fish Not Eating!!
  113. A canadian new to the forums
  114. HELP!!! How to get rid of dead snail smell?? - Mostly Solved. THANKS!
  115. New forum member with a planted tank
  116. Have a 15 gallon, looking for help on a low-tech solution
  117. suggestions for tall background plants
  118. Aluminum mesh used for java moss
  119. A simple Question about plants
  120. Online plant store recommendations?
  121. worm infestation?
  122. This hobby is terrible...
  123. Moss and pellia too sensitive for bleach dip?
  124. Leech!!!
  125. "Der Ewige Kreis" - "The Eternal Circle" - To be Torn Down
  126. Having trouble keeping dwarf hairgrass planted Help!
  127. How to treat driftwood and why do it...
  128. How's this for fish stocking of a heavily planted 75 gallon?
  129. Did I get a good deal?
  130. Proper filtering?
  131. Thinking of building a rimless tank.
  132. Stocking for a 120g aquarium?
  133. dusty substrate?
  134. Hoping I found a starting place, yes or no
  135. overstocked????
  136. New 20g planted tank
  137. Moving a 20H
  138. hydrogen peroxide and silicon
  139. How do you move a tank?
  140. lighting ?
  141. After pump head rating calculator
  142. tank advice
  143. Will bacterial die without sufficient ammonia/nitrite/nitrate
  144. OK, new tank up and running.
  145. Let's talk pH
  146. are snails good for planted tank?
  147. The Incomparable
  148. Peat Pellets? Safe?
  149. is it possible?? outdoor tank
  150. Feeding SAE's
  151. white stuff in CO2 reactor...
  152. 1st low tech - What do you think
  153. US Swap N Shop sellers indicate yes/no Canadian shipping?
  154. Diggers keep uprooting my microsword!!!
  155. Plants or fish first?
  156. A gift for dad
  157. New 12g and 5g tanks! Equipment list with links and a few questions!
  158. anybody experienced with this product?...i need help pls
  159. snail eaters
  160. New to forum
  161. diffusing pressurized CO2
  162. LFS vs. Online E-retailer vs. Megastore
  163. General CO2 & Drop checker question
  164. longest a fish has remained hidden?
  165. Driftwood questions
  166. Java fern funny groth
  167. Which type of CO2 tanks?
  168. Fish deaths QUICK help if possible plz
  169. SAE's Coming In On Shipment
  170. Looking for a little information
  171. I'm a father (Endler's)
  172. which online store has best deals on excel and other dry goods?
  173. yeast leaked into tank
  174. angry with Bigal's...
  175. Grade T color quartz and cory cats?? Concerns??
  176. Peat substrate/underlayment
  177. Plant Id needed
  178. Getting Ready For Set Up.......Missing Anything?
  179. ICK need help!!
  180. Shipping driftwood with plants attached?
  181. benefits of driftwood?
  182. First Planted Tank - 10 Gallon
  183. water flow...
  184. going planted with a pleco??
  185. Newbie
  186. New set up, Making sure this sounds right!
  187. Certain Techniques?
  188. can someone name this aquatic plant?
  189. Will Cories bother my shrimps and plants?
  190. Switched my 55 over to planted
  191. mixing seachem ferts - concentrated or diluted?
  192. lava rock
  193. If it weren't for HC...
  194. Doubling mech
  195. What eggs are these?
  196. 20G NPT Progression
  197. Is my tank cycled?
  198. Microsorum pteropus "indo" it's having pups???
  199. Flourish Excel and Flourish
  200. eheim liquidoser and excel?
  201. Mold on drift wood, HELP
  202. Algae on CO2 Diffuser
  203. How do you plant these plants????
  204. I think this is cryptocoryne spiralis, is it?
  205. Driftwood placement, your thoughts welcomed(56K warning)
  206. aponogeton ulvaceus pruning
  207. Do snails eat HC? (pic)
  208. Algae Bloom
  209. Where to find Zebra Rock?
  210. I gave in, going 'high tech,' advice needed!
  211. Good reference sites?
  212. Culling Guppies?
  213. CO2 Tubing Question
  214. Newly Planted Tank - Need comments
  215. Brass Gang Valve Air Tight Question (DIY co2 system)
  216. My black tetra has fin rot... HELP!!!
  217. How much pressure in a pollen diffuser with DIY Co2? + safety question.
  218. New hodd for 16 gal tall
  219. Another Dosing ?
  220. New to plant tank...Need some help
  221. soilmaster select questions
  222. Where to get co2
  223. bump?
  224. 30 year old planted tank
  225. My first planted tank
  226. Need Advice - Changing Filters.
  227. Dosing of Fertilizers
  228. Old Fluval 403 question
  229. Suggestions for a newbie who wants a lush planted tank
  230. Complete Noob Joining the Planted Tank Community
  231. Start of 80gal bow.
  232. Question on Light for plant development
  233. need help with ferts
  234. Help identify my surprise mystery plants!
  235. Update on my tank **
  236. Inch Worm?
  237. Any experiences?
  238. Multi Newbie questions please
  239. Can ich go away without treatment?
  240. Anubias question
  241. Can I get some advice?
  242. cory's in the new tank
  243. What kind of rocks
  244. Should I put peat or laterite under a 3 substrate of Flourite black?
  245. Cloudy, stinky water...
  246. Newbie hello with questions
  247. High Five to
  248. Carbon and CO2 diffuser
  249. Plant Deficiency: Running out of idea
  250. So yeah who would of known....