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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. In-tank food cultures?
  2. Plant shipping expectations? A quandary
  3. Upgrading 10 gallon to 20 long. Need advice please.
  4. Bizzare, Rare, Unique or Unusual. Fish, Inverts and plants.
  5. Help on New Planted Tank
  6. Odd tank sizes and stands
  7. new to me 135g setup
  8. Fluval Edge 16 Removing top and new setup Questions
  9. Tadpoles are turning cannibalistic. What should I do?
  10. No more pearling from carpet. what could be the reason?
  11. planted tank equipment advice
  12. 75 vs 90 gallon?
  13. Optimal CO2 Diffuser Placement in a 20 gallon long?
  14. New European biotope tank advice
  15. Safe or no safe
  16. Should I buy
  17. Fluval spec planted tank carpet?
  18. 90% Water Change
  19. 46 Gallon Fix Help
  20. New Tank Advice
  21. Seeding new Tank
  22. Anyone run a high tech dirted tank?
  23. Age of planted tank
  24. New Tank Spec List
  25. Mineral Oil In Aquarium
  26. New tank setup planning
  27. Help! Moving abroad for six months
  28. Books
  29. Neon Tetra AWOL in 10gallon
  30. 29 gallon lightly planted
  31. What Size Tanks should I use
  32. Enough Water Agitation?
  33. Why should I do regular Water Changes?
  34. Beneficial Bacteria maintenance in Shrimp only tank?
  35. Have anyone broke down their tanks and started over?
  36. Pumpkin for Fish/Invert food.
  37. Leaf Gathering. Food for Fry and Inverts!
  38. Aquarium - Fish & Or Planted
  39. New 75g Aqueon... built-in reverse sag?
  40. Some worm like thing in my tank. Please Help
  41. George Farmer Gets Algae Too and How He Deals With It
  42. Plastic plants from hobby lobby?
  43. What test kits
  44. worms creating anaerobic substrate?
  45. Stressful searching. Any suggestions?
  46. Pitch your experimental aquascape ideas
  47. Trip to Japan
  48. Magnesium
  49. An Egg-cellent question. Any good use for egg shells?
  50. Question re. PH controller w/CO2
  51. Starting a new High Tech Tank
  52. Brown algae 🤢
  53. Newbie
  54. Good plant to replace A. Reineckii?
  55. Help With 75 Gallon Planted Tank
  56. HMF Filter + C02
  57. My Paludarium
  58. Molded Fiberglass Safety Clear Coating?
  59. First planted tank
  60. Not enough fish??
  61. Flow?
  62. Disappointed 46, New plan
  63. I accidentally killed my fish
  64. Fishless cycling
  65. Aquarium stand with lip that hides lower bezel. Water damage?
  66. Cloudy tank problem
  67. Kitty litter vs sts
  68. Tank got nuked today
  69. Do you Remove Filter media ?
  70. Tank Repair
  71. Overstocked 20G
  72. Maintenance vs substrate cost
  73. Deficiency? Toxicity? Whats wrong with my tank?
  74. Dirt as a CO2 Source
  75. Affordable CO2 Systems
  76. Ludwigia Problem
  77. Water
  78. Cycling second opinion
  79. Paraffin heaters and open top aquariums
  80. I found this Tiny bug on my plant.
  81. Help Please - First tank and about to give up :(
  82. Small small small white worms on my glass
  83. Quarantine tank
  84. New to fish keeping & betta tank recommendations.
  85. Ammonia poisoning medicine/treatment?
  86. Sad news, practical considerations?
  87. question on fishless cycling with aquasoil amazonia
  88. CO2 injection, pH, KH and fish management
  89. Rogo's 75 gallon Malawi setup.
  90. Question for people using Seachem fertilizers.
  91. Brand new to hobby... is my fishless cycle on track?
  92. Hello! - New to Dirted Tanks
  93. Regulating temperature through winter
  94. Getting adhesive off inner glass
  95. Is my wet/dry sealed a little too well??
  96. Aquasabi Online Experience?
  97. Hello - New (used 125)
  98. How often do you water change?
  99. Average evaporation
  100. How many tanks do you have up and running
  101. Removing Tannins in tank with a sponge filter?
  102. Help me with an indoor vernal pool
  103. Going to be attempting a Dutch style tank
  104. Alternative to Pressurized CO2 - Big Help Required Please.
  105. The SECRET to conserving CO2!
  106. Broken/cracked frame
  107. First planted tank. need advise on water temperature.
  108. Plants and guppies outgrowing tank, need pointers!
  109. Is this result of high temperature?
  110. setting up a 4x2x2
  111. Hello, intro and questions
  112. Tank Update
  113. Setting up my first planted tank need help.
  114. My local fish store is up to their eyeballs in TB
  115. Joe's planted discus tank
  116. My amazon biotope tank (so far)
  117. 7 Weeks Plant Growth
  118. Looking for new things to do
  119. Diving back in! Former Breeder/Hobbiest returning.
  120. Drilling Returns: How Close To Corners?
  121. New to planted tank.
  122. What can I buy to 'clean' up the tank...
  123. Mechanical filtration for a freshwater sump
  124. Planted Tank Crashing
  125. Superglue
  126. Plants not doing well in Cycling tank.
  127. Self-sustainable Fish Tank
  128. New tank problem needed help :'(
  129. Stocking Advice for 15 Gallon
  130. Canister and Lighting advice needed
  131. Filter and circulation pump placement? (29g)
  132. Chihiros Doctor making shrimp jump
  133. Multiple Problems With New Tank
  134. Aquarium Pots Question
  135. My DIY Reactor doesn't work
  136. New tank
  137. Help!!! First planted tank
  138. Can this filter add CO2?
  139. My tank looks distorted (Aqueon 15 Column)
  140. Help with Killifish for Spec V
  141. new tank - how would you plant it?
  142. EI+ On A Tanks Initial Stage - Equilibrium Questions - 2x ADA 60P's
  143. New 29G with filter question
  144. Temperature issue with my 125 gallon tank
  145. Rio Acandi 2: Electric Boogaloo
  146. Snake ID ?
  147. Substrate Switch! (Success)
  148. New 120g tank build help
  149. Turtle Setup Help
  150. Raising Cichlid fry in hi-tech tank?
  151. Moving
  152. Is it ok to treat and condition water in empty 2 litre water bottles?
  153. Recommended moss to use for aquarium bonsai?
  154. Seachams New Line of Ferts "Aquavitro"
  155. Water question
  156. Emergency Beta help, overfeed + anaerobic due to power outage(hurricane Irma)
  157. Rimless Tank
  158. Fish TB; how long without fish?
  159. Vintage Stainless Frame 5G Slate Bottom Tank
  160. I can't figure this out.
  161. What brands of aquariums are good
  162. Ph 5.8 with co2
  163. filter bubbles
  164. Self Sustaining Food Options
  165. root problems?
  166. Commercial lab for tank water analysis?
  167. How effective are UV lights on the SunSun filters?
  168. Browning/Yellowing of Water **UPDATE**
  169. DSM and cycling
  170. Tips on how to get off to a great start on plants growth/lushness?
  171. Top of my homemade stand is not level??
  172. water changes in a tall tank
  173. Seattle Fish Shows
  174. Starting first dirted tank
  175. Acidify soil?
  176. strategies to prevent surface film?
  177. Ph and co2
  178. Whatsapp group for planted aquarium keepers
  179. zombie themed tank. is this aquarium safe?
  180. Worms
  181. CO2 for a 110 Gallon Planted Tank
  182. Gla$$hole overflow flange leaking - appreciate quick responses
  183. Tank foam supports?
  184. How to Fill a Tank with Water without Disturbing Substrate
  185. Using reef salt in a freshwater aquarium?
  186. What is that disease? Velvet?
  187. Newbie has some questions
  188. Rimless 30 Gallon Breeder
  189. Filter Left OFF for 2 Days!
  190. I would love some help.........
  191. I suck please help!
  192. Rex Grigg CO2 Reactor on 12g Long
  193. Ich, fungus, or scale damage on my cardinal tetra
  194. First "dirt" tank
  195. Are Ants Toxic To Aquarium Life?
  196. Aquabid
  197. Plants and guppies outgrowing tank, need pointers!
  198. 125g low tech stocking options
  199. Ada style stand for a 120cm tank
  200. 100% will never touch Seachem Fluorite again
  201. whats on your xmas list? :D
  202. Drop checker and CO2 levels
  203. inline co2 diffuser
  204. Life expectancy of a planted tank
  205. Struggling a little
  206. What are these and where do they come from?
  207. Potting soil without perlite?
  208. Pressure Issue In DIY CO2
  209. CO2 getting released from pressure relief valve
  210. Moved my filter pickup around.
  211. should I downsize?
  212. High tech setup
  213. Floating algae bits? Or something else?
  214. In need of help!
  215. Mangrove Brackish beach tank
  216. How often do you top off your aquarium?
  217. 20G High Planted Stocking Ideas
  218. Yellow sediment from Seachem products in RO water?
  219. purigen and tannins
  220. Fish less cycle complete?
  221. Kryples (Cripples) 60 gallon planted cube / 20 long builds.
  222. Worms in Substrate
  223. Help identify what this is
  224. Collected wood locally, can I use?
  225. Lightening Fast Fishless Cycle
  226. Is this enough filtration ?
  227. Can I use this wood?
  228. Want a sub 30 gallon for our masterbedroom
  229. Do experienced ppl use UV sterilizer?
  230. Day one (first planted tank) Ideas or advise wanted
  231. Mysterious Eggs
  232. Drs foster & Smith malaysian driftwood pics?
  233. Anybody cringe when they see this ?
  234. Tissue Culture- Do any of you do your own?
  235. New Planted Tank Set up
  236. Stand for 12 Gallon Long
  237. tiny non moving specks with a flagellum on glass and not only
  238. Little bugs?
  239. What is this?!
  240. New to Freshwater plant tanks
  241. Murky tank?
  242. water softener
  243. manzanita driftwood
  244. Replacing air used by plants at night?
  245. I think I screwed this up - NPT attempt
  246. Ordering from AFA / Horn vs Branch wood
  247. Glass top options (no seam?)
  248. Newbie questions
  249. 205g planted discus/community tank build
  250. What's your favorite Plant ? [emoji848]