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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. electro co2?
  2. New "Fluval Osaka" Aquariums
  3. i dont see bubbles coming out of my new glass co2 diffuser?
  4. Salt to Plants
  5. Anubia garden
  6. Moss not planted - How long
  7. Help me ID these new additions
  8. What is it?
  9. My DW: what do you like best?
  10. Great plants for short, long tanks?
  11. 6 foot Tank journal, Pics 56k beware
  12. few question about broken anubias flower
  13. Diagnose my tank: Plants not growing fast enough
  14. Moss scape link on another thread
  15. BBA - To much light? Would like opinions.
  16. price for co2
  17. Better Glass Cleaner
  18. Suggestions/comments about my setup? Newbie here.
  19. Photo period
  20. Plant ID please
  21. charm gallery
  22. Tough Plant Question.
  23. Dry Fertz?
  24. something leaching into my water?
  25. Oh great and wise plant-folk...
  26. Making moss into a ground cover?
  27. Culturing/Feeding Live Worms
  28. My Pomacea Bridgesii Snail Just Laid Eggs
  29. It's not ich, but what is it? Now 4th fish sick. Torpedo Barb has Dropsy.
  30. Back up air pumps
  31. Nice Surprise!
  32. Afternoon with Amano
  33. Thinking about getting pressurized Co2 system
  34. Aquascaping Magazine?
  35. Filter overflowing
  36. Aquascaping: Making Hills?
  37. New 90 gal lighting/other questions
  38. Dosing flourish and excel
  39. Driftwood help!
  40. SPider web? in water?
  41. Finished product...lots of pics!
  42. Given Time....
  43. INcreasing The Amount of Light on my tank
  44. 28 Bowfront Lighting Options
  45. Rocks okay for my tank?
  46. Where to find nice, high qual aquarium furnature?
  47. Where to buy lots of good java?
  48. CO2 Completely necessary ?
  49. crinum calamistratum
  50. Big Al's sweepstakes for $50 GC
  51. how much do people make breeding and selling rcs in a month?
  52. 3-day blackout disaster
  53. How do these fish mix.. 75 Gallon stock list
  54. Regarding Mailing Plants
  55. Tap Water Conditioning, is this ok?
  56. How to clean ADA Lilly pipes?
  57. Gassing my fish
  58. Flourish Excel regular dosing
  59. 10g Planted Tank
  60. plant list check by experienced hobbiests
  61. New Scape (Well....First one)
  62. When moving my tank, best way to quickly paint black background?
  63. GH Test kit
  64. Dry Fert questions
  65. How long will small angels be okay in a 20G
  66. Black leaches
  67. plant id?
  68. Can Anyone Id This Plant!?!?! =)
  69. Need help on 40g setup.
  70. Quick Deficiency Question
  71. Glueing Driftwood?
  72. Imagine if you were on a 4 day or 7 day trip...and you can't dose. What would you do
  73. "moon lightning" a tank, and filter question.
  74. Has anyone seen a Sedona Aquarium Stand and Canopy in person?
  75. is my 55 gal still cycled?
  76. why are my amanio shrimp "melting"
  77. Ever get bored and re-do the tank?
  78. is eco complete too rough for cories
  79. Pearling???
  80. Why do some plants have a stream of tiny bubbles coming out of a single spot?
  81. Cycling time?
  82. New tank/stand idea, good place to get small custom tank?
  83. Lowering pH
  84. Who here has successfully grown dwarf HC?
  85. My horrible expereince with Aquaspot
  86. what is the easiest way to take off sediment off of glass?
  87. fert help needed
  88. K in KNO3 & KH2PO4 Usable to Plants?
  89. Shipping Snails?
  90. what type of hood i need for a standard 55 gal with plastic support bar in the middle
  91. Suggestions for hardy and easy to care for fish
  92. Snails on plants from petsmart.
  93. wheres the best place to get a solenoid
  94. oddball 40 gallon?
  95. Dosing KNO3- dry or stock solution?
  96. Can I use a Betta to help cycle my tank?
  97. Solenoid on regulator gets really really hot, is this normal?
  98. water surface scum/film?
  99. my driftwood stinks :(
  100. Dry Fert Solubility
  101. Baseboard heaters and fish tanks
  102. Keeping Blackworms alive
  103. plant frts
  104. What should I do about replacing my 10 gallon?
  105. enough lights?
  106. New 10 gallon
  107. difference between stems and normal plants?
  108. Sunny rooms
  109. General Lighting Questions.
  110. co2 bubble skum
  111. Hi everyone, I'm very new and have some questions
  112. I Need Help Starting A Planted Tank
  113. Slime? About to freaking give up!
  114. AH Supply - RAVE!!
  115. What is "high light"?
  116. adding carbon to the filter
  117. tea leaves?
  118. is there a classified section here??
  119. What will i need?
  120. will this airstone diffuse my co2
  121. Brown spots on leaves and melting leaves
  122. Ok so i messed up a bit
  123. keeping an empty tank cycled?
  124. How does my rockscape look???
  125. Snails: Do they dirty or clean tanks?
  126. Worst case scenario ):
  127. Buying ammonia
  128. offering 15% off through July 14
  129. Nile sand problem? or filtration?
  130. spray paint
  131. Is this peny wort?
  132. eliminating reflection on glass?
  133. what do you guys think about this filter?
  134. How much should I worry about fungus in the 30g I'm going to be inheritting soon?
  135. Nitrites stubornly holding on
  136. how many gallon is my tank?
  137. suggestions for different colored plants
  138. the cheapest filter for a 10 gallon shrimp tank
  139. Need your opinion please
  140. Hair Algae Maybe? I know i need to get rid of it though
  141. what is this stuff on my plants?
  142. shipping plants, what to declare
  143. Bringing the red out (in a low-light tank)
  144. Do these qualify as "hard woods"?
  145. 2008 Aquatic Gardeners Convention
  146. Leveling a Tank
  147. Going to south florida for vacation and need some shopping suggestions:)
  148. Branch
  149. Seachem Flourish Refrigeration- Why?
  150. Have to dose lots of phosphate, but no nitrates. Unusual?
  151. High light Low Tech?
  152. Can plants grow too much?
  153. where to buy inexpensive substrate for my 80ga
  154. Carpeting help
  155. Algae fight
  156. Something im not sure on
  157. 17,000+ Members...All on the Internet?
  158. light timers
  159. can someone help me add pics from a url
  160. Glass canopies at BigAls?
  161. "inherited" 54 Corner bowfront
  162. is it safe?
  163. Setting up a river tank
  164. What strength powerhead?
  165. Need help seeting up new tank
  166. Plans for a 10g planted - help pls!
  167. Whats the Method
  168. Nitrifying bacteria and Co2 level
  169. need suggestions
  170. sand ?
  171. Anubias
  172. Fish food induced plant growth?
  173. shot in the dark at betta breeding
  174. Confused...What is it and what do i do?
  175. Recommended Dosing, Etc
  176. HELP! What to do with plants for three week period?
  177. What's your favorite part of having a planted tank?
  178. ID for plant similar to bacopa monnieri
  179. Buried Snails can they unburry themselves?
  180. my masterpiece is done
  181. what to do with a low light 20 gallon high
  182. Help! I'm bored with my tank~!
  183. drawbacks of pressurized CO2..?
  184. what do yall think?
  185. Triops!
  186. Eusteralis stellata and CO2
  187. limpet attack
  188. How much did you spend on one tank?
  189. Need Professional Help..Algae..dosing..and so on *PICS*
  190. Good breeding fish?
  191. will these silicone hold up these sticks?
  192. Fuzzy white stuff on my driftwood. HELP!
  193. Problem with my ram
  194. Old Tank issues
  195. is this the silicone safe for fish (pics)
  196. Is this safe for a 90 gallon aquarium??
  197. Recieved my beetle counter and other items
  198. Yeah I can see the CO2 bubbles floating around but are they actually helping?
  199. HELP! I just see tons of worms in my shrimp tank!!!
  200. Rock growing white hairs?
  201. Roots Keep Growing
  202. New guy here looking for some nice folks to help!
  203. Submerged Flowers
  204. Questions about Moss Walls
  205. Need help with canopy for 75 gal
  206. If you had $50K (USD or CAD) to spend on an aquarium. What would you do?
  207. Converting from marine to planted tank
  208. Changing from Marine to Planted tank
  209. Help with planning...
  210. rich noob needs help
  211. Can floater plants be bad for plants in the tank?
  212. nerite eggs
  213. How are you handling all the electrical plugs for your tank?
  214. Fish Move is completed! YAY
  215. Is the homepage not working for anyone else?
  216. Bleaching driftwood?
  217. mystery specks!?
  218. Low light planted tank
  219. My Fish And Plant Plan... AGAIN
  220. Thinking about going pressurized co2...where do I start?
  221. 2008 AGA Aquatic Gardeners Convention
  222. silicone what type is safe?
  223. What tank would be a good betta houseing with plants?
  224. plant ID please
  225. Thank you TPT!
  226. My 14 gallon Iwagumi planted tank. 7/4/08 I gave up.
  227. Book Recommendation Please
  228. Various questions on dosing dry ferts. Phosphate dosing.
  229. Building a Display Tank
  230. is this enuf algae eaters for my 60 gal?
  231. Bewildered by all the fertilizer choices
  232. Water changes, how much how often
  233. Fert Question
  234. Florida Flag Fish Found
  235. Assorted plant questions.
  236. Really really Stupid Question
  237. wat plant shud use?
  238. Bubbles from the substrate
  239. Keeping new plants alive
  240. Help! How To Eliminate Water Marks?
  241. Just another Newbie!
  242. Thought i would share
  243. Hc Hc Hc
  244. Super Pissed!!
  245. How soon should i start WC after addding amazonia
  246. A few random novice questions
  247. Stagnant Water problem!!!
  248. Driftwood Plants
  249. Appology to Starsunmoon
  250. Lights off completely on 2 week vacation?!