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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. newb 10 gallon w/ pics
  2. Crap. ac broke. tank temps are going up
  3. 60 plant and fish shop on one street in hong kong
  4. DIY co2 unit
  5. Lighting
  6. Suggestions for cleaning a glass diffuser
  7. Plant Nutrients
  8. Looking for a low tech/ cost/ maint. approach
  9. Need some advice please...
  10. Sick Harlequin (pic) - HELP
  11. Help!! - What is this?!?!?
  12. New Here & looking for info
  13. New to planted tanks
  14. I can play Tchaikovsky but I can't aquascape...
  15. Has anyone done this?
  16. Pictures of your aquascapes that feature floating plants!!
  17. will my co2 cerqulate to the left of my tank?
  18. Where would you put Fissidens fontanus on this driftwood?
  19. Has anyone made the DIY 70W HQI light?
  20. would this be a good idea
  21. Fish poll
  22. Just needed to vent about poor pet-ownership!
  23. Will Maracyn-Two kill my plants?
  24. Otto has Parasites???
  25. Video of my tanks!
  26. Nasty Plant Worm in Tank
  27. plants that sell
  28. removing lime with fish in the tank
  29. Snails.
  30. what's a good pH meter & water test kit brand or model to buy?
  31. Tank crash(well dead fish anyway)
  32. Help me decide what to do!!!!
  33. Babies X2 ! pic added
  34. My 72L / 19gal.
  35. What's the best deal on a chiller for a 110gal tank?
  36. Where to buy plants
  37. Any experience with this
  38. My 1st Planted Tank Need Some Feedback
  39. Rock from backyard
  40. Open Bottom tank
  41. Soooo.....i'm pondering starting another tank...
  42. cold pack shipping methods?
  43. Help! Creature ID'ed! Advice?
  44. Dream Tank<>help Me Design It
  45. Will Praziquantel kill flukes in snails?
  46. Source for cold packs?
  47. Dry Ferts Solution question??
  48. help newb ferts question!
  49. where do you place your spray bar?
  50. New 25G, Newer owner!! (Going threw high Nitrite spike)
  51. help with new 2gal :)
  52. Snail question/ID?
  53. aquamedic 1000 question
  54. Dry Ferts Made Easy?
  55. Overhauling existing tank
  56. Roseburg Koi Show
  57. Planted tank journal: 45 gallon tall.
  58. Plant than fill or plant when full?
  59. Florida Biotope/Self Collected Tank/Update Jan.18.2009
  60. 2 questions - please help
  61. our new 50 gallon forest
  62. Wonder Shell Questions
  63. 6g eclipse system
  64. I need an answer fast!!!
  65. would this work in my 10
  66. lotus bulbs from wal-mart
  67. Fin Damage and open wounds *Help*
  68. new daddy.
  69. Algae problem, please help?
  70. Why Did ALL my plants die
  71. What a mess...Algae everywhere! Please help!
  72. Co2 Diffuser
  73. Who has the most high tech tank
  74. How can I make my plants grow faster?
  75. Tips on the type of plants that can grow emersed??
  76. Soliciting Random Pieces of Advice
  77. ***My 2nd 120 Planted Journal*** Pic Intense
  78. is this a bad idea??
  79. Bought some new plants/fish today
  80. I came home to HAIR ALGAE!!
  81. Lighting Questin
  82. SMS - how to clean during water changes?
  83. Water changes
  84. going pressurized. Diffuser vs Reactor? please advise
  85. Share your EXPERIENCES about shrimp safe fish
  86. Dry Ferts what to dose
  87. Plant ID???
  88. Proabably a simple question, but this is my first planted tank...
  89. another moving thread....not in same house, across town
  90. i might overfeed
  91. where can I get pre-filter sponges for my eheim intake
  92. My Idea for an Australia/Asia Biotope, and some questions.
  93. want some moss pics please!
  94. Any one have any ideas?
  95. Echinodorus amazonicus photos
  96. outside tanks
  97. looking for idea!!!
  98. co2 tester
  99. Madrona bark
  100. I have to move my aquarium tonight. Any advice?
  101. Looking for another inhabitant.
  102. ADA Fert Question
  103. Carbon Filter in Planted Tank?
  104. Leaves on plants are clear and glassy looking
  105. Greenleaf Aquariums order
  106. Fish Food
  107. hydor powerhead
  108. Am I really this ignorant?
  109. week long vacation gone awry
  110. my new driftwood!
  111. Ordering Ferts Online
  112. Spraybar Mounted Vertically?
  113. Pressurised C02 setup. whats a good, affordable setup?
  114. Hows tank is this, trouble locating the topic
  115. everything in its place -noob questions
  116. My 135 Photo Journal/ as of 6/11/8
  117. 5 General Questions
  118. I finally got pictures!..29G
  119. u gotta check this out!!!
  120. OK.. Gotta Stock This Thing!
  121. enuf c02
  122. Storing daphnia
  123. Water Flow
  124. Why are all the snails trying to escape?
  125. Brown worms
  126. Otto with possible eggs?
  127. Snail eggs on plant
  128. Is this a good kit?
  129. update of my new 60 gal tank
  130. plants that are frog safe?
  131. Difference between a 1X65 and 1X96
  132. 55g Lighting Comparison
  133. Softening water
  134. advise on background plants.
  135. Could I go from a 55g to 45g long and keep all my fish?
  136. New pics of my current setup.
  137. Preparing for new crays!
  138. Keep live adult brine shrimp alive and nutritious
  139. driftwood slime or mold? algae?
  140. Please help me grow spiral val! (algae arggh!)
  141. looking for beginner advice
  142. Where to find Declorinator?
  143. 2 questions...
  144. Money received!
  145. Total Disaster!! Omg *UPDATED*
  146. my new 60 gal for 60$
  147. ADA Grand Solar One Question
  148. Driftwood and changes
  149. trimming plants ?
  150. My plant only Erio and Tonina tank!
  151. Need Help With Planted Aquarium
  152. 40g+ Tank Upstairs...Safe?
  153. Could someone post a picture of...
  154. 38g Teardown and Rebuild. The fall of Cyano (June 5th update, 56k! DIE!)
  155. How to get another aquarium
  156. brown algae like substance in tank
  157. anubias VS Java fern growth rate
  158. restarted tank with new gravel bubbles all on the surface?
  159. how many fish is too many fish in a tank
  160. house is too hot for the fish
  161. 6.5 Wpg?
  162. need some help w/ hc
  163. I got baby Corys!!
  164. Culturing daphnia
  165. Rio Negro Bio-Tope
  166. Snails in Texas for dwarf Puffer?
  167. How to propagate ramshorn snails
  168. Blood Worm and Black Worm Allergy
  169. old SW live rock in a FW planted tank
  170. A different Ich thread? Plse help
  171. Plant only tanks?
  172. Help with green cloudy water !
  173. What is the best planted tank Magazine?
  174. Freshwater Clams/Mussels
  175. Does anyone have neat backgrounds?
  176. testing peat moss ??
  177. My 75 gallon planted.(My first tank)
  178. Dry ferts ?'s
  179. changing gravel in established tank
  180. Freshwater "Saltwater-Looking" Tank
  181. Excel With CO2
  182. Redmoor wood... Where do I find it?
  183. What types of lighting should I use for 37 gal. tank
  184. coloration b/t neon and cardinal tetra
  185. auto dosing fertilizers
  186. Unidentified hitchikers
  187. Glass co2 question
  188. Thinking of selling 2 nano tanks... whole or separate?
  189. 20 gal Long journal..
  190. Bubbles Gathering On PLants
  191. dosing csm+b
  192. How do I gravel vac sand?
  193. New Tank 10 Gal
  194. Silly newbie question... How do you pronounce 'oto'?
  195. Dry start method results for 180 Gallon
  196. Critters
  197. Auquascaping Substrate Question
  198. need help on what to put inside an eheim 2215
  199. what is a tanks bio limit?
  200. need help with naja grass maybe ferts?
  201. Not sure what this pest is
  202. Need some input on tank setup time
  203. Sand with MTS/cory and rooted plants?
  204. Help with first real planted tanks. :D
  205. Dry start method for HC in a 180 Gallon tank
  206. Water-change drip method advice needed
  207. Can i put driftwood found in saltwater in a freshwater tank?
  208. AtlantaMFR's Journal 75g updated 6/11
  209. Aquarium Scratch
  210. Any Awesome TALL Aquascapes?
  211. Ammonia and Amazon Sword
  212. What's up with the Vals'
  213. New 45/55?? gallon tank need help/ideas rescaping.
  214. Canister Output
  215. KH questions
  216. Where to buy Water jugs? for RO water
  217. algae grower?
  218. driftwood has slime on it
  219. Growing out plants...
  220. General advise sought
  221. Plecos or ottos?
  222. how long does it take for silicone to cure?
  223. Question about Click N Ship
  224. where to put my tank?
  225. snails gettin freaky?
  226. This may be a dumb question
  227. picked-up a UV filter
  228. Low light high tech?
  229. Plant Ideas Please
  230. What size cylinder - 210g tank
  231. Curing rocks and driftwood
  232. my first 1 gallon tank
  233. How do you secure Manzanita Driftwood so it sticks upward?
  234. Plants or fish first?
  235. Can any one ID these?
  236. Air Stones?
  237. Cleaning the outside glass
  238. Question about carpet plants.
  239. San Marcos river, Texas
  240. Trying to setup an eclipse 12
  241. background question
  242. co2/low light question
  243. new tank concept.
  244. Echinodorus amazonicus
  245. Need some help...
  246. what else from seachem exept flourish and flourish excel
  247. DIY Co2 vs. Excel
  248. Newbie: Please help me set up my new 110gal
  249. Need Help for my first planted tank
  250. ph electrodes?