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  1. DIY Co2 vs. Excel
  2. Newbie: Please help me set up my new 110gal
  3. Need Help for my first planted tank
  4. ph electrodes?
  5. Food for thought
  6. Plant ID
  7. Snail related S. Infection...?
  8. slate rocks, whch ones are ok for tank?
  9. Petsmart coupons
  10. What Would You Do
  11. Catfish as centerpieces
  12. Tank update
  13. BBA Question
  14. how to tie FLAME moss to driftwood?
  15. Tank background
  16. Planted Tank Cleaning
  17. What do you think about moving plants from one tank to the next if you have clado?
  18. Floating Pellets Suggestion
  19. My first Aquatic ECO order
  20. Setting up planted tank video
  21. Salt water dip
  22. Just Wanted To Introduce Myself.
  23. Several questions about new nanocube
  24. Useful aquascape links (Updated 2008-09-04)
  25. Rams: cant get rid of the ick
  26. How soon will fry begin nipping at smaller fry?
  27. MTS and shrimps and stem plants w/ schultz aqua soil questions...
  28. ppm to Moles/Liter
  29. ick!
  30. Really dumb tank question (Sketch added)
  31. New member need suggestions (With Pics)
  32. Moss carpet?
  33. insects on top of water????!!!
  34. Help
  35. Canadian Online PVC Supplies?
  36. advice on new path
  37. Poly resin decor
  38. Water does it affect the pH?
  39. a fixed budget
  40. Plants Illegal to Ship in USA
  41. Quick question!! Moving my tank to new location!!
  42. Rotala Species ID plz?
  43. moss / CRS tank
  44. Scaping suggestions wanted for new setup.
  45. Kribensis
  46. driftwood in tank
  47. Open top or not...does it affect the lighting?
  48. Aquarium Tear Down to KILL Snails
  49. aquascaping help
  50. ADA contest 2008
  51. Need plants for a South American tank
  52. Predatory snails? Native snails? Picture of natives!!!
  53. Need HELP! Unexpected unided tiny fry!
  54. Trouble cycling w/plants...
  55. Lighting questions for a tall tank
  56. Do these fish eat plants?
  57. anyboby have a corner tank pics or some links
  58. How to plant stemmed plants?
  59. canister for a 75g ??
  60. Sump vs cannister....? Pros and Cons...
  61. ADA Cube Garden 120P
  62. Is this to much light?
  63. kH/CO2 variance with seasons
  64. Canister filters...which brand to buy?
  65. anyone has a eclipse 3 planted tank or tall tank? 30x12x20H or 24H i think...
  66. Where could I get a good aquarium sand or clay substrate for under $15?
  67. Amazing new substrate
  68. Natural Looking Bubbles
  69. ADA stand question
  70. its a disease people!
  71. Amount of light
  72. Multiple Problems, HEEELLLPPPP!!
  73. Newbie's Question
  74. white bacteria? algea?
  75. Trimming Questions
  76. Aqua Soil or Gravel?
  77. Stem plant problems
  78. substrate- sand? sand mix?
  79. Finding Balance
  80. electronic testers or LaMotte Test Kit
  81. Water bugs?
  82. "bump"...?
  83. Cherry Shrimp and Dwarves?
  84. Success with Foxtail?
  85. how long before anubias flowers?
  86. Great Summer Feeding Plan
  87. Getting Rid of Snails..any formula??
  88. Small snails taking over tank
  89. Java or moss balls..
  90. Help wiring ballast in Coralife.....?
  91. Question about Fleet Enema
  92. Easy Carpet Plant?
  93. Concerns with dwarf hair grass.
  94. how does itrader works?
  95. Introduction and a question
  96. Advise on Planting Anubias Nana
  97. Cleaning a used tank.
  98. great deal that I should have jumped on, but diddnt
  99. How many plants?
  100. Average Costs
  101. Snail and GHA Problem
  102. Need help with my 10gal tank.
  103. Roots From Stem Plants
  104. Help with 1st scape NEW PIC
  105. New to planted tanks.. Help!
  106. Water Change en Mass
  107. quartzite flagstone
  108. Brita water test = Lower PH
  109. Driftwood creations
  111. New 37g
  112. From salt to first planted tank, need advice!
  113. Minimum Light Threshold
  114. ?
  115. Question on initial dosing of dry ferts using EI
  116. 2 Plant ID's Please
  117. Plant ID needed please
  118. pollen scum
  119. hello here and sum pics of my tank
  120. more flow= higher ph?
  121. Were to get manzanita wood? Or ANY wood?
  122. How to clean manzanita used by reptile?
  123. good books on planted tanks???
  124. Help needed for setting up new tank (10g)
  125. TOO Much Foam Under Tank????
  126. C02 in a Plant Only Tank...?
  127. Help with dosing
  128. Kirsikka : Updated photos before and after replant and journal on post 45
  129. I'm already thinking about rescaping!
  130. Quarantine Tank
  131. Bleach Dip
  132. 10 gallon ferts
  133. What should I do with all these fry...?
  134. Dosing Regime For Dry Ferts
  135. 33 long or 40 long?
  136. List of Warm Water Plants
  137. smb knows about this type of snail and how to get rid of?
  138. Aquascaping Advice?
  139. Give me a chemistry lesson re ammonia tests and prime?
  140. Breeding Cherries for food. Do you do it?
  141. Scum on surface 3 days after putting substrate in
  142. Cycling and Low PH
  143. My Goldfish/Plant Tank
  144. My test tank
  145. UV Sterilizer
  146. how to treat ick in planted tanks.
  147. Keeping substrates from mixing?
  148. cycling with established media
  149. Putting Ice on tanks
  150. Run Air if you have CO2?
  151. What Ferts, etc? Where to buy?
  152. Please Critique My Tank!
  153. Anyone growing widgeon/ditch grass (Ruppia m.)?
  154. Algae/New Lighting
  155. Manzanita wood-Birds section?
  156. is this mold?
  157. Various questions - please help!
  158. Planting in a sandy alkaline tank
  159. New 10gall coming soon-to be specs
  160. Suggestions for single specimen fish
  161. Fish Dying...Help *UPDATE* All ok so far
  162. totall noob lighting and co2
  163. Help me buy a ADA Setup
  164. my water turns green?
  165. Problems With Teardrop Rotala Indica
  166. Help with planted tank
  167. Vancouver BC Fish stores?
  168. My new find! Think I should set it up?
  169. UV sterilizer -- I am thinking about getting one? How effective are they?
  170. Little creatures in filter !!
  171. Plant Fest 2008
  172. DIY co2 into glass diffuser weird gel stuff on top of diffuser
  173. Old filter media for cycling
  174. Need fish suggestions and opinions please.
  175. Fry! ...Totally unexpected! Help!
  176. Keeping Nesea extra red ..
  177. How do I make re-planting less stressful for my fish?
  178. Wood, Any kind?
  179. Salt/Freshwater "Theory"
  180. WHAT IS THIS THING? argh
  181. I am thinking about going pressurized with Rex's regulator. Any suggestions/feedback
  182. What size filter for my tank?
  183. What tanks have the same footprint as a 76G tank?
  184. algea take over please help
  185. What ferts?
  186. Bleach Dip
  187. I need to change regime, will this work or any ideas?
  188. Bonsai.....
  189. 29 Stocking ideas
  190. Driftwood Prep
  191. Seiryu Stone Now AVAILABLE!
  192. Looking for cheapest substrate I can get
  193. Eggs again. Just a few questions (pg.2) Thanks!
  194. Planting
  195. NoSalt dosage....?
  196. Kind of Ironic
  197. Alk and PH off the charts! Help!
  198. Lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae
  199. Is this Ok.. rock for Shrimp tank?
  200. Filterless Tanks
  201. Ich?!
  202. My first real attempt at a planted tank
  203. Idea for those running DIY CO2.
  204. Fish Flakes
  205. New here, with a question.
  206. Where is the best place to buy these?
  207. a scummy film on my aquarium glass
  208. Shipping Plants
  209. rock question w/ pics of rocks now!
  210. Found some driftwood today
  211. 75 gallon journal.
  212. Platy eating plants!?
  213. SNAILS! Help
  214. Brass
  215. Help Wanted: New Plants
  216. 100 tall dimensions
  217. Rain Barrels
  218. "Makeover" of a planted turtle/fish tank...
  219. Long Term Clouding of water after adding BIO-Spira?
  220. 70 gallon journal update 5-19 Pictures!!! (56k)
  221. grow out tank
  222. New here
  223. Brand New with planted tanks. HELP!!!
  224. books
  225. Advise on fertilizer dosage
  226. Critique my tank!
  227. co2 question...
  228. Need Advise on 50 gallon setup
  229. my planted tank
  230. Rotala Wallichii Thriving, Java Fern Dying?
  231. Regen-ing Purigen - Wierd smell
  232. What is your algae scraper of choice?
  233. duck weed flooded my house
  234. Fresh wood in aquarium?
  235. Can It Be Done?
  236. gravel vacuming????????
  237. Ideas for a tank
  238. Got my tank moved to the new stand!
  239. Yay or Nay?
  240. Plants Bubbles!!!???
  241. qt tank with shrimp?
  242. Storing Yeast
  243. Moving Cross-Country with Fish? LONG!
  244. Help
  245. Browning on Ludwigia stems
  246. Where to get Purigen in the Portland Area?
  247. Tannins and a new piece of wood?
  248. Do you use an airstone at night?
  249. Help Wanted *WARNING* (long post)
  250. Decreased flow(fluval 305)