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  1. Tank allowed paint
  2. API test kit - weird taste in my mouth
  3. driftwood help...
  4. Setting up a 180. Need input!
  5. New Guy
  6. How did they do this?!
  7. Smelly Tank Problem...
  8. ever tasted the alcohol from DIY CO2?
  9. My tank needs help!
  10. Gonna be a showdown!
  11. Plant ID help
  12. Led Light 7500k rated at 100 watts for $20
  13. Planning To Sell A 15g Tank
  14. Wife new shoe rack
  15. Got DUPED Bought "Aluminum Plant" Pilea cadierei
  16. Mold growing on rocks....problem?
  17. 10g Planted Sulawesi Snail Journal
  18. I'm guessing this tank is 110 gal
  19. Weird Question
  20. How do you sterilize large rocks found in the wild?
  21. Algae question
  22. nitrite levels at 5.0 ppm in my 10 gal rcs tank
  23. Size Tanks And Prices...
  24. New fish WHAT A TRIP!
  25. Plant Fest inspired.
  26. Stupid Question - Water Flow & Plants
  27. Help with 7 gallon Betta tank.
  28. PLEASE HELP - Came home to a dead filter
  29. Need help on how to work Timed Digital Power Plug Edit! Need more assistance.
  30. 55g w/ thick glass
  31. new pics of 10gal and first pix of 55 gal...
  32. DIY Co2 question
  33. Pressurised CO2 (cloudy water)
  34. Fish Question
  35. CO2 Question
  36. shipping snails within US
  37. Don't know if this is the right place to ask but I need help with 10 gal tank.
  38. Noobie Question
  39. are these MTS
  40. SCORE!! Free 170 gallon w stand!
  41. New 10g Set up Questions.
  42. Does this sound like a good vacation plan?
  43. earthquake!!!
  44. may finally have to happen
  45. Looking for Journal of Basement Waterfall
  46. 4 days of no light, filtration, power out
  47. 2 Stores are really the same
  48. Weekend fishing trip - new pics 9/6/08
  49. Lighting and Rena
  50. How Big Should I Go?
  51. Shipping plants
  52. Advice for a Noob appreciated.
  53. Turtles Previously housed- OK for fish?
  54. Dry ferts arrived today and dont know where to start.
  55. peacock gudgeon
  56. who dropped those eggs there?
  57. how much would you spend?
  58. Weird betta activity
  59. 55g placing
  60. Asian Stream Tank - ideas
  61. 2x 24 watt T-5
  62. attaching moss to wood?
  63. Potassium Chloride
  64. Aquarium allergies?
  65. Starting New Planted Tank "Cloudy Water"
  66. DIY halide reflector
  67. new foregound plant discoeverd very cool
  68. Idea: Low tech plant grow-out.
  69. I'm new here so be gentle :)
  70. Java Moss, or Death Trap??
  71. pros/cons of acrylic shrimp tank
  72. Diagnose my tank 2 - Roots
  73. Will adding plants change PH?
  74. has anyone heard from starsunmoon?
  75. Foreground plant?
  76. Isolation tank & New tank questions
  77. Need Help
  78. SeaChem pH Alert, other test kit Qs, & online vendors?
  79. homemade fertz?
  80. anubias lanceolota
  81. My plants are pearling!!
  82. Plant Fest highlights, 2008
  83. plant leeches
  84. ebay sellers store plants and driftwood all $3.95 and free shipping!!!
  85. Bad Algae Answer
  86. Dumb Question
  87. Mountain scape
  88. lilly pipe questin
  89. Something invaded my tank, and no, it's not planaria (pics)
  90. How much water do you change a week?
  91. Fluorite Original....
  92. Tree, or driftwood?
  93. Mystery Snails laying eggs!!!! **Now have pics** UPDATED
  94. Grape vine as Driftwood
  95. Trying to understand some things on Nitrates w/plants
  96. Got New Lights!
  97. Trip to Big Als!
  98. Cloudy glass on an empty tank
  99. How many blocks of frozen food would you feed this many fish and inverts each day?
  100. Changing substrate
  101. My tank
  102. electro co2?
  103. New "Fluval Osaka" Aquariums
  104. i dont see bubbles coming out of my new glass co2 diffuser?
  105. Salt to Plants
  106. Anubia garden
  107. Moss not planted - How long
  108. Help me ID these new additions
  109. What is it?
  110. My DW: what do you like best?
  111. Great plants for short, long tanks?
  112. 6 foot Tank journal, Pics 56k beware
  113. few question about broken anubias flower
  114. Diagnose my tank: Plants not growing fast enough
  115. Moss scape link on another thread
  116. BBA - To much light? Would like opinions.
  117. price for co2
  118. Better Glass Cleaner
  119. Suggestions/comments about my setup? Newbie here.
  120. Photo period
  121. Plant ID please
  122. charm gallery
  123. Tough Plant Question.
  124. Dry Fertz?
  125. something leaching into my water?
  126. Oh great and wise plant-folk...
  127. Making moss into a ground cover?
  128. Culturing/Feeding Live Worms
  129. My Pomacea Bridgesii Snail Just Laid Eggs
  130. It's not ich, but what is it? Now 4th fish sick. Torpedo Barb has Dropsy.
  131. Back up air pumps
  132. Nice Surprise!
  133. Afternoon with Amano
  134. Thinking about getting pressurized Co2 system
  135. Aquascaping Magazine?
  136. Filter overflowing
  137. Aquascaping: Making Hills?
  138. New 90 gal lighting/other questions
  139. Dosing flourish and excel
  140. Driftwood help!
  141. SPider web? in water?
  142. Finished product...lots of pics!
  143. Given Time....
  144. INcreasing The Amount of Light on my tank
  145. 28 Bowfront Lighting Options
  146. Rocks okay for my tank?
  147. Where to find nice, high qual aquarium furnature?
  148. Where to buy lots of good java?
  149. CO2 Completely necessary ?
  150. crinum calamistratum
  151. Big Al's sweepstakes for $50 GC
  152. how much do people make breeding and selling rcs in a month?
  153. 3-day blackout disaster
  154. How do these fish mix.. 75 Gallon stock list
  155. Regarding Mailing Plants
  156. Tap Water Conditioning, is this ok?
  157. How to clean ADA Lilly pipes?
  158. Gassing my fish
  159. Flourish Excel regular dosing
  160. 10g Planted Tank
  161. plant list check by experienced hobbiests
  162. New Scape (Well....First one)
  163. When moving my tank, best way to quickly paint black background?
  164. GH Test kit
  165. Dry Fert questions
  166. How long will small angels be okay in a 20G
  167. Black leaches
  168. plant id?
  169. Can Anyone Id This Plant!?!?! =)
  170. Need help on 40g setup.
  171. Quick Deficiency Question
  172. Glueing Driftwood?
  173. Imagine if you were on a 4 day or 7 day trip...and you can't dose. What would you do
  174. "moon lightning" a tank, and filter question.
  175. Has anyone seen a Sedona Aquarium Stand and Canopy in person?
  176. is my 55 gal still cycled?
  177. why are my amanio shrimp "melting"
  178. Ever get bored and re-do the tank?
  179. is eco complete too rough for cories
  180. Pearling???
  181. Why do some plants have a stream of tiny bubbles coming out of a single spot?
  182. Cycling time?
  183. New tank/stand idea, good place to get small custom tank?
  184. Lowering pH
  185. Who here has successfully grown dwarf HC?
  186. My horrible expereince with Aquaspot
  187. what is the easiest way to take off sediment off of glass?
  188. fert help needed
  189. K in KNO3 & KH2PO4 Usable to Plants?
  190. Shipping Snails?
  191. what type of hood i need for a standard 55 gal with plastic support bar in the middle
  192. Suggestions for hardy and easy to care for fish
  193. Snails on plants from petsmart.
  194. wheres the best place to get a solenoid
  195. oddball 40 gallon?
  196. Dosing KNO3- dry or stock solution?
  197. Can I use a Betta to help cycle my tank?
  198. Solenoid on regulator gets really really hot, is this normal?
  199. water surface scum/film?
  200. my driftwood stinks :(
  201. Dry Fert Solubility
  202. Baseboard heaters and fish tanks
  203. Keeping Blackworms alive
  204. plant frts
  205. What should I do about replacing my 10 gallon?
  206. enough lights?
  207. New 10 gallon
  208. difference between stems and normal plants?
  209. Sunny rooms
  210. General Lighting Questions.
  211. co2 bubble skum
  212. Hi everyone, I'm very new and have some questions
  213. I Need Help Starting A Planted Tank
  214. Slime? About to freaking give up!
  215. AH Supply - RAVE!!
  216. What is "high light"?
  217. adding carbon to the filter
  218. tea leaves?
  219. is there a classified section here??
  220. What will i need?
  221. will this airstone diffuse my co2
  222. Brown spots on leaves and melting leaves
  223. Ok so i messed up a bit
  224. keeping an empty tank cycled?
  225. How does my rockscape look???
  226. Snails: Do they dirty or clean tanks?
  227. Worst case scenario ):
  228. Buying ammonia
  229. offering 15% off through July 14
  230. Nile sand problem? or filtration?
  231. spray paint
  232. Is this peny wort?
  233. eliminating reflection on glass?
  234. what do you guys think about this filter?
  235. How much should I worry about fungus in the 30g I'm going to be inheritting soon?
  236. Nitrites stubornly holding on
  237. how many gallon is my tank?
  238. suggestions for different colored plants
  239. the cheapest filter for a 10 gallon shrimp tank
  240. Need your opinion please
  241. Hair Algae Maybe? I know i need to get rid of it though
  242. what is this stuff on my plants?
  243. shipping plants, what to declare
  244. Bringing the red out (in a low-light tank)
  245. Do these qualify as "hard woods"?
  246. 2008 Aquatic Gardeners Convention
  247. Leveling a Tank
  248. Going to south florida for vacation and need some shopping suggestions:)
  249. Branch
  250. Seachem Flourish Refrigeration- Why?