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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Sorry to be an idiot but..
  2. what do you guys think of my new rescaped 60 gal
  3. How long can plants last in a bag?
  4. huge earthworm looking worm found in tank
  5. Trimming/pruning and aquascaping advice
  6. do mixed ferts in bottles go bad?
  7. plans for rescaping 55 gall long
  8. Need some help retrofitting Eclipse hood
  9. Internal Backdrop
  10. which thing to monitor?
  11. goldfish eating bba and other algae
  12. regarding mulm
  13. what is this parasite?(pics)
  14. Does anyone know why my e.tenellus is yellowing/transparent?
  15. Need help with 29 gal heavy planted tank<~~~~~~~~
  16. Plants and Rocks/stones identification
  17. What Does This Mean, snails?
  18. Are There A Planted Tank Clubs Near Oakland?
  19. Plant/Driftwood placement, HELP
  20. shutter speed for pics of fish
  21. 125 gallon mold farm extravaganza
  22. What live foods do you culture?
  23. What am I doing wrong?
  24. Tank smells like Ammonia, should I be concerned?
  25. new tank - woot!
  26. I. love. Co Workers!
  27. Is it possible to inject too much co2 with a diy setup?
  28. Centerpiece Plant
  29. Planted Tank Calendars
  30. Tabs
  31. 12 step program to cure MTS (multi-tank-syndrome)?
  32. Branches
  33. Fans in Georgia USA
  34. Lower light for longer photo period
  35. Root tabs
  36. modifying my 48" coarlife
  37. Check out the score
  38. sucking up ammonia with carbon
  39. Light timers?
  40. brand new CO2 Nano Diffuser not working?
  41. lighting schedule
  42. Need a little help with a ?
  43. How do you plant HC in the substrate?
  44. Feeding microworms?
  45. URGH.....I just brought home a cracked tank.
  46. moving fish from tank to tank
  47. Ammonia nuking
  48. How do I do this?
  49. "Going live" today...Any last minute suggestions??
  50. Photoperiod hours, noon burst, noon siesta: Which and how long?
  51. CO2 questions
  52. Why is my water cloudy when I dose trace ferts?
  53. Need advice going from 30L to 55 quickest way
  54. How to kill submereged hydra
  55. How much do snails contribute to the bioload?
  56. what should i do with this tank??:(PLEASE HELP(pics)
  57. LED lights for sale on
  58. Transplanting HC from potting soil to aquarium gravel - tips?
  59. OK, who's got well water and a question...
  60. Flourish Iron
  61. soils under gravels
  62. Are these snail leeches?
  63. Tiny white critters on glass
  64. Need fish suggestions~ HELP~
  65. cracked check valve? NOW WITH PICTURE
  66. planting potted plants
  67. Nerite snail questions
  68. Need help finding large quantities of moss
  69. Safety precautions
  70. Keeping Tank Clean
  71. Need Advice! Please!!!
  72. Testing Circulation?
  73. 60gal Stocking (last fish?)
  74. Protective Gloves Safe?
  75. My 55
  76. Now that was QUICK!
  77. Dang Cloudy Water!!!! Why?!?!?! (UPDATE)
  78. The PH Effect
  79. Sump!
  80. dismayed by some of stock at local pet warehouse store
  81. Quick Question
  82. New tank setup, few questions
  83. oto compatibility?
  84. Newbie signing on
  85. Snail Vs Shrimp
  86. Purchased my first plants
  87. Links to Planted Aquarium Galleries?
  88. Taking pics at night?
  89. How many species of plants do you have?
  90. Questions on a stand on ebay
  91. Purigen
  92. Can you cycle a tank with just snails?
  93. Is this going to turn into a disaster?
  94. How long can beneficial bacteria stay alive in a canister with NO oxygen?
  95. All things must come to an end...
  96. How can you tell if the fish are playing or fighting?
  97. Anyone run a ATO?
  98. Dechlorinator during cycling?
  99. How necessary is K2SO4
  100. Heleocharis yokoscensis
  101. MTS long to hatch?
  102. Longest you have had a tank set up
  103. Buying plants
  104. Silicone bubble - problem?
  105. Aluminum bad for fish? (related to chillers)
  106. Filter is providing zero flow
  107. Plant ID's Please. Thanks in advance :)
  108. manzanita rotting in tank?
  109. How do people get their driftwood to stay up???
  110. help! can anybody recommend a good point and shoot with macro capability
  111. I HATE AQUARIUMS - not aquatic plants
  112. Quick question about DIY CO2
  113. 2008 ADA Party
  114. Long time lurker, hello all
  115. Someone spilled beer in my tank.
  116. Tank #7 56K warning
  117. Those of you who've done iwagumi layouts...
  118. My Gourami died!
  119. Do I still need to add Excel if I have started a diy co2 injection system?
  120. Cleaning your filter question
  121. Plants near HOB filter outlet
  122. three leaf clovers taking over surface
  123. Anubias Leaves Curling!!!
  124. W/C with contaminanted water...
  125. do Red Line Torpedo Barbs jump?
  126. Elite Mini Placement
  127. need help with setting up a pond/tub
  128. Super quick question
  129. New here, couple of questions. 26gal
  130. 12 galon planted
  131. Cycling planted tank
  132. Stocking with CPO's
  133. First planted tank, need help pls.
  134. will 2 mystery snails keep my 55 gal cycaled?
  135. Dwarf and small crayfish with pics/vid
  136. Fert Doseing. Make it simple for me please.
  137. Grow your own plant bulbs - Need advice
  138. when do you need more flow
  139. Algae from EI method?
  140. Fishing weights
  141. Big fish and plants
  142. ID on these snails,anyone ?
  143. CO2 noob
  144. Malaysian trumpet snail, tons of em
  145. No fish in tank fert question
  146. Help with surface film
  147. Looking for a tall thin plant - 10-12"
  148. Attn Chemistry smart people.
  149. Co2 tanks
  150. HURRICANE DIRECT HIT - Any last minute suggestions?
  151. Feeding Trout Eggs
  152. Have you seen this ..Flouish and worms
  153. New to planted aquariums
  154. One lucky fish
  155. What is this and how do i get rid of it?
  156. looking for groundcovering plants, north of chicago...
  157. PH too high or what?
  158. Redoing my whole tank today - any advice?
  159. Planaria (or nematodes) in a fishless tank?
  160. A little help
  161. Hc turning black/mush - emmersed Tom Barr style?
  162. Too good to be true?
  163. 225g Saltwater Planted Tank
  164. Is there a test for tannins?
  165. White cloudy tank
  166. Need help with a DIY stand
  167. What do you think?
  168. Hi all, and a few questions
  169. What testkits needed for non EI dosing?
  170. Best Fish Magazine?
  171. My first tank, thanks to all of the Planted Tank Forum
  172. room for more? another stocking ?
  173. Moss Questions
  174. AGA Convention Update
  175. Different method for adding air to degas CO2/keep O2 ppm's high at night
  176. XP2 and Fish
  177. Tank makeover...ramble warning!
  178. no cover on tank
  179. 55 hardscape, opinions please
  180. Sunrise/sunset lights?
  181. Three good reasons to feel great about today :) (yes, this involves my tank)
  182. Whats wrong with my plant?
  183. A bit of a rant.
  184. Chloramine and Plants...... Questions?
  185. What now? co2, light, and fert triangle
  186. Cool website
  187. Sharing a fish order~concerns
  188. Fish Annoyance
  189. Hc trimming height
  190. Just to understand!
  191. Holes in leaves
  192. overflow, sump, hardwater --- deadly combo?
  193. Redoing tank questions
  194. Frustrating local water
  195. Will this cause a problem?
  196. picked up nice plecos
  197. has any one divided a tank with a moss wall?
  198. sulawesi snails
  199. CO2 diffuser question
  200. Java fern on rock - how rough?
  201. How much substrate?
  202. Ferts During Fishless Cycle?
  203. Fishless planted tank, should I dose N?
  204. Funny..
  205. huge algae breakout while cycaling..what can i do?
  206. Glass top for planted tank?
  207. I need ... I need moral support and help with EVERYTHING.
  208. how long for manzanita to sink?
  209. Anyone heard from Rex Grigg lately?
  210. mangrove plant for fresh water?
  211. Mini M has DIY Co2 diffusor problems! Need some advice.
  212. gravity defying fish tank? open bottom tank
  213. My yellow convict on hunger strike finally gives in.
  214. where to find data on freshwater aquarium industry
  215. Iowa river tank idea need suggestions
  216. java moss question
  217. Trace Mix Dilutions- how much trace in how much water?
  218. Fish Food Brands
  219. DIY CO2, where to buy?
  220. diatoms for a month??
  221. Clicking sound in tank!
  222. I forced my tank into a new cycle by accident. Now what?
  223. Green Slime algae toxic?
  224. Low-light, low-tech algae issues
  225. Assassin snails anyone....
  226. great link for growing live food cultures!
  227. My 20L has gone to heck: I GOT A DIAGNOSIS!
  228. Fertilizers.....
  229. Water disasters!
  230. breaking down/combine tanks? help..
  231. What a rotten weekend, fish-wise :(
  232. Looking for some help
  233. Driftwood sources?
  234. Moving a planted tank
  235. dry ferts, flouish, tropica
  236. A way to get rid of planarians
  237. Baking soda for buffering Ph?
  238. Do You Have Any Idea How to Recreate This?
  239. Weighing down plants
  240. Aponogeton Propagation
  241. When to dose flourish?
  242. Best Plant options
  243. Salt and plants?
  244. Pea Gravel Question(Its Turned black!)
  245. What is this drop checker fluid?
  246. Aquabotanic
  247. buying fish online
  248. 46gallon Scape
  249. new tank, need a little help
  250. Aqua Soil Expert Needed