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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Weighing down plants
  2. Aponogeton Propagation
  3. When to dose flourish?
  4. Best Plant options
  5. Salt and plants?
  6. Pea Gravel Question(Its Turned black!)
  7. What is this drop checker fluid?
  8. Aquabotanic
  9. buying fish online
  10. 46gallon Scape
  11. new tank, need a little help
  12. Aqua Soil Expert Needed
  13. where to buy excel?
  14. Do we have any Cray fish keepers on here?
  15. water change question
  16. Excel Dosing for bga
  17. So what do I have??
  18. How much flow??
  19. A Few Questions
  20. Need feedback on rebuilding tank
  21. Lolsnails
  22. GH when too high?
  23. how much
  24. Still confused...Q? regarding ferts and 2wpg light setup.
  25. CO2 and O2
  26. ADA = Paint-By-Number?
  27. help with tonina belem
  28. Cal Aqua and Do!Aqua: So Happy Together! *Video*
  29. a feel for plant growth
  30. Dosing correctly
  31. how much is an excel overdose?
  32. Large aggressive tank options?
  33. Your Favorite Tank Size
  34. Almost Gassed My Fish
  35. Introduction - 55 Gallon
  36. Well i found something i cant kill
  37. need a fast answer please!
  38. Can snails eat decaying wood?
  39. Will snails pose a problem?
  40. Could you suggest some plants?
  41. 20 H Pics and a Question
  42. The Plant Trimming Blues
  43. I'm back...
  44. Power Outage
  45. Erythromycin kills what?
  46. Tank Buisness Question
  47. looking for advice
  48. Babies.
  49. Tank's Background color and why?
  50. Time to Euthanize?
  51. Trimming Stemmed Plants
  52. Aquarium Business Owners' Question
  53. what in the world...
  54. Cloudy tank?
  55. Amano's newest Aquascape video!!!
  56. Aquascaping Contest
  57. Help!
  58. coral causes too high a pH?
  59. Solenoid and Diffuser Questions...
  60. 10g 65 watts
  61. HoB filter on the side?
  62. 75 gallon tank 2nd floor apartment
  63. Help Help!! On dry ferts
  64. Mendel's chart
  65. Cheaper Carbon Alternative ?
  66. Best online vendor to get Prime (Seachem)?
  67. Co2
  68. is a powerhead a good way to diffuse co2?
  69. How much of Barr's GH booster to add?
  70. Planting carpet plants
  71. Stem ID
  72. What a pain.....
  73. Cloudy water
  74. Crazy question about DI co2/ bubble counter/ increased output
  75. Brightwell Fert Question
  76. co2 question
  77. Brackish tank with plants, question on Substrate?
  78. Changing to a planted tank
  79. Why Plant Fest in August is a bad idea in Florida
  80. wanted to know more about macro algae
  81. Airline tubing
  82. Do I need more filtration? (and bioload question)
  83. island aquascape pics
  84. Can anyone identify these snails? They behave very strangely. *PICS*
  85. Perling Plant
  86. plants are brittle?
  87. Dosing with PlantGro
  88. 55g+ tank owners, how do you do your water changes?
  89. Useing Kent?
  90. Please help me plant my first tank
  91. Cycling a Planted Tank
  92. Questions concerning moss, HC, and HM!
  93. Beginner 40 gallon breeder
  94. What do you suggest?
  95. Temperature ?
  96. Additional filtration for 125g?
  97. Co2 cylinder
  98. PH drop from 7.5 to 7.0 in 9 hours safe?
  99. Operating a CO2 Drop Checker
  100. Do I need to fertilize if I have fluorite?
  101. Anyone in the Houston, TX area that can help move aquariums? I'll pay!
  102. Pearling/bubbles
  103. What do you use for a tank mat?
  104. Excel kills what
  105. Why does it work out to needing higher WPG in smaller/nano tanks then larger tanks?
  106. Rock coloration
  107. Plant shipping revisited *again*
  108. Stocking suggestions - 20L
  109. Looking for ideas. Got any?
  110. I found a nice rock in my yard
  111. I Can't Figure Out Eriocaulon setaceum
  112. Cycling a planted tank
  113. Pure Aquatic Freshwater Turtle?
  114. 2.5 Gallon Iwagami! CLOSE CALL! I'm Freaked out!
  115. Pearling?? How?? HUH
  116. Conerned about a plant
  117. Help me start my 40g breeder right!
  118. New Tank- questions!
  119. Bowfront suggestions
  120. do you leave your lights off for one day?
  121. Backround Color?
  122. 16 Gallon Tank.
  123. most beautiful freshwater fish?
  124. how are phosphates removed from the water?
  125. Where to fill up CO2?
  126. Plumbing question
  127. transfring plants from old to new tank with b/g algae
  128. DIY CO2 Q? you think this is possible?
  129. Fish load for my 75 gallon - am I at the limit?
  130. Dry Ferts question
  131. Cheapest planted tank ever?
  132. Where do you guys buy CO2 diffusers/and other access.
  133. How many tries did it take you to get a beautifull planted tank?
  134. Best light colored substrate?
  135. how far apart is the bracing usually on a 4x2x2
  136. Painting inside of tank?
  137. How are you growing your immersed HC?
  138. Survival Rate?
  139. Nerite Snail questions
  140. sand and carpet plants
  141. Planted Tank Tips
  142. Is it better to filter water from the top or bottom of tank?
  143. Took the plunge on a 90P
  144. plants growing poorly or dying - need help
  145. dividing sand and gravel
  146. Local stream find
  147. DIY c02 and Excel?
  148. do snails need alot of light to survive?
  149. Too little substrate?
  150. R/O vs. tap water for 5.5 gallon
  151. fertilizers, Side effects on humans
  152. Do i really need to turn off a small DIY CO2 at night?
  153. unknown brown algae
  154. What a tangled mess!!!!!!
  155. Need Plant ID
  156. Shrimp + my big tank = no shrimp?
  157. manzanita driftwood questions
  158. A Better Longer lasting DIY CO2
  159. Average DIY CO2 Cost? Should I go CO2?
  160. What brand tanks do "Petsupermarket"'s carry?
  161. General knowledge im lacking questions
  162. plants online
  163. Light for 5.5 gallon? Lamp vs. hood
  164. Favorite midground plant?
  165. Substrate Q's
  166. tank sealant has film build up
  167. ich on rummy nose
  168. Is it safe to trim roots?
  169. Test Kits
  170. Fish growth on gill-Please help.
  171. need id's please
  172. Ever had a fish Dissappear?
  173. water level, where is yours?
  174. Noticed problem today -doh!
  175. plants vs algae, who will come out on top?
  176. Can sponge filters be cut?
  177. where to buy pure ammonia to cycle tank?
  178. fish are dying during water changing
  179. What is your favorite moss/liverwort?
  180. it been a month now of cycaling and my nitrites are still at 5.0 ppm???
  181. Will my rotala survive?
  182. Hi there! 55 Gallon yet to be started...
  183. aquaponics
  184. Flourite Substrate
  185. Nerites with CO2 injection
  186. Double post please delete
  187. High Tech Lighting, How much is too much light?
  188. Tank dosing while on vacation
  189. Plant ID please
  190. Protecting glass when using heavy rocks?
  191. DYI CO2 helpful for me?
  192. New with questions
  193. How many times per hour should the tank turnover?
  194. python git?
  195. Though i would Share this convo with a "Pro Plant Grower"
  196. I could use some opinions on my plant scaping
  197. Fish Imagination
  198. Java Moss Question.
  199. Random Snail Eggs Question?
  200. deforestation, in the tank
  201. Yay Hybrid time!
  202. 150w HQI + 96w PC +30g Cube = Crazy Pearling Video!
  203. Boesemani Rainbow?'s - Fish Changing
  204. Greg Watson's Ferts?
  205. correct way to start a moss wall
  206. Lets see if I'm in the ballpark
  207. Please Explain what each does.Not Mechanically inclined at all!
  208. For my new 120 gallon planted tank
  209. Considering A pressurized CO2 unit have questions.
  210. can i keep the metal bands on the plants i put in aquarium?
  211. co2 levels, how long?
  212. Boiling Drift Wood
  213. DIY Co2, how much is supposed to come out per second?
  214. look at my four leaf clover shamrock((pics))
  215. mystery snails chipped shell, how to fix it?
  216. Snail Oddity
  217. Fish gasping for no reason?
  218. Will changing plant substrate restart the cylcling process?
  219. Plant Bulb Question.
  220. Removing a sump from an acrylic tank
  221. Ok, finally ready to set up my 30g!
  222. 30 g tank in the works!
  223. Close Call
  224. snails and plants...
  225. Making A Tree
  226. A random 2.5g question
  227. How long does it take to root?
  228. Ambient Co2 Level?
  229. DIY CO2 question.
  230. Java Moss Problems
  231. Do Plants affect KH? and other questions
  232. eek! what are all these stringy roots everywhere?
  233. cycaling my 55 gal tank
  234. Review My Tank Setup
  235. 2008 ADA Results are in!
  236. Lighting, Soil & Plants
  237. Question about buying plants online and shipping timeframes
  238. starting a 15g, need ideas
  239. Tank allowed paint
  240. API test kit - weird taste in my mouth
  241. driftwood help...
  242. Setting up a 180. Need input!
  243. New Guy
  244. How did they do this?!
  245. Smelly Tank Problem...
  246. ever tasted the alcohol from DIY CO2?
  247. My tank needs help!
  248. Gonna be a showdown!
  249. Plant ID help
  250. Led Light 7500k rated at 100 watts for $20