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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. where to buy inexpensive substrate for my 80ga
  2. Carpeting help
  3. Algae fight
  4. Something im not sure on
  5. 17,000+ Members...All on the Internet?
  6. light timers
  7. can someone help me add pics from a url
  8. Glass canopies at BigAls?
  9. "inherited" 54 Corner bowfront
  10. is it safe?
  11. Setting up a river tank
  12. What strength powerhead?
  13. Need help seeting up new tank
  14. Plans for a 10g planted - help pls!
  15. Whats the Method
  16. Nitrifying bacteria and Co2 level
  17. need suggestions
  18. sand ?
  19. Anubias
  20. Fish food induced plant growth?
  21. shot in the dark at betta breeding
  22. Confused...What is it and what do i do?
  23. Recommended Dosing, Etc
  24. HELP! What to do with plants for three week period?
  25. What's your favorite part of having a planted tank?
  26. ID for plant similar to bacopa monnieri
  27. Buried Snails can they unburry themselves?
  28. my masterpiece is done
  29. what to do with a low light 20 gallon high
  30. Help! I'm bored with my tank~!
  31. drawbacks of pressurized CO2..?
  32. what do yall think?
  33. Triops!
  34. Eusteralis stellata and CO2
  35. limpet attack
  36. How much did you spend on one tank?
  37. Need Professional Help..Algae..dosing..and so on *PICS*
  38. Good breeding fish?
  39. will these silicone hold up these sticks?
  40. Fuzzy white stuff on my driftwood. HELP!
  41. Problem with my ram
  42. Old Tank issues
  43. is this the silicone safe for fish (pics)
  44. Is this safe for a 90 gallon aquarium??
  45. Recieved my beetle counter and other items
  46. Yeah I can see the CO2 bubbles floating around but are they actually helping?
  47. HELP! I just see tons of worms in my shrimp tank!!!
  48. Rock growing white hairs?
  49. Roots Keep Growing
  50. New guy here looking for some nice folks to help!
  51. Submerged Flowers
  52. Questions about Moss Walls
  53. Need help with canopy for 75 gal
  54. If you had $50K (USD or CAD) to spend on an aquarium. What would you do?
  55. Converting from marine to planted tank
  56. Changing from Marine to Planted tank
  57. Help with planning...
  58. rich noob needs help
  59. Can floater plants be bad for plants in the tank?
  60. nerite eggs
  61. How are you handling all the electrical plugs for your tank?
  62. Fish Move is completed! YAY
  63. Is the homepage not working for anyone else?
  64. Bleaching driftwood?
  65. mystery specks!?
  66. Low light planted tank
  67. My Fish And Plant Plan... AGAIN
  68. Thinking about going pressurized co2...where do I start?
  69. 2008 AGA Aquatic Gardeners Convention
  70. silicone what type is safe?
  71. What tank would be a good betta houseing with plants?
  72. plant ID please
  73. Thank you TPT!
  74. My 14 gallon Iwagumi planted tank. 7/4/08 I gave up.
  75. Book Recommendation Please
  76. Various questions on dosing dry ferts. Phosphate dosing.
  77. Building a Display Tank
  78. is this enuf algae eaters for my 60 gal?
  79. Bewildered by all the fertilizer choices
  80. Water changes, how much how often
  81. Fert Question
  82. Florida Flag Fish Found
  83. Assorted plant questions.
  84. Really really Stupid Question
  85. wat plant shud use?
  86. Bubbles from the substrate
  87. Keeping new plants alive
  88. Help! How To Eliminate Water Marks?
  89. Just another Newbie!
  90. Thought i would share
  91. Hc Hc Hc
  92. Super Pissed!!
  93. How soon should i start WC after addding amazonia
  94. A few random novice questions
  95. Stagnant Water problem!!!
  96. Driftwood Plants
  97. Appology to Starsunmoon
  98. Lights off completely on 2 week vacation?!
  99. Rocks, vinegar and the bubble effect
  100. fleas ????
  101. Redfield ratio and aquarist mistakes
  102. Maracide and Maracyn
  103. 5.5G Journal
  104. Hello
  105. newbie with questions
  106. came home from a 5 day vacantion to a green soup ... need help
  107. Seachem product dosing
  108. Need help with triming plants(plants growing very fast)
  109. Plants melting
  110. Can I use LEAD "egg weights" fishing sinkers with shrimp?
  111. Quick questions about moving
  112. My Ramshorn snail project. Line breeding for a new color. 56k Warning
  113. How do you do water changes with RCS?
  114. I accidently left my lights on for 24 hours
  115. Where can I buy rocks online?
  116. Please ID this Moss Please
  117. Collecting wild driftwood
  118. does all types of wood sink?
  119. Cleaning glass inside the tank
  120. Red rust type material on glass - Problem?
  121. Want to make your tank look complete for $5
  122. best place to order plants
  123. Wanting to get back into the hobby... Few Q's
  124. water smell
  125. LFS in Cleve. Ohio
  126. Do Otos eat plants?
  127. Getting rid of an unwanted fish
  128. a tank w/o a stand!!! what to do?
  129. Does it mean sh...........t how long you kept fish?
  130. Plants for cichlid tank?
  131. In case anyone wants to see - ADA 90P
  132. Odd pressure readings
  133. what does this mean?
  134. any 1 use Purigen seachem in planted aquarium?
  135. tree fern slab
  136. White spot issue
  137. Places to get ADA product (from Canada)
  138. Snails eating plants!!
  139. anyone know what this is?
  140. Low maintenance carpeted aquarium?
  141. How to ID planaria/hydra and how to kill them?
  142. help with first tank. 125g with 10 piranha
  143. will my neon tetras breed in my tank
  144. Suggestions for newly re-planted tank
  145. Quaranine Tank Questions
  146. Help in Denver, CO
  147. Getting rid of algea on two rocks I found in a stream
  148. Did Anoyone Buys SAE's from Starsunmoon!!
  149. Ro/di
  150. Test kits which ones the best??
  151. Has anyone used Black Waterfall Foam in their tanks?
  152. CO2 Drop Checkers
  153. Fish acting very strange this morning.
  154. Anacharis Question.
  155. What a Deal!
  156. Is there any online Aquarium supply place that takes Revo Money??
  157. Hello everyone! (beginner ?'s)
  158. Plant question(Hybrid)
  159. Fishless Cycling and Ammo-lock
  160. 5.5 Gallon Photo Journal extravaganza!!
  161. Did I Get Screwed!!!
  162. Post your Manzanita wood scape Pictures!!
  163. HC Growing
  164. Good Bubble Rate for New SuMo
  165. Thanks to all members....
  166. Tank size recommendations
  167. Oops, made a duplicate
  168. New tank setup (newbie here)
  169. lilly pipe at night?
  170. Need help with CO2 misting
  171. Plant ID help
  172. out door ten gallon
  173. soft mesh to tie on rock?
  174. Pic inside plants are dying
  175. flourish excel and plants
  176. Breeding Mystery Snails - UPDATE - Looks like hatching
  177. New to Planted tank
  178. little bugs in my tank?
  179. New bulbs? Or something else?
  180. Can fish get stuck in plants and die?
  181. Fert question
  182. Help need a brand name!
  183. Co2 kit question and need opinions on new HUGE anubias! New Question 6/21!
  184. Pre cycled ?
  185. my new shop light for my 60 gal(pics)
  186. LFS in New Delhi India
  187. New TAnk getting rid of 75 gallon
  188. help me rescape my tank
  189. New 125 gallon project
  190. The process of the Quarantine tank. What is yours?
  191. 55 Gallon planted build log
  192. Petco clearance
  193. Cloudy tank AM Clear tank PM
  194. dwarf cray recomendations
  195. Frog question
  196. temp swings
  197. Went hardscape collecting...
  198. Question regarding dead leaves.
  199. Ok starting over.
  200. wpg mathamatics
  201. Let's talk rocks. Which rocks are your favorites and why?
  202. Quite a few questions regarding Low/med. light foreground plants
  203. Excited about LEDs :-P
  204. 1 1/2" Okay instead of 2" PVC for reactor
  205. New Celebes Rainbows, pictures added
  206. Plants showing no progress.
  207. my first planted ADA 120P tank journal
  208. Help.....!!
  209. Green Leaf "Wonder Grow" Root tabs shrimp safe?
  210. 85 gallon aquarium.. Suggestions?
  211. how to bring out the red in plants???
  212. Question about water changes
  213. brighty K question
  214. Plants turning brown?
  215. Question about cycling, excel, flourish tabs
  216. Mini Pellia.. tie to rock...
  217. When is the best time to turn on the lights?
  218. Alum and Snails
  219. Green water
  220. Trying to do some research
  221. Finally started my 32 gallon planted tank
  222. how much does rummynose tetras cost at your local fish shop?
  223. Invert question
  224. CO2 Reactor
  225. Flourite Question
  226. Ok i think its been long enough
  227. Questions for both Fluval user and Eheim users
  228. Moving; New tapwater
  229. newb 10g tank w/ pics *updated*
  230. Show me your caves! All kinds of caves!
  231. DIY External Inline CO2 Reactor
  232. What is this???
  233. O2 Question
  234. upgrading tank from 10gal
  235. Stupid Question
  236. Catching A Botia Loach (yoyo)
  237. just going roselines
  238. Big Als as a Sponsor
  239. my new 60 gal tank update(pics)
  240. What would happen with 150w over 10g?
  241. What type of rocks will not affect hardness
  242. Is 6wpg too much?
  243. This is gonna be a HOT topic(Can of Worms)
  244. Beautiful new biOrb aquariums
  245. Growing baby tears
  246. shop light yes or no
  247. larva?! O.o
  248. newb 10 gallon w/ pics
  249. Crap. ac broke. tank temps are going up
  250. 60 plant and fish shop on one street in hong kong