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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. New Years Resolution or how often do you rescape?
  2. itty bitty problem w/ new setup
  3. Adding extra filtration
  4. Water cloudy at the surface, almost like a fog.
  5. Tanks and vacations - What should I do??
  6. Life cycle of my Black plant leeches
  7. Harvesting a Dead Manzanita Shrub
  8. New member, redoing a 55 gallon
  9. Question about my all Anubias Tank
  10. Dosing Seachem Phosphorus
  11. Growing a moss wall from in an emersed setup?
  12. How high is 'high' light
  13. This sucks... all my plants melted
  14. Questions on ADA style aquariums
  15. What to do?
  16. lost the war
  17. How low do you go...?
  18. My stem plants gave birth?
  19. Actinic bulbs for a planted tank?
  20. What can i grow
  21. Coffee Table Aquariums?
  22. Light for 30 gallon hex??
  23. How long to seed small filter?
  24. Tidey Bowl?
  25. Quick question: Rubber bands in tanks
  26. Cleaning a planted tank
  27. Turkey Baster For Snail Control??
  28. is TPT forum traffic and popularity declining?
  29. ADA question
  30. Fish ID please
  31. Driftwood covered in Riccia Fluitans
  32. What is this branching anemone-like growth? Is it a hydra? Fungus? -Still Unsolved
  33. freshwater sponges?
  34. Is there any appreciable difference between these two regulators?
  35. Something/Someone is after my fish
  36. What are the outcomes of DIY Yeast CO2 injection & Air Pump?
  37. Anubia I.D.
  38. does anyone heat their DIY CO2 water? if so what temp you prefer.
  39. How can plants outcompete algae for nutrients? this makes no sense to me.
  40. Heater guard for Otos.
  41. Exo Terra Journal
  42. Flourish Nitrogen
  43. How long to quarantine a plant?
  44. Picotope and plants
  45. How much bleach to kill snails
  46. picture request-over run by plants
  47. Rock changing colors??
  48. 20H Lighting Q's
  49. Idol Tanks
  50. Red Plants
  51. Water Changes?
  52. Math Problem or I have a problem with math
  53. 29 gallon plants
  54. Unusual water in coolwater soil/sand tank
  55. have i figured it out?
  56. New Member New Aquarium Advice
  57. Growing stem plants horizontally
  58. Mystery Snails causing a not so mysterious mess? (Major Clouding)
  59. Is this a Good deal??
  60. Reconsidering My Planted Tank...
  61. Aquapod question
  62. Which one?
  63. 180g planted. Lots of start-up questions
  64. How long can fish go without food
  65. Going on vacation - put tank in a sleep mode?
  66. Cycling my new filter
  67. 2 questions - need fast response
  68. General Questions.
  69. I hate java moss...
  70. C02 System Choices: What would you go with?
  71. Obtaining moss?
  72. Can not make my plants pearl
  73. Free stuff!!
  74. About activated carbon
  75. Prescribe Me Some Good Planted Tank Books
  76. Smelly Plants
  77. Need advice on ick
  78. Micro Chain Sword turning Brown?????
  79. My first plants! Pics
  80. AmmoChips and ferts
  81. Hybrid Aponogeton Bulbs
  82. When To Use CO2 and Ferts
  83. Plantex CSM +B product info
  84. Water movement
  85. 55w CF Recommendation for 20G Long Planted
  86. Is this bad?
  87. Need advice for Christmas vacation
  88. Couple Questions........
  89. BGA replant
  90. How to scrape the toughest green spot off of acrylic tanks
  91. water flow
  92. Cleaning up a tank
  93. Interesting rocks
  94. looking for some Egeria densa (Anacharis)
  95. Starting 10 gallon planted
  96. need lots of help/advice
  97. Staurogyne in the US
  98. New guy, looking for some advice (UPDATE: Success!)
  99. Help a Plant n00b!
  100. Can I grow HC carpet plant with this tank setup?
  101. Some pics of my planted discus tank.
  102. What the heck is this stuff?
  103. fish V/s CO2
  104. HC from LiveAquaria Dying
  105. Plant IDs Please!
  106. Starting Another Tank
  107. Night-time Aeration
  108. Unconventional foods
  109. How do you water change?
  110. Eheim Help
  111. Need advice on a buy
  112. Going to order plants, few questions
  113. Water Flow Plan
  114. Emersed tank water fill startup advice
  115. Creating bushy plants?
  116. Salt and plants
  117. Optimal CO2 levels... a perspecive?
  118. Help me with aquascaping my 125
  119. Some pics of my planted tank
  120. Hi, getting back in the mix!!!
  121. Aquascaping contest video
  122. Pictures of my setup
  123. Quick help needed! DIY CO2: D/C yellow
  124. Cichlids with plants?
  125. Marimo Browing?
  126. Best way to hold my UG till Wednesday
  127. Plant Deficiency Maybe??
  128. Purigen regeneration releases heat?
  129. Inspiration/ideas?
  130. Attaching plants
  131. Need Info on Tiger Lotus Lilly
  132. Driftwood Question.
  133. Moving.... looking for advice.
  134. Meds Destroyed Bacteria?
  135. Where do freshwater plants originate? Aquarium plants in their natural habitat
  136. Sources for fish in Houston area
  137. Help please! Power outtage POWER'S BACK! Thanks for the tips!
  138. Whiteworms Cultures in NY or CT?
  139. Sump VS Driftwood
  140. Plant identification
  141. Craigslist Jackpot!
  142. best time to dose fertz?
  143. BIG Project, Need advice.
  144. what is this growing?
  145. Someone shed some t5 light on this dark question...
  146. How quickly can plants absorb nitrogen?
  147. White water after fertilizing
  148. Snails
  149. Painting the back of tank
  150. Tropica PLANT NUTRITION+ (anyone know where to find it?)
  151. Different type of moving aquariums
  152. Ceratopteris ID help please
  153. Oto's and SAE's
  154. ID: Dwarf Sag?
  155. overflow /sump for a planted tank. Yes or No?
  156. Do vibrations bother fish?
  157. temperature
  158. What water to use??
  159. C02 Thoughts.
  160. First Planted Tank. Step by step?
  161. Tiny CO2 bubbles in the water
  162. advice on moving a small tank
  163. meds
  164. Fellow igloo-dwellers: Tap water outgassing in winter?
  165. 125 gallon planted tank question.
  166. liquid flourish or flourish tab?
  167. Advice needed - moving a planted tank
  168. Dumb Petstore Staff is Rarely good
  169. ADA Dealers In SoCal
  170. Craigslist custom tank
  171. Craigslist Find
  172. Found Plecos Dead, Have a ?.. another one today
  173. Is Jen The Plant Geek still around?
  174. HELP!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! major hair algea problem
  175. Need help designing a plan for holiday break...
  176. Emersed HC question-too cold?
  177. Found this on Craigslist Anyone's tank?
  178. New to planted tank
  179. Rest Days
  180. Arghh!!! Stupid wood!! Advice please
  181. Bubbles per second to cc/min
  182. Anyone Interested in Purchasing Rocks?
  183. Something's precipitating in my tank, but what?
  184. AGA video - Amano aquascape in 2 minutes
  185. Tips for clearer water?
  186. Before entering the hobby. Help With solving some contemplations..
  187. Purigen?
  188. Selling Question
  189. So I finally have 2 tanks set...
  190. what pairasite is this?
  191. Detrimming the tank
  192. 8 gal ei dosing
  193. Flora Sun versus Ultra Sun light bulbs
  194. what do I do Now?....Thks to the flourite
  195. fertz
  196. Salt to Fresh water tank questions
  197. How to stabilize PH?
  198. Anubias identification
  199. Plant Gro Stake (substrate) ferts?
  200. Should I upgrade or not?
  201. A little patience goes a long way
  202. Best way to trim Bolbitus
  203. How much light do I need?
  204. detritus
  205. Have my dry what?
  206. White fuzzy hair looking stuff?
  207. First attempt at a dutch style aquarium
  208. Suggestions for my new 37 Gallon
  209. Planning a 65g.
  210. Hello, New to Planted tanks.
  211. Help the new guy! please?
  212. Are these fishies plant compatible?
  213. new tank syndrome for an old tank??
  214. PMDD & MKP Dosing - I think I am overdoing it...
  215. 37g over 29g or other 30" options
  216. Just found a baby assassian snail!
  217. Help!! tryng to measure my CO2
  218. HD video and some questions
  219. experiences buying fish from liveaquaria?
  220. Quick immersed question,
  221. *help* Chinese Translation needed
  222. Starting to use Excell.. question?
  223. Not sure what is wrong.....
  224. Moss Floor Cleaning?
  225. Silent Cycling Question
  226. 230 gallon im scared
  227. stupid question...trimming vals?
  228. Algae taking over java moss help?
  229. newbe questions (hc lawn)
  230. tank dimensions
  231. HELP! My pleco is going crazy! I don't know what's wrong.
  232. Happy thanksgiving everyone
  233. Setting up a 55 gal first planted tank
  234. Planted tank info needed
  235. Cannot keep new Eriocaulon cinereum in the substrate!
  236. Give Me A Break! Creepy Crawlies eating my UG
  237. I made a poster. Fact check, please?
  238. Need to change micros.
  239. I killed nearly all of my fish today.
  240. Co2 added, plants looking good, but....
  241. Any pointers on Natural Style Substrate
  242. Setting up a small quarantine tank, concerns
  243. CO2: cycle with lights or on all the time?
  244. black (fuzz?) around leaves
  245. over dose fertilizer.
  246. Taking care not to disturb under layer
  247. wanting a planted tank that will thrive.
  248. Sprung a leak
  249. White Fuzzy Stuff?
  250. Seachem Flourish fertilizer