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  1. Plant emergency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Cheaper root tabs
  3. Plant Question
  4. large tank owners- co2/flow question
  5. In the spirit of Amano style
  6. More Problems...... with pics
  7. Genius stand architecture
  8. CPD Tank?
  9. beginner question
  10. Plant quarrantine, dip, pretreatment, etc.?
  11. Question about the wood tops on tanks/how does it work
  12. Reef for sale forums?
  13. RO water vs. Tap
  14. What brands do you use?
  15. new to forum
  16. Catappa Leaf
  17. Legit or not?
  18. Driftwood from trees?
  19. Help -please
  20. socal planted tank supplies.
  21. Help Me pick out some plants that can grow emersed
  22. 9-1-1 EMERGENCY!!! Is this ich?
  23. 9-1-1 I have to many problems - angelfish
  24. 9-1-1 I have to many problems - shrimp
  25. Baby Gold Mystery Snails turning brown
  26. Always Uprooting
  27. Complete and Utter newbie
  28. Unique Filter Idea
  29. Pressurized CO2 Diffusion
  30. Diffusor
  31. Starting anew need assistance
  32. RO di units
  33. 55g planted new
  34. Air?
  35. kH and gH are off the charts HELP!
  36. meanie
  37. Just rescaped (pics) but now I have spare plants....
  38. Problem! Please help!
  39. Are these rocks ok to use?
  40. Bored with what?
  41. New 60-P project. Looking for a reliable Co2 Regulator!
  42. Hello
  43. Newbie
  44. Californians... any earthquake fish tank stories?
  45. Blackberry fell in the tank! Will the fish be ok?
  46. Were to buy rocks?
  47. Help me identify some plants in my "forest" please.
  48. Ferts: Its ALL potassium!?
  49. snail id plz
  50. How effective is CO2 through a powerhead?
  51. Tropica Company 'You Tube' Tour and How To Tips
  52. A safe way to do topless?
  53. Move Crypt and Hygro, what do you think
  54. New tank...New Ideas?
  55. Tank failure. . .what's going wrong?
  56. Plants thrive, fish die.
  57. Why I hate Aquasoil
  58. Need advice on tank setup - surface agitation
  59. Beer fermenter as CO2 source?
  60. Plant ID?
  61. Pressurized CO2 injection - Off at night?
  62. Add ferts to new tank immediately?
  63. 15 Gallon fish selection...
  64. about to give up on 65 g tank!
  65. Coordinating changes to EI, Excel OD with new CO2 setup
  66. need some ideas
  67. Ack! Disaster! And little white bugs in the tank?
  68. CO2 with limited ferts
  69. FYI about
  70. wendtii sunset, new cryp
  71. cleaning drift wood
  72. Ceramic Diffuers
  73. More questions
  74. Fungi invasion? Help!
  75. Question concerning maintaining plants
  76. REALLY total noob here
  77. landscaping question
  78. Where Do I Go To Get Lab Supplies?
  79. Stocking advice?
  80. Just started my first planted tank!
  81. Circulation in Aquarium
  82. Is it necessary
  83. River/Stream worthy plants
  84. Seeking Balance : Need Some Advice
  85. Plant and T-5 question
  86. Aquarium Gloves
  87. hydra problem heeeeeeeeeeelppppp
  88. Injecting Co2 using canister filter
  89. Indentification of Green Growth?
  90. trying to find an aquascaping method...
  91. What's up with Rex Griggs
  92. Help! Tank rims breaking...
  93. Dark purplish colour of cyrpto wendii
  94. vs.
  95. New to Planted Aquariums-Need Assistance
  96. CO2 bubble rate on startup?
  97. Taking the Plunge...
  98. Please help with stag
  99. Ambient MH lights and aquarium lighting cycle
  100. Good test Kit?
  101. how does surface aggitation change Ph?
  102. So I guess I'm going 'high-tech'. I need Fertilizer. Can we make this simple?
  103. Will plants survive without CO2 injections?
  104. Question about syphon and water in the mouth
  105. Establishing Plants
  106. effect of ich treatment on tank?
  107. Surprised to see some pearling today
  108. Growing out Riccia
  109. New to planted tanks, did some searchs. Couple questions.
  110. Activated Carbon
  111. Lessons Learned the Hard Way.
  112. Ei
  113. Seachem line and EI?
  114. Newbie question about stone
  115. Is $50 for a 75gal a good deal?
  116. Does the economy effect your love for planted tank?
  117. 20g Newbie - Pre-CO2 - what to do!
  118. Plant trimming tips.
  119. Noon siesta
  120. 135 Gallon Planted Tank
  121. Carpet type plants
  122. 5.00 off of 25.00 at PETCO B&M
  123. CO2 setup
  124. any ideas on what is going wrong?
  125. Estamative Index-is this all?
  126. what not to do????
  127. Where to get KNO3?
  128. Just wanted to say hello
  129. Newly planted - problems?
  130. Top of water covered by thin film of green substance
  131. Of Ottos and men.
  132. commercial fish food pests
  133. Don't make this mistake!!!
  134. All I wanted for Christmas was my 20 pound c02 tank =(
  135. Did I jump the gun on upgrading my lighting? NOOB
  136. HC...what should I do?
  137. Am I going to need a CO2 system?
  138. 3 aquariums in January 2009
  139. co2 pressurized system
  140. Lighting suggestions for 100G tank?
  141. Algae Crew for 75 Gallon Low Tech Tank
  142. CO2 diffusion
  143. How to get rid of stinky & smelly filter + media???
  144. Newbie wanted to grow a green 'carpet'/lawn
  145. Mosses, Shrimp, and nutrients
  146. Lighting, Algea, and Ferts
  147. equipment and other Qs
  148. Washing Minearls Mark with Vinegar or other alternatives?
  149. Transferring filter media from turtle tank
  150. Need some experienced eyes...
  151. Where to get healthy plants in central IA?
  152. Hello!, new guy here.
  153. BA locations in Detroit? CRS?
  154. What would you do with a spare tank?
  155. micropropigation-tissue culture with aquatic plants
  156. New to planted tanks
  157. Brown edges
  158. Planting submerged HC
  159. Newbie shopping list - come shop with me
  160. Grow out tank
  161. My 72 gallon heavily planted tank - pictures...
  162. Frogbit roots
  163. Hello, Planted Tank Forum!
  164. Root Injection v. Liquid Ferts
  165. Wth is this thing?!
  166. Planted Aquarium contaminated by yeast mixture, What now?
  167. How to sink drift wood.
  168. Could too much light and no feed cause a-swords to wilt?
  169. Newbie about to start a 55 gallon planted tank...need advice! :)
  170. Should I prune these?
  171. Nerite worries
  173. Flourish water changes
  174. Should I just give up the idea of a planted tank?
  175. Ambulia Shedding From the Bottom Up
  176. Excel only, given setup?
  177. Help! BBA and GSA!
  178. my new rescaped 60 gal(pics!)
  179. My first dive into the planted tank scene, 5 months in.
  180. New 20L, how many praecox should I get?
  181. Question
  182. Just converted to open top: evaporation normal or out of control?
  183. New to forum.
  184. "Most Recent Topics" ????
  185. new tank suggestions (NW Cichlid + plants)
  186. 500$ to blow on a shrimp tank, what would you do
  187. Is Amquel+ useful for well water?
  188. CO2 on a Brackish tank?
  189. no results with new pressurized co2 system
  190. 75 Gallon Setup - What to plant?
  191. Red/Brown Algae - New Tank
  192. how long does it take for your co2 to get going in the mornings?
  193. How do you tell if a rock is good or bad?
  194. Newbie - Plants struggling
  195. Seiryu Stone -
  196. depth of sand
  197. "The Optimum Aquarium"
  198. Horsetails
  199. Sizes for CO2 Regulater?
  200. British Cichlid Association Spring Convention 2009
  201. Why does my pH fall
  202. Ottelia mesanterium from Sulawesi
  203. How close do you plant stem plants?
  204. Almost there...
  205. Unexpected ramshorn snails, are they bad for plants?
  206. Maximum Co2 Level
  207. Pictures and some questions
  208. Used Tank Resealing Question
  209. How Do You Know What Your Plants Need Based On Sight?
  210. ? about Powerheads
  211. Fishes for pets from now on because...
  212. Fish ID Please. mini gar?
  213. Introduction
  214. Used ADA substrate.
  215. Possible to Not dose KNO3
  216. Stuff in water
  217. Solve the climate crisis by capturing CO2
  218. Plants soak up medications?
  219. what plants will grow in here
  220. How Do You Know If Your Water Has Chlorine?
  221. Opinions on my 10G
  222. Evil Tattoo parrot fish
  223. What do you think?
  224. List Your Current Plant Stock!
  225. 40 Gallon Planted!!!
  226. Want to dose dry ferts - Where to start?
  227. Lurker becomes poster: new setup q's
  228. algon
  229. Cleaning planted tanks
  230. Tank Frustrations
  231. How to dissolve DIY CO2
  232. cool idea for a new tank
  233. Moss Foreground?
  234. New to tree frog ownership
  235. Nymphaea as forground plant?
  236. First PLanted Tank
  237. Chart for noobs like Me :)
  238. Too Much Light
  239. Carbon Life Span
  240. Any ADA Junkies around?
  241. Slow plant growth, don't know why...
  242. Iron and Flourish in EI
  243. Help with plants for a Rainbowfish tank!
  244. Vallisneria species tank?
  245. I need help... well, just some guidance.
  246. Minor algae problem
  247. C02 Diffuser slime build up?
  248. New member with a few miscellaneous questions
  249. Emersed HC question-some HC yellowing
  250. Can over fertilizing slow plant growth?