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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Could be the dumbest question about cutting.
  2. New to planted tanks, need verification.
  3. Anyone have a Sandpoint CO2 system?
  4. test
  5. Is it ready?
  6. Clear film on glass
  7. Inspirational tanks!
  8. 46g low-high tech transition
  9. Would 2 150W mh work on a 120g tank
  10. Light Induced Temperature Change in a 90g Tank: An Example
  11. How long does CO2 last?
  12. Advice please! - where to put which fish
  13. best planted aquarium magazine
  14. How many aquarium books do you own?
  15. Prices of CO2 Cylinders in Canada
  16. New Tank | Suggestions
  17. "Aquarium Design" by Matthew Christian - read it? Other recommended/favorite texts?
  18. Question about dry fertilizers.
  19. Grass
  20. Is CO2 necessary if you use Flourish Excel?
  21. painted tank
  22. USPS Blue Collection Boxes
  23. Dosing and substrate questions
  24. Next?
  25. What kind of style tank?
  26. CO2 Ran Out
  27. Phone Booth Aquarium
  28. Safe time to add fish/shrimp?
  29. need help on starting my first planted tank
  30. When are your lights on?
  31. various pronunciations
  32. Is this a good deal?
  33. Bleaching flourite
  34. TurboStart#700 anyone?
  35. PetSmart Performance - Impressive...Really?
  36. What is this ADA rock?
  37. My 180 hardscape
  38. Is there any such thing as a 'small red plant' that will live well in my jungle?
  39. Need Help Dosing Phosphate
  40. what do i need to add co2?
  41. Hello Everyone
  42. Is Permoxyn safe for my Vallisneria
  43. Lilaeopsis novae-zealandiae and HC together...any problems?
  44. Transfering Tanks
  45. Need your help everyone!
  46. Determine Tank capacity
  47. Plant id again!
  48. silly question, is it safe to use this rock in my aquarium?
  49. newbie ugf question....
  50. ground covering plants?
  51. CO2 or CA deficiency?
  52. Where to get millimeter moss?
  53. Need advice on closed loop.
  54. FINALLY my new 55 gallon aquarium
  55. Looking for a link
  56. Gunk at bottom of Plantex CSM+B bottle
  57. Chemical/Bacteria Tests: HELP!
  58. PH Very low - any potential problem?
  59. LFS can't keep plants
  60. does anyone have any experience with easy life easycarbon?
  61. A Little CO2 Help Please
  62. you know you have a aquascaping addiction when
  63. Holy macaroni! It's been a while...
  64. Result of insufficent co2?
  65. How much should i be dosing and what should i dose??
  66. Suggest a good stand for 40g breeder.
  67. breaking in iwagumi - pea soup
  68. Heater?
  69. dropper for feeding frozen food
  70. Tank 1-6 weeks .90 gal
  71. regulator busted...should i do anything special till new one arrives?
  72. Photos: The recovery after the Crypt Crash!
  73. Tough plants?
  74. Do you turn off your heater at night??
  75. Where to refill CO2 in Houston [EDIT AGAIN: It WAS the CO2!]
  76. Plants - "intercepted, removed, destroyed" -
  77. Which Aquabid auction is the better deal?
  78. Reality (?) Check - Walstad setup, sort of...
  79. How long does Nitrobacter live out of water?
  80. Liquid Ferric Sulfate
  81. I have a question...Dry Fertz
  82. Best way to add background?
  83. Purchasing Plants On-Line
  84. Take a look at my tank and tell me what you think
  85. Pictures. My 10 gallon recent setup
  86. looking for a new tank
  87. Anybody else have a cabinet that looks like this?
  88. Too much light?
  89. I think it's algea...
  90. Plant id!
  91. Drop checker fell in
  92. GH Booster Forumla
  93. Dwarf sag diseased?
  94. 15 inch cube - aquarium as conceptual art
  95. Updating my 55g for plants
  96. Confussion on PMDD Pre-Mix
  97. How do you dose Chelated Iron into a tank?
  98. *sigh* The problems with crypts...
  99. can an aquarium use 250 kilowatts in two months?
  100. I DON'T think my fish have problems with high CO2
  101. White stuff in tank. What is it?
  102. Discus and all fish dead
  103. New to planted aquariums
  104. Q. about Pet'n Smile plant seller
  105. NEWBIE with Qs
  106. Help a fellow fishkeeper spend a giftcard.
  107. no-filter shrimp tank
  108. Complete tank redo, ? about bleach dip.
  109. The score at petsmart & home depot
  110. Snail help....
  111. plant select
  112. Can opaline or blue/gold gourami be with cardinal tetras?
  113. EI with Potassium
  114. Why can't Goldfishes be put with Tropical fishes?
  115. Can a matured submerged Sword be converted to emersed?
  116. How's this 50G setup plan?
  117. What Can I Keep?
  118. is this flow ok? updated with actual tank pics
  119. Bug or eggs
  120. Is my tank about to leak???
  121. Cycling
  122. Question about getting your arms wet...
  123. Amano "Suikei" Lighting/aeration schedule?
  124. Beginner has an easy planting question
  125. Prazipro treatments and plants
  126. Philippine Java fern
  127. Is a heater needed for a tropical tank even its always at room temperature?
  128. Cycling 90G tank, should I give it more time?
  129. Can 2.2 wpg raised 3.5" above the tank be pulled off w/o CO2?
  130. now what?
  131. Can increased lighting or increased excel melt crypts
  132. How to store Flame Moss out of the tank?
  133. Deal of the Century? Or just a big mess?
  134. 2.5 gal journal
  135. Potting plants to control size
  136. mixing for pps help
  137. How long to leave veggies in for fish?
  138. What kind of rocks are these?
  139. Setting Up A 55 Help!
  140. Java fern, java moss, or leave my driftwood bare?
  141. ID (ROTOLA or Mayaca)
  142. Plant Id please
  143. My canister exploded / my recent project
  144. CO2-canisters ?????
  145. How much light for heavily planted 210?
  146. Lets see your red plants~!
  147. help with Removing mirror (silvering) from back of tank
  148. New to CO2 systems: Need Help
  149. 5-6 gallon cube?
  150. What kind of moss do you think this is?
  151. EI method = filterless aquarium?
  152. DC not showing rise in CO2?
  153. How to control the water?
  154. Can plants be put in uncycled tank?
  155. How to trim aquatic plants?
  156. Will my floor hold a 120 gallon tank?
  157. My 29 rebuild
  158. Shipping plants in cold weather states?
  159. New Tank, Getting Started
  160. CT mudstones dispersing phosphrous
  161. When to dose?
  162. "Getting Started" threads??
  163. Adding plants to Established Aquarium...
  164. Why are my plant ROTTING?
  165. snails!!
  166. ick... remedies for a planted tank?
  167. Just found this guy prowling around my Shrimp.
  168. Need help
  169. Need Oxygen?
  170. Use epoxy to hold plants to rocks?
  171. One heck of a project on my hands
  172. why arent there any auto dosing machines?
  173. Ready for a little more! I think. Swords?
  174. Quick CO2 question
  175. General Equipment questions
  176. Using Alum to kill snails-OK with wood
  177. Heating and Cooling? Keeping Tanks In Garage?
  178. Buying a used Regulator...Opinions?
  179. Cloudy Water (fog)
  180. Would Root Tabs Help?
  181. Power Outages: Should I and how should I move my fish?
  182. hello im a newbie with a 29 gallon tank...advice please
  183. Cleaning algae off of acrylic
  184. dry start suggestions please
  185. How much light would you recommend?
  186. "Aquaspot World" - still in business?
  187. naturally low ph w/ ph controller?
  188. A New Begining
  189. Lazarus the snail
  190. Removing Ballast?
  191. Possible new tank
  192. New tank, do I need ferts right now?
  193. Pics of my 30 hex.
  194. Plant emergency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  195. Cheaper root tabs
  196. Plant Question
  197. large tank owners- co2/flow question
  198. In the spirit of Amano style
  199. More Problems...... with pics
  200. Genius stand architecture
  201. CPD Tank?
  202. beginner question
  203. Plant quarrantine, dip, pretreatment, etc.?
  204. Question about the wood tops on tanks/how does it work
  205. Reef for sale forums?
  206. RO water vs. Tap
  207. What brands do you use?
  208. new to forum
  209. Catappa Leaf
  210. Legit or not?
  211. Driftwood from trees?
  212. Help -please
  213. socal planted tank supplies.
  214. Help Me pick out some plants that can grow emersed
  215. 9-1-1 EMERGENCY!!! Is this ich?
  216. 9-1-1 I have to many problems - angelfish
  217. 9-1-1 I have to many problems - shrimp
  218. Baby Gold Mystery Snails turning brown
  219. Always Uprooting
  220. Complete and Utter newbie
  221. Unique Filter Idea
  222. Pressurized CO2 Diffusion
  223. Diffusor
  224. Starting anew need assistance
  225. RO di units
  226. 55g planted new
  227. Air?
  228. kH and gH are off the charts HELP!
  229. meanie
  230. Just rescaped (pics) but now I have spare plants....
  231. Problem! Please help!
  232. Are these rocks ok to use?
  233. Bored with what?
  234. New 60-P project. Looking for a reliable Co2 Regulator!
  235. Hello
  236. Newbie
  237. Californians... any earthquake fish tank stories?
  238. Blackberry fell in the tank! Will the fish be ok?
  239. Were to buy rocks?
  240. Help me identify some plants in my "forest" please.
  241. Ferts: Its ALL potassium!?
  242. snail id plz
  243. How effective is CO2 through a powerhead?
  244. Tropica Company 'You Tube' Tour and How To Tips
  245. A safe way to do topless?
  246. Move Crypt and Hygro, what do you think
  247. New tank...New Ideas?
  248. Tank failure. . .what's going wrong?
  249. Plants thrive, fish die.
  250. Why I hate Aquasoil