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  1. Any suggestions?
  2. New Lights
  3. Excel ODing
  4. Best way to move a fully planted tank
  5. To Trace or not to Trace
  6. Need to change my water temperature
  7. New and looking for help.
  8. Two hanging filters on a 29 gallon?
  9. Crap! Tank is leaking!!!!
  10. Fan direction ???
  11. AGA Convention - 8 days away
  12. Adding Aqua soil?
  13. How many Otos??
  14. H2O2 Question
  15. oh crap unwanted pest
  16. Spare Tank
  17. powerheads on 24 or 12 hours?
  18. Should I Buy It?
  19. Aponogeton bulbs?
  20. Pruning Rotala
  21. Can some one comment on anacharis
  22. Wormers in planted tanks
  23. Advice for a new-member
  24. few pictures of one of my tanks
  25. Questions for a future 10 gallon tank
  26. First Post !!
  27. Hello and questions
  28. hi/low, medium...
  29. Glass gravel?
  30. Help on how to do this please
  31. Need nerite snail help!
  32. temperature
  33. Staying rooted with a Cray
  34. XP1 enough for a 26 gal.?
  35. Who Heats Their Substrate?
  36. Effects of CO2 on algae
  37. Moving to next room Plan B
  38. Film clip of my 125 tank
  39. My Ebb and Flow Emersed Setup
  40. What is this!?
  41. am i on the right track?
  42. Amazon Plants
  43. Silly move
  44. Who turns off their co2 at night and why?
  45. Getting the most out of your plants
  46. Best resources to identify plants?
  47. Water Flow Q?
  48. New Way to Decide on a New Tank Setup
  49. Is this a decent pressurized Co2 system?
  50. Ok, so now what?
  51. tannins effecting light intensity
  52. So frustrated - Need a LOT of help.
  53. Reasons for aerial roots forming above substrate
  54. Will this work for a planted tank???
  55. extra long tank
  56. using divider for partial sand?
  57. About to plant my tank - fert questions
  58. Local collection of rocks/ driftwood.
  59. dead snials
  60. Anyone have a tank log or calender?
  61. Iwagumi Rocks
  62. Iwagumi tank?
  63. EMERGENCY! Need tank movers NOW, Houston area, $100/hr for 2 men
  64. Your opinion on tank size...
  65. Upgraded tank Fish acting strange.
  66. AGA Convention - Final Update
  67. Will MTS uproot dwarf Hairgrass?
  68. Getting plants in tomorrow, now what?
  69. Daily or every other day water change?
  70. HELP I think my fish is sick!
  71. Some kind of slug?
  72. Potted Plant question
  73. A few questions
  74. thank you
  75. Hardwood in water, yes or no
  76. Smaller Tank Lighting
  77. 75 gal Planted Setup
  78. Fungus on driftwood
  79. welding supply cheating me out of co2
  80. Ready to tackle the snail problem HEAD ON!!
  81. rescape question
  82. How big do bristlenosed plecos get?
  83. Moving tank - questions
  84. Planaria and Potassium Permanganate
  85. gravel vaccuuming with layered substrate
  86. Anyone ever build a rimless tank?
  87. Toying with ideas. Input?
  88. New guy introduction
  89. pictures of my 65g
  90. shopping for pressurized co2 system
  91. What is this moss and why is it growing here?!
  92. how long before a rebuild?
  93. Where can I get rocks like these?
  94. new kid in town
  95. What is this plant ?
  96. plants on driftwood
  97. Need help with pumps for EI dosing
  98. Expectations
  99. Is this right?
  100. Is it possible to create a self-sustaining ecosystem?
  101. neons to use
  102. I shouldn't worry about this should I?
  103. How long did it take you to be happy with your tank?
  104. Which direction should I go?
  105. safe is polyurethane varnish?
  106. DOA Assassin snails?
  107. no filter
  108. Looking for suggetions of supplier of C02 & Plant package
  109. CO2 do we really need to add it..?
  110. Eliminate Algae: Which parameter to lower
  111. Will these lights work well for freshwater planted.
  112. Is Serpentine Rock Safe?
  113. Semi Introduction and Lots of Questions
  114. Yellow Water
  115. Grapewood in aquarium....experiences?
  116. Hi new guy, and any advise for a reefer
  117. Purigen advice...please!
  118. how to post pictures?
  119. Hi! I'm new and I have a tank issue.. (help!)
  120. Earthquake Proofing Update!
  121. At a losssssss
  122. Help me stock my 55gal...
  123. Switching Substrates, Concerned About Fish
  124. Reading Diana Walstad
  125. What is right ?
  126. tank had a hiccup (run-in w/4 yr old)
  127. Plants for a 10 and 40 gallon tank
  128. Gallon calculator?
  129. If i dose with Excel, do i still dose Ferts?
  130. Reflecting reflectors.
  131. Plant selection for 180 Litre tank?
  132. New 90 galon setup
  133. Need some advice!
  134. Need help finding Word
  135. ELOS CO2 Pricing
  136. Stocking suggestions?
  137. Question about Tops.
  138. bulkheads in planted tank
  139. Didn't see a newbie forum, basic questions
  140. Lightings + Plants
  141. my son put stickers all over my tank
  142. plant id?
  143. Glass top?
  144. reactor/diffuser recommendation?
  145. Introducing my tank
  146. Long transit times. How long will the plants last?
  147. PH controler or not
  148. Substrate Question
  149. Where can I buy Do!Aqua products?
  150. midge fly season?
  151. help with excell
  152. Trying to get a few questions cleared
  153. Just starting a tank and have a few questions
  154. Driftwood stumps
  155. General help...
  156. Ich Strikes, and it's my fault!
  157. Check out this ad. What a cool setup!
  158. cleaning tank for photos
  159. Still having trouble with plant growth
  160. Mulm is it a good thing?
  161. How to make a moss tree
  162. fert schedule
  163. Slim!
  164. Glosso and Hair Grass nipping
  165. Returning from the Dark Side(Saltwater)
  166. Help!
  167. Feedback on my stocking plan?
  168. Glass canopies? I think I made an error.
  169. Plant question
  170. N00B W/ Questions!
  171. Water changes in a c02 injected tank
  172. Out of ADA Amazonia is it ok to mix?
  173. Idea for a new Aquaculturist Product (LFSs)
  174. My cycle doesn't make sense?
  175. Too much light for crypts only?
  176. Surface scum
  177. My rummy nose won't stop eating my Glosso!!!
  178. !!! Aquascaping Help Needed !!!
  179. Shrimp Safe Gravel Vacs
  180. Plant noob
  181. I want seiryu stone
  182. Question
  183. AGA Convention Update #3
  184. Fresh water tank and sumps.
  185. Bought a new glass diffuser but cant attach
  186. where do you guys get your rocks and woods
  187. New tank for birthday, is the size ok?
  188. How big of low light simple tank can I have?
  189. Emersed hc turning black
  190. Stunted plant grown in a low-tech tank -- troubleshooting needed. (pics)
  191. greenish tint on nitrite test?
  192. Co2 = Ferts?
  193. How raise Crinum Thaianum & Java fern ?
  194. Aquariums and apartments
  195. Can never get my water clear
  196. Hc or Glosso
  197. Depth - How to Show It Off?
  198. Plants losing leaves, help?
  199. 10 gallon Nitrate problems
  200. Floating Plant question
  201. Its official, I hate fish tanks
  202. help there taking
  203. manzanita wood.
  204. Hydor CO2 Green NRG Advanced System
  205. thoughts
  206. Getting the ADA shot
  207. Tons of Fast White bugs!!
  208. How to sterilize plants for algaes? Vinegar water?
  209. planted show (tall) tanks
  210. receiving plants today!
  211. Anybody!! i have a quick qestion!!
  212. What is wrong with my HC? Deficiency? GW too! Please help
  213. Rex Grigg?
  214. New to Forum, New to PT's
  215. 2 weird issues
  216. Pretty sure I have diatoms since i used fertilizer. Now what?
  217. NSFW: Pond snails caught in the act!
  218. Canopies, Glass Covers or nothing? What do you use and why?
  219. Need Guidance on New Planted Tank
  220. Cataracts and Fish Tanks
  221. Going on vacations...what do you guys do?
  222. Need suggestions on what to do with 45 Tall
  223. Best deal on frozen Hikari foods?
  224. Add extra planting/living areas to your tank - go vertical..!
  225. Anyone else have trouble with this diffuser?
  226. whisper 20-40
  227. MOVING TANK! Breaking it down and killing BBA during move. How to keep it cycled?
  228. Help with Bio-wheel failure.
  229. Do I need to remove cardbon when I use liquid fertilizer?
  230. Anyone here use the Arc Pod?
  231. Can you please identify these plants?
  232. Hi! I'm new and looking for plants
  233. Wolffia
  234. Melting Wood?
  235. Heater required?
  236. Size of Venturi = 20 Gallon
  237. Biotope for 10 gallon tank.
  238. New to Planted Aquariums
  239. whitish/clear algae stuff?
  240. Need ideas for 10 Gallon
  241. 10 gallon tank questions
  242. How to plant HC emersed with plain gravel?
  243. Cool scape Ideas!!!
  244. Does high KH mean i have adequate calcium?
  245. No heater HELP!
  246. Help me with my 26g bow front Mid+ light setup. What else do I need?
  247. A tank at work cracked.....
  248. My wife is letting me set up another tank
  249. does this dosing method sound okay?
  250. Why are my plants stunted?