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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Someone shed some t5 light on this dark question...
  2. How quickly can plants absorb nitrogen?
  3. White water after fertilizing
  4. Snails
  5. Painting the back of tank
  6. Tropica PLANT NUTRITION+ (anyone know where to find it?)
  7. Different type of moving aquariums
  8. Ceratopteris ID help please
  9. Oto's and SAE's
  10. ID: Dwarf Sag?
  11. overflow /sump for a planted tank. Yes or No?
  12. Do vibrations bother fish?
  13. temperature
  14. What water to use??
  15. C02 Thoughts.
  16. First Planted Tank. Step by step?
  17. Tiny CO2 bubbles in the water
  18. advice on moving a small tank
  19. meds
  20. Fellow igloo-dwellers: Tap water outgassing in winter?
  21. 125 gallon planted tank question.
  22. liquid flourish or flourish tab?
  23. Advice needed - moving a planted tank
  24. Dumb Petstore Staff is Rarely good
  25. ADA Dealers In SoCal
  26. Craigslist custom tank
  27. Craigslist Find
  28. Found Plecos Dead, Have a ?.. another one today
  29. Is Jen The Plant Geek still around?
  30. HELP!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! major hair algea problem
  31. Need help designing a plan for holiday break...
  32. Emersed HC question-too cold?
  33. Found this on Craigslist Anyone's tank?
  34. New to planted tank
  35. Rest Days
  36. Arghh!!! Stupid wood!! Advice please
  37. Bubbles per second to cc/min
  38. Anyone Interested in Purchasing Rocks?
  39. Something's precipitating in my tank, but what?
  40. AGA video - Amano aquascape in 2 minutes
  41. Tips for clearer water?
  42. Before entering the hobby. Help With solving some contemplations..
  43. Purigen?
  44. Selling Question
  45. So I finally have 2 tanks set...
  46. what pairasite is this?
  47. Detrimming the tank
  48. 8 gal ei dosing
  49. Flora Sun versus Ultra Sun light bulbs
  50. what do I do Now?....Thks to the flourite
  51. fertz
  52. Salt to Fresh water tank questions
  53. How to stabilize PH?
  54. Anubias identification
  55. Plant Gro Stake (substrate) ferts?
  56. Should I upgrade or not?
  57. A little patience goes a long way
  58. Best way to trim Bolbitus
  59. How much light do I need?
  60. detritus
  61. Have my dry what?
  62. White fuzzy hair looking stuff?
  63. First attempt at a dutch style aquarium
  64. Suggestions for my new 37 Gallon
  65. Planning a 65g.
  66. Hello, New to Planted tanks.
  67. Help the new guy! please?
  68. Are these fishies plant compatible?
  69. new tank syndrome for an old tank??
  70. PMDD & MKP Dosing - I think I am overdoing it...
  71. 37g over 29g or other 30" options
  72. Just found a baby assassian snail!
  73. Help!! tryng to measure my CO2
  74. HD video and some questions
  75. experiences buying fish from liveaquaria?
  76. Quick immersed question,
  77. *help* Chinese Translation needed
  78. Starting to use Excell.. question?
  79. Not sure what is wrong.....
  80. Moss Floor Cleaning?
  81. Silent Cycling Question
  82. 230 gallon im scared
  83. stupid question...trimming vals?
  84. Algae taking over java moss help?
  85. newbe questions (hc lawn)
  86. tank dimensions
  87. HELP! My pleco is going crazy! I don't know what's wrong.
  88. Happy thanksgiving everyone
  89. Setting up a 55 gal first planted tank
  90. Planted tank info needed
  91. Cannot keep new Eriocaulon cinereum in the substrate!
  92. Give Me A Break! Creepy Crawlies eating my UG
  93. I made a poster. Fact check, please?
  94. Need to change micros.
  95. I killed nearly all of my fish today.
  96. Co2 added, plants looking good, but....
  97. Any pointers on Natural Style Substrate
  98. Setting up a small quarantine tank, concerns
  99. CO2: cycle with lights or on all the time?
  100. black (fuzz?) around leaves
  101. over dose fertilizer.
  102. Taking care not to disturb under layer
  103. wanting a planted tank that will thrive.
  104. Sprung a leak
  105. White Fuzzy Stuff?
  106. Seachem Flourish fertilizer
  107. What stem plants make great "bushes"
  108. I have no direction: help please
  109. My pleco does not like his cave. What should I get him?
  110. Aquamedic 1000 reactor ?
  111. Selzter water as CO2 source
  112. Snail Control options for tanks under 40g?
  113. New and looking to re-sculpt
  114. Slime on surface of water??
  115. Vallisneria turning brown
  116. How long can bacteria survive out of water?
  117. Dry Dosing SORTA LONG
  118. Newbie need some help
  119. Salt tank for Fresh
  120. nutrient defiency
  121. found fish
  122. Cleaner crew???
  123. Supplements for my new Plants?
  124. Disheartened
  125. Kno3
  126. Help me plan my new 90 gallon tank
  127. Java Matt died?
  128. filter question
  129. Converting 150 gallon to Planted tank
  130. Big Al's stingray stands
  131. I have some white cloudiness in my tank
  132. Should I bother with CO2 injection?
  133. How long have you been in this hobby?
  134. Java Moss?!
  135. Updated Assassin Snail Thread
  136. Evaporation in the winter
  137. What is this and how do I get it off?
  138. Little critters, can't ID them. UPDATE w/video
  139. Shaking Flourish Excel
  140. cant think of a good title hehe
  141. 2 Foregrond Plants next to each other?
  142. My Bioload
  143. manzanita question
  144. moving contents of 10 to 30 gallon tank
  145. Fat Corkscrew Val leaves
  146. Does Java Moss attach to rocks?
  147. Paging Dr. Doolittle. What's ailing my cardinal tetra.
  148. Anyone received orders from Rex Grigg lately?
  149. Hi, I need some help.
  150. what am i doing wrong ?
  151. Who sells glass/ceramic diffusers?
  152. uh-oh! help please!
  153. Share your worst aquarium mishaps and mistakes
  154. Help ID plants (and some ideas)
  155. Too many congo tetras in 72 gallon?
  156. ID this plant for me please!
  157. Submersible heaters get HOT out of water!!!!
  158. Water has voltage
  159. Hello. New member
  160. HELP! Dead nerite snail fouled the water; how do I clean the water?
  161. How quickly do plants react to NO3 levels?
  162. Need a little help for the new guy.
  163. Little Red Worms.....
  164. Centerpiece for tank?
  165. Thought she was joking at first......but shes not
  166. GH_KH testing
  167. My first planted tank 72 gallon bowfront
  168. AGA contest is up!
  169. Fish/Inverts/Anything jumping out of water?
  170. Nitrate levels?
  171. photo period?
  172. Woooo! Cycle over!
  173. How to remove Eheim sealing gasket siliconed to the housing
  174. Key Things for a 10 and 5 gallon soon to be planted tank?
  175. Tank Rehaul
  176. just remodeled
  177. Water Softener
  178. Scaping outside the tank
  179. Aquarium Safe Glue?
  180. where do you all get your plants?
  181. adding more gravel to a month old planted tank
  182. AGA Convention update
  183. How much ammonia is safe?
  184. fastest method for dw curing?
  185. Aquarium Trade Industry Analysis - need info...
  186. GSA and High Light Tank
  187. Need Flourish with CSM+B?
  188. "Aqueon" Brand tanks, lights and kits?
  189. VOTE: 4 plants most likely to succeed in this setup
  190. Put salt in the planted tank?
  191. Are snails necessary?
  192. Starting a moderately planted 29g, yay!
  193. How much weight?
  194. Co2 Test kit
  195. 2 simple questions if i may
  196. Supply and demand.
  197. eheim 2216 thermofilter malfunction
  198. Videos - Pearling and more
  199. Cories, Kuhlis and plants, looking for advice
  200. Circulation suggestions
  201. First try, hope for success!
  202. Florida Biotope/Self Collected/Ludwigia PINK
  203. Help needed, problems keeping certain plants.
  204. How many Diy bottles for a 45 gallon
  205. Stem Plant Trimming Advice
  206. Anybody adapted EI doing to a Iwagumi tank?
  207. Malaysian Driftwood question
  208. Mixing Mosses
  209. bristlenose plec
  210. Good tank size for beginner?
  211. Need Aquascape Ideas/Help
  212. fishy water smell=dead fish?
  213. Aquarium safe glue for wood?
  214. What ferts to buy
  215. LOOK AT MY MOSS!!!(pics)
  216. How do I make a HILL?
  217. bugs in tank
  218. Aquariums as a Heater
  219. Question about which snail to get
  220. 29g or 10g?
  221. Co2 package too cheap?
  222. Fungus amongus?? (on wood)
  223. Another newnewnewnewnew member!
  224. *Urgent!* Moving tank for wall painting
  225. PH changing daily - resulting from CO2 injection? - Bad for fish?
  226. My Plant upgrade pictures only.
  227. Hello everyone, which plants?
  228. 265 watts on a 90 enough?
  229. Funny things fish do---How about yours?
  230. Growing on rocks/driftwood question
  231. New, just wanted to say hi and ask a question or two.
  232. Dry Ferts?
  233. Making the Switch to High Light
  234. acrylic tanks
  235. Homepage for a New Swordplant Hybrid
  236. Does NH, NO2, NO3 settle evenly in the water column?
  237. plants leaves rotting
  238. PH help
  239. Why so many with no tank background?
  240. plumbing question
  241. My MTS is terminal.
  242. Burping substrate
  243. crazy glue idea
  244. moss carpet warning
  245. Staghorn algae? Id this for me
  246. Compare my 2 hardscapes
  247. Can someone give me some info about this?
  248. Drip Acclimating
  249. Cobwebs?
  250. Working with Manzanita