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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Read this
  2. Is a uv 9w enough for a 40 gal. breeder?
  3. For all you Mac users out there...
  4. ID for red floating plant found in the wild.
  5. Aquariums - adding children?
  6. Anything plant tank related in Japan I should see?
  7. Help
  8. Plant ID ?
  9. Bosemani rainbows..eats soft-leaved plants.
  10. Speaking of PYTHONS.............
  11. Aerator and CO2 question
  12. new leaves clear/transparent vs older leaves that are green
  13. Plantex CSM+B turning into?
  14. aqua start 500
  15. Anchoring/Securing ground cover
  16. Feeding fish (tetras and rams)
  17. Plant Roots coming out of substrate
  18. Funky looking imitation moss balls?
  19. My first planted tank....
  20. a few discus questions :)
  21. just how high for GH
  22. Driftwood
  23. freshwater sponge and bryozoan
  24. Airstone in a HOB?
  25. No Time For Tank
  26. Florida Ditch Plant ID (again!)
  27. Seachem Stability
  28. Am I out of my tree hole? explain inside!
  29. I feel so DOSING challenged!
  30. amazon sword plant tooo big
  31. A little background information?
  32. Wet Dry- Pros and Cons Help!!
  33. Fighting Green Water
  34. Question for Python users
  35. Searching for plants in CA
  36. Saving plants from uprooters!
  37. Fourite Deal @ Petsmart $15 a bag
  38. Can you feed your fish Ants?
  39. POLL: Pearl Gourami or Blue Gourami
  40. lescarpentier
  41. Trimming crypts (wendtii)
  42. Question about trimming and shipping plants.
  43. Whats wrong with these plants? pics
  44. Green Spotted Puffers - Did I do bad?
  45. New, with questions
  46. Excel and Java Ferns
  47. concerned about plankton
  48. Darn Cat!
  49. Fishless Cycling Help: Excessive Nitrite
  50. Maintenance for sand substrate?
  51. What plants with no CO2 and decent lighting, until I can afford a system.
  52. I just ripped apart my Killing tank
  53. Bets test kit?
  54. green water and lights NOOB ALERT!!!
  55. New, how should I start?
  56. Advice: Low maintenance tank
  57. Treating removed plants for Ich
  58. Hi
  59. Java Moss and Fern debug
  60. White snail with purple tip: Please help identify.
  61. I need several plant IDs, please
  62. Close call
  63. Dry Fertz
  64. how clear is starphire
  65. flourite vs laterite
  66. Doh! - fish casualties
  67. looking for a good dwarf Cichlids book
  68. I just put an Oscar in here.
  69. how many tanks do you have??????
  70. Co2 buildup an issue?
  71. Gh
  72. Anyone using dusk/dawn lighting on their tanks??
  73. How do I start with live foods? What about disease issues?
  74. Tank in cubby above fireplace?
  75. Look what I done did. Lol
  76. dosing schedule
  77. Multiple strange deficiencies & GSA
  78. will African Cichlid in a planted 55 gallon tank work?
  79. Plant ID
  80. Moving to a bigger tank, will my live stock be ok?
  81. A Thankyou To Everyone
  82. Which plant is Moneywort?
  83. Enough light?
  84. Dying Fish maybe bc Eco Complete??
  85. Loaches and snails
  86. Name That Deficiency
  87. CO2 - Is letting it run 24/7 safe?
  88. Im not mad, Im just dissapointed (broken ada mini m)
  89. Effort level required for larger tanks?
  90. Intro and question
  91. HELP! Can an overdose of Chelated Iron harm fish or inverts?
  92. Buying Fertilizers Online
  93. Should I get a Rainbow Shark instead of a Red Tailed Shark?
  94. Nitrite spike :(
  95. Iron dosing with ADA Amazonia substrate
  96. diy c02
  97. Help with fert's I'm totally lost!!??
  98. Check out this 12ftx4ftx4ft Planted tank!
  99. why is my moss wall not flourishing?
  100. Is overstocking fine if I keep the tank clean?
  101. ADA in Mirrors Edge Video game? No way!
  102. Ammo Chips Aquarium Pharmaceuticals??
  103. Advice on first planted tank
  104. substrate and lights question
  105. CO2 whats going wrong?
  106. Water Circulation Plan
  107. Foul taste in mouth from substrate?
  108. seachem flourish color changing
  109. All my inverts went MIA >=(
  110. Reactor and plumbing!
  111. Does anyone else watch their aquarium for almost an hour?
  112. Temperature and melting
  113. Question about CO2 and fish.
  114. Fungus on my wood.
  115. water changes... how much, how often
  116. Catastrophic Failure :(
  117. Curious: what are some of the rarest planted aquarium plants?
  118. Unknown Floater - Azolla!
  119. New 180 .. any thoughts on equipment?
  120. How to DIY background?
  121. Will Corys tear apart a carpet?
  122. do i need co2?
  123. "Mini bolbitis"
  124. glass diffusser dont diffuse
  125. Co2 calculator?
  126. aquarium design...
  127. Some questions before I start my clean up
  128. water change how?
  129. An Absolute Newbie in Planted - Questions
  130. Postal Service took 6 days to deliver my plants
  131. Help Plants are Dying....
  132. Setting up a new 40 gal tank. Lighting help please...
  133. CO2 Disaster
  134. Legal info needed
  135. Anubias in brackish water..?
  136. spreading grass like plants advice/help required
  137. Rimless with diy background?
  138. Plants melting need help.
  139. Two plants to ID
  140. need ideas of how should I set up my new tank
  141. Tank ready?
  142. Driftwood
  143. Advice needed on Marsilea minuta or Hemianthus callitrichoides
  144. subwassertang emersed?
  145. Rescaping questions
  146. CO2 diffused bubbles jumping out of tank!
  147. Fish poop. Amount, good, bad?
  148. Stem plants with major roots
  149. Leak! What to do?
  150. Velvet in a planted nano... is my tank shot?
  151. Attaching driftwood together.Glue or Screw?
  152. Japanese Paludarium ..::Wabi Kusa::..
  153. BGA questions that I'm curious on. . .
  154. Gold fish tank size? Help
  155. Cannister Filter versus HOB Power filter in a planted nano
  156. Mollies decimating bushy plants
  157. VHO vs. PCs
  158. Hygrophila polysperma 'Rosanervig' - Confused
  159. Opinions on Equipment Offer.
  160. How much flow?
  161. Setting up a new planted tank
  162. Co2 or would i get away with it ?
  163. What am I doing wrong with my red plants?
  164. planted noob needs help
  165. How can I fix this plant?
  166. CO2 check dropper solution
  167. Rummy nose tetra or Cardinal Tetra?
  168. Pea gravel "mountains"
  169. GLA drop checker is possessed!
  170. Rimless Tanks
  171. Which shools the most: Cardinal, Neon, Black Neon or Harlequin Rasbora?
  172. Aqua botanic's turnaround?
  173. Water Circulation in a 75 Gallon
  174. biotype aquariums ?
  175. New planted tank
  176. Where is the best place to buy brine shrimp eggs
  177. Eurobrace vs jumpers
  178. Lighting plus CO2 timing question
  179. Need help identifying this plant
  180. Greetings and New Tank Setup Thoughts
  181. New Planted Tank. Could use your advice (Pics inside).
  182. First snails, then copepods, now springtails???? Argh!
  183. Recommend a good diffuser for 75g.
  184. Starting a planted tank - already have fish
  185. Bogwood questions
  186. White surface scum
  187. light and feeding
  188. Pictures, step by steps, cool site
  189. How's this 75 gallon setup?
  190. New Tank Lighting\substrate help needed
  191. DIY Co2 production rate
  192. Drop checker results?
  193. Newbie converting 5 year old 65 gallon tank
  194. Tank glass turns milky?
  195. Fishless cycling question
  196. A Noob ? and an averted disaster! (updated video)
  197. Are this any good?
  198. CO2 for Low Light tanks?
  199. What is causing these holes in my Amazon Swords?
  200. don't like pink color light and need info for CF bulb
  201. Any Estimative Index experts?
  202. Going around in circles
  203. what is the proper way to prune an amazon sword?
  204. Dosing question
  205. When to dose?
  206. How much growth in a day?
  207. arrrr medication
  208. questions about a new tank with eco-complete
  209. First attempt at aquascaping
  210. first post , what type of aquascape
  211. How many Tblsp per gallon to make 30ppt salt?
  212. eheim liquidoser
  213. I want a wet green thumb!
  214. Questions and comments on c02/o2 saturation
  215. Trimming Moss
  216. first plants are in
  217. What is EI?
  218. Any good LFS in SF area?
  219. PPS-PRO without CO2?
  220. Possible Switch From Reef To Discus/Help Please
  221. Why should we build fish rooms?
  222. Help me make this pot... please... :)
  223. Building a small planted tank for my Sliders.
  224. surface skimmer
  225. Cloudy water problems again..
  226. 55 gallon do over.... comments? suggestions?
  227. Driftwood, when is it safe to use?
  228. High pH problem in shrimp-only planted nano tank
  229. Why?
  230. How long can DIY CO2 last?
  231. How high to put T-5 off tank
  232. 75 or 90G Questions
  233. What am I doing wrong?
  234. Anyone with 36 inch deep tanks?
  235. suction cups
  236. At what point is Excel no longer viable?
  237. Raising Blackworms...literally!
  238. Advice on dosing: Micros and Macros Same Day
  239. My 20g planted. If you like pics but hate words, this is the thread for you.
  240. 75 Gallon project- what do i need?
  241. Discus in my 120g"
  242. Another Reason to Hate Duckweed
  243. Plant ideas/online sources
  244. water changes and Ei dosing
  245. Losing plants
  246. Packaging plants for shipment?
  247. I need help with what kind of plants should I put in a 30 gallon tank...
  248. My plants bases are rotting! HELP
  249. Huge problem!!! Help!!
  250. Newly setup far