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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. When should i have my Co2 turned on?
  2. Random Thoughts While Planning a Community 29 - Lots of newbie questions!
  3. Can you make an Aquarium lid with anything besides glass & Acrylic?
  4. What size tank should I get?
  5. New setup advice 65gal
  6. Roseline wrecking crew
  7. Can you use API Stress Coat POND for an aquarium?
  8. How do I know my tank is cycled?
  9. Food grade diatomaceous earth?
  10. Oxygen in tank
  11. Newbie looking for advise
  12. 29 gallon converted any advice
  13. Tips for keeping a happy and healthier tank?
  14. Contemplating a conversion
  15. What would you do if....
  16. strange white 'snowy' patch in hairgrass
  17. Water change strategies
  18. Lighting and algae help?
  19. New/First ever Planted Fish Tank
  20. Help needed with my 40L tank.
  21. Has anyone witnessed a Dojo Loach aka weather Loach eating a shrimp?
  22. People told me i couldnt so i did.. ooops! TANK BUILD
  23. Too little CO2
  24. Lake Okanagan Biotope?
  25. Moving a rimless tank to a new stand?
  26. DSM results
  27. Looking For Long Tank Tools
  28. Ridiculous Hobbyists Experiences
  29. Fast Monte Carlo growth (pics inside)
  30. Does used activated carbon have any value to garden/regular plants?
  31. Low vs High Flow
  32. EMERGENCY: My acrylic tank brace snapped off!
  33. Office shrimp tank - Growing plants with only ceiling lights?
  34. Strange brown blobs on stems/roots
  35. Where to buy quality mosses and plants
  36. Need some Fresh advice
  37. Do Aquariums have a lifespan ?
  38. How long does Chloramine take to evaporate from the water?
  39. A question forRimless tank owners
  40. Any planted tank in Vietnam?
  41. Cruel or Not?
  42. Should my water be so clear in a lightly planted tank
  43. Suction cup question
  44. Do plants grow in groups
  45. Do these type of sensors only work with salt water aquariums?
  46. Are 3D printed objects aquarium safe?
  47. Fresh water reservoir turned disgusting, where did I go wrong
  48. Is Polypropylene Plastic aquarium safe?
  49. New to C02- HELP!
  50. Does anyone use any automatica topoff systems( ATO) to keep water in aquarium?
  51. Are these aquarium safe to store water on refilling aquarium?
  52. Fluval just selling on reputation now?
  53. Help identifying critter in my tank
  54. Osmotic Shock
  55. I need some feed back.
  56. Floating Fish Bag With Marker Writing?
  57. New planted tank questions/issues-help!
  58. Help!!
  59. New plants
  60. Ph calibration
  61. New to planted tanks, intro and questions
  62. Can amazon swords and anubias grow emersed ?
  63. Where can I buy a 12 gallon long?
  64. New here and new to aquariums
  65. Heater Cord Siphoning Water!?
  66. Just a thank you
  67. New member here. Please take a look and leave some advice!
  68. Discouraged! Dirted( natural style) Tank.
  69. Brown stuff on substrate - Help!!!
  70. Best way to do fishless cycle?
  71. Hello and Questions
  72. Are these eggs?
  73. Help with my 10g (I'm a newbie)
  74. Will this be too much moving around for my fish?
  75. Buying plants
  76. Clay pots
  77. Home water filtration
  78. Tank leaking from bottom?
  79. Sunken Gardens book
  80. Tank Recycle for a Rescape?
  81. May I get a Little Help, Please?
  82. Help Choose My New Tank Size
  83. Planted tank as a present?
  84. DreamAquarium Screen Saver
  85. Co2
  86. Starting My Second Tank
  87. Restarting my aquarium
  88. Whats the issue
  89. Newbie with an Oldie Problem
  90. Is there a way to get superglue off plastic?
  91. Frustrated when people observe your planted aquarium...!!
  92. Mistakes were made...
  93. Quiet Filters (cheapo)
  94. Tons of air pockets
  95. Open space for ideas
  96. Looks like I'm going to be banned
  97. Help!
  98. Big job ahead i think! :-(
  99. 10.99
  100. can you dig it
  101. Restart - 3 years
  102. Cycle Question
  103. Returning hobbiest
  104. critter id
  105. 50 Gallon Riparium Ideas?
  106. New to hobby with plan for 40 gallon breeder, low-tech, low-light planted tank
  107. Diagnose and Destroy
  108. Is it just me, or...
  109. Hopelessly addicted to this amazing hobby
  110. HELP , edsal shelving problem
  111. Replanting and salvaging my mess
  112. Moving house.
  113. Getting out of the Hobby
  114. So i messed up and bought...
  115. (Beginner) New Tank Issues
  116. DSM issues?
  117. How much dirt to use in a dirted tank?
  118. Polly fill
  119. Weird things growing on glass that have tiny fans?
  120. Crab Beach Idea
  121. A Large Show Fish For 65G
  122. Best guess on culprit??
  123. [HELP] Tank divider to prevent fish from unrooting plant
  124. Fishless cycle or seed from existing tank?
  125. Sneak Peak at Neptune's new automatic tip off
  126. Conflicting Information about Ich/Ick
  127. What are some premium flake food?
  128. Help with co2
  129. What Contaminated my 5 Gallon Water Bottles?
  130. Problem in tank. Please identify
  131. Would like to try my first high tech setup
  132. Setting up my first tank!
  133. Titanium heater
  134. CO2 Injection for Small Tanks (15 - 40 gallons)
  135. Opinions Wanted: Will this work in my tank?
  136. Who has a large tank, 300 or bigger?
  137. CO2 Running During Blackout
  138. Acrylic Thickness for 180 gallon Tank
  139. Ich!!! I am so annoyed dam pet shop!
  140. Spec v or edge 6g for planted betta tank?
  141. 160 GPH on 6 Gallon tank
  142. Interesting video...
  143. New to planted tanks
  144. Changing substrate to dirt on established tank
  145. Good Reptile Forum?
  146. Favorite Carpet plant
  147. Sudden urge to rescape
  148. $1 per gallon sale April 2017
  149. Anyone venture in to the saltwater world?
  150. Daisy's Rice fish
  151. Setting up a Hospital/Quarantine Tank
  152. Persistent water clouding issue
  153. Light or ferts?
  154. Weird creature
  155. Help with newish tank
  156. How do you pay for your hobby?
  157. (Emergency) is this what I think it is?!?!
  158. Holy grail of sales for 75 gallon set up from pets mart
  159. help me identify this tank!
  160. Estimative Index Results
  161. how long for malachite green to clear?
  162. Beginner mistake / question (about the filtration)
  163. Trying out RO water for the first time
  164. Columnaris. how long can it survive with no hosts?
  165. Introduction- Let it Grow
  166. 125g planted ideas
  167. Excel toxicity (Not to plants)
  168. Planted Tank - What to do?!
  169. Help with planted tank
  170. Strange Water color- please help
  171. Where to get manzanita wood?
  172. Wood question.
  173. Continuation of tank cycle question
  174. Advice for temp quarantine tank
  175. Corner tank question
  176. Glossotigma and Oscar
  177. Tank care while away
  178. Acandí River Basin Biotope?
  179. Is this messed up to do?
  180. Trouble with new tank
  181. Adding co2 to tank with high pH
  182. Upgrade from 40 Breeder - Now a Deep Blue 80 gallon shallow tank
  183. Rain water for tank?
  184. Low tech to high tech transition?
  185. Amano shrimp tankmates?
  186. How should I move my tank
  187. Purchasing Fish online
  188. Marineland Portrait on Amazon
  189. Heat pads on aquariums
  190. Hello! New and Learning
  191. Considering adding CO2
  192. Lost thread about PH- Update
  193. What Colour Background?
  194. Lightening Fast Fishless Cycle
  195. Added Powerhead, is it too strong?
  196. CO2 Reactor effectiveness
  197. Is my light causing milky water?
  198. New to Aquariums
  199. New Planted Setup / CO2 Questions
  200. Lost plants in mailing
  201. Let's see your Clown Loaches
  202. Help before tear down my tank!
  203. Aqueon bowlfront possibly a high tech tank? Slow plant growth and algea outbreaks
  204. 29 gallon start-up again
  205. It's the Humidity.
  206. DIY aquarium
  207. Drop checker solution
  208. Help with new setup
  209. Cycle ?
  210. Move plants between tanks
  211. Leak test
  212. How to increase biofilm?
  213. How big is too big?
  214. Another planaria problem
  215. Do you follow any other hobbyists?
  216. tank redo advice
  217. Stocking for 120 gallon
  218. What on earth are these little critters on my DHG and wood?
  219. issus with my 65g tank
  220. Need product suggestions for first tank
  221. Cory Paleatus Biotope?
  222. Bizarre question: Anyone have really itchy arms after a tank clean?
  223. New Co2 Setup
  224. Hydroponic Clay Pebbles MAGNETIC! (Toxic?)
  225. Automated way to adjust regulator co2 bps
  226. Who turns off co2 and who does not at night?
  227. High Tech then Low Tech
  228. Things You Just Can't Grow/Keep
  229. Issues with my 29
  230. Active charcoal
  231. Glass lids
  232. Maybe im doing this wrong
  233. Divider for floating plants
  234. Hydrocotyle leucocephala Juice? <-
  235. Artificial Plants
  236. Can you recycle aquarium water?
  237. Does excel work well for high tech tanks?
  238. Is there any harm mixing two types of dechlor
  239. Feeling Discouraged...
  240. Inner tank seal required?
  241. Keeping Filter Media Alive
  242. Recommendations on 75g set up
  243. Water Change Aeration
  244. Basic filter question
  245. Driftwood and PH
  246. Swedish Fish(room)
  247. Has anyone seen these?
  248. Help, first time planted tank
  249. Rocks to stay away from
  250. Water changes