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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. carbon to remove Tannins?
  2. What happens what you ignore tank maintenance...
  3. Fish Suggestions for a 10 gallon tank?
  4. Bacterial or Algae bloom
  5. petsmarts diy co2
  6. clearing old pics??
  7. Snail menace
  8. Stress Coat Marine
  9. Pruning flowering plants
  10. Fish emergency!
  11. filter media ?
  12. Effect of Rocks on Water
  13. Nitrate test kit with titration?
  14. Freshwater Refugium
  15. Other fertilization options other than EI
  16. Algae ??and plant id
  17. Preparing aquarium wood
  18. Should I get this??
  19. pH problems due to Tahitan Moon Sand
  20. What should I do with my future 29 gallon tank?
  21. Water chnages..
  22. what is this thing I took out of my fish tank this morning
  23. 55 gal tank emergency?!
  24. Pearling
  25. Moving:
  26. Do You Have A 45 Bowfront?
  27. Fertilization schedule
  28. Pre-filter sponge
  29. some help needed.
  30. i want to add plants to my tank- need help
  31. Trace mix - DIY ?
  32. need help with plant ID
  33. Golden Apple Snails eat hydra
  34. Im a killer
  35. Substrate change idea?
  36. How do I get rid of detrius and staghorn algae?!?!
  37. Powerhead
  38. Plant ID please :)
  39. Starting a new tank and need advice
  41. which crypt is this
  42. Clean up crew?
  43. Outdoor setup...what works?
  44. Too much moss
  45. How to go about setting this up...
  46. Looking for ideas...
  47. Help: Seeking Advice on Moving 10 Gallon Planted Tank
  48. riccia carpet
  49. Black Algae ? Spots on Leaves
  50. Which anubias?
  51. Should I start over? (UPDATE: NEW PICS OF TANK!! CHECK LATEST POST)
  52. OD'd on H2O2
  53. The New Fluval Edge
  54. Anyone made/seen an "unnatural" urban tank???
  55. New to planted tanks, appreciate some advice
  56. I'm upgrading to a 20 gallon high!
  57. Dracaena and sagittaria mix
  58. Need ID for these plants.
  59. easy carbo, nutrition+, jbl ferropol 24......ahhh?
  60. AFA rock exterior finish
  61. I found some wild plant, dont know what it is? (EDIT: NEW PICS)
  62. filter upgrade, too early?
  63. a funny, but I'm sure not rare, site
  64. New planted 204L, no CO2
  65. Tanks ready, now I need some fish!
  66. Wet-Dry with Co2
  67. EI DIY CO2 and hair algae
  68. Ich!!!!
  69. Are blackworms good at aerating soil?
  70. Freaking Out
  71. EI dosing in my tank
  72. Tank is almost ready for plants. Need advice.
  73. How Many Fish Can I Keep?
  74. Good digital Shrimp Cam
  75. Diatoms? Cloudy Water?
  76. Aquarium Maintenance Software
  77. Female livebearers dying
  78. My switch from reef tanks...
  79. Photoperiod for emersed HC?
  80. tank crashed, keep plants?
  81. Can't Catch Fish Toooooo many plants
  82. reverse osmosis
  83. Help me with my 33g build...Im stuck!
  84. Excel and Plants that dont like it
  85. Do you quarantine plants?
  86. Phosphates.. Good or bad?
  87. Cloud of dust...
  88. Purigen?
  89. Dissolved Co2 in tap water.
  90. Can Amazon Swords be propagated? How?
  91. new plant H202 dip?
  92. Can I Not feed my Plecos Algae Wafers?
  93. To snail or not to snail that is the question
  94. Clear Plastic Tub Planted Pond Idea
  95. do amazon swords need substrate
  96. ALGAE! My new problem instead of my plants
  97. Can you use Florin Axis and Flourish Excel together?
  98. opinions on this deal?
  99. Questions on Liquid carbon supplements
  100. driftwood finish ?
  101. how do bamboo shrimp effect stocking and bioload concerns?
  102. Fluval 204 too much flow for 10g?
  103. Malaysian Trumpet Snails not burrowing. Why?
  104. Score!!
  105. CO2 Poisoning Occurrence
  106. Tank Temp rising!
  107. Give me some advices.I'm going to make my tanks planted
  108. Are these Hyra?
  109. Where to get dry ferts?
  110. HELP: Dosing dry ferts in 10 gallon
  111. Moss Only Aquascapes?
  112. New Tank, Post Move Set up
  113. Evolution
  114. The Best Rocks and Where to Get Them?
  115. Sick Fish Help
  116. HC growing
  117. Any SFBAAP's members here?
  118. Freshwater Shrimp vs. Fish
  119. help me plant a 2m tank i havent got a clue about plants :D
  120. 60 Cube with 81F and CRS's
  121. Filter not working properly?
  122. CO2 Heavier Than Air
  123. need help with jungle of plants
  124. Always a new problem popping up
  125. New Filter - CO2 question
  126. Amazon Sword Problem
  127. They came with a plant
  128. 55gal stocking questions!PIC
  129. Will all this cycle my tank?
  130. Java moss
  131. Got my dry ferts, now confused
  132. **PICTURES ADDED** Anyone ever seen Silver Tipped Bristlenose Plecos?
  133. faster cycling
  134. **PICTURES ADDED** Can I use aquatic plants from local rivers, lakes, and ponds?
  135. Need some advice and plant ID
  136. Planted Aquarium Fertilizer
  137. I need help!!!
  138. New Tank Project.
  139. Do Malaysian Trumpet Snails affect the pH?
  140. How to be successful with Rummynose Tetras?
  141. I'm wondering...
  142. found some wild plants and brought them home *added new pics 5/17*
  143. Splicing hybridization
  144. Ozelot sword is getting too big!
  145. Carbo Plus... I know... just help.
  146. Bolbitis and Anubius in high tech tank?
  147. does stirring up aquasoil cause an ammonia spike?
  148. I have a blank canvas.
  149. Who lives in Vancouver, BC Canada? I need malaysian trumpet snails, please
  150. 20 gallon stock
  151. where to find killifish
  152. Why is my lace java fern dying all the sudden?
  153. Anyone done an all red or mostly red tank?
  154. Need help! Co2 question
  155. Can you reckomned a test kit?
  156. Flourish Excel - Color/Odor?
  157. EI Method
  158. i think i am over my head
  159. 29G build with questions
  160. PH fluctuation! SOO frustrating
  161. Looking for simple plant that doesnt need Substrate
  162. New to the aquarium hobby
  163. Plant ID, please assist
  164. Will this work?
  165. Ideas for tank
  166. No gas flow from diffuser
  167. Need a new regulator
  168. quick substrate question
  169. How much flow is to much?
  170. A little bit about ME!
  171. Hello Everyone
  172. never planted with bulbs before need help
  173. Living in Santa Barbara, caring for fish evacuees, need advice
  174. diy co2
  175. test
  176. Cleaning Glass Tops
  177. Need some help, plants dont look happy
  178. Using garden rocks
  179. java moss lives on!
  180. Floating Plants Rule
  181. Filling the 'top' of the tank, West African style
  182. Golf Aquascaped
  183. Platy, or Swordtail.
  184. what ferts do you use
  185. Should i cut my canister off while doing water changes?
  186. low ph prevents cycling???
  187. One or two?
  188. Average 20 gallon Setup Cost Minus tank
  189. New to plants looking for a bit of info... a bit long, sorry!
  190. Nitrifying Bacteria...
  191. Levelling
  192. new 2217 question
  193. unidentified plant.. please help
  194. White stringy stuff/CO2
  195. new member
  196. Need Help setting up a 300G tank from scratch,
  197. need help IDing some plants
  198. How to clean a heavy planted tank?
  199. Unconventional tank dimensions
  200. cleaning manzanita
  201. which substrate?
  202. how long will my ozolet flower last?
  203. Is cycling really needed.
  204. can B. Japonica flower underwater?
  205. Ready to get my 50 gal tank going. Any advice?
  206. Tank worms
  207. Tank having problems
  208. Help with first tank setup and design!
  209. I need ideas!
  210. Tainted Driftwood w/ Purple Streaks ?!
  211. How Should I Dose?
  212. Hi, I'm new here and I want to start a planted tank.
  213. Challenging Question
  214. A few tank questions.
  215. Crimson Red Blyxa?
  216. Why does my Coralife T5 light strip flash continuously? even the new one
  217. Custom steel tank stand suggestions ?
  218. should i be worried or taking action
  219. TFH needs urgent photo
  220. New to Planted FW, would like some help
  221. Handling plants from high light+CO2
  222. Co2 help
  223. Placing tank in kitchen?
  224. nutrients with plants
  225. top 10 things you should know if you work at an LFS
  226. New to Planted Tank
  227. hc ground cover vs rock substrate
  228. Ideas for 29 gallon
  229. any advice would be helpful
  230. How many plants and fish should I plan on?
  231. Hardscape Opinions?
  232. Looking for some expert advice for this relative noob
  233. How to tell when moss is dead?
  234. Optimum tank size?
  235. HELP....water gets into my CO2 cylinder!
  236. not doing a water change after pruning
  237. please help, DIY system messing up [vid]
  238. Fishless Cycling & ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia I
  239. External filter for a 35 Gallon/160 liters planted tank
  240. Plumbing question. Not plant related...
  241. how often do you test water
  242. Aquarium Store Finder
  243. CO2 Electrolysis Systems
  244. Leaf litter angel tank- anyone?
  245. plants that can serve as biofilter for hardy fish
  246. are these good or bad snails?(pics)
  247. Plant success in a 28 Gallon Setup
  248. tetra plantamin OR easy-life profito?
  249. Bacopa caroliniana changing shape/color
  250. What kind of snail eggs are these?