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  1. Starting a 10gallon shrimp tank with neons
  2. Foundation Work being done... Tank Precautions?
  3. Planting small tanks
  4. Fishless cycle questions..again
  5. thanks for your help. here is the result. Your thoughts?
  6. Noob Took a big Plunge...
  7. Planted African Cichlid Tank?
  8. Does muddy water settle?
  9. Newbie, have read posts on CO2, questions
  10. Moss is evil!
  11. Cleaning up the used tank I bought...
  12. Scratch Glass Removal
  13. Is It Leaking??
  14. How big is this....QUICK!!
  15. What snail is this?
  16. are rubberbands ok in your tank?
  17. How sturdy are steel tank stands?
  18. Need some help/info, white cottony stuff on plants.
  19. dwarf sag or chain sword? *w/ picture*
  20. spirullina
  21. Whos' eating my plants??????
  22. What is on the glass? Help Identify
  23. New 70 Gallon project, need advice
  24. vacuuming a planted tank?
  25. Banana Plants
  26. Converting 120 to planted tank
  27. Question regarding planting Crypt Wendtii, Bronze
  28. Bio balls?
  29. I just need some opions
  30. light brackish riparium?
  31. plant source in Atlanta area?
  32. Tiny bubbles on waters surface
  33. My Taiwan (and maybe SoCal/Vegas) Journal
  34. Water Change Method
  35. Almost cloudy water
  36. Can be chiller that was used w/ saltwater tank be used with freshwater tank?
  37. Quite confused with ferts
  38. Algae eater for 10g?
  39. How to keep an 8', 2', 2' clean?
  40. Driftwood Strat
  41. Web stores that sell background scene for back of tank.
  42. How to mount DW on slate?
  43. What filter media for cannister
  44. Having tank balancing issues
  45. okay, almost finished pulling my hair out!!!!!!!!!
  46. Magic Schooling #6
  47. Aponogeton bulb issue..
  48. Need pH/kh/gh help
  49. Supreme Irony
  50. New to planted tanks. Hows my setup?
  51. Questions for people who work with aquariums as a career
  52. Syracuse area?
  53. New stocking questions
  54. Need background plants ideas
  55. OOPS! Green Water...Jobe's root tabs the culprit?
  56. Dry Start questions...EDIT - HC isn't doing too hot. Help? (Pics added)
  57. problems sice addition of co2,need help!
  58. Hornwort
  59. How do I prepare driftwood?
  60. Cloudy water
  61. thinking about starting a planted tank and have some questions
  62. Score!!!
  63. swords with dempseys?
  64. Does excel melt val nana????
  65. Planted tank and 2 light schedules?
  66. Is it java or amazon sword?
  67. karma farms
  68.'s Electronic Co2 Regulator (the BEST in the World) problem?
  69. suggestions for a 50 galllon tank
  70. CO2 Dump.... More info needed.
  71. CO2 + Excel? Good or bad
  72. First time setting up planted tank...what to know
  73. Osmosis vs tap water+phos reactor which one to get?
  74. calcium?
  75. Anyone use Pimafix/Melafix to treat fish?
  76. Fish color enhancer
  77. CO2 will not dissolve
  78. Planted 1st timer looking for advice
  79. What To Buy (CO2)
  80. Cold Packs
  81. aquascape design
  82. bleaching aquarium plants
  83. What does the Planted Tank Hobby Need?
  84. Possibly a stupid question about weight and siting
  85. Help! Co2 disaster
  86. 20 Long Ideas/Help Needed
  87. New CO2 Injection System... How To Measure?
  88. New Member Says Hi
  89. Info reqst
  90. New tank
  91. Cloudy Tank help!
  92. What fish to add?
  93. Introducing "Sid"
  94. CO2 Degassing
  95. does anyone have the warranty for the milwaukee regulator?
  96. Bio Filtration in a planted tank
  97. Initial water quality parameters
  98. Glosso + Cichlids = Constant Battle
  99. Cheap Co2 rod generators? crap?
  100. 125 gph filter and 100 watt heater too much for 5.5 AGA?
  101. eeewww, worms in substrate
  102. jalli nano
  103. Uv sanitizers????
  104. Fuzzy White Growth
  105. How do I create a moss foreground???
  106. Beginning Plans for a 70 Gallon Rimless
  107. Flow in deep tanks, share your secrets!
  108. Low light - Ferts/Bio load balance
  109. My CO2 clouds the tank????
  110. A Bill Passed in Conn.?
  111. Just one quick question!
  112. 75 Gallon Planted Tank Setup Help?
  113. Algae and Deficiencies
  114. planted tank filter media
  115. What else would I need for this CO2?
  116. Starting again after a long time gone.
  117. Trouble Deciding 10lb or 20lb
  118. Anyone ever used an UG filter??
  119. 200 Gal planted + fish tank
  120. Emptied CO2 cylinder
  121. pH Controller Prevent Co2 Dump?
  122. Best substrate for beginner to learn the most
  123. New Member - some questions
  124. 10gal Cycle w/ Bio Balls?
  125. Reef tank to Planted conversion
  126. Planted Fish Room 54K warning
  127. Can I use this CO2 tank?
  128. Fish "glancing"? What to do?
  129. Favorite Bulb Combination
  130. would this work?
  131. Anubias Bloom
  132. Need Help Placing Inake Return Locations
  133. Going on Vacation
  134. Seeking advice for 20g tank
  135. Warmer Water ?
  136. Vacation - CO2 buildup in reactor?
  137. Gonna try again.
  138. Do I really need all of this?
  139. What is keeping my tank so warm?!?!
  140. lowering hardness in nano cube
  141. Any experience with Mizuworld?
  142. Moving is a PITA with 5 tanks
  143. Aquarium Seals
  144. Light / Co2 / Fert Balance?
  145. why did my tetras kill each other?!?!!?
  146. US Electricity voltage is 120V
  147. Can you use tap water and not have algae?
  148. Flourish and Red Cherry Shrimps
  149. calling all fish yodas
  150. Catching fish in a planted tank?!
  151. Mayfly Larvae
  152. I donīt want to have algae issue using tap water
  153. whats the worst aquarium pest
  154. Problems with tank - green water, otos/cories not surviving long
  155. Ancistrus Temminckii Eating Plants?
  156. med light + co2 ..what kind of fer to ad?
  157. Seeking Advice on 55g Planted
  158. added pressurized co2... things getting worse
  159. My Kribs Are Spawning! ( pelvicachromis subocellatus )
  160. Stone identification
  161. Setting up 5 gallon shrimp tank
  162. cichlid tank convert to planted tank ?
  163. RCS, bettas: general tank mate question
  164. Best way to remove dead leaves?
  165. Starting a 29g planted tank
  166. Drilled 125
  167. weird small worm ?????
  168. Corkscrew val? Algae Prone? Dosing Help?
  169. Anybody has nice rocks for Mini M ?
  170. background idea
  171. painting intake/outflow and hoses
  172. Algae eater best for me
  173. More Light / More Co2 ??
  174. brownish algae How do I get rid of
  175. I'm in need of plants (and more) for my new tank so please HELP:)
  176. Adding Substrate for a Rescape Question
  177. I'm flying to hong kong- interesting fish things?
  178. What fishes can live in still water?
  179. undergravel heaters
  180. HC on rocks
  181. Softening water?
  182. UV sterilizer?
  183. Diatom filter for my planted tank?
  184. How many CRS for ADA mini M tank?
  185. Plant ID Please
  186. Plantex, is it still good?
  187. Some questions...
  188. gravel vac?
  189. Planaria, Fungus, Fish Deaths
  190. Where I can find info on "shrimpnow" cycling method?
  191. back siphon?
  192. new tank (question regarding stemmed plants)
  193. small black bugs...eek!
  194. Driftwood - safe or not?
  195. soft water and co2
  196. how many is to many
  197. Overflow vs canister
  198. Sword plant questions
  199. Plz help ID this plant.
  200. assortment package?
  201. Removing chisel marks on rocks
  202. Clear tubing to replace green Eheim ones?
  203. How to make a sump work....
  204. Filter Media
  205. Anyone Bought Plants from eBay Before?
  206. Travelling to Japan, what should I check out
  207. Some questions
  208. Green Mariposa
  209. What to rinse plants with before planting them to rid of snails
  210. Another plant ID.. cool plant! (at least I think ;) )
  211. 40 gallon breeder question
  212. A water hardness question
  213. Pressurized CO2... the other stuff
  214. Recomendations 4 co2 distributer, 90 gal tank
  215. New shrimp tank setup
  216. YAY, my first CO2!
  217. Please Help!!!
  218. 220v light on 110v socket.
  219. Extra bulkhead holes?
  220. No CO2 for 2.5 days...
  221. Whats the best way to clean glass lily pipes?
  222. Red Flame sword
  223. Almost 3 day blackout
  224. good places to buy fish from?
  225. parrots feather
  226. Ground Cover
  227. Confusion about aquascaping
  228. Moving a Planted Tank
  229. New to this and want to do it right
  230. Quick qu. regarding instantly cycling a tank
  231. Possible to do a 20g Riparium?
  232. Help needed! Converting a tank
  233. Phosphate Dosing Advice...?
  234. Mystery plant...Aponogeton?
  235. Watertight seal between Glass & PVC
  236. Heading to Taiwan, any aquarium things to visit?
  237. a couple curious questions..
  238. How often do fish die in your tanks? (Updated 6/16/09)
  239. carbon to remove Tannins?
  240. What happens what you ignore tank maintenance...
  241. Fish Suggestions for a 10 gallon tank?
  242. Bacterial or Algae bloom
  243. petsmarts diy co2
  244. clearing old pics??
  245. Snail menace
  246. Stress Coat Marine
  247. Pruning flowering plants
  248. Fish emergency!
  249. filter media ?
  250. Effect of Rocks on Water