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  1. Japanese Paludarium ..::Wabi Kusa::..
  2. BGA questions that I'm curious on. . .
  3. Gold fish tank size? Help
  4. Cannister Filter versus HOB Power filter in a planted nano
  5. Mollies decimating bushy plants
  6. VHO vs. PCs
  7. Hygrophila polysperma 'Rosanervig' - Confused
  8. Opinions on Equipment Offer.
  9. How much flow?
  10. Setting up a new planted tank
  11. Co2 or would i get away with it ?
  12. What am I doing wrong with my red plants?
  13. planted noob needs help
  14. How can I fix this plant?
  15. CO2 check dropper solution
  16. Rummy nose tetra or Cardinal Tetra?
  17. Pea gravel "mountains"
  18. GLA drop checker is possessed!
  19. Rimless Tanks
  20. Which shools the most: Cardinal, Neon, Black Neon or Harlequin Rasbora?
  21. Aqua botanic's turnaround?
  22. Water Circulation in a 75 Gallon
  23. biotype aquariums ?
  24. New planted tank
  25. Where is the best place to buy brine shrimp eggs
  26. Eurobrace vs jumpers
  27. Lighting plus CO2 timing question
  28. Need help identifying this plant
  29. Greetings and New Tank Setup Thoughts
  30. New Planted Tank. Could use your advice (Pics inside).
  31. First snails, then copepods, now springtails???? Argh!
  32. Recommend a good diffuser for 75g.
  33. Starting a planted tank - already have fish
  34. Bogwood questions
  35. White surface scum
  36. light and feeding
  37. Pictures, step by steps, cool site
  38. How's this 75 gallon setup?
  39. New Tank Lighting\substrate help needed
  40. DIY Co2 production rate
  41. Drop checker results?
  42. Newbie converting 5 year old 65 gallon tank
  43. Tank glass turns milky?
  44. Fishless cycling question
  45. A Noob ? and an averted disaster! (updated video)
  46. Are this any good?
  47. CO2 for Low Light tanks?
  48. What is causing these holes in my Amazon Swords?
  49. don't like pink color light and need info for CF bulb
  50. Any Estimative Index experts?
  51. Going around in circles
  52. what is the proper way to prune an amazon sword?
  53. Dosing question
  54. When to dose?
  55. How much growth in a day?
  56. arrrr medication
  57. questions about a new tank with eco-complete
  58. First attempt at aquascaping
  59. first post , what type of aquascape
  60. How many Tblsp per gallon to make 30ppt salt?
  61. eheim liquidoser
  62. I want a wet green thumb!
  63. Questions and comments on c02/o2 saturation
  64. Trimming Moss
  65. first plants are in
  66. What is EI?
  67. Any good LFS in SF area?
  68. PPS-PRO without CO2?
  69. Possible Switch From Reef To Discus/Help Please
  70. Why should we build fish rooms?
  71. Help me make this pot... please... :)
  72. Building a small planted tank for my Sliders.
  73. surface skimmer
  74. Cloudy water problems again..
  75. 55 gallon do over.... comments? suggestions?
  76. Driftwood, when is it safe to use?
  77. High pH problem in shrimp-only planted nano tank
  78. Why?
  79. How long can DIY CO2 last?
  80. How high to put T-5 off tank
  81. 75 or 90G Questions
  82. What am I doing wrong?
  83. Anyone with 36 inch deep tanks?
  84. suction cups
  85. At what point is Excel no longer viable?
  86. Raising Blackworms...literally!
  87. Advice on dosing: Micros and Macros Same Day
  88. My 20g planted. If you like pics but hate words, this is the thread for you.
  89. 75 Gallon project- what do i need?
  90. Discus in my 120g"
  91. Another Reason to Hate Duckweed
  92. Plant ideas/online sources
  93. water changes and Ei dosing
  94. Losing plants
  95. Packaging plants for shipment?
  96. I need help with what kind of plants should I put in a 30 gallon tank...
  97. My plants bases are rotting! HELP
  98. Huge problem!!! Help!!
  99. Newly setup far
  100. Snails, snails and even more snails!
  101. Day 3 of EI....
  102. terrestrial plants being sold as aquatic
  103. 90 gallon setup
  104. Pics of marselia minuta
  105. what is pealing??? also dry ferts question
  106. how well will this work?
  107. Adding ferts to a terrarium?
  108. New guy, Tank pic and fert dosing container question.
  109. Help! Urgent message!
  110. Which ADA liquid ferts do I need if I'm going to use ADA only ferts?
  111. What Ferts do you use and how do you like them?
  112. High pH/Dissolved Constituents in the Water
  113. Any videos on planting?
  114. Getting a new tank...
  115. Micro fish
  116. Cycling planted tanks.
  117. How to take wisteria cuttings
  118. Running without a filter
  119. Bad advice
  120. Purigen question
  121. Do I need Co2? EI/PMDD method...
  122. new tank setup
  123. Co2
  124. newbie needs help, low tech
  125. NOOOO!!! I screwed up.
  126. CO2 For the Beginner - More Questions
  127. Canopy for 20 gal retrofit
  128. Newbie Tips for Improvement??
  129. Anacharis going down hill.
  130. PTF = Holy Grail
  131. How many hours of lighting?
  132. Beginner - help getting started please
  133. potential problem
  134. how often do you guys dose in a week
  135. new to planted tanks, got issues!!
  136. What do I need to do to adjust my set up?
  137. Need a Canadian Supplier for Dry Ferts
  138. Storing dry ferts
  139. Water Question.
  140. Fishless Tank
  141. Moving a 75 Gallon
  142. how far does your ph drop at night?
  143. Can I burn my driftwood?
  144. Unknown Problem, wisdom please!
  145. Purigen Regeneration
  146. Should I upgrade my lights?
  147. Am I in trouble?
  148. aha! driftwood
  149. Best solution?
  150. plant placement help, aquascape help
  151. Settings for Cannon Powershot for tank pics help
  152. Help redoing planted tank
  153. green wendtii turning dark brown?
  154. Could be the dumbest question about cutting.
  155. New to planted tanks, need verification.
  156. Anyone have a Sandpoint CO2 system?
  157. test
  158. Is it ready?
  159. Clear film on glass
  160. Inspirational tanks!
  161. 46g low-high tech transition
  162. Would 2 150W mh work on a 120g tank
  163. Light Induced Temperature Change in a 90g Tank: An Example
  164. How long does CO2 last?
  165. Advice please! - where to put which fish
  166. best planted aquarium magazine
  167. How many aquarium books do you own?
  168. Prices of CO2 Cylinders in Canada
  169. New Tank | Suggestions
  170. "Aquarium Design" by Matthew Christian - read it? Other recommended/favorite texts?
  171. Question about dry fertilizers.
  172. Grass
  173. Is CO2 necessary if you use Flourish Excel?
  174. painted tank
  175. USPS Blue Collection Boxes
  176. Dosing and substrate questions
  177. Next?
  178. What kind of style tank?
  179. CO2 Ran Out
  180. Phone Booth Aquarium
  181. Safe time to add fish/shrimp?
  182. need help on starting my first planted tank
  183. When are your lights on?
  184. various pronunciations
  185. Is this a good deal?
  186. Bleaching flourite
  187. TurboStart#700 anyone?
  188. PetSmart Performance - Impressive...Really?
  189. What is this ADA rock?
  190. My 180 hardscape
  191. Is there any such thing as a 'small red plant' that will live well in my jungle?
  192. Need Help Dosing Phosphate
  193. what do i need to add co2?
  194. Hello Everyone
  195. Is Permoxyn safe for my Vallisneria
  196. Lilaeopsis novae-zealandiae and HC together...any problems?
  197. Transfering Tanks
  198. Need your help everyone!
  199. Determine Tank capacity
  200. Plant id again!
  201. silly question, is it safe to use this rock in my aquarium?
  202. newbie ugf question....
  203. ground covering plants?
  204. CO2 or CA deficiency?
  205. Where to get millimeter moss?
  206. Need advice on closed loop.
  207. FINALLY my new 55 gallon aquarium
  208. Looking for a link
  209. Gunk at bottom of Plantex CSM+B bottle
  210. Chemical/Bacteria Tests: HELP!
  211. PH Very low - any potential problem?
  212. LFS can't keep plants
  213. does anyone have any experience with easy life easycarbon?
  214. A Little CO2 Help Please
  215. you know you have a aquascaping addiction when
  216. Holy macaroni! It's been a while...
  217. Result of insufficent co2?
  218. How much should i be dosing and what should i dose??
  219. Suggest a good stand for 40g breeder.
  220. breaking in iwagumi - pea soup
  221. Heater?
  222. dropper for feeding frozen food
  223. Tank 1-6 weeks .90 gal
  224. regulator busted...should i do anything special till new one arrives?
  225. Photos: The recovery after the Crypt Crash!
  226. Tough plants?
  227. Do you turn off your heater at night??
  228. Where to refill CO2 in Houston [EDIT AGAIN: It WAS the CO2!]
  229. Plants - "intercepted, removed, destroyed" -
  230. Which Aquabid auction is the better deal?
  231. Reality (?) Check - Walstad setup, sort of...
  232. How long does Nitrobacter live out of water?
  233. Liquid Ferric Sulfate
  234. I have a question...Dry Fertz
  235. Best way to add background?
  236. Purchasing Plants On-Line
  237. Take a look at my tank and tell me what you think
  238. Pictures. My 10 gallon recent setup
  239. looking for a new tank
  240. Anybody else have a cabinet that looks like this?
  241. Too much light?
  242. I think it's algea...
  243. Plant id!
  244. Drop checker fell in
  245. GH Booster Forumla
  246. Dwarf sag diseased?
  247. 15 inch cube - aquarium as conceptual art
  248. Updating my 55g for plants
  249. Confussion on PMDD Pre-Mix
  250. How do you dose Chelated Iron into a tank?