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  1. Rotala Wallichii
  2. Rescaping questions
  3. 55 gallon w/ Cheap T-12 Lighting & CO2... Lighting upgrade necessary??
  4. My water's chemistry
  5. I want to do a Riparium
  6. Curious about Beneficial Bacteria
  7. Bag for Purigen?
  8. Bananas for food?
  9. Duckweed - good or ?
  10. Marineland cube tanks
  11. Chemi-pure
  12. Mini Pellia Moss
  13. Plant issue, please assist
  14. Away for the Holidays
  15. Is Purigen Dosage described at Seachem Correct?
  16. XP2 on a 20 Long equals too much flow?
  17. Fe dosing
  18. So much debris!
  19. Do you have a Riparium?
  20. I found this funny...
  21. How Do You Change Water?
  22. 6gal stocking
  23. Dry Start Method in the basement?
  24. New stocking plan for my 50 gal
  25. pulling amazon swords
  26. all day power outage HELP
  27. Tom Barr's dry-start article in FAMA
  28. Help Issue with Nitrites
  29. Eheim-mp branded tank/stand combinations?
  30. Have you bought from REX GRIGG?
  31. which Calcium to Dose?
  32. 55 Gallon low budget setup.... comment/advice?!
  33. help me
  34. Aquasoil & PH
  35. Adapting Emersed Grown Plants to Submersed Life
  36. Water Softener question...
  37. Holy Mother of Sheep Batman! (Co2 Regulator Problem)
  38. water movement!!!
  39. Night Pearling
  40. lighting period
  41. Working inside the aquarium top.
  42. powerhead or pump..???
  43. Please help equip 29g planted tank for newbie.
  44. How I learned not to use an battery operated thermometer
  45. Kh...30 drops!
  46. High kh, can this be from river rock or wood?
  47. Surface Movement/C02/Filter OFF
  48. prepping ur tank for holidays?
  49. does zeolite absorb meds like carbon?
  50. Leavesa are curling or twisting, not sure why
  51. Carbon nanotube filter sponges - Purigen on steriods?
  52. Anyone using Tunze Nanostream?
  53. My sword is constantly producing flowering spike - how to prevent?
  54. Snails
  55. Will Furazone-Light (nitrofurazone) harm plants?
  56. Film at top of tank, what is it..
  57. Another rim question
  58. Bad experience with using Calcium Carbonate to raise KH.
  59. CO2 Regulator - nanodiffuser - how to connect?
  60. Vacuuming My Substrate.
  61. Snails&plants
  62. When Plants Arrive
  63. will this hurt the plants
  64. Ada?
  65. NewB Question lol, Water Treatment
  66. Rookie mistake leads to disaster!!
  67. What to do about brown algae on plant leaves?
  68. Oak Leaves
  69. Mailorder in winter
  70. Would like some help figuring out inexpensive lighting for 3 different aquarium setup
  71. Dang, Ich bug has arrived!!
  72. Practical fishkeeping magazine and reflections about it
  73. CAPPR new Club, first meeting
  74. Airstone / PH Question..
  75. what is so bad about Phosphate based buffer?
  76. Fertilizing My Tank help?!
  77. Effects of Cedar diftwood on a planted tank.
  78. quick question on barrs gh booster
  79. Advice on adding Eco Complete to Established tank
  80. Algae assortment/ need help
  81. Pics of the tank while its be remodeled..nothing complete
  82. Substrate Question...
  83. Spotty Planted Tank Education! Help!
  84. Cleaning solid fish waste from tank
  85. i understand trying to make $
  86. ei + k2so4
  87. Aquascaping suggestions requested
  88. First Serious Tank-Iwagumi or Dutch?
  89. Heater question
  90. Making a Wall: Please help...
  91. Lights Issues
  92. What plants would you suggest.....29gallon 48 watts
  93. help!!!
  94. fish look drunk
  95. Dipping on intro of plants and fish questions
  96. Do you reccomend Elodea in a planted tank?
  97. Super deal on a 28G nano cube.
  98. need help setting up a tank for someone else
  99. Jungle Vals trimming
  100. Removing rim
  101. How Long Before HC Spreads?
  102. Low light background plants for a 55 gallon?
  103. Dosing causes cloudy waters?
  104. Help!Algae in new tank.
  105. How to move a planted tank
  106. EI fertilizing
  107. will this kit work well
  108. New to Planted tanks, tips are welcome.
  109. Guideline for Nute level and Lighting Intensity
  110. Aqueon 36 Gallon Deluxe Bow Front Aquarium Kit
  111. New to hobby and need some pointers.
  112. newbie-need basic help
  113. What's the point?
  114. Flow amount for a 10g tank
  115. 4 year reef tanker moving to planted
  116. Never Mind
  117. Temporary Tank
  118. dry fert decission?
  119. I would to get a buch of plants from one place
  120. Is this a good deal? Please take a look.
  121. Hello from Australia
  122. EI fertelizing method
  123. co2 harm to fish?
  124. Biological filtration.
  125. Fyi
  126. do i need a c01 reacter?
  127. plant deficiency - help
  128. from 5.5g to 16g bowfront
  129. 37 Oceanic or 65 Breeder
  130. a question on seachem's products
  131. CO2 +1 Me -14
  132. Creating a divider for sand and gravel?
  133. Why open top tank?
  134. Live Food - Where to order from?
  135. Milwaukee calibration solution
  136. medications
  137. Hi from San Jose, CA.
  138. Tubing Problem
  139. Need general advice for my 2 month old 110 gallon tank.
  140. How much water you guys loose from evaporation?
  141. Where to place on outflow lines
  142. How to autodose - keep the EI every other day method?
  143. Overstocked?
  144. good books or sites to learn about aquascaping?
  145. Problem growing plants
  146. oops...tankacide
  147. redo of a 75 gallon former cichlid tank
  148. Starting a planted tank for the 1st time...
  149. co2 in the nature
  150. 10 Gallons of issues...
  151. Last chance before I give up the hobby, please help
  152. What to do with Red Tailed Shark
  153. Possible rotting driftwood?
  154. Will these Ebay Netrite Snail work for our tank?
  155. Reasons why I love The Planted Tank
  156. Is Pressurized CO2 Needed Here?
  157. water in drop checker
  158. Water movement
  159. my plant stem is too long :( i need help
  160. My new Altums have not been eating for 3 days
  161. Questions, tips, and advice on growing plants outdoors
  162. Blue green algae in emersed set up (help)
  163. What else do I Need!
  164. More or less beginer with strange water conditions
  165. Automatic Feeders / vacation food
  166. What's your TDS?
  167. color choices for power compact bulbs?
  168. A fish food discussion
  169. Quick confirmation - can NO2 be mixed with Mono Potassium Phosphate in solution?
  170. Where can I buy Eheim Liquidoser?
  171. What is wrong with my co2 system?
  172. Do you Recommend - Aqua Medic Reef Doser Triple Aquarium Dosing Pump
  174. CO2 Drop Checker
  175. co2 diffusers
  176. Water Flow
  177. Mixing 2 water sources
  178. Help me find a larger photo of this aquascape
  179. Plants are fuller at the top?
  180. Critique My Setup (Please...)
  181. What would YOU do with this tank?
  182. Don't understand why we can't copy nature - .1ppm Nitrate
  183. Light and CO2 comming!!!
  184. Thoughts about Cubes
  185. New 55G
  186. Advice on New/Old Tank
  187. New to planted tanks, hoping to gain some knowledge!
  188. Is excel bad for shrimp?
  189. Water question
  190. Please help me calculate my GH given these water parameters:
  191. Windex!!!
  192. What the Cork*?
  193. Cork Tile Backgrounds? Attaching?
  194. Some plant ID please
  195. Looking for advice on replacing lighting
  196. Overwhelmed noob!
  197. Tiny little Green swimming bugs?
  198. Recommend these?
  199. Super glue and java ferns? Really?
  200. gotta throw this out re: Iwagumi
  201. Hello everyone! I'm a planted tank newbie!
  202. How do you know if it's a true altum angel?
  203. Would Netrite snail live in condition of zero KH?
  204. ph calibration fluid
  205. Going away for a week; Should I trust other people to feed/look after my fish?
  206. drop checker new idea
  207. How do you trim java fern?
  208. My idea for a zero maintenance tank - no water column fert.
  209. Buying used 55 gallon tank -questions
  210. Would lab grade PH probe work in near zero KH water parameter?
  211. Tank of death?
  212. What a pleasent surprise!
  213. Bloom report: Tulbagia violacea, Luwigia sp., Lippia nodiflora
  214. What to do with these java ferns?
  215. CO2 Refills in Tacoma Wa
  216. anacharis all bending at the same height
  217. Co2 indicator turning C. Balanese Green - Can I add more CO2?
  218. Riccia I gave my Girlfriend
  219. Help me set up my new tank
  220. Your experience with zero KH and very low PH
  221. I need suggestions for Amazing Driftwood
  222. **Closed**
  223. Hair Algae, BBA, & BGA frustrations
  224. Help growing HC, please!
  225. Reef tank to planted without cannister
  226. ID, please...?
  227. Balanced Cleanup Crew
  228. UGJ in a planted tank
  229. Can PH test kit be used instead of CO2 indicator?
  230. Could this work for an emmersed, fishless setup?
  231. Is this snail eggs??
  232. Where to get the best brine shrimps ?
  233. Urgent plant ids!!!!
  234. Has anyone seen or thought of an HOB output extension?
  235. Eggcrate in a planted tank
  236. Feisty Angels
  237. Plant Delivery Question
  238. Acrylic Questions
  239. I wonder what I am in store for--mildly bad day
  240. Noob with T5 lighting question!
  241. Corporate Pet Stores
  242. How many Discus Fish can I put in a 110 gallon comfortably?
  243. Review my logic here...
  244. Disinfecting tank
  245. St00pid n3wbie question - Water changes...
  246. What should I do? Algae
  247. Planting a Tiger Lotus
  248. Stem Plants in Ripariums
  249. Dropsy in Glo fish (danio's)
  250. Help me please!