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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. are these stone too heavy?
  2. Episode Three of The PAP with Tom Barr
  3. 20 gallon overhaul
  4. Do I need Co2 now?
  5. Java Moss Illegal?
  6. Question regarding Episode Two: The Planted Aquarium Podcast
  7. Snail Problem
  8. Labor Day wknd + no CO2 solenoid = ??? need some help here
  9. Promoting our Hobby, the best way
  10. dropsy help!!!
  11. First planted tank... help greatly appreciated
  12. Temperature for a plant-only tank?
  13. Two questions that I am second guessing myself on... Please help!!
  14. CO2 Fill Up?
  15. Total Noob a Couple Questions
  16. name that plant
  17. Nothings growing
  18. CL's "The evolution of an aquascape"
  19. ADA Knock-off Stands by "jnaz": User comments
  20. Real quick!
  21. Trying to phase out plastic plants
  22. Aqua Radio
  23. Water clear in morning/cloudy at night
  24. Planted tank with Undergravel Filter
  25. Oscar friendly plants?
  26. Anybody ever use
  27. New powerhead! Need tips
  28. 4dKH solution
  29. What is this thing in my tank? (pic)
  30. Video of my emersed set up
  31. Silly things people say about planted tanks
  32. Collecting wood concerns??
  33. Aquatic Plants not available in the US....
  34. Can you pronounce Hemianthis callitrichoides
  35. Pressurized C02 and PH Help???
  36. Are you using carbon on your planted tank?
  37. What type of water...RO/DI, tap, combo??
  38. How important is temp?
  39. Yellow water caused by Aquasoil
  40. Turtle Identify?
  41. Fish are sick, don't know why
  42. Subwoofers and aquariums?
  43. Breeding crs for money????
  44. Introducing The Planted Aquarium Podcast
  45. Stocking an indoor pond in Central America (New Member)
  46. Noob who knows nothing, needs help
  47. Plant ID help
  48. planted tank humdrums- is it the fish?
  49. New list of BANNED plants in Wisconsin
  50. plant compatibilities
  51. To many pic postings?
  52. How long before pressurized Co2 changes the PH?
  53. Dosing fertilizers and RCS
  54. No nitrates in a planted tank question
  55. Fixing a Scratch?
  56. Co2 Deficiency?
  57. Moving A Tank...I need suggestions As Soon as Possible!!
  58. Manzanita driftwood breaking down
  59. My 5m old 75G, what do ya think.
  60. Glassware on a rimmed tank? Pics?
  61. More Advice from a Newb
  62. Algae and my tank problems
  63. Why does my water look like this?
  64. No pearling, algae issues.. what am i doing wrong
  65. Co2 Help Question / Regulator
  66. New To The Forum - How am I doing so far?
  67. 6700k/10000k VS 6700k/6700k?
  68. Seachem Nitrogen Dosing Formula
  69. My 44 gallon does not thrive.
  70. More Filter or PowerHead?
  71. Working Pressure Keeps Dropping
  72. I'm MOVING - need some suggestions please!
  73. ? about injecting co2 into pump
  74. Just wanted to say thanks.
  75. Milwaukee Regulator
  76. 55G Tank Leaking, Pic included. How to fix?
  77. Filter off benefits???
  78. rainwater?
  79. Just to make sure my facts are correct
  80. eco-complete: boil it?
  81. Driftwood with decor glued to it...question
  82. place to buy plants online
  83. Coral to Raise pH??
  84. Moving 125-gallon with a dolly??
  85. 10 Gallon Planted
  86. Lighting question for those of you still in school
  87. Temp Up 2 or 3 Degrees w/ Lighting
  88. Cladophora / Marimo where to buy?
  89. Fertilizer/Dosing
  90. how to prep manzanita
  91. Water changes and Dosing
  92. Bug ID please.
  93. Best Place to get driftwood?
  94. Moving disaster
  95. Help for Iwagumi tank
  96. Potamogeton gayi
  97. Strange fry
  98. Good Bacteria?
  99. Could I collect water from Lake Superior??
  100. Snail Situation
  101. used co2 parts
  102. Newbie Question
  103. Amazonia emersed question
  104. 14g Bio cube setup
  105. Plants with air pump
  106. Regulator Trouble, Help Me!!!!
  107. co2 diffuser please help?
  108. high tech planted vs. nano reef
  109. Where to buy Celestial Pearl Danios
  110. land baby tear and hc
  111. HHHEEELLLLPPP emergancy!!
  112. crazy ph
  113. Growing plants awards program explanation please
  114. Too much flow??
  115. CO2 Question
  116. conversion from saltwater - how to clean?
  117. Getting a 20 long. Just a few general suggestions needed.
  118. pH Drops Way Down
  119. Cycling question
  120. Promoting our hobby-Helping our Schools
  121. algae on anubias and amazon sword
  122. An all natural ecosystem tank
  123. Common Parasite problem.
  124. Simple Plants
  125. How Do "You" Run / Monitor Your Pressurized Co2?
  126. New 70 gallon tank!
  127. Need Plant Identification!..
  128. My Parent's Planted Tank
  129. Amazon Sword Dies Again!
  130. Raising Live Food
  131. Questions
  132. Trout
  133. First test: bad news *Update: good news
  134. U.S. Customs confinscated my moss.
  135. Correct placement of check valve
  136. How safe are pressurized cylinders? How much to fill?
  137. Questions regarding planting HC (Hemianthus Callichtroides)
  139. What is this?!
  140. Looking to but Nature Aquarium Book... Any help?
  141. Takashi Amano's Giant Tank
  142. Help, what is this "stuff"
  143. How hot can the water get before java moss dies?
  144. Emeresed form of HC?
  145. Driftwood and Ebay: A Cautionary Tale
  146. UV Sterilizer advice
  147. Plant Identification?
  148. online plant buying
  149. Hiding black sand under white sand?
  150. Plants travelling
  151. Anyone use the Nano co2 diffuser from aquamagic?
  152. A few questions about a future tank
  153. Pressurized CO2 Help (Edit: Finally purchased it!)
  154. Turbo CO2 Bio-System
  155. Need Help Getting Started...
  156. Found a tank I want!
  157. DIY CO2 and other questions.
  158. Is this okay for CO2 diffusion?
  159. Another Calculator
  160. Working on a plan... need help on CO2 delivery
  161. New 75 gal Tank!!!
  162. What is this?
  163. HELP!! total noob needs lots of advice
  164. DIY Co2 Question...
  165. snails i want them gone help...
  166. need some filter help
  167. whats this on my driftwood?
  168. odd seeping from driftwood
  169. Aquatic Layout Contest question
  170. Can anyone please show me the ropes? >.<
  171. Starting a 10gallon shrimp tank with neons
  172. Foundation Work being done... Tank Precautions?
  173. Planting small tanks
  174. Fishless cycle questions..again
  175. thanks for your help. here is the result. Your thoughts?
  176. Noob Took a big Plunge...
  177. Planted African Cichlid Tank?
  178. Does muddy water settle?
  179. Newbie, have read posts on CO2, questions
  180. Moss is evil!
  181. Cleaning up the used tank I bought...
  182. Scratch Glass Removal
  183. Is It Leaking??
  184. How big is this....QUICK!!
  185. What snail is this?
  186. are rubberbands ok in your tank?
  187. How sturdy are steel tank stands?
  188. Need some help/info, white cottony stuff on plants.
  189. dwarf sag or chain sword? *w/ picture*
  190. spirullina
  191. Whos' eating my plants??????
  192. What is on the glass? Help Identify
  193. New 70 Gallon project, need advice
  194. vacuuming a planted tank?
  195. Banana Plants
  196. Converting 120 to planted tank
  197. Question regarding planting Crypt Wendtii, Bronze
  198. Bio balls?
  199. I just need some opions
  200. light brackish riparium?
  201. plant source in Atlanta area?
  202. Tiny bubbles on waters surface
  203. My Taiwan (and maybe SoCal/Vegas) Journal
  204. Water Change Method
  205. Almost cloudy water
  206. Can be chiller that was used w/ saltwater tank be used with freshwater tank?
  207. Quite confused with ferts
  208. Algae eater for 10g?
  209. How to keep an 8', 2', 2' clean?
  210. Driftwood Strat
  211. Web stores that sell background scene for back of tank.
  212. How to mount DW on slate?
  213. What filter media for cannister
  214. Having tank balancing issues
  215. okay, almost finished pulling my hair out!!!!!!!!!
  216. Magic Schooling #6
  217. Aponogeton bulb issue..
  218. Need pH/kh/gh help
  219. Supreme Irony
  220. New to planted tanks. Hows my setup?
  221. Questions for people who work with aquariums as a career
  222. Syracuse area?
  223. New stocking questions
  224. Need background plants ideas
  225. OOPS! Green Water...Jobe's root tabs the culprit?
  226. Dry Start questions...EDIT - HC isn't doing too hot. Help? (Pics added)
  227. problems sice addition of co2,need help!
  228. Hornwort
  229. How do I prepare driftwood?
  230. Cloudy water
  231. thinking about starting a planted tank and have some questions
  232. Score!!!
  233. swords with dempseys?
  234. Does excel melt val nana????
  235. Planted tank and 2 light schedules?
  236. Is it java or amazon sword?
  237. karma farms
  238.'s Electronic Co2 Regulator (the BEST in the World) problem?
  239. suggestions for a 50 galllon tank
  240. CO2 Dump.... More info needed.
  241. CO2 + Excel? Good or bad
  242. First time setting up planted tank...what to know
  243. Osmosis vs tap water+phos reactor which one to get?
  244. calcium?
  245. Anyone use Pimafix/Melafix to treat fish?
  246. Fish color enhancer
  247. CO2 will not dissolve
  248. Planted 1st timer looking for advice
  249. What To Buy (CO2)
  250. Cold Packs