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  1. Corporate Pet Stores
  2. How many Discus Fish can I put in a 110 gallon comfortably?
  3. Review my logic here...
  4. Disinfecting tank
  5. St00pid n3wbie question - Water changes...
  6. What should I do? Algae
  7. Planting a Tiger Lotus
  8. Stem Plants in Ripariums
  9. Dropsy in Glo fish (danio's)
  10. Help me please!
  11. What to dose to simulate co2??
  12. What algae is this? Killing it?
  13. CO2 problems
  14. Planted Aquarium Magazine
  15. OK ..heres one for Co2 folks
  16. My old tank now leaks!
  17. I looked like a kid on Christmas Morning! 56K GO GROW ALGAE
  18. new fish gasping
  19. Acrylic hairline cracks...
  20. water change
  21. Anyone in the Vancouver area with HC or Glosso?
  22. Hey noob questions!
  23. green water in one month old tank
  24. red eyed tree frog
  25. Planted Tanks with Larger Fish and higher Bioloads
  26. Quicklinks!
  27. cleaning silicone residue
  28. Bury dead fish?
  29. Enough Filtration?
  30. Tank without a hood - pros and cons??
  31. My water has tea color
  32. Few start up questions
  33. Need Plant Suggestions
  34. ADA Driftwood
  35. Riparium inhabitants
  36. Couple Questions about my first planted tank in awhile
  37. Driftwood disaster
  38. New to planted advice
  39. Upped lighting - Got pearling!
  40. How to rid of surface film
  41. Help, filter is burping !
  42. Help Selecting Plants & couple other questions.
  43. Cutting Driftwood
  44. One last thought before buying RO system
  45. DIY CO2 pH Drop
  46. Aquarium Water and Electricity Dangers. Will GFCI protect me
  47. Are these tetra eggs?
  48. how to cope with hair algae in 3 gallon tank
  49. gda outbreak and k2so4
  50. When to change bio-media?
  51. Alright... so its coming down to moving day, please help!
  52. What would be a good lay out?
  53. Making 4dKH reference solution for Co2 indicator
  54. cycling question
  55. Ammonia and Nitrite spike after new filter
  56. CO2 and pH KH GH
  57. Water logging driftwood
  58. HC yellowish?
  59. Could this be the answer to the dreaded GDA?
  60. Complication on tank
  61. Do I have to sterilize a planted tank after Columnaris?
  62. Bogwood\Driftwood
  63. Setup for 100 gallon
  64. PH not going down with added CO2
  65. Complications with the introduction of UV sterilizer
  66. Water Spiders
  67. Introduction
  68. Vote for my substrate - SMS vs Turface (pics)
  69. Hi
  70. dipping Dwarf Baby Tears into Hydrogen Peroxide
  71. Thoughts on tank redesign (neotropical)...
  72. Fishing braid line to tie moss? Is it safe?
  73. Algae on my quartz?
  74. special plant issue
  75. Some questions????????????
  76. Fixing a styrofoam background to tank
  77. Painting back of tank with fish and plants?
  78. 30" compact floursecent for sale
  79. Foreground plant suggestions needed (pic inside)
  80. Using EI how much Nitrate & Phophate your plant use up in a week?
  81. Do java ferns always do this?
  82. what is the ideal filtration media in a planted tank?
  83. New tank and few questions
  84. 30 gallon questions
  85. Plant ID please
  86. Air Pockets in Substrate - Killing My Stuff? (pic and vids)
  87. help diagnose a problme (pic)
  88. Advise regarding sand and filters
  89. Planted Poo Nominations 2009
  90. Drop checker and EXCEL
  91. Plants not growing!
  92. Dwarf Lilly
  93. What size is your aquarium? Really?
  94. Questions regarding SAEs
  95. should I use this for a planted tank?
  96. THAT guy
  97. Marineland Pimp Club
  98. Warning: Hornwort and AP's Furan 2
  99. Should you add plants when you start cycling or wait?
  100. Starter Tank
  101. Fluval 205 for co2?
  102. Java fern needs to be saved
  103. Using Lego's to build aquarium items
  104. Does high nutes & daily water change prevent algae in a start up tank?
  105. RODI Water
  106. Naming Tanks
  107. Will Trichoderma, Mycorrhiza, & other Fungi & Bacteria be helpful in our hobby?
  108. Plants food?
  109. SuperCartridge??? Has anyone use these yet?
  110. Which has higher PAR value - MH or T5?
  111. Plant proximety to heater placement
  112. Spray Bar Placement / Power Head and Heater
  113. Excel vs. Hagen C02
  114. Why does the light rule "breaks" in small tanks?
  115. GLA rimless
  116. How high should i raise the light?
  117. Beneficial Bacteria Species?
  118. Need opinions on Pinguin 200 filter media
  119. First Post :)
  120. Newbie: My tanks are in a mirror universe...
  121. Noon blast variant
  122. I'm such a newbie...
  123. 20L planted/cichlid tank
  124. Media for 2 cannister filters
  125. OK, I give in... I am going to ditch the low tech setup
  126. Well, this isn't good. (the trouble with rocks?)
  127. Does MH have higher intensity than T5?
  128. Would removing anacharis make other stem plants grow faster?
  129. Dialing CO2 level using fish behavior
  130. Can I change substrate with fish in tank?
  131. I have 1.68 watts per-gallon recommend me some plants for a beginner
  132. New to Planted tank/ new 78BF set-up help
  133. what are some easy plants that will grow in low light
  134. just a quick lighting question
  135. Plants in a high flow aquarium
  136. From Hi-tech to low tech.. can it be done?
  137. Question regarding cycling
  138. Can German Blue Ram be kept with 1" Amano shrimp
  139. Ureaka!! I'm a gold member!!
  140. Cleanup crew and Snail control
  141. Thoughts on what i should do! -New
  142. Baby Pandas!!!
  143. Liquid in CO2 tubing line
  144. Insane amount of phosphates with no apparent source
  145. DIY co2 diffuser question
  146. Any suggestions?
  147. Name this deficiency, algae and treatment!!!!
  148. Large Dorm Aquarium
  149. Hi guys, I'm new to this, and I need help
  150. OMGosh my tanks look horrible
  151. They love tubifex
  152. Plant package
  153. Hydor turbo CO2 diffuser VS. Rex Grigg type inline
  154. which one is the most accurate?
  155. Foreground Plant
  156. What are some good nutrient indicator plants?
  157. trimming and planting anacharis
  158. how to plant/anchor hc
  159. Manzanita in the Sacramento area
  160. My mother is so smart...
  161. Activated Carbon as substrate?
  162. Trying to cut time down!
  163. Seeking advice on cycling...
  164. Cloudy water/ UV sterilizer
  165. What it's wrong? "Easier" to keep plants struggling.
  166. 13mm to 17mm adapter
  167. Gracilis vs. Senegalensis
  168. I'm about to throw in the towel!
  169. Inline heater + chiller. What order?
  170. A Joy Of Creating Nature
  171. Coralife Fixture/Bulb/Tech Support Problems? Anyone?
  172. attaching backgroung to tank???
  173. How long should I leave the old filter on with the new one?
  174. Just how useful are Swordplants in tanks?
  175. Do lunar led's stress fish?
  176. When to clean lily pipes and tubes?
  177. Calcium Carbonate okay?
  178. Will Gold Barb eat RCS?
  179. Tank scaping suggestions
  180. Ick and super stressed fish.
  181. Rasbora question
  182. My freak tank 36"x36"x12"
  183. UV sterilizers
  184. CO2 and Oxygen Question
  185. hypothetical question...
  186. Just got lucky
  187. Safe Level of Temperature Shift?
  188. Pictures of feather rock hardscapes?
  189. GLA and Co2 Manifold
  190. Moss Snail?
  191. Cleanup Crew for my 20
  192. Newbie advice (and glad to be here)
  193. Schultz Aquatic Plant Soil
  194. Plant anchors
  195. how to adjust reg
  196. Science Project Suggestions
  197. Fluval Edge - Anyone?
  198. Few questions before going pressurized!
  199. Glass Scratches
  200. Beginner Needs Help
  201. Blue Rams an Chemicals
  202. Lunar LED on my Planted
  203. how long to keep co2 on for?
  204. Leaving dead roots in substrate?
  205. Contemplating switching over...
  206. wwhat am I suppose to do ??
  207. Newbie Question
  208. python suction question.
  209. Filter Cleaning Time is Near
  210. Fishless Tank... Questions
  211. Now Available: Episode Four of The Planted Aquarium Podcast with our very own hooha!
  212. Co2 Bubble Ladder Placement
  213. Ammonia gone but pearling never came back!!! (9/14)
  214. New-Looking for Setup Help/Critique
  215. New Here with a 6g tank!
  216. calcium deficiency
  217. Pelvicachromis pulcher (Kribensis) - Where to buy?
  218. No Pearling Anymore!
  219. No power for 5 days - reset aquarium
  220. Update - 2009 AGA International Aquascaping Contest!!
  221. Better magazine. TFH or Aquarium Fish?
  222. CO2 over dose!! HELP FAST!
  223. How do you clean planted tank?
  224. If you missed Tom Barr on the Planted Aquarium Podcast...
  225. Water Temperature Staying above Room Temp. Help
  226. Invertz Factory experience is an A+
  227. A submerged Anubias nana flower!
  228. Total Newbie 1st time setup
  229. You can podcast, really, aw come on...
  230. co2 cylinder almost empty?
  231. Please help!! pictures to help explain!
  232. The winding road from reef to plants
  233. Planted Tank Books
  234. Is it even possible to harm your fish with diy CO2?
  235. Newbie wanting to do iwagumi style tank.
  236. Betta changing color
  237. weird worm in my tank.
  238. Poll: Planted Aquarium Podcast
  239. i need help buying a needle valve
  240. rimless japanese planted tank photos
  241. Weight question
  242. Help with growing Dwarf Baby Tears
  243. Interviewee sugestion for inverts?
  244. New here
  245. Ancient Tank
  246. Essentials for planted aquaria
  247. Newbie Tank Set-Up plans. Any help?
  248. Treating Fungus - plants ok?
  249. Coloring up the plants
  250. Now Available: Episode Three of The PAP with guest Tom Barr