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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Bubble Wrap Tank Cover
  2. effect water nutrients???
  3. green stuff or algae
  4. hello ^^ here is my baby
  5. My tanks
  6. extra substrate
  7. Looking for *nice* aquarium plant pots...
  8. How do you trim UG.
  9. Paludarium Lighting
  10. Need opinion more oxygen
  11. Oily scum on top of tank
  12. Plants doing poorly
  13. tell me if this will work or not
  14. transfering fish between tanks, quick question
  15. Planted sump on a 125
  16. 40g Breeder Stand Worries
  17. Using EI to setup a 29-Gallon Tank?
  18. Help with Cycling
  19. Moonlight mounting
  20. Aquarium hobby dangerous to your health??
  21. golloso will grow in florite right?
  22. help planting thin stem plants
  23. Galaxy Rasboras
  24. 55 gal. low light suggestions
  25. What do you guys think about this tank for fish?
  26. Who Scaped this Bamboo Grotto Tank?
  27. Help with a new tank
  28. New Forum Needed for Biotope Tanks by Continent, Region
  29. CO2 system almost nailed down--couple of ?s
  30. ADA+ Ecco-complete+Flourite= Algae?
  31. Asian Biotype ideas....
  32. Lots of questions
  33. Help needed--Planted tank guru's
  34. H2O2 to nuke a tank?
  35. Algae identification help
  36. Water temp vs ambient temp
  37. How often should I water change a 29G planted tank?
  38. Help with Plant ID
  39. What's the best way to enrich Flourite - wormcasting, dolomite, osmocote, laterite...
  40. Questions for all Riparium Hobbiests
  41. securing driftwood
  42. 500 GAL, Best Tank Ever Made!!!
  43. Another Need Advice Before I Spend $$$ Thread
  44. Help with new planted tanks
  45. pH Too High?
  46. I hope its not too bad
  47. How much could you build a cheap, pressurized Co2 system for?
  48. New tank
  49. This must have come up before co2 longevity
  50. Java wood
  51. Help! Fish dying?
  52. How do you test KH?
  53. RO water,KH,CO2 question.
  54. Newbie question concerning PH
  55. Few quick question on a large tank
  56. another newbie
  57. Hi I'm new
  58. Excel register on Drop Checker?
  59. Brand new, soon to be planted community owner
  60. Large low tech tank?
  61. how come i can only grow algae?
  62. fish eating plants!
  63. ICH on german blue ram in planted tank
  64. 3 Gouramis + Plants= Salad
  65. Elodea Growth Project-Help!
  66. EMERGENCY! - Is honey detrimental to fish?
  67. Do wild otto's carry deadly disease?
  68. Help with 20g setup
  69. dosing iron sulphate feso4
  70. Tank size decision and a couple of Co2 questions
  71. What plants should I get?
  72. 20 Gallon Stocking Suggestions
  73. Where to buy plants?
  74. Newbie with a few questions here.
  75. African Clawed Frog and Plants
  76. A good reactor allows for broader filter options...
  77. Leaving town
  78. constantly cloudy water
  79. Coffee and fish/plant????
  80. Mineralizing top soil in limited space
  81. How do you lower the KH in a tank?
  82. New setup,.. would prefer not to use ferts - what do you think?
  83. Officially addicted.
  84. Too clever
  85. Fishless cylce issue: ammonia down, nothing going up??
  86. Inside of hood finish?
  87. Planting question... 2 week old tank
  88. New Lighting - Questions
  89. I have hydra...
  90. Alright, that's IT!
  91. rimless 10 g
  92. The Wait is Over
  93. would some scotch tape be ok in a tank?
  94. Has anyone used this before???
  95. Dr Foster coupon codes?
  96. The big secret orů
  97. Wall mounted aquarium + planted setup = ???
  98. Aquarium "smoke" caught on tape!
  99. What's this white fuzz growing on my plants?
  100. Raising KH with Seachem Alkaline Buffer
  101. Dying shrimp
  102. Love my LFS!
  103. painting background
  104. Hi new member here!
  105. any other food for fry other than worms? eecckk
  106. How to keep the bottoms of stems nice
  107. Another pearling question
  108. Is this 'fish tank scum' ?
  109. Plant ID-->>>Help
  110. Help dosing plants with seachem products
  111. into and tank rebuilding question
  112. Cardinals and Rummy-nose Tetras
  113. Greetings from Portland, OR
  114. Where's my water going?
  115. How to keep plants and tank clean? Help needed.
  116. Co2 and PH
  117. One fish species or a few?
  118. Why not just use "C02 Test Kit" to find level of C02?
  119. CO2 Questions
  120. Tin foil on I/O hoses to prevent algae
  121. What to store water in? RO water etc.
  122. newbie am i on the right track?
  123. Plant only quarantine
  124. my tank wont clear up....
  125. +1 for hair algae
  126. Zoomed 501...Why so full of air?
  127. Will dwarf hairgrass fill out and grow in flourite substrate?
  128. Does Anyone Have Experience With...
  129. My 150g community build!
  130. Thoughts on my new/old 34 gallon red sea max
  131. How did I do? (new tank)
  132. new co2 regulator
  133. Does PETA approve of having planted fishtanks with fish inside?
  134. building a wall
  135. Planaria - Help/advise
  136. using melted snow
  137. cloudy aquarium with quickcrete PFS
  138. flow rate
  139. 5W PL light???
  140. safe nitrate levels?
  141. What are they???
  142. a lush tank ?
  143. 5.5 High Light w/ HC
  144. Planning for a Planted 28 Gallon Bowfront
  145. How much is too much light?
  146. Getting Started....
  147. >>Post opinions and suggestions here<<
  148. What is this?
  149. lighting help
  150. Freshwater Clams
  151. silicone
  152. Anyone from Australia?
  153. Check out the newest social group... High Tech Tanks
  154. Diatoms on Sand
  155. hello from Arlington Tx
  156. planted tank-filtration
  157. Newbi... help?
  158. sumps for plant tanks
  159. hello
  160. Need some help! Aquarium plants dying.
  161. Plant Choice Opinions
  162. Starting over! 20 gal (H)
  163. Ick and inverts
  164. CO2 bottle
  165. Looking for help... lights & plant specifics.
  166. Rooted plants on lava rock
  167. Warning: Viewer Discretion is Advised.
  168. Total Nubbie, could use your help!
  169. ammonia cycling
  170. Replacing my 75 gallon water with RO water
  171. Looking to upgrade easy tank
  172. Pearling?
  173. Copper: which plants does it kill?
  174. Open to Ideas
  175. Good general cleaner fish for small low tech tank?
  176. How should I use metronidazole to treat Hexamita (hole in head)?
  177. Sand substrate and plants
  178. Brand new 30g planted tank
  179. 10 gallon bowing...
  180. Couple Questions Before Set-Up
  181. Air bubbles yeah or nay in planted tank
  182. How to Feed Cucumber and Zuc
  183. Which company is the best to buy plants from online?
  184. Help! please look at my new stand.
  185. What the heck is this?!?!
  186. Is rigid foam insulation tank safe?
  187. New 55 gallon tank -- Need suggestions
  188. First of many newbie mistakes I'm sure
  189. Where did my tank get callamanus worms from?
  190. Help make this tank awesome!
  191. How to attach plastic backdrop?
  192. When i get my 55 will this stocking be ok?
  193. Cycling very large tanks
  194. is this a T8?
  195. Grade my substrate
  196. Aquatic Edge bowfront 6 derimed?
  197. Carpeting Plant
  198. Ideas, opions, price questions
  199. New to planted aquariums
  200. Should I use carbon in my filter?
  201. Newbie here
  202. Best media for filter
  203. Three plant IDs needed
  204. Is this a good deal?
  205. Temporary 10 gallon
  206. fish id
  207. Bronze Corys layed eggs
  208. What colour temperature do you prefer?
  209. Swapping tank: NEED HELP ASAP
  210. Hard time with Hemianthus micranthemoides
  211. Help with new tank water test readings
  212. Help a confused NOOB. Thanks :)
  213. AP QuickCure
  214. HOT Magnum outlet
  215. Some interesting tanks on exposition
  216. plants have "burnt" holes in them?
  217. Heartaches by the number....
  218. Salting a planted aquarium?
  219. Bamboo in a tank?
  220. Tank cycling with NH3 and NO3 readings, but no NO2 and a KH "spike"
  221. Need some help with tall tank.
  222. pH problems... help
  223. Nitrite Spike after dead fish
  224. Aquatic depression.
  225. Oh no! tank is leaking
  226. Do I need a new filter? Should I dose?
  227. Failing, help change my approach
  228. Advice Needed for a First Timer Planning a Large-ish Tank!
  229. cycling
  230. looking for post about low-tech tanks
  231. What's the best fish food?
  232. Tell me what you think.
  233. Want a bigger tank. Clueless.
  234. Please help my 75 gallon! New Tank Pics( New Pics of Algae, Need ID)
  235. Help with a 60 gallon hex
  236. whats the best breeder tank for the following?
  237. NEW TOYS help guys!
  238. DIY C02 vs Flourish Excell?
  239. Could anyone please help with this? Paludarium build
  240. What media should I use in my Aquaclear20?
  241. Quick conversion from EI to NPT?
  242. REALLY basic question
  243. New to planted tank - Coming over from reef tank
  244. will someone please give me some feed back?
  245. what are these floating thnings in my tank?(pics)
  246. should I switch my substrate?
  247. Quick Question About Rotala Indica
  248. Auratus...Help
  249. Where to get cheap paintball CO2 system?
  250. DIY CO2 Warm