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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. My new 225ltr venture!
  2. Help!
  3. Branches from backyard
  4. where to buy driftwood
  5. difference in paludarium, riparium?
  6. Help with 40 gallon breeder setup
  7. where can i find these things??
  8. filter necessary?
  9. 40 watt t8 bulb that is 48 inches????
  10. OK to use activate charcoal in planted tank
  11. I'm new and a little advice would be nice
  12. ID these plants please?
  13. How do i get rid of brown algae on plants?
  14. New Video and Photos of my planted discus tank
  15. Starting up a planted tank and have a question
  16. can I put this in my tank?
  17. choosing fish
  18. What kind of bugs are in my tank?
  19. revised stocking plan
  20. Does temporary water reservoir need an air pump?
  21. HELP! DIY co2 wierd white stuff on bubble ladder
  22. Brackish Planted Tank
  23. update of my 60gal island style tank(PICS)
  24. Looking to replace a Coralife bulb
  25. plants ok for emerssed growing
  26. Help with C02 Startup
  27. Stocking Plan for a 10 Gallon Tank...
  28. Christmas SHOPPING TOMMORROW!!!! Need quick Responses...
  29. How helpful are your automated systems for your tank in reality?
  30. My LFS must be crazy or am I?
  31. Does a big temp change kill beneficial bacteria?
  32. will moss die if i let it soak in salt water?
  33. new plant trends, and lack of SnS traffic
  34. seeding a new tank.
  35. whats the difference between high and low tech? ...
  36. My tank is cloudy and some plants are turning brown need some help
  37. How cool is this?
  38. Help and suggestions please
  39. How to stop loaches form uprooting?
  40. Total noob here, need some suggestions
  41. still a noob
  42. Seems Weird but Maybe Not
  43. restarting a tank emmeressed
  44. Best books on planted aquariums?
  45. when do i add plants???
  46. can i use bleach to disinfect my moss from snails?
  47. wild plants vs ours
  48. Newbie (well sort of)?
  49. You want a new tank?
  50. Tips for a 90 gallon planted tank
  51. Fish choice for a Riparium
  52. Fluval 205 for 190litre Yes or No
  53. Help with Hagen Co2 System
  54. Black Stems and leaves falling off
  55. Light Bulbs for my 75
  56. Green spot and ????? Algae –what is not right?
  57. how to install glass diffuser
  58. Virtual Aquarium
  59. aquarium safe ceramic glue??
  60. does any one know where to get some good looking moss??
  61. Is My Tap Water Useable?
  62. Ok to use Excel in a CRS tank?
  63. Where to buy Manzanita
  64. Introduction
  65. How much flow is to much on planted tank
  66. general getting started questions, esp. water chemistry
  67. Algae controllers
  68. Java Moss Tank
  69. Under gravel filters.
  70. how do you guys wash the gravel in your aquariums?
  71. water change question
  72. Hello all, could use some help!
  73. Do Plecos NEED DW?
  74. getting back to fw
  75. Any Difference between 220v & 110v Lightbulbs?
  76. dosing with charcoal in filter
  77. Filter pad change = baterial bloom
  78. Hi-Q Complete Cycle Filter System. no need for WC?!
  79. drystart and cylcing?
  80. How to (temporarily) move my tank?
  81. Removing BBA
  82. Dead rock in FW Planted tank?
  83. Impact of brigther light
  84. Advice on Tank Size?
  85. Zero Edge Aquarium
  86. New to shrimp
  87. Carbonate hardness keeps rising
  88. T5 ho Lighting
  89. whats my lighting on my tank
  90. Dropping PH
  91. T5 vs Powercompacts vs LED
  92. whats the difference?
  93. Shuffling fish between tanks...suggestions?
  94. New- advice needed please.
  95. co2 can have more
  96. is my tank medium light
  97. 3M phasing out Colorquartz
  98. T 5 Coralife or Aquaticlife
  99. How to clean sand
  100. subrates what is good for plants
  101. better water for a nano tank??
  102. Plant ID, friend or foe?
  103. Any suggestions on what is causing this?
  104. HELP! My fish are sinking
  105. lighting Recommendations for 72 x 18x22
  106. hi newbie here
  107. hi i am new and need help
  108. Planting in sand...need help
  109. RO Water
  110. can i use foodcoloring to check my circulation?
  111. My Water Quality Report. Any Problems??
  112. 500 watts too much 4 a55gal?
  113. Water circulation?
  114. Which tank to start with?
  115. !
  116. Flourite Original and Flourite Black
  117. Trying to grow plants emmersed and top covered. How do I heat?
  118. plant id please
  119. Saying "Hi"
  120. Greetings and Thanks for a Wonderful Site!
  121. Hair algae
  122. Pond plants in aquarium...
  123. Nacogdoches, Texas- Wetland Study Trip
  124. Fluval Edge for $99 at Petsmart store 12/6/09
  125. Where does DR Foster ship from?
  126. HI Newbie here...riparium?
  127. Planting/Plants Advice
  128. stem plant suggestion
  129. Selling, Trading, or Giving Away Plants
  130. A few noob questions for you pro's
  131. suggestions please on lighting a 75 gallon.
  132. Bubbles coming from flourite black sand?
  133. Metal mesh for mosses
  134. Attaching moss to a snail?
  135. Will amano shrimp eat Heterandria formosa?
  136. a week without co2
  137. Must I shear my four leaf clover?
  138. Low Tech 75...almost there
  139. Too much DIY CO2
  140. Do plants clean the water
  141. Overflows - explain please!
  142. Need help with dosing method for tank
  143. moss
  144. Co2 test kit running out of co2 B diy?
  145. Filter for a 75 gallon
  146. c02 bubble
  147. Just got New canister filter "Fluval G6" !!
  148. Help with Java Fern
  149. Trimming Roots - Crypts
  150. New kid here! A little introduction...
  151. new here just wanna say hi to everyone
  152. Cheap backgrounds?
  153. Dr Foster
  154. Need motivation to start all over again
  155. how many Red Cherry shrimp in a 3 Gallon tank
  156. Tiny White Spots + White oozy stuff?
  157. Start over?
  158. my paramaters and questions
  159. Planting formula
  160. Help Identifying Plant
  161. New to planted tanks...
  162. Doesn't quarantine tank stress fish more?
  163. Cycling 20 gallon confusion?
  164. Two Year Old Tank Getting Very Green, But Boring - Picture
  165. cannot raise co2 level
  166. Advice on a New Tank
  167. Melafix & Pimafix in an Established Tank?
  168. A switch-over thread...dive in
  169. Setting up a 75 Gallon Low Light
  170. T5Ho versus standard
  171. I fought the Algea... and the Algea Won (Sort of)
  172. Heterandria formosa Least Killifish
  173. need help with a 30 gallon tall tank
  174. Giant Baby Tears (micranthemum umbrosum)
  175. Beginner Need Help!
  176. plants and bio filtration
  177. Sealing aquarium wood
  178. Discus adding
  179. Surface skimmer
  180. OMG, What is this thing!?
  181. angel tank
  182. GAH!!! need help
  183. help me decide, please.
  184. What kind of water to use?
  185. Fastest Growing Plant
  186. aqua forest
  187. using outdoor branches?
  188. Growing Moss fast?
  189. pH swings, CO2, High-Tech Planted Tank - Advice please!
  190. Potassium permanganate dip?
  191. Miracle Gro plant spikes
  192. Can driftwood hold or leach hardness?
  193. Can driftwood hold or leach hardness?
  194. setting up a tank please give advise
  195. Algae growth on plant leaves
  196. epic brackish tank?
  197. Can I use a whole log as driftwood? How do i attach moss to it?
  198. about to give up -_-, need help..
  199. First venture into planted tanks
  200. TFH on January already?
  201. How much co2 is safe for fish? (in heavily stocked thank)
  202. Fish Store in Maryland?
  203. Riparium vs. Paludarium - what is the difference?
  204. red tiger lotus
  205. Flourish root tabs
  206. external diy co2 reactor
  207. What nutrients to feed the plants..?
  208. White fuzz after cleaning driftwood
  209. Algae or what ?
  210. The importance if circulation and maintenance on a macro scale
  211. Keeping old water to use for new cycle?
  212. stagnant water
  213. Shipping Supplies ~ Questions from a Packaging Guru
  214. What kind of filter and light should I use
  215. Runners, Runners,
  216. AGA 2009 Competition Results
  217. Please help plant problem?
  218. why my aqua-clear 20 is much louder...?
  219. Sheading Silicone! I'm freaking out!
  220. Python + Water Pump?
  221. bad luck with plants!
  222. noisey sump
  223. My 100 gal tank was destroyed
  224. RCS dropping dead 1 by 1
  225. Should I dose dry ferts?
  226. Java ferns coming in translucent. Why?
  227. My tank... live feed
  228. Newbie's First Planted Tank Plan. Suggestions? Tips? Help?
  229. lighting question
  230. Eheim 2225 too strong for 15 gallon?
  231. Sound good?
  232. How long to run UV
  233. nano cubes???????
  234. Incomparable : An Experiment With Light
  235. Plants remaining small
  236. Aquarium store chicago IL
  237. Is there any need for chemical filtration?
  238. Plastic frame on top & bottom for looks or support?
  239. Who is eating my plants?
  240. Initiative
  241. I have a 30tall tank
  242. Rotala Wallichii
  243. Rescaping questions
  244. 55 gallon w/ Cheap T-12 Lighting & CO2... Lighting upgrade necessary??
  245. My water's chemistry
  246. I want to do a Riparium
  247. Curious about Beneficial Bacteria
  248. Bag for Purigen?
  249. Bananas for food?
  250. Duckweed - good or ?