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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Microbubbles in substrate?
  2. Surface bubbles / foam
  3. Cost of starting aquarium with plants?
  4. Found something strange in the tank
  5. Fish Getting Stuck on Power Head
  6. Ordering plants in winter
  7. Filter issues
  8. Rare Video: German Aquarium Video for Planted Tanks with Dupla - Amazing tanks!
  9. ammonia in new planted 5 gal nano tank ( & stocking questions)
  10. Barr report index
  11. Fluval 15gal Sea Evo for a planted shrimp tank?
  12. Low-to-no maintenance pond in greenhouse
  13. Could use some help going forward
  14. Lily outflow vs Poppy outflow
  15. Too much co2 ?
  16. Water Changes Help
  17. Who ate my plants?
  18. How does this plant list look for my 75 high tech to start out with?
  19. Merry christmas everyone
  20. My "20 year old planted" tank
  21. Disturbing mall store...
  22. How important is a dual stage CO2 regulator?
  23. Is this too much for circulation purpose?
  24. Freshwater Aquarium Plants turning black
  25. finding and curing preparing local driftwood
  26. Problem with new tank set up and plants not doing well. Please help?
  27. I Think My Gouramis Have DGIV
  28. New Youtube Channel
  29. Acrylic Tank
  30. Safe for Cories??
  31. Adding plants before capping dirt
  32. Boiling Driftwood Question
  33. Skimmer for white/oily film on surface?
  34. Any Point in Powerwashing Submerged Manzanita?
  35. Safe Rocks for Aquarium
  36. thoughts on size of tank for 1st planted
  37. Fishless Cycle - High NO2 and NO3 low Ammonia
  38. 40 Gallon Long - where to purchase one
  39. Crowd sourcing my 15 gallon tall planted low-tech redo
  40. HOB on Hi-Tech?
  41. Cycling new tank with pressurized co2
  42. Stocking Help
  43. All kinds of unwanted guests in my tank
  44. Dechlorinator
  45. Best kit to test Gh. which one?
  46. Cycling with ADA Aquasoil Help
  47. Nitrogen cycle questions
  48. Buying Plants Online Help
  49. Question about chilling water or using ambient.
  50. Acclimating by TDS ?
  51. Low Tech Filipe Oliveira Tank ( No CO2, no Liquid Carbon )
  52. cloudy water with prime?
  53. Light requirements for EI dosing
  54. 75 Gallon Stocking Help
  55. Help! Water change killed fish?? O2 problem?
  56. Mold
  57. What are these?
  58. IM 25 Lagoon
  59. Clean up Critters
  60. So much fish poop - CUC?
  61. too funny
  62. Scraping off Algae from Glass?
  63. Hello - Brand New Aquarium Ownder With Lots of Questions
  64. Need help with a few issues in my high tech tank!
  65. Any aquarium owners in Hong Kong?
  66. CO2 and Fish Loss Today :(
  67. Fishless Cycling with Live Plants
  68. New tank plan - critics welcome
  69. Lighting/Ferts Algae
  70. Chemical Media
  71. Can You Cut Wood After It Has Been Waterlogged
  72. New planted tank crash and burn
  73. I used to think that fish accepting food was a learned behavior...
  74. Question regarding selling a complete setup
  75. Co2 bubbles stops after couple hours
  76. Where can I buy large Malaysian Driftwood?
  77. Invertebrates for planted tank
  78. My High Tech Planted Aquarium (First Post)
  79. New Tank - white film/cloudy water
  80. wave maker recommendation
  81. CO2 dispersion
  82. CO2 from brewery supply
  83. Slime/Mucus/tank refuses to cycle
  84. Sharing a lesson
  85. HOB vs. Canister Filter
  86. Fish Suggestions?
  87. Capillary Action - Drip Loop
  88. A novice requesting advice.
  89. White fungus growing in aquarium?
  90. Filter off. Bacteria death?
  91. Designing the fishroom (SLOWLY)
  92. nitrate in evaporation/mist?
  93. Can't get tank to clear up - Cloduy
  94. 2 goals reached in one day!
  95. Ocean free hydra filter
  96. What is going on with basic home depot Smart bleach. Discontinued? Replacement?
  97. Who uses 100% RO in their planted tank with fish?
  98. White egg with fur around it?
  99. Advice for growing plants in gravel?
  100. What are these white things
  101. Planted tank w/ sump?
  102. remineralization question
  103. Fish foods
  104. Neutralizing bleach?
  105. Best driftwood and rock options (driftwood that doesn't leech as many tannins)
  106. Any Good Black Friday Deals On Canister Filters?
  107. White Stuff
  108. How to clean a tank and gravel that has been in a garage?
  109. ID Sm. White Bugs
  110. Suggestions on stocking
  111. Random bug in tank
  112. Will salt KILL columnaris?
  113. 10 gallon tank 1.5 years later
  114. 300 gallon tank stand?
  115. Considering first planted tank
  116. Time in between water changes?
  117. I believe fish like sunlight.
  118. Water change dilemma. Suggestions?
  119. Water Conditions 24 hours after Tetra Safestart
  120. Fish Trap?
  121. Source of heat during long power outages
  122. CO2 Gas Failing
  123. Selling emersed plants?
  124. Salvaging a tank from all my junk
  125. Lighting? Ferts? Help!
  126. Fish PooPoo
  127. Please help: A Nicely Planted Kribensis (P. pulcher) breeding tank at *my* work
  128. What are these little bugs
  129. Unknown External parasite (with pictures)
  130. Rock Identification
  131. Black Friday
  132. Substrate additives
  133. Months of trial and error and still stunted plants.(chronological funk on page 2)
  134. What is the right amount of flow?
  135. Smart Home Aquarium ? Help
  136. Want to start a 75 gallon tank + stand. Best brands to go with?
  137. Tank has gone cloudy brown
  138. Seachem Equilibrium Sealed Bottle??
  139. Holiday gift ideas?
  140. best CO2 injector/kit?
  141. Moving a 125g planted tank
  142. super glue in tank.
  143. After Ich Salinity Reduction for plant safety?
  144. Admins, I think we have a spammer.
  145. Temperature swings
  146. Very important question about plants emiting co2 after lights go off at night. please
  147. Non yeast/sugar diy co2 recipe
  148. Tank on glass desk
  149. Hot Glue Or Super Glue Gel
  150. Another "what is this?" question
  151. In-tank food cultures?
  152. Plant shipping expectations? A quandary
  153. Upgrading 10 gallon to 20 long. Need advice please.
  154. Bizzare, Rare, Unique or Unusual. Fish, Inverts and plants.
  155. Help on New Planted Tank
  156. Odd tank sizes and stands
  157. new to me 135g setup
  158. Fluval Edge 16 Removing top and new setup Questions
  159. Tadpoles are turning cannibalistic. What should I do?
  160. No more pearling from carpet. what could be the reason?
  161. planted tank equipment advice
  162. 75 vs 90 gallon?
  163. Optimal CO2 Diffuser Placement in a 20 gallon long?
  164. New European biotope tank advice
  165. Safe or no safe
  166. Should I buy
  167. Fluval spec planted tank carpet?
  168. 90% Water Change
  169. 46 Gallon Fix Help
  170. New Tank Advice
  171. Seeding new Tank
  172. Anyone run a high tech dirted tank?
  173. Age of planted tank
  174. New Tank Spec List
  175. Mineral Oil In Aquarium
  176. New tank setup planning
  177. Help! Moving abroad for six months
  178. Books
  179. Neon Tetra AWOL in 10gallon
  180. 29 gallon lightly planted
  181. What Size Tanks should I use
  182. Enough Water Agitation?
  183. Why should I do regular Water Changes?
  184. Beneficial Bacteria maintenance in Shrimp only tank?
  185. Have anyone broke down their tanks and started over?
  186. Pumpkin for Fish/Invert food.
  187. Leaf Gathering. Food for Fry and Inverts!
  188. Aquarium - Fish & Or Planted
  189. New 75g Aqueon... built-in reverse sag?
  190. Some worm like thing in my tank. Please Help
  191. George Farmer Gets Algae Too and How He Deals With It
  192. Plastic plants from hobby lobby?
  193. What test kits
  194. worms creating anaerobic substrate?
  195. Stressful searching. Any suggestions?
  196. Pitch your experimental aquascape ideas
  197. Trip to Japan
  198. Magnesium
  199. An Egg-cellent question. Any good use for egg shells?
  200. Question re. PH controller w/CO2
  201. Starting a new High Tech Tank
  202. Brown algae 🤢
  203. Newbie
  204. Good plant to replace A. Reineckii?
  205. Help With 75 Gallon Planted Tank
  206. HMF Filter + C02
  207. My Paludarium
  208. Molded Fiberglass Safety Clear Coating?
  209. First planted tank
  210. Not enough fish??
  211. Flow?
  212. Disappointed 46, New plan
  213. I accidentally killed my fish
  214. Fishless cycling
  215. Aquarium stand with lip that hides lower bezel. Water damage?
  216. Cloudy tank problem
  217. Kitty litter vs sts
  218. Tank got nuked today
  219. Do you Remove Filter media ?
  220. Tank Repair
  221. Overstocked 20G
  222. Maintenance vs substrate cost
  223. Deficiency? Toxicity? Whats wrong with my tank?
  224. Dirt as a CO2 Source
  225. Affordable CO2 Systems
  226. Ludwigia Problem
  227. Water
  228. Cycling second opinion
  229. Paraffin heaters and open top aquariums
  230. I found this Tiny bug on my plant.
  231. Help Please - First tank and about to give up :(
  232. Small small small white worms on my glass
  233. Quarantine tank
  234. New to fish keeping & betta tank recommendations.
  235. Ammonia poisoning medicine/treatment?
  236. Sad news, practical considerations?
  237. question on fishless cycling with aquasoil amazonia
  238. CO2 injection, pH, KH and fish management
  239. Rogo's 75 gallon Malawi setup.
  240. Question for people using Seachem fertilizers.
  241. Brand new to hobby... is my fishless cycle on track?
  242. Hello! - New to Dirted Tanks
  243. Regulating temperature through winter
  244. Getting adhesive off inner glass
  245. Is my wet/dry sealed a little too well??
  246. Aquasabi Online Experience?
  247. Hello - New (used 125)
  248. How often do you water change?
  249. Average evaporation
  250. How many tanks do you have up and running