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  1. Best place to buy Bucephalandra
  2. moving issue...
  3. Need help with a new setup, please
  4. Fungus on driftwood?
  5. Fluval 3.0 update
  6. Fish jumping into HOB
  7. First Planted Tank
  8. Assistance 55 gal issue
  9. Granite for planted tank
  10. Massive air build up in dirted tank
  11. Finnex 24/7 mode
  12. 260 gallon build
  13. Struggling with planted tanks
  14. Can anyone point me in the right direction for this illness?
  15. New planed tank
  16. Just a stray seed?
  17. Flow reduction - Intake outtake
  18. Comparing CO2 Systems
  19. Moving carpet plants and ADA soil
  20. seeding tank with bacteria via plants bought online
  21. Can’t get my head around this Co2 business!
  22. Fish tank disaster! Broken heater.
  23. What will happen with my cycling and plants..
  24. Fluval spec 16 gallon?!?
  25. CO2 System Help
  26. Pressurized Air
  27. Noob with a sick fish? Nitrites were high 😞
  28. What can we learn from the Saltwater Hobby?
  29. Help! New "nano" Planted Tank Help
  30. My new tank set up in progress - 100 x 40 x 40cm
  31. What is this on my Cory Cat?
  32. Trying to decide on what to do till I get a nice regulator
  33. Planned power outage, what to do?
  34. Amazon shopping "trip"
  35. Need a low working pressure diffuser...
  36. Out for the past 7 years, starting up again.
  37. New tank, DEFCON1
  38. Need help.
  39. Just planted my plants not sure I did it right
  40. 6 weeks and tank has not cycled
  41. Outside stock tank aquarium advice?
  42. Fin rot or bite?
  43. Mystery creature
  44. Can a plumber check the issue?
  45. Algae in CO2 Injected Tank?
  46. Instant cycle?
  47. Active chatroom?
  48. Advice please: 22 gallon long or 12 gallon long?
  49. Help: algae and cloudy and plant loss OH MY
  50. Drop checker color
  51. What in the world are these
  52. Drilling Tank for filtering
  53. Walstad Method for a planted aquarium
  54. Sleep-ordered Fluval Flex so I guess I'm getting back into this hobby! Advice please?
  55. New Planted Tank Endeavor
  56. Disappearing pleco...
  57. New planted tank - some opinions & guidance appreciated.
  58. How do you setup and maintain a tall planted tank?
  59. Treating for parasites please help!!!
  60. Why such difference in my tanks?
  61. Maintenance/Slow growth
  62. Start up 30 gallon
  63. I did it again...
  64. fun video
  65. Eutrophication???
  66. Goodbye buckets!
  67. Fish Dying in North American Native Tank
  68. Cycling a new 10g QT from 2g nano tank
  69. What is the maximum pressure number ?
  70. Rocks that look like this . . .
  71. Auto top off light problem
  72. Deworming Pea Puffers
  73. Bacteria or algae bloom?
  74. Using old HOB filter to cycle new tank
  75. Too much sunlight?
  76. Would a Dirted Pot work?
  77. A visit to ADA gallery in niigata
  78. Large tank, water changes and RO
  79. Dear dairy
  80. Future proof for aquascape/shrimp?
  81. 6 year old Brine Shrimp?
  82. Is it safe to setup a tank if when I walk by it, the water moves?
  83. Recommend a pre-filter sponge for my needs
  84. Plant recommendations
  85. What Plant can I Glue onto stone? *pics*
  86. Top off water?
  87. Rate my tank.
  88. 25 inch high with Fluval 3.0 plant enough to reach bottom?
  89. Tank log. Looking for direction.
  90. were to buy plants
  91. Help Please identify this critter?
  92. I found this Tiny bug on my plant.
  93. What is this on the plants?
  94. how to determine how much surface agitation?
  95. 55 Gal
  96. Household water softener - safe?
  97. Surface agitation + Co2?
  98. Dr Chihiros/Twinstar algae preventer
  99. Eco-Complete and Flourite Black
  100. Help requested! Tank water turning Brown!
  101. CO2 stopped flowing
  102. Gulp! Just bought a dual stage regulator off *Bay. How'd I do?
  103. 120 Planted Tank Stocking
  104. Lava rock leaking iron ...
  105. how to fix scratchs on glass
  106. New to aquariums and need equipment advice (filter/lighting)
  107. Boseman’s Rainbows Male or female?
  108. Help with ADA additives
  109. Tanks with no stands
  110. How to transfer aquarium fish to new tank (large bioload)
  111. Frustrated can't find the fish I want Lake Tanganyika
  112. Is there something wrong with seams of my new tank
  113. 55 Gal Tank
  114. Algea after flooding DSM
  115. How to disperse CO2 in a 22g long tank?
  116. Stocking Suggestions - 150 gallon planted tank
  117. "Wild" moss - central FL
  118. Ideas for a tank remodel
  119. Who`s right ?
  120. Planted tank issue please anything I can try
  121. First Planted Tank Attempt, Pics+Video+Need your advice!
  122. General Question
  123. High tech tank Temprature
  124. Random plants from outside in aquarium?
  125. Purigen in a Planted Tank?
  126. Advice on the new 9 gallon cube
  127. How to treat manzanita wood
  128. Name that wood
  129. is this a normal cycle?
  130. How to vacuum more efficiently?
  131. Would anyone know what these are?
  132. Full-time workers - what do you do for your lights?
  133. back of aquarium film
  134. Dirt/Dust Settling on Surface
  135. Working in an LFS
  136. New planted tank...
  137. CO2 and fish
  138. Save my fish while setting up new tank
  139. Building a sump soon, questions.
  140. Dirting new tank...... which one ?
  141. New to aquascaping. Would love to learn more.
  142. A planted tank which copies some reef tank methods?
  143. Water changes
  144. UP inline co2 atomiser not working
  145. Would this setup work with no filter and heater?
  146. Green creatures on glass
  147. How to do Running stream tank?!
  148. Should I stick this back in?
  149. What is this debris and how do I get rid of it?
  150. Storing stems
  151. The Art of the Planted Aquarium
  152. Beginning Questions
  153. Goint back to planted tank - Dutch style. Seeking advice on mant factors.
  154. 5.5 gallon shrimp and plant tank -
  155. Using old filter to cycle???
  156. Completely redoing my tank. Advice needed.
  157. Home water filtration
  158. Overkilling with CO2
  159. Letís talk acclimation
  160. Lip Only Tank Stand
  161. Unexplained night deaths....lack of O2?
  162. Stuff on pipe and suction cup
  163. Cycling Tank with Prime
  164. Starting up tomorrow
  165. Paraguard and plants!
  166. Set up issues and questions
  167. First attempt at a planted tank, a few Q's, history, and my situation...
  168. New Madagascar lace plant business
  169. Demitirus worms? Some questions...
  170. Plant snail dip?
  171. Frisky fish
  172. Substate killing fish? Possible disease?
  173. Snails munching on Monte Carlo?
  174. New to the Planted world, questions with Co2
  175. Question about cleaning filter media
  176. Office Tank Ideas
  177. If you won the lottery...
  178. Layering Substrate?
  179. Circulation Pump Placement
  180. Started no c02 tank in February thinking about adding co2
  181. IS THIS TANK GOING TO LEAK/BREAK?? 125, seal looks wierd
  182. Is this driftwood safe?
  183. Canister or HoB when using CO2?
  184. Treating ich
  185. Finally covered my tank...
  186. gluing or siliconing Drift wood down?
  187. Aquarium water
  188. I'm color blind. Best color to set off planted.
  189. Upgrading to a 29 and jumpstart
  190. Stocking advice
  191. Please help diagnose this Cory
  192. Will aquarium salt hurt plants
  193. Questions about optimizing plant growth
  194. New (to me) tank, odd sized lids needed
  195. After planting tank, nitrites have risen up!
  196. Let's talk shipping to Canada?
  197. All in one setup advise
  198. Pressurized CO2 with two aquariums?
  199. Where do y'all get your plants?
  200. ran out of CO2 - should I dose Excel?
  201. Black locust wood toxicity?
  202. Pardon my dumb question but here it goes...
  203. Two Take Pressurized CO2 Question
  204. Pearling Without CO2!
  205. Is it ok to fully close a planted aquarium ?
  206. Moving my tanks
  207. Mangrove Bonsai?
  208. Newbie in the hobby need advice
  209. How Do You Manage Your Frogbit?
  210. substrate with root tabs
  211. What is this stuff?
  212. Considering co2 on 55 how much?
  213. BLACKWATER tank conversion - need advice
  214. New Member Introduction - Seeking Ideas.
  215. A few noobie questions
  216. Eggs?
  217. Baby predators
  218. Help complete C02 system 75 gallon
  219. Low Tech Tank newbie
  220. Is this normal ?
  221. Newbie question getting started
  222. Thought I Knew What I Was Doing
  223. Metal stand on hardwood..??? What the...
  224. steel vs aluminium Co2 tank?
  225. New to Planted Tanks: Help
  226. Dragonfly Nymph eating shrimp
  227. Going on vacation while cycle is in progress - help!
  228. Risky Move?
  229. 120 high tech cichlid tank
  230. Is this a case of too little Co2?
  231. did my tank complete it's cycle in 1 week?
  232. Time to flood
  233. Before I buy a python hose I wanted to ask a few questions
  234. Coal slag in Canada.. Ontario gta area
  235. Planted tank startup
  236. Sump water level question...
  237. Help growth on plants
  238. Tank on Fire
  239. Two part cleaning aquarium question
  240. Moss showcase thread !!!
  241. Dennis Wong Website
  242. Fluval Prism
  243. Water Flow in Planted Tank
  244. RO water - when to replace filters?
  245. What draws you to Small Tanks?
  246. About bacteria-starter products
  247. Is a 12 hour photoperiod okay?
  248. Planning new tank - drilled or not?
  249. How fast can you raise the temp on your fish without shock/damage?
  250. Is there a way to connect a hose to a facet without a threaded end?