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  1. CO2 equipment
  2. San Antonio: Elegant Reef expanding; more freshwater planted
  3. College Station! Lots of stuff available
  4. DFW area Flourish Excel FS
  5. DFW APC January Meeting
  6. RCS available Austin Bastrop area
  7. Houston area LFS?
  8. NEW, Fully Loaded 60P Setup w/ GLA 2-Stage CO2
  9. Any lfs near New Braunfels?
  10. Sold
  11. 75 gallon for sale
  12. Central Houston Tap Water and Iron
  13. San Antonio anything....
  14. DFW APC September Meeting
  15. DFW shrimp
  16. 75 gallon aquarium, stand, canopy, led light, 2 canister filters, $300 obo
  17. co2 set up package
  18. DFW APC July Meeting
  19. FS: ADA Tanks, Equipment, LEDs, etc etc.
  20. Georgetown TX free tank, fish
  21. Celcius temperature controller in Austin?
  22. Help with plants in B/CS area
  23. WTB Bloody Mary shrimp locally in Austin
  24. FS: BuildmyLED 48
  25. looking for green stem plants
  26. MAME glass overflow FS
  27. Looking for Riccia Fluitans, San Antonio area
  28. Selling new sump in Houston
  29. WTT daphnia for hornwort in Central Texas
  30. Redbreast sunfish needs new home- tank or pond
  31. Just starting up
  32. Heterandria formosa in Austin?
  33. extra plants RAOK in Austin area
  34. Any ADA vendors in Houston?
  35. Back in S.A. after 20 yrs...Best plant lfs???
  36. CO2 Tank, Regulator, Pinpoint pH Controller FS
  37. Rocks, Wood, and more moving sale
  38. San Antonio stores
  39. 40 Gallon Breeder, Stand, and Driftwood in Plano
  40. 75 gallon breakdown
  41. North Austin Plants
  42. Cherry Shrimp $1
  43. tank break down lots of stuff
  44. DFW Area - Looking for planted Betta tanks
  45. combined fish order?
  46. Austin Google Express?
  47. WTB: Amano Shrimp in Ausitn
  48. Nikos reef
  49. Co2 refills in sugar land mo city area
  50. Looking for fast growing plants.
  51. Equipment for sale
  52. 40gl breeder complete set up
  53. 75 gallon tank plus stand plus extras $325
  54. Houston - ADA aquasoil amazonia normal type and power sand
  55. Houston - Freshwater aquarium GLA co2 system - $320
  56. Anyone have some filter seed material in the NW Houston area?
  57. South American Puffers- FS Austin
  58. South American Puffer FS- Austin
  59. Top of the line UV for sale
  60. Trade or free to a good home - 220 W cfl setup (Plano) PU only
  61. Anyone near Beaumont/Mid County?
  62. Rehoming a Pleco
  63. Looking for weeping moss in DFW area.
  64. Just moved from IL to San Antonio
  65. Plants or trimmings in Dallas area
  66. Free old or new drift wood in sanantonio
  67. Where to buy cherry shrimp in Dallas area
  68. Build My LED is hiring!
  69. hygro Sunset
  70. Best LFS in S.A. for plants
  71. Rcs?
  72. FS: ADA 60P Stand
  73. Java Moss /Baby Tear
  74. Any MTS fans?
  75. FS: ADA Mini S + Aquasky 301 LED North Austin TX
  76. Fishes Giveaway! - Pearland, TX
  77. Local yellow, orange, red cherry shrimp breader
  78. ***GONE!***RAOK everything i have
  79. Free cichlid fry
  80. CO2 Fill in Plano/Frisco
  81. <RAOK> java fern matt
  82. <CLAIMED!> RAOK red crypts in DFW
  83. Scuds - any positive experiences?
  84. Dwarf Shrimps at Aquarium Design Group (January GHAC/Texas Aquatics/South Texas Area
  85. Wtb shrimp locally
  86. RAOK plants in College Station
  87. Might be getting rid of some longear sunfish
  88. Looking for cherry shrimp in Austin or San Antonio area
  89. looking for assassin snails in south east houston
  90. Looking for cherry shrimp in Austin
  91. Bryan / College Station fish need new home.
  92. aquarium wood in SA?
  93. Looking for .....
  94. blyxa japonica in dfw
  95. Pet stores in New Braunfels?
  96. Nerites/RCS/Amano in San Antonio, TX?
  97. Moving sale Austin TX
  98. Austin fish stores
  99. CO2 in Dallas
  100. Eheim filter for sale in Dallas REDUCED PRICE
  101. Anybody want some blacktail shiners?
  102. WTB Stem Plants College Station
  103. Finnex RAY2 30" / Eheim Ecco 200 / GLA Atomic Diffuser 35mm
  104. Cleaning out the garage!
  105. Selling Finnex Fugeray 10"
  106. Shrimp near Houston/ CStat
  107. Java Moss in Austin Area?
  108. The 2015 Texas Fish Calendar
  109. CO2 Refills in Austin
  110. Aquatek CO2 Regulator
  111. Paintball CO2 Refills in North Dallas?
  112. Out of the Hobby Clearance
  113. Anybody with a large tank need a really active schooler?
  114. Anyone have any glosso
  115. RAOK: 20g long and stand
  116. Know a source of black lava rock in central Texas?
  117. Anyone In League City Area Selling Plants
  118. Nano lights, T5HO lights, and other equipment for sale in Austin
  119. 9-10" Chocolate Pleco Free to Good Home (DFW)
  120. Moving to Houston -- Local Clubs
  121. Ilyodon whitei fry available
  122. Albino Corydoras Free For Local Pickup--Northeast Austin Area
  123. Anybody with a stream/riffle/hillstream/darter tank want a Johnny darter?
  124. Lubbock
  125. The Salty Fish Store in San Antonio, TX
  126. RAOK swords, redtiger lotus Austin / Pfluger
  127. RAOK Dwarf Hairgrass and Monte Carlo
  128. FS: Assassin Snails in Austin, TX
  129. FOTAS 2014 Convention San Antonio Texas
  130. Free feeder snails, north Austin/Pflugerville
  131. texas holey rock. large show pieces, $1/lb
  132. looking or arowana and other large fish in Austin
  133. Raok bryan college station
  134. New shop in Austin/Steiner Ranch TX
  135. Seiryu Stone or similar in Houston?
  136. CPO in Austin?
  137. Looking for MTS in San Antonio
  138. 20g long shrimp tank for sale
  139. Lack of tanks in the Northern Dallas area
  140. Dwarf Puffer in Austin, TX area?
  141. SAAPC meeting August 24th Water Garden Gems
  142. Austin, TX - Buy Live Bloodworms?
  143. Female Guppies Needed University of Texas at Austin
  144. Looking for a fish store in San Antonio
  145. FS: Austin TX - Plants, Discus, seiryu stone, driftwood, Buce
  146. Discus in El Paso, TX
  147. raok in waxahatchie tx or ennis area
  148. Bryan/college station fertilizers
  149. CO2 regulator/10 lb. cylinder - Houston Area
  150. Looking for Betta albimarginata
  151. Houston Water & Diatoms
  152. New DETAILED information on FOTAS 2014 Convention
  153. Anybody want a cheap 20l in Austin?
  154. More information on upcoming Texas aquarium related events
  155. Molly fry
  156. Plant packages for sale
  157. Store that sell ohko stone in Houston
  158. Houston Must Sees!
  159. Discus Show Austin, Texas June 20-22 2014
  160. Free 20 long tank in Grapevine
  161. Where to Buy/Refill/Swap C02 tanks in Houston?
  162. Houston, selling my 75 gallon tank and stand!
  163. Angelfish?
  164. Texas Area Killifish Show
  165. Selling shrimps, axolotl, fairy moss, baby albino longfin bristlenose plecos etc
  166. Want a couple of oil catfish?
  167. fellow texan help
  168. Trade anubias + crypts for moss (Austin)
  169. Carbon rili in central Texas?
  170. Selling my livestock
  171. denison/sherman
  172. I hand-fed a buncha wild fish!
  173. Isn't there any enthusiasts in Waco?
  174. Free Celebes rainbowfish in Georgetown
  175. Found a little gem at Petsmart
  176. Anybody from El Paso?
  177. Bryan-College Station plants
  178. Looking for driftwood?
  179. Went down to Blue Hole today - pics!
  180. Free Guppies, North Austin, Come and Get 'Em!
  181. Espeis and micro fish
  182. DIY stand? Doors?
  183. Tank wood for sale, soaked/ unsoaked
  184. Full System For Sale - DFW or C-Stat
  185. FS: Driftwood and Manzanita branch, Austin TX
  186. Looking for wood-clinger plants
  187. Skirt Tetras and Gold Barbs
  188. Two nice pieces of wood for pickup only in Georgetown, Texas
  189. Microworms in ATX
  190. Microfish in Austin?
  191. Texas Driftwood
  192. Large plants at Aquatek
  193. Dallas Ft. Worth Aquatic Plant Club (DFWAPC) -Upcoming events
  194. 2.5 lb CO2 tank/expired date? Cheap?
  195. Red Crystal Shrimp
  196. sherman, TX area
  197. $1 gallon sale petco.(Killeen/Fort Hood)
  198. Shrimp in the RGV?
  199. 2014 Fish Calendar
  200. Aquarium and stand in Dallas also an axolotl
  201. Aquatek in Austin has Thai Micro Crabs!
  202. Wtb Moss
  203. Live in Austin? Got a planted tank you want to show off?
  204. New Austin 'Fish Gallery', do you like the place?
  205. Anything cool in Georgetown happening soon?
  206. CO2 setup for sale
  207. Any wild aquatic plants in Texas
  208. FS: New Aluminum 5 lb CO2 Cylinder tank, Austin TX
  209. Assassin snails in Austin?
  210. Co2 in Houston/Pasadena area
  211. Any around Dallas?
  212. Sand in Austin Area?
  213. Looking in the Pasadena area
  214. Anybody from Abilene on here (Or Near by)
  215. Christamas Giveaway and Sale (All Gone)
  216. *SOLD* ADA Mini-S for sale $55
  217. Seeking shrimp in San Antonio
  218. A few free plants
  219. Green neon tetras in Austin, TX?
  220. One big package deal in Tyler tx
  221. Austin - Tanks for Sale
  222. Anyone in or around San Angelo?
  223. Fish and axolotls for sale in central tx
  224. WTB> HC 'cuba' / dwarf baby tears in Houston!
  225. 18" Finnex Ray 2 Daylight/Actinic For $70
  226. FOTAS is Happening in Houston!!!
  227. Considering moving. Questions for people in/around Houston
  228. Texas Aquarium Store list
  229. Houston Area Aquatic Plant Society - Meeting
  230. Lone Star Bettas September Meeting
  231. West Texas - ADA 60P and Petco 40B for sale
  232. Fish stores in Arlington?
  233. aquarium stores in houston Tx?
  234. Killer TC Plants at PetSmart (I-10/Bunker Hill)!
  235. FS: Trim package, assassin snails and supplies - Austin TX
  236. WTB 75+ gallons
  237. Facebook groups for Texas hobbyist
  238. LF Plants Houston
  239. Is Petsmart a good place for aquatic plants?
  240. Anyone breed CRS/OEBT in El Paso?
  241. Gearing up for August
  242. Best selection of stands in DFW?
  243. HCCC swap meet, Schertz Tx August 4th
  244. Siamese algae eaters in Houston?
  245. For sale, trade, or possible ROAK
  246. Freshwater plant clubs in the DFW area
  247. 75 gal. For sale $300 obo Tyler tx
  248. DFW shrimp?
  249. San Antonio and corpus Christi
  250. Looking for Plants in West Texas