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  1. Oregon Coast Local Trade or ROAK: Rosy Barbs
  2. Brazilian Pennywort
  3. "Borneo Exploration" By Karen Randall (AGA) Presented by GSAS
  4. Black Blasting Sand
  5. Aquarium Lights [location Albany]
  6. Yard sale with planted tank gear Se Pdx
  7. Aquarium Substrates
  8. neon tetra in portland area
  9. Water Sprite and Rotala
  10. FREE: Grass Guppies
  11. **Gary Lange - Rainbowfish** Free Presentations at GSAS June 11th & June 12th
  12. Blue Dream Neocaridina Shrimp
  13. Anubias Coffeefolia and Nana for sale
  14. WTB 20L Peninsula style tank
  15. Lf: adult female German blue ram
  16. Petco $1-Gal sale
  17. Java/Flame Moss, Dwarf Sag, Brazillian Pennywort and ech. Vesuvius
  18. Salvinia?
  19. Need Some Aquarium Moss
  20. free styrofoam
  21. Invertebrates
  22. ROAK -Beaverton pick up - Pogostemon Erectus and Ludwugia Red Sp.
  23. Angel Fish Seeks New Home
  24. WTB thread
  25. Red Root Floaters, Flame Moss, Java Moss
  26. Need to rehome tank, plants and inhabitants ASAP
  27. WTB Black Sand/Coal Slag - Portland
  28. WTB CRS CBS for breeding
  29. RAOK Trim
  30. GPAS Annual Plant Auction
  31. RAOK Elatine triandra
  32. ISO Used Cube Tank or 12 gallon long
  33. Cheap stem plants - Portland
  34. RAOK flame moss
  35. RAOK in PDX area - L. Sessiflora, H. Corymbosa, L. Aromatica, and M. Pteropus v. wind
  36. Dwarf water lettuce for sale
  37. Parosphromenus pair for sale
  38. Plastic Bottle Manufacturer In Oregon?
  39. Corvallis club
  40. Low light plants wanted
  41. Any stores worth visiting in Oregon?
  42. leaves to collect on coast?
  43. **FREE Presentation - Loaches - Mark Duffill (UK) ** - GPAS - October 9th
  44. FREE: Amazon Sword daughter plants
  45. For Sale: CRS (Beaverton)
  46. ISO blue, orange, or yellow neos, Amano shrimp...
  47. ISO Rimless Nano Tank- 6 gal or less
  48. ISO cories - pygmaeus, habrosus, or hastatus, GH booster, MTS
  49. Breaking down crypt tank in Corvalis
  50. crinum calmistratum looking for a new home
  51. Monster Amazon Sword
  52. Red Root Floaters, Flame & Java Moss, dwarf sag, amazon swords
  53. gone
  54. Blue dream velvet & buce
  55. pearlweed in the PDX area?
  56. Where to get small glass aquarium (up to 10G) cheap - wholesale?
  57. PDX folks...clearance aquarium items in Vancouver
  58. Buce package 20 different kinds
  59. 48" ATI Sunpower HO T5 fixture plus brand new bulbs
  60. looking for blue neocaridina in PDX area
  61. Shrimps Club in Beaverton area
  62. red cherry shrimp in portland.
  63. looking for rcs in portland.
  64. For Sale: Razerback Musk Turtles
  65. Wanting Java Moss, Water Sprite, Coos County
  66. Beaverton water and RCS
  67. Floating plants for sale
  68. Looking for a shrimp
  69. Mini M plus extras $50
  70. Pufferfish stolen from Wet Spot
  71. Plants, Small Tanks, Daphnia, Snails for sale/trade
  72. ISO: subwassertang and opae ula in the PDX area
  73. Looking for Orange/Pumpkin Neos in Pdx
  74. seeking red cherry shrimp, central-southern I5 corridor
  75. Multomah Fall: Is the Moss Aquatic?
  76. Oregon Buy/Sell/Swap
  77. Water parameters, and growth rate.
  78. Albino Full Red Guppy Strain (Juvies)
  79. The Wet Spot - Liquid Carbon Growlers!
  80. Seeking shrimp!
  81. Seeking blue shrimp PDX
  82. Pdx people: Where do you get your rocks?
  83. RRF & Rotala rotundifolia
  84. White Cloud Mountain Minnows
  85. Gieissman T5HO (lamps/ bulbs w/e) IN Portland, OR?
  86. For sale: Aquatek mini CO2 regulator, paintball tank and inline diffuser
  87. White Clouds for Sale/Trade
  88. fish for sale.
  89. Apongeton Natans Seeds - Local RAOK
  90. 40b tank stand , finnex ray 2, planted plus, up aqua co2
  91. Does anyone has any floater plants?
  92. 48" Finnex 24/7 Planted+ *NIB*
  93. Malaysian Trumpet Snails (MTS) locally?
  94. buy live daphnia in Portland area?
  95. 1 Plant Package Available. Plus Shrimp!
  96. FS: Anubias Nana Petite
  97. Selling (5) L046 Zebra Plecos
  98. Healthy Flame Moss for sale
  99. Finnex Ray2 30"
  100. **FREE Presentation** Aquascaping Planted Tanks - GSAS
  101. Where do you refill CO2?
  102. Want good guppy
  103. Black Diamond Abrasive
  104. Carbon Rillis $4 Blue Dream Velvets $5 & A Few RANDOM Buce!
  105. Local Fish Breeders
  106. Custom Built aquarium
  107. FS: Fluvial 406
  108. WTB Crystal Shrimp, Albany OR
  109. Selling my tank - Cornelius OBO
  110. Wanted: Aphyosemion australe (male)
  111. Wanting Dwarf Baby Tears
  112. Finnex fugeray
  113. CupriSorb
  114. Hygrophila difformis (Water Wisteria) Clippings
  115. Rehoming my Ram
  116. Looking for equipment
  117. Portland and Vancouver crshrimp help
  118. Double red agassizi apisto FEMALE for sale
  119. ISO: Rio Motion Double Duckbill Rotator 1/2"
  120. Newport / OCCC
  121. RAOK: Mystery & Assassin Snails
  122. WTB: Yellow Shrimp PDX or Couve
  123. I'll be in Wilsonville this weekend if anyone wants anything?
  124. malaysian trumpet snails
  125. FS: Sag and Riccia. Open to trades.
  126. WTB: Ludwigia, Anubias, HC, or Dwarf Hairgrass. Corvallis Area
  127. blyxa japonica for sale
  128. PDX Fish Guy is BACK! New shop open in Hillsboro!
  129. Bucephalandra Purple
  130. RAOK: Pink ramshorn snails
  131. Mini Pellia, Regular Pellia and other mosses for sale
  132. Anyone been to the new ATK store in Hillsboro yet?
  133. Best place to buy plants in Portland.
  134. Bucephalandra Black Gaia & Buce Helena.
  135. looking for bcs, kk, panda shrimp.
  136. WTB: Dwarf Hairgrass
  137. blyxa, downoi, ludwiga repen
  138. OEBT local sale only
  139. Plants melting, what ferts do you Portlanders use?
  140. ROAK: Salvinia
  141. Wilsonville & Newberg Critter Cabana
  142. FS: Water Lettuce & Red Root Floaters, Black Crystal Shrimps
  143. 33 breeder Long and 20 gals for sale....
  144. WTB: Infected fish with Columnaris
  145. Beaverton petsmart
  146. Free Cherry Barbs and Single Oto
  147. red cherry shrimp still for sale.
  148. FS: Cherry Shrimp and a free filter
  149. CPD's, Scarlet Badis, Cherry Shrimp and Equipment for sale
  150. Spec 2 for sale/partial trade
  151. Water wisteria or watersprite in Vancouver WA
  152. In the market for a 75 gallon (Salem area)!
  153. New home for an angel?
  154. WTB: 5lbs Co2 tank
  155. Anyone in Salem area selling Shrimp?
  156. Cutting back on nano tanks... Free Stuff
  157. For Sale: CO2 Pressure Regulator w/Solenoid
  158. 10g lights for sale
  159. Local BNPs?
  160. WTB: Penn Plax divider
  161. Anyone in Central Oregon?
  162. Local Discus Breeders?
  163. WTB:Floaters
  164. Fish for sale
  165. 10g setup w/planted plus and stand w/pics price drop 120.00
  166. blyxa for sale
  167. free mystery snails
  168. ADA 60p in Portland?
  169. Ecoxotic E-Series for sale
  170. anyone interested in buying some OEBT
  171. Par Meter?
  172. Black Crystal Shrimp (SSS) for sale
  173. Myriophyllum Mattogrossense & Persicaria sp. 'Kawagoeanum'
  174. Anyone in the Portland/Vancouver area have fissidens for sale?
  175. Do you have a LFS near Salem that you'd recommend?
  176. New fish/pet store in downtown Hillsboro
  177. Anyone have any mini pellia in Portland?
  178. Fluval Co2 20gram kit for sale
  179. Tri-Cities Aquatic Hobbyists
  180. edit: gone
  181. WTB: Detritus Worms and other micro creatures
  182. 72gal Bowfront Aquarium
  183. Moving Purge
  184. Monte Carlo
  185. I have a cured glass nano 3.5 gallons for sale
  186. GIANT Amano Shrimp at Pets on Broadway in PDX
  187. Who want Red Crystal & Black Crystal Shrimp (S/SS+)?
  188. Anyone selling in the Valley?
  189. does anybody want a chunk of Anubias?
  190. Deep Blue Professional Tanks
  191. Moss: X-mas, Flame, Taiwan, Java, SaltyShrimp Bee Shrimp GH+
  192. ADA Tanks for sale
  193. Crypt Florida Sunset at The Wet Spot
  194. WTB: Malaysian trumpet snails
  195. I have local stuff for sale (Tanks/Lights)
  196. 55g marineland aquarium with led lighting and stand
  197. what fish do you breed? WA too =)
  198. ADA Mini M, 5 Pound CO2 tank, ALL SOLD
  199. Ebiken Spring Scissors and Frozen Brine Shrimp
  200. 90 gallon and 55 gallon for sale
  201. WTB: Grindle Worms
  202. looking for locals selling plants
  203. Anyone got moss?
  204. Anybody interested in Zebra Loaches
  205. 33L at Wet Pets in Beaverton
  206. Is anybody breeding bettas in Portland/Metro?
  207. anybody want some bolbitis?
  208. WTB 40 gallon breeder
  209. FS: Trident Java Fern, possible extras
  210. petco dpg sale
  211. Does anyone have extra 2.5g - 5.5g glass fish tank?
  212. Taiwan moss for sale - Portland, Oregon
  213. ADA mini pollen glass
  214. Wanted: Crypt Balansae or Retrospiralis
  215. Gone
  216. Gone
  217. Looking for Plants for School Aquarium
  218. Where to collect rocks?
  219. Female Blue Ram
  220. Looking For Easy Plants
  221. RCS, Rilli, etc
  222. [Creswell, OR] Fish, Plants, Tank, equipment and more (Eugene Area)
  223. T5 clearance in beaverton
  224. WTB: A few fish tanks
  225. Shrimp Keeper/Breeder in Oregon?
  226. Adult Neon and Serpae Tetras
  227. Sold
  228. Selling my 20 tall/Beaverton Still Available
  229. GSAS Annual Plant Auction! November 12th!
  230. Female gourami
  231. SaltyShrimp Bee Shrimp GH+ sell in small portions
  232. WTB Amano Shrimp
  233. Philippine Blue Angelfish for sale PICTURES ADDED 10/9
  234. Anybody want some hygro polysperma(Raok)
  235. Sold.
  236. For Sale: All Gone Thanks
  237. Sold
  238. Christmas, Taiwan, Flame, and Java moss for sale
  239. WTB Interesting Stone
  240. Free Fish & Plants & Wood TODAY!
  241. **FREE Presentation -- Corydoras: Ian Fuller** - Presented by GSAS
  242. L144 blue eyed longfin bristlenose
  243. 29g Must Go by saturday
  244. Pressurized CO2 Setup for sale
  245. Seiryu stone for sale
  246. seiryu stone in local?
  247. WTB: Female GBR
  248. Seiryu Stone for sale
  249. Otos for free
  250. Wanted Pdx 40b stand