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  11. Black Diamond Substrate
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  13. Activ-Flora
  14. Cleaning a planted tank.
  15. Stratum KH/PH
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  17. Deficiency in month old eco complete?
  18. Crusty Pool Filter Sand?
  19. UNS Controsoil depth
  20. What Happened with the Toxic Ten?
  21. Opinions on Aqueon Plant & Shrimp Aquarium Substrate
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  23. Vacuuming shrimp tank
  24. Landen Aquasoil low ph
  25. Fluval Plant Statum - mixing
  26. Can I plant later - Amazonia
  27. How much would this go for?
  28. Changing substrate
  29. Refreshing existing substrate
  30. is dirt really the answer?
  31. Black Gold brand washed sand?
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  33. ADA Amazonia for an established tank? Other substrate recommendations?
  34. Dirted Aquariums & Parameters?
  35. Black Diamond Sand cutting cories
  36. Worms- Amazonia soil, gravel & plants -Newbie
  37. Controsoil or Amazonia for DHG - what grain size?
  38. TDS >350 Substrate Mistake(s)?
  39. How thick can I make a lava rock substrate?
  40. Starting w red/black flourite sand. Fertilizer pellets as well to start?
  41. How much soil for dirted tank?
  42. Cleaning used substrate
  43. Using humus as a 'soil'?
  44. Adding Flourite Red to soil
  45. Aqua-Soil vs. Eco-Complete
  46. Dry start method question
  47. Nice cheap aquarium sand options
  48. UNS Controsoil
  49. Flourite vs Eco Complete?
  50. Natural “sand” or “gravel” recommendation
  51. Inert substrate for neos and plants
  52. Should I change my 8 year old substrate?
  53. Is black diamond dust, sand, or gravel like?
  54. ADA Power Sand Additives
  55. Eco Complete FINE grade
  56. What filter to use in 10 gallon tank with sand?
  57. Kellogg Topper Lawn Soil Organics
  58. Tropica Soil - how long between hard scape done to planting.
  59. ADA Amazonia in Established Tank
  60. Planted Betta Substrate
  61. Laterite, where to buy?
  62. Substrate
  63. Resin Coated Substrate
  64. Organic potting mix for new tank advice
  65. New.. (to me) substrate info
  66. Ecosystem - Planting Soil vs Garden Dirt
  67. Help regarding new planted tank substrate
  68. substrate for a very large aquarium
  69. Do I have enough substrate?
  70. Carib Sea Eco Complete and Anchoring Problems
  71. In over my head setting up new tank and cycling
  72. Black substrate ideas for fresh
  73. Dirt vs Sand with Osmocote Plus
  74. Trouble with dirted tank
  75. Adding More Substrate?
  76. Amazonia soil and it's relationship with KH
  77. Dirt substrate advice
  78. Using golden sand with tropica
  79. What dirt should I use for a dirted tank?
  80. Advice on substrate
  81. S. Repens in black onyx sand
  82. Aquasoil and Geos
  83. Tank setup done wrong, can I reuse the substrate
  84. Should I use clay top soil as a substrate?
  85. Partially replacing old Eco Complete with sand, partial teardown
  86. What Substrate is best to put underneath gravel
  87. Complete teardown to add Amazonia Light?
  88. Leaking soil when replanting?
  89. crushed lava rock for filterless tank?
  90. New planted tank
  91. Not sure if substrate is for me & should go back to gravel?
  92. how many eco complete bags for 180gal tank?
  93. Will it raise it significantly?
  94. Controsoil?
  95. Can I mix substrate? NEWBIE QUESTION
  96. I'm new and starting big...
  97. Tropica much ammonia when new?
  98. Planning on dirting my tank
  99. ADA Aquasoil Amazonia Counterfeit bag?
  100. Submerged Wabi Kusa
  101. Gravel under aqua soil
  102. can anyone tell me what kind of rocks these are?
  103. Easily to Reuse Soil
  104. Sand algae removal
  105. Question for pool filter sand users
  106. Substrate thoughts
  107. Sand options
  108. Is this all purposeppotting soil good for the Walstad method?
  109. Aquasoil or inert?
  110. How much
  111. Oil-Dri as inert substrate
  112. My First Substrate - Long Lasting Goal
  113. Cichlid sand question
  114. Moving a tank with aquasoil
  115. Which organic soil should I use?
  116. Cal Aqua Labs Black Earth Sitting in container
  117. Capping dirt with gravel AND AS?
  118. Substrate suggestions
  119. Questions about SE Asian Biotope
  120. Substrate additives help!!!
  121. Looking for a replacement for MGOCPM
  122. Re-using old BDBS
  123. Organic soil w/ Nitrogen
  124. Order of operations
  125. Rescape with ADA Amazonia but have fish. Please help.
  126. Rocks, Minerals, and Water Chemistry
  127. Black Diamond Medium Grit safe for Kuhli Loaches to dig in?
  128. Mixing Aquarium Soil and Soil Powder?
  129. Soil with BDS Cap Question
  130. Rescape Biology
  131. My first high tech
  132. Best substrate for plants
  133. I'm new here, so question on substrates.
  134. Dirt?
  135. dark substrate
  136. Quikrete medium
  137. Changing substrate while cycling
  138. Advise: mixing aquasoil + diy substrate
  139. How long do dirt substrates last?
  140. Chicken manure compost + worm castings
  141. How long can I keep Amazonia soil open?
  142. Red clay for dirt substrate?
  143. Newbie needing substrate advice!
  144. Enough substrate for 40 breeder?
  145. Murky water
  146. Substrate Calculator
  147. Sand - Maintenance in Shrimp Tank
  148. Fluval Stratum Buffering
  149. Flourite capped with controsoil??
  150. Best sand substrate for price?
  151. Wanting to switch from Gravel to Sand
  152. Resin Bond Aggregate
  153. Top soil
  154. Best looking(Natural) cosmetic sand/gravel.
  155. Creating Height in the Aquarium idea
  156. Good choices for soil cap?
  157. Brightwell Soil & Eco Cap?
  158. Substrate Divider Help
  159. ADA Amazonia soil in established aquarium
  160. Air in substrate after initial filling
  161. How much Substrate for 40 Long?
  162. Help!!
  163. Where to put power sand when using fillers
  164. Turning Anerobic soil to Aerobic soil
  165. Black blasting sand...looks too stark
  166. SafeTSorb w/no filter
  167. Garnet substrate
  168. Where do I buy Peat Soil?
  169. Will this work well or am I messin up
  170. Advice on aquarium substrate in my 74g tower aquarium
  171. Can't Find My Dirt!
  172. Aquarium Soil Tropica - Kills my plants
  173. Is an aquasoil such as Amazonia need for planted tanks
  174. Imagitarium Sand Aquarium and Fluorite Dark?
  175. Nutrient Question about ADA Aqua Soil
  176. Leaving ADA substrate system without water for 2 weeks okay?
  177. Should I put soil underneath Flourite?
  178. For those with Aquasoil experiencnce - two questions.
  179. ADA Aquasoil dusty - cleaning it
  180. My plan for changing tank substrate - any good?
  181. Need help.. enough thickness?
  182. Looking for A good Substrate
  183. Spent 2 weeks reading close to 50 scientific studies, attempted to create recipe for soil
  184. Coal slag vs iron silicate
  185. Divide substrates in established tank.
  186. Sand Columning
  187. Active substrate and KH
  188. Seachem Black Sand
  189. Cycling ADA Amazonia II
  190. Potting soil with sand cap?
  191. So I stuffed up... ADA Amazonia soil
  192. Colour Variation in ADA Amazonia Aquasoil ?
  193. Need some advice here
  194. best for monte carlo carpet
  195. Flourite sand
  196. Substrate is too light
  197. ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia Ver.2 Released
  198. Can I use use soil mixed with vermicompost as substrate?
  199. Caribsea Cichlid Substrate
  200. With CO2 and PH controller...
  201. Aquasoil question
  202. Planted Substrate Question
  203. Tropica Aquasoil with RO water.
  204. 2nd soil tank
  205. adding some fluval stratum without removing fish?
  206. Best substrate for a community tank
  207. This potting soil GOOD/OKAY??
  208. Has anyone used imagitarium black sand
  209. DIRTING an established tank
  210. Aquasoil and Cap the best route to go?
  211. substrate redo
  212. What is better fluval stratum or potting soil (nutrient quality wise)?
  213. Play sand from Home depo, or Menards
  214. I'm having troubling figuring out the best substrate to use for my purposes
  215. Pool filter sand vs crushed oyster shell for iwagumi "beach" area
  216. Slow build
  217. Growing mold to create foam
  218. Is anaerobic soil not as bad as we think?
  219. Best DSM Substrate
  220. Gravel for Small Planted Bowl
  221. Keeping dragon stone from slipping on the glass botom
  222. Gravel vac......don't stir up substrate? I'm confused!
  223. Truce: Soil vs Inert Substate
  224. Long lasting substrate with no fertilizers
  225. Dirted tank
  226. Tropica Soil Powder vs regular Tropica Soil
  227. ADA Amazonia II and tetra safe start (or similar)
  228. BDBS raising KH very high
  229. 55g Walstad Substrate
  230. Overwhelmed by Info. Input Appreciated.
  231. Inert or not inert?
  232. 55 rebuild
  233. 1" river pebbles between dirt
  234. What's the ideal gravel size range, generally speaking, for plants?
  235. Pebbles on top of leaves on top of dirt
  236. Denitrification filter - why have a seperate one in a sump?
  237. Should I go with Eco Complete substrate?
  238. Peat
  239. Which soil to use?
  240. Miracle-Gro Raise Bed soil (100% Organic)
  241. Turface Pro League Champion Brown (Review-ish)
  242. New to planted tanks
  243. Sand on top of gravel?
  244. Manganese
  245. Black lava rock
  246. Bubbles coming out of substrate.
  247. Substrate for 40b
  248. Soil with Tahitian Moon Rock cap?
  249. Can reusing old substrate harm plants?
  250. Substrate for a nano shrimp tank