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  1. Mineralized soil VS Tropica Plant Growth Substrate
  2. Many Substrate Questions:
  3. Substrate for plant grow out set up?
  4. Top Fin Black Sand or CaribSea Sunset Gold?
  5. Cemex sand high PH
  6. Mixing Fluval Stratum w/other substrates
  7. 75 gallon show tank
  8. safety sorb 7941 vs 7951?
  9. Bright or White substrate decision woes!
  10. Water parameters after Amazonia light cycle
  11. Ada Amazonia after DSM: 0 ammonia
  12. New black diamond blasting sand for 75g
  13. Need ideas for diy soil.
  14. ADA Colorado Sand Vs. La Plata sand
  15. 1inch aquatic soil enough for plants?
  16. Using substrate from 1 tank to another
  17. Dirted tank and co2 regulator question
  18. Managing dust with Flourite
  19. Substrate for EI dosing
  20. ADA amazonia cycling - I've made mistakes, please help
  21. Re-commissioning an out of service tNn
  22. Another substrate idea
  23. How big is too big for gravel sizes when it comes to planting?
  24. Help!! Switching Substrate and Want Advice!
  25. Looking for people with ADA La Plata Sand
  26. Brown dust from BDBS
  27. Bringing aquasoil on plane?
  28. Who has Top Fin Black Sand?
  29. Oliver Knott AquaIron Substrate
  30. How much Eco-Complete for 10 gallon?
  31. How much Eco-Complete for 10 gallon?
  32. Where do you guys buy clay?
  33. Tis the vac or not to vac.
  34. Anyone used this in their aquarium???
  35. Denitrification
  36. Re-trying a planted aquarium
  37. Similar look to CaribSea Aragonite?
  38. Can I use Colorado red dirt/clay?
  39. powder-type or normal grain aquasoil for planting HC Cuba?
  40. Can you leave Aquasoil in tank for a week or two before planting?
  41. Sand substrates
  42. Good experience with Estes Black Sand
  43. miracle gro performance organics in-ground soil
  44. Sand Under soil
  45. Possible issue with Blasting sand
  46. Advantages to commercial substrates other than buffering
  47. Complete substrate change
  48. Black Diamond Blasting Sand
  49. Soft Sediment on Substrate Makes Plants Weakly Rooted
  50. Eco complete pro-con
  51. What looks better, Eco-Complete or Gravel?
  52. Will this soil work for a dirted tank?
  53. Flourite sand vs peat moss
  54. Making do
  55. Controsoil- need replacing?
  56. Switching to sand, questions
  57. Imagitarium Black Sand Pictures?
  58. azomite
  59. Anaerobic condition?
  60. Looks like there's going to be an Amazonia shortage soon?
  61. Turface Pro fired clay substrate--does it wear out, or go bad? Mine is ~8 years old.
  62. Riparium substrate...
  63. Soil substrate
  64. Seeded gravel transfer question
  65. Gravel Below Aquasoil?
  66. Will disturbing amazonia cause an NH3 spike?
  67. Plant substrate which won't affect pH
  68. What is the best substrate for pleco
  69. Advise
  70. Dennerle CrystalQuartz substrate
  71. Planting in BDSB vs Stratum
  72. Eco-Complete Red vs Black?
  73. Changing substrate in established tank.
  74. Seachem Fluorite...
  75. Done with Ecocomplete.. need opinions
  76. Fine Sand & Clay (mud?)
  77. Stratum for carpeting plants
  78. Play sand & root tabs?
  79. What's youre dirt cap? Sand or gravel?
  80. Acidic Rocks?
  81. Carib Sea Eco-Complete
  82. New Substrate on 54 Gallon Corner tank
  83. Advice on substrate for a new Tank
  84. Replacing 4 year old ADA Aquasoil - Approach?
  85. Substrate management
  86. Lifespan of dirt as substrate
  87. 20 gallon long heavy planted
  88. Help! mesh shifted, dirt in my water table
  89. Eco Complete on non planted tank
  90. ADA Aquasoil questions
  92. Not ready for planting, can I place substrate in tank?
  93. Sterlise substrate
  94. Problem with JBL Proscape Aquasoil
  95. Soil substrate:to keep or remove the wood chip/floating bits?
  96. Ada Amazonia, buffering capacities and longevity
  97. How successful can pea gravel be?
  98. Hunting that specific sand
  99. ADA Amazonia STILL clouding water
  100. Help me out with transition folks
  101. Anything that WON'T grow in Blasting Sand?
  102. how much aquasoil do i need?
  103. ADA Colorado Sand
  104. Have had it with Flourite switching to Blasting sand
  105. Blasting Sand Substrate?
  106. Build up of substrate
  107. Problem while aquascaping
  108. help me decide which substrate
  109. Options with sand
  110. Mineralized Topsoil Approach with Miracle Gro Organic Choice Potting Mix?
  111. Sphagnum peat moss in substrate?
  112. Yucca and coir used as a substrate?
  113. Mixing sand and gravel
  114. Questions about substrate
  115. Where to buy MGO? Are there alternatives?
  116. How to clean/vacuum wood chips from sand
  117. Some Controsoil Questions
  118. Substrate Dilemma
  119. Substrate choices
  120. Black Sand Options
  121. Gravel planted tank - add sand or gravel or replace all?
  122. Planted tank substrate and fish compatability
  123. Kh
  124. Sandtastic Sand
  125. substrate
  126. Regarding a major substrate upset and fish stress
  127. ADA Amazonia Light vs Malaya vs Eco-Complete with Soil
  128. Can I use black diamon blasting sand
  129. Seachem gray coast with ADA AS
  130. Where can I get a reliably white sand?
  131. Cleaning my aquarium
  132. Do I need anything underneath ADA Aqua Soil?
  133. Amazonia questions
  134. Question about cycling Aquasoil
  135. Dirt capped with Fluval Stratum?
  136. Hard water planted substrate?
  137. Eco complete, soil, both?
  138. Sand for Fluval Flex 9g
  139. Has anyone tried Landen aquatic soil? Feedback?
  140. STS vs. Dirt w/BDBS Cap ?
  141. substrate cleaning question
  142. CEC and nitrate, phosphate
  143. Springtails in MGOC soil....can someone please help me get rid of them!?
  144. Need help with cloudy problem!!!
  145. How deep is too deep substrate
  146. aquasoil or poting mix capped with sand?
  147. Dirted / soil tank pros vs cons. Worth it?
  148. LFS sold me limestone 'slate', after advice
  149. Pool Filter Sand Colors / Play Sand
  150. How much BDBS in a 75 gallon
  151. Should I cap my Aquasolum?
  152. ADA Amazonia finally cycling
  153. Removing substrate without removing snails?
  154. Aqua soil no longer buffering, still good?
  155. Super confused about ADA Amazonia and KH
  156. Cycling with ADA in the first week in a 180G...50% WC everday!?
  157. Equivalent product of Tropica Plant Growth Substrate in the USA?
  158. 20L Project
  159. Are These Decorations Creating Hydrogen Sulfide?
  160. Fluval Stratum for DHG ?
  161. Tropica Soil question
  162. Potting mix, top soil, or ada? Brands or types?
  163. Can gravel vacing aquasoil cause a bacterial bloom?
  164. Anyone swapped gravel for sand?
  165. Medium or Fine BDBS?
  166. Too Much Amazonia?
  167. Substrate scenario
  168. Adding Eco Complete to Existing Aquarium?
  169. Eco-Complete Black and Flora Max Midnight
  170. Glass Bottom Protection
  171. How long can a substrate last?
  172. Best Soil
  173. Substrate Change?
  174. Advice for a Congo River style substrate?
  175. Which of these options are best to use with BDBS
  176. BDBS over bagged pea gravel?
  177. Can I use Flourite black as bottom with Fluval Stratum at top?
  178. BDBS and Potting Soil?
  179. looking for black substrate with smooth grains
  180. Content ratios for dirt
  181. Help with soil substrate
  182. Fluval Stratum as substrate covered with volcanic sand?
  183. BDBS over turface mvp
  184. Mosser Lee black sand?
  185. How deep is too deep for sand?
  186. Aqua Soil, Controsoil, UP Aqua Sand, Fluval Stratum, BDBS..... HELP
  187. Bones for substrate and decor? Antler? Bamboo?
  188. Black Substrate??
  189. What is it and how do it get rid of it?
  190. To Clean or Not
  191. Fluval Stratum
  192. Peridot sand good for anything?
  193. boo
  194. Hi light with soil (dirt)
  195. Tropica Substrate is what exactly?
  196. Gravel as base for finer substrate?
  197. BDBS in lo iron tanks: glass scratching?
  198. Interesting Critters in Substrate
  199. Dirt with gravel Cap
  200. Help with substrate
  201. Pool filter sand or special Black 1-2 mm sand ?
  202. How do substrates deal with shrimp poop?
  203. ADA Amazonia Aqua Soil
  204. Test
  205. Minimum depth of Substrate for Baby dwarf tears
  206. Capping Safe T Sorb with BDBS?
  207. Do you disturb aquasoil to reduce organics?
  208. BDBS vs PFS
  209. Safe T Sorb or Eco Complete?
  210. Which Fe supplement do use?
  211. Can I super glue wisteria and other stem plants to leave rock?
  212. Other than color, are Tannins harmful
  213. cleaning gravel
  214. Show Me Your Substrate...
  215. Angelfish Substrate
  216. Substrate options
  217. Amazonia VS Controsoil
  218. What to expect after ADA AS looses its PH buffereing
  219. Amount of dirt?
  220. Filler for Under Aqua Soil
  221. Which dark sand substrate for cories (and plants)?
  222. Bagging Power Sand
  223. caribsea eco complete
  224. Seachem Flourite variants...which one?
  225. substrate
  226. Rinsing BDBS?
  227. Dust from Aqua soil is settling on plants and hardscape?
  228. ADA powder: experiences? Can I grind normal to produce powder?
  229. carib sea
  230. Gravel under ADA aquasoil
  231. Anyone capped Flourite before?
  232. What soil to use for planted aquarium
  233. Easy Life Root Tabs
  234. Going with dirt!
  235. Capping Eco Complete with Sand
  236. transition tank question
  237. Aragonite and PH?
  238. Is aquasoil black once it's soaked?
  239. New Planted Tank Preparations
  240. Established Walstad Soil Tank Suffering
  241. ADA soil is MAGNETIC
  242. Capping fourite black with play sand
  243. Replacing buffering substrate?
  244. New Substrate From Aqueon
  245. Brownfog
  246. How does ADA Aquasoil work?
  247. Dirt for tank
  248. Fluval Stratum and hard water?
  249. High pH
  250. Flourite Dark