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  1. Nature of soil in tanks?
  2. How to mineralize organic potting soil
  3. aquadert
  4. Altum Aquatic Aquarium Soil
  5. Soft water plant tank with STS
  6. "Dirted" 10 Gallon
  7. Beneficial Earthworms?
  8. ada amazonia aquasoil questions
  9. Cal aqua black earth?
  10. ADA Aquasoil powder,Flourite Black Sand or Eco Complete ?
  11. Safe T Sorb substrate ...
  12. Lava Rock
  13. Bubbles forming on top of my substrate
  14. ADA Aquasoil for 45P
  15. Rift Lake Authentic Substrate
  16. Removing fake river...
  17. Best planted substrate?
  18. tahitian moon sand
  19. Does Mulm Breakdown Release Significant CO2?
  20. scotts topsoil for low tech planted tank?
  21. Safe T Sorb as a substrate
  22. Gravel substrate causing my problems? I need help
  23. Flourite substrate
  24. miracle gro organic choice potting mix questions!
  25. Bubble in new tank setup
  26. Root Tabs and plain gravel
  27. FW: Substrate for Floating Plants & Inverts
  28. Replacing substrate
  29. Another deep sand bed thread
  30. freezing MTS for substrate enrichment
  31. Change up?
  32. Sand Turning blue?
  33. Black substrate: multilayer or not?
  34. CaribSea Flora Max substrate
  35. Eco complete dosing
  36. soil sand cap Q
  37. FloraMax... does it need a sand cap?
  38. Almost ready to go on my first tank! Which Aqua Soil (or substrate) is the best
  39. sanitizing sand
  40. MGOCPM = yellow water tannins...Purigen or Carbon?
  41. Black Diamond Sand and cories?
  42. Mineralizing Potting Soil?
  43. Gravel ideas
  44. Charging Safe T Sorb w/vermicompost?
  45. Question about dirt under sand, just sitting
  46. Flourite sand?
  47. (OPINIONS) Black Diamond blasting sand
  48. i need some input
  49. High CEC sand?
  50. I found a perfect screen for filtering out big MGOCPM debris!!
  51. blasting sand for bottom dwelling gobies?
  52. Cleaning Rock before placing in the tank
  53. want to add black sand sub with flora max
  54. Restarting my Walstadd
  55. Ready to swap tanks
  56. DSM water level and humidity
  57. MG Natures Care Potting Soil
  58. Is this the right stuff?? Pool filter sand.
  59. Cheap, easy substrate for quarantine/grow-out tank?
  60. Setting up BDBS substrate
  61. playground sand
  62. Plants not growing
  63. Help Changing Substrate!
  64. How many bags of PFS (aquaquartz) will I need for 75g?
  65. To dirt, or not? first low tech tank setup!!!
  66. Can i use DSM with used aquasoil?
  67. Major rescape. How about switching to ADA AS whil I'm at it?
  68. What's the deal with aquasoil? Where to buy?
  69. Espoma Plant-tone Organic Plant Food
  70. question about roots and dirt
  71. Substrate for first planted tank
  72. PFS and Dirt
  73. Eco complete dirty?
  74. To dirt or not to dirt
  75. High pH and GH due to substrate...questions?
  76. Does Substrate Depth Affect Plant Growth?
  77. Substrate for my first planted tank
  78. Dirt Safe?
  79. The Substrate Experiment
  80. Pool Filter sand
  81. Do I need to switch my substrate?
  82. How much substrate do you let show against the front glass?
  83. National Geograpic Gravel
  84. Plant Business
  85. Agsorb 8/16 LVM Gray
  86. Can I reuse 1 year old MTS?
  87. Sand for substrate feeders
  88. Would either of these work for a dirted tank?
  89. Substrate idea?
  90. Humalite instead of Aquasoil?
  91. how deep?
  92. How high can you get on sand?
  93. Soil
  94. Black beauty vs black diamond, are they the same thing?
  95. so I want to redo my 75g with new substrate, advice please.
  96. Replacing Eco-complete with aquasoil in an established tank? Advice needed.
  97. What is the best cap for a dirted tank?
  98. Substrate for Acrylic Tank
  99. Freshwater Deep Sand Bed
  100. Dancing worms
  101. Long term substrate
  102. setting up my 55; Pool sand question?
  103. How deep can ADA Amazonia Powder go?
  104. How to re-optimize Eco Complete after 2 years
  105. Gravel Recommendations
  106. I am thinking of replacing my substate how to go about it
  107. Substrate layers
  108. High CEC substrate question
  109. Osmocote plus layer under sand?
  110. Topsoil/peat moss mix
  111. Clay in substrate
  112. Why can't sand deliver excellent growth?
  113. Substrate?
  114. Separating rocks from stratum?
  115. Red Clay In Deep Sand Bed ?
  116. Flourite : regular size or sand size?
  117. DIRTING A TANK FOR NEWBIES! simple step by step
  118. Best natural and cheap sand?
  119. Miracle Gro Potting Mix
  120. Is FloraMax Substrate A good plant substrate?
  121. Dirted Tank
  122. Mircale Mud for Refugium
  123. EcoComplete vs. Controsoil vs. Walstad Substrate: My personal experiences.
  124. Will this dirt work
  125. How deep is too deep?
  126. Can I add Sand for Red Head Tapajos
  127. Flourite contains Iron PICTURE PROOF LOL
  128. Something peculiar in my sand.
  129. Dirt Assistance Please
  130. Finding a good black subtrate
  131. Storing used Aqua Soil for some period of time...wet? dry?
  132. Amazonia too old
  133. Similar to Aquasoil Malaya or Africana
  134. Pool Filter Sand vs Flourite Sand
  135. garden pellets
  136. substrate for a planted fancy goldfish tank
  137. Is this acceptable as a base substrate?
  138. Adding worms to the substrate
  139. Keeping the lines divided
  140. Revamp
  141. Finished my dirted tank
  142. Can anyone tell me exactly what type of sand this is?
  143. MTS set up questions.
  144. Big mess?
  145. Substrate options
  146. Active Flora?
  147. Tetra Complete Substrate & Sand?
  148. CEC of Floracor Black and Diamond blasting
  149. Controsoil and Shrimp Additives
  150. 3 inches too deep?
  151. Safe-T-Sorb smell?
  152. black diamond blasting sand? should i use soil to?
  153. Using pool filter sand as main substrate for iwagumi?
  154. ada Malaya and ammonia :/
  155. How much Bag of Dirt do I need?
  156. CaribSea Gravel Identification?
  157. Gravel Identification
  158. Dolomite powder
  159. Is this ok?
  160. Flourite Black Sand
  161. tahitian moon sand and plants?
  162. Mixing eco complete with another black substrate?
  163. substrate suggestion for outdoor tank with goldfish
  164. Up Aqua Sand Question
  165. Various Sand info/comparisons, Black Diamond, Spectra/Ceramaquartz, PFS and Play Sand
  166. Frustrated with pool filter sand!
  167. Mr. Aqua Planted Aquarium Soil question
  168. Miracle-Gro Organic Choice Potting Mix discontinued?
  169. Help verify substrate plans?
  170. Azomite
  171. REDOING TANK: Black Diamond with or without dirt?
  172. Floor Dry
  173. Permagreen Pro Top Soil
  174. DHG Belem in Black Diamond?
  175. Help? Start over or just add to sand...
  176. Substrate Decisions!?!?
  177. corys and eco complete
  178. Kitty litter v. pool filter sand
  179. Root Tabs
  180. Do I need detritus worms?
  181. Perlite or Vermiculite as an alternative to Fluorite
  182. help picking a substrate
  183. Emersed setup substrate?
  184. Tetra Hilena Initial D
  185. counterfeit eco complete? corys not doing well.
  186. should i use first layer laterite with eco-complete?
  187. Noob about substrate
  188. What high CEC/nutrient rich substrate with PFS?
  189. Organic gardener's mineralized topsoil recipe
  190. What to choice
  191. S.T. International Aqua Soil vs. ADA Amazonia
  192. substrate for a rookie
  193. cloudy water due to substrate
  194. Adding substrate to a running tank
  195. Too much iron?
  196. Old Substrate (Is Capping ok?)
  197. Dry Start using Controsoil?
  198. Achieving a natural sand look
  199. Home Depot Sand as "cosmetic" sand?
  200. Eco-complete questions?
  201. Suggested substrate?
  202. Anaerobic Soil?
  203. Is it my substrate?
  204. Switching from gravel to (less) sand
  205. Sand vs Gravel vs Pebbles
  206. Wishes? Ada
  207. Sphagnum Moss layer
  208. Natural Substrate/Fish transport
  209. Flourite black sand CEC
  210. Crystal Red Shrimp Substrate
  211. Shipping charge for ADA Aqua Soil
  212. Starting a dirted
  213. Do I Need To Cap Flourite?
  214. Substrate questions
  215. First Planted Tank Help!!! Calculate dirt and gravel!
  216. Plant Fertilizers
  217. Black Beauty Blasting Sand
  218. Requirements of dirt
  219. Anyone use this as a substrate?
  220. Gravel and fertilizers
  221. Good non-dirt planted substrates?
  222. nano low tech susbtrate
  223. I want to make a MTS, are these the correct products?
  224. Ferts in safe t sor , kittylitter or similar
  225. Reusing bio media (Eheim Substrat pro) after storage
  226. Does substrate matter in the long term?
  227. Capped flourite
  228. noob help please
  229. Black sand planted aquarium.
  230. Can I put ecocomplete beneath dirt?
  231. Safe T sorb high ammonia ?
  232. Low maintenance substrate
  233. How much Black Diamond for 125g
  234. Substrate depth ok?
  235. Used substrate
  236. Slow release fert in substrate
  237. questions about substrate
  238. Is this pool filter sand okay to use?
  239. up aquasoil and ferts
  240. ADA Shops
  241. Controsoil PH too low for Blue Velvet Neo's
  242. Help! Rainbowish/Brown Discoloration on Substrate
  243. Gravel vac in ADA soil
  244. I would like to use ada as a cap is this fine?
  245. Opinions on flourite sand?
  246. Planted Tank - Pool Sand Questions
  247. Black Diamond Blasting Abrasive & High ammonia
  248. osmocote plus substrate additive
  249. Fluval Stratum Vs Plant & shrimp stratum
  250. Pond mud as a substrate?